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Root cause of wrinkles


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To all Men & Women! Here are some step by step guides and some advice to prevent and erase wrinkles in a natural way. Please visit this website

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Root cause of wrinkles

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello Ladies! Please check this out! Best way to prevent and erase wrinkles. Look 10 yearsyounger with this routine. Im 36 years old and people still think Im in my early 20s. Try it and youwill love it!!! ====What do you know about wrinkles? Is what you know enough to know how to get rid of wrinklespermanently? If you believe that you will believe anything. Not wanting to dash your hopes, but ifyou have forehead wrinkles or wrinkles under your eyes they cannot be banished forever.Nevertheless let us try and get your hopes back up in another way. With the help of wrinkletreatments and doing specific things you can make your wrinkles appear less evident.Have you already got eye wrinkles, neck wrinkles or wrinkles around your mouth, if so treat themaccordingly. Once you do this it is important to focus on ways to prevent them that maybe on theirway before time (premature wrinkles.)Is there a date in your diary to have your wrinkles removed by surgery? Have you thought thisthrough? Have you taken into consideration all that is involved with this option? Why would youwant to pay out big money for surgery with no guarantee of success, and which can put yourhealth in danger. No operation comes without risks; you only have to look at the amount ofpaperwork that requires your signature before going down to theatre to tell you this. You could besigning your own death warrant. I am not here to frighten you but to make you aware that there isno need for a knife, when there are other options to choose from that will do the same trick.Wrinkles happen to us all whether we like it or not, so not something worth crying over. Tears willnot cure the problem. It is better to work with wrinkles than to fight a losing battle trying to rid themcompletely. Some people live in fear of getting fine lines, crinkles and creases. Wrinkles will not letyou down; eventually they will etch their way into your face or other body parts sooner or later, soit makes sense to work with them.Let us look at ways to keep the complexion blemish free for as long as possibleIt is vital to know why skin ages and why wrinkles occur. An understanding of the wrinkletreatments will make things a lot easier when you begin treating them. Knowledge on products willguide you so you know right from wrong. Using the wrong wrinkle treatment will not give positiveresults. Why waste time and money, find out what type of wrinkle you are going to treat and thebest solution for it. You could suffer serious consequences if you choose to ignore doing this.Wrinkles are subtle creases caused by thin, sagging skin. Skin ages when it reaches a point whenit becomes tired. Usually around the age of 70, the skin and bones thin and the layer of fat belowthe skin shrinks. Gravity is another cause for saggy skin. Lines that form on the face such assleep/frown lines are natural creases and cannot be prevented, but the more grave reasons forwrinkles, so grave they can kill, can. Unprotected exposure to the suns ultraviolet rays is by far a
  2. 2. huge problem for skin, and a serious matter if badly affected. Over exposure can cause skincancer and sun stroke and definitely bring premature wrinkles. Wrinkles show up when thecollagen and elastin in the connective tissue of the skin weakens or reduce in number.Causes of wrinklesToo much sun (Photoageing)Smoking tobacco productsPollutionConstant squinting can cause wrinkles around the eyes. Normally they are called crows feet.Drug useStressWeight LossLack of Vitamin ESimple home remedies to treat and help prevent wrinklesMix a couple of egg whites and apply to the skin under the eyes.Apply castor oil to the skin under the eyes or throat.Open 3 Vitamin E capsules and remove the contents then add to 2 teaspoons plain yogurt, 1/2teaspoon honey and 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice. Use the solution on your face and leave for 10minutesAn effective solution for treating wrinkles is to mix a 1/4 cup comfrey infusion, 1/4 cup witch hazeland 10 drops of patchouli essential oilMassage coconut oil on problem areas each nightToo slow skin aging make up a paste consisting of turmeric and sugarcane juiceTry mulching a green seedless grape on the area you wish to treat. Leave for 15 minutes andrinse with off allowing the skin to dry naturally. For treating fine wrinkles swap grapes for the coreof a pineapple. Juice of a green pineapple, even apples work great on fine wrinkles and crackedskin.By eating a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains the skin will benefit greatly thushelping to hold wrinkles back for a whileTake a tablespoon of flax seed oil 4 times daily. This wrinkle remedy is not without a side effect
  3. 3. and that being diarrhoea.Drink plenty of water this will hydrate and moisturize the skin from within.You need to help and protect your skin by feeding it and nurturing it; Natural moisturizing creamswill help keep your skin soft and supple.Use a good quality sunscreen lotion at all timesFacial Exercises to reduce wrinklesRemember what we said girls, you cannot rid wrinkles completely. Facial exercises help with theappearance of wrinkles and keep the skin on your face in a healthy condition.If you are doing your best to assimilate healthy nutrients into your system, this is good, so now youneed to ensure they get to your facial tissue.Facial exercise encourages circulation, bringing a fresh supply of blood and oxygen to the facialtissue. When you exercise the face, these nutrients will reach the right muscles and keep badtoxins at bay (exhaust fumes, fag smoke etc). By exercising the face the toxins move out of yourbody, instead of lodging in your pores and fine lines.The face includes many muscles so you need to work on the right ones. The eye muscles and thecheek muscles are a couple of the 57 muscles in the face and neck, and if you ignore them cancause the skin to sagThe purpose of facial exercises is to improve and strengthen muscle tone and to increase bloodcirculation.Keeping the muscles of the mouth tight with your lips stretch them as much as you can.Open the mouth wide and roll your tongue.Using a chair sit up straight, look up to the ceiling, stretching your neck. Now turn your head tolook over your left shoulder but not your body. Repeat the other side.Bring your head back to the front and lower chin to right angle position with neck. This is a goodfacial exercise for double chin.Bite the teeth together and curl back lips. Stretch corners of your mouth as far apart as you can.Hold till the count of six and relax. Point the lower jaw as far forward as possible and relax. This isexercise for people with a flabby jaw-line.A fabulous exercise for fat cheeks is to suck in cheeks, then blow them out alternately then smilewith one side of your mouth only, pushing the half grin up and out. Same action for the oppositesideA great exercise for furrowed brows is to open eyes wide and raise eyebrows. Hold for a shorttime. Lower brows bringing eyes back to normal size.
  4. 4. Looking after your skin now and doing "simple" facial exercises will make things less "complicated"for you later down the line.Best unique skincare for Wrinkles and treatments for other worrying skin problemsArticle Source: ====Hello Ladies! Please check this out! Best way to prevent and erase wrinkles. Look 10 yearsyounger with this routine. Im 36 years old and people still think Im in my early 20s. Try it and youwill love it!!! ====