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Fashion Tech's Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing


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Today, fashion and retail brands are emerging as content pioneers - creating rich, targeted content that drives sales, influence and engagement both online and offline. This presentation opens up the kimono sort of speak into the content campaigns some of our favorite fashion brands are creating and shares a few new fashion tech players in the content game that are revolutionizing the way we share, collect, curate, distribute content.

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Fashion Tech's Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing

  2. 2. Content marketing is about communicating what your business does, not what you sell.
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  4. 4. 27million Pieces of content are shared every single day.
  5. 5. blog posts photos podcastsemails tweets facebook posts pins memes comics tutorials lists ebooks whitepapers webinars webinars infographics newsletters slideshows blog posts photos podcasts emails tweets facebook posts pins memes comics tutorials lists ebooks whitepapers google hangouts webinars webinars infographics newsletters slideshows
  6. 6. 54%Of consumers say they would consider ending a relationship with a brand that fails to directly deliver tailor made, relevant content to them.
  7. 7. challenge “ ”
  8. 8. pay off boosting sales customer retention engaged community brand awareness Influence
  9. 9. Content marketing story telling personalization authenticity advertising technology
  10. 10. “ ”!)+,**"%-.$)# Founder & Designer, Wren Studios story telling
  11. 11. $1,500 shoestring budget + single day shoot 14,000% lift in website visits / 96% new visits 14,000% LIFT in sales 1.1M shares on Buzzfeed alone 1,511,985 total shares
  12. 12. “ /"0,1%0,**,! Co-Founder & CEO, Stylit ” personalization
  13. 13. 4X higher email click through rate 100,000 users with 30% weekly retention engagement cart size upsell
  14. 14. 63%Of US shoppers trust customer photos more than brand photos.
  15. 15. “ *2)1)%!"33)0 ” authenticity
  16. 16. 9.2% LIFT in sales 13.3% LIFT in wholesale 2% Lift in order value
  17. 17. “ ”)1)#/.0)
  18. 18. advertising #/"0%&.0,4"-,0. VP of Digital Strategy, Alex and Ani “ ”
  19. 19. 555% lift site traffic during Super Bowl 250% LIFT in sales #1 for brand tweeters
  20. 20. “ ”CMO, Kate Spade !"#/%&))-5 technology
  21. 21. “We’ve seen a HIGHER sell through for products on the table” Allows you to leverage already existing content Allows you to track every time a product is touch & 6)#-5%,02)#"-2,1)
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  23. 23. Graphic Design Marconi Torres, thank you