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Energize ELA Lessons with iPad Apps that Align to the Common Core


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Energize ELA Lessons with iPad Apps that Align to the Common Core

  1. 1. Energize ELA Lessons with Apps Aligned to the Common Core
  2. 2. My Blog: Twitter: @ClassTechTips
  3. 3. Common Core Learning Standards Mission Statement: The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them.The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers.! Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  4. 4. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  5. 5. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  6. 6. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  7. 7. Common Core Learning Standards App • All grades and subject areas! • Easy to navigate! • Portable Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  8. 8. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  9. 9. Reading Literature and Informational Text • Access text! • Engage with text Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  10. 10. Scholastic Storia DK Readers •Chapter books and picture books! •Organize a library of books! •Great individual book apps Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  11. 11. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  12. 12. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  13. 13. Galaxies by Kids Discover Shout Science •Informational text! •Magazines on iPads! •Great individual book apps Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  14. 14. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  15. 15. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  16. 16. Explore Shakespeare Aesops’ Fables •Read selections of text! •Access extra resources Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  17. 17. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  18. 18. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  19. 19. Perfect Captions Text on Pictures •Use a picture saved on your camera roll or taken on the spot! •Add captions, text boxes, thought bubbles Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  20. 20. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  21. 21. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  22. 22. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  23. 23. Sticky •Stop and jot! •Record and organize thinking Quick Note Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  24. 24. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  25. 25. TED Talks •Establish prior knowledge! •Extend thinking Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  26. 26. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  27. 27. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  28. 28. News Apps •Current events! •Print and video resources! •Compare multiple sources Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  29. 29. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  30. 30. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  31. 31. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  32. 32. Video Streaming apps •Multimedia informational text! •Use across content areas! •Establish prior knowledge Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  33. 33. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  34. 34. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  35. 35. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  36. 36. Quickvoice •Read Alouds! •Test Prep! •Fluency Practice Tape-a-TalkVoice Recorder Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  37. 37. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  38. 38. Scholastic Reading Timer •Track reading progress! •Monitor Stamina; Stop/StartTimer! •Resources for teachers and parents Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  39. 39. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  40. 40. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  41. 41. Speaking and Listening • Converse and collaborate! • Present information! • Use digital media Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  42. 42. ChatterPix Kids Funny Movie Maker •Take on the role of a character or historical figure! •Present writing digitally Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  43. 43. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  44. 44. i-Prompt Pro FreeTeleprompter •Displays text, timed prompter! •Skill practice: fluency, oral presentations Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  45. 45. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  46. 46. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  47. 47. Camera •Partner/group activities: interviews, PSAs! •Portfolio documentation: presentations, experiments, field trips! Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  48. 48. Reading Foundational Skills and Language • Grammar! • Conventions! • Vocabulary! • Domain-specific vocabulary Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  49. 49. SpellMania SpellGrid •Great for stations! •Push thinking beyond word lists! •Access definitions Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  50. 50. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  51. 51. Meerkat Spell Spelling Test by •Spelling practice! •Leveled games! •Customize your own word lists Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  52. 52. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  53. 53. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  54. 54. The Opposites •Learn antonyms! •Identify words with opposite meaning! Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  55. 55. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  56. 56. Grammaropolis •Focuses on different parts of speech! •Includes videos, games, overview Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  57. 57. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  58. 58. Bluster •Literacy skills: rhyming words, prefixes and suffixes, synonyms, word roots, adjectives! •Practice games: independent, partner, team Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  59. 59. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  60. 60. Phrasal Verb Machine •Introduces phrasal verbs! •Animation and examples PhrasalVerbs Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  61. 61. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  62. 62. Learn with Homer •Phonics games! •Access fiction and informational text Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  63. 63. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  64. 64. Writing • Brainstorming! • Creating an outline! • Publishing using technology Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  65. 65. Inspiration Maps Lite Graphio Lite SchematicMind Free •Make your own graphic organizer! •Plan and organize your writing Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  66. 66. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  67. 67. Idea Sketch Grid by Binary Thumb •Make your own graphic organizer! •Plan and organize your writing Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  68. 68. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  69. 69. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  70. 70. Pic Collage •Create mini-posters! •Add pictures and text Pic Collage Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  71. 71. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  72. 72. Tellagami •Record short presentations! •Create an avatar! Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  73. 73. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  74. 74. @ClassTechTips Read this excerpt and use PicCollage orTellagami to document two things you learned about zebra migration.
  75. 75. Scribble My Story Our Story •Publish a story! •Add text and pictures! •Digital portfolios Memories: Photo ! Book Creator Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  76. 76. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  77. 77. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  78. 78. HaikuDeck •Short text presentations: emphasis on image as opposed to text! •Present poems, create memes Meme Generator Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  79. 79. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  80. 80. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  81. 81. Toontastic •Examine a story arc! •Identify and establish setting, tone, dialogue Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  82. 82. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  83. 83. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  84. 84. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  85. 85. Adobe Voice •Create your own story using images, icons, text! •Record your voice and add music Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  86. 86. Monica Burns @ClassTechTips
  87. 87. My Blog: Twitter: @ClassTechTips