Community Interactions


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Community Interactions

  1. 1. Start-up 1. Which biome has the most biodiveristy? 2. Which biome has the least biodiversity? 3. Why? *Next Wed. - all 9 th biology conference during break
  2. 2. Community – populations living close enough together for potential interaction In reference to a particular individual, interactions can have a: positive effect (+)‏ negative effect (-)‏ no effect (0)‏ Effects may change as circumstances change!
  3. 3. Predation is a (+/-) interaction between species To catch prey, predators have evolved special adaptations: Predator Adaptations -acute senses -weaponry -generally fast and agile -camouflaged To escape from predators, prey have evolved special adaptations: Prey Adaptations -behavioral defenses -alarm calls -adaptive coloration & mimicry:
  4. 4. Herbivory (+/-) interaction Herbivore eats parts of a plant or alga Herbivore specialized adaptations: - digestive system Plant specialized adaptations: -chemical defenses (toxins, bad taste)‏ -mechanical defenses (thorns, spines) defenses
  5. 5. Parasitism (+/-) interaction Parasite derives its nourishment from a host, which is harmed in the process
  6. 6. Mutualism (+/+) interaction Example: mychorrhizae Commensalism (+/0) interaction Example: hitchhiking barnacles on whales Commensalism video