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The Biology of Love 3rd Version


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This is the updated version of the lecture I give to my biology students each year on Valentine's Day. Please leave me a comment if you enjoyed it. If you download it for your own use, please leave me a comment telling me how you will be using it.

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The Biology of Love 3rd Version

  1. The Biology of Love * *Please note. This discussion in no way attempts to discuss love in a religious context. Rather it is merely an entertaining way to learn about the sometimes comical world of biological reproduction. By Miss Baker
  2. If not for sex[ual reproduction], much of what is flamboyant and beautiful in nature would not exist . –Olivia Judson, Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation
  3. Why Sex?
  4. A sexual organism has only 50% of the fitness of an asexual organism.
  5. You Have to Find and Woo a Mate
  6. You Have to Fight to Win Their Love
  7. You'll Be More Conspicuous to Predators
  8. Sex Increases Risk of Diseases That Lead to Sickness Infertility Death
  9. So, Why Sex?
  10. The Red Queen Hypothesis
  12. Lucky in Love Sex is like the best strategy for winning the lottery
  13. Greater Success Increasing Variety =
  14. The Difference Between Males and Females
  15. Between 1725-1765, the Wife of Feodor Vassiyev had 69 Children In Her 27 Pregnancies She Gave Birth to 16 Pairs of Twins 7 Sets of Triplets 4 Sets of Quadruplets
  16. 1,042 Children
  17. Love is Like a Game of Chess It's All About Strategy
  18. Base Your Decisions on the Environment in Which You Live Make the Choice That Will Lead to the Greatest Number of Successful Offspring!
  19. Monogamy... My Heart Beats Only For You
  20. Polygamy... I Love You and You and You and You and
  21. Monogamy Polygamy Less disease risk More diversity in offspring Can mate guard Produce more offspring Lower infanticide Less commitment Form social bonds Less male competition
  22. How Many Offspring Should You Have?
  23. If You Decide to Have Few...
  24. You Must Provide Parental Care
  25. If You Decide to Have Many... You Won't Have to Provide Parental Care
  26. That You'll Die Soon Afterwards But, You'll Probably Be So Exhausted
  27. Are You a Desperate Male?
  28. Commit Sexual Suicide It's Better to Have Loved and Lost Then to Have Never Loved at All!
  29. Or Allow Yourself to Be Exploited And Persist as a Tiny Blood-Sucking Parasite Attached to the Female's Body
  30. What if a Member of the Opposite Sex is Not Available? Get a Sex Change!
  31. But, What if You're Alone?
  32. Shy?
  33. Rejected?
  34. Unable to find a mate?
  35. All is Not Lost
  37. Go Asexual But, Remember You Lose the Benefits of Sex So Switch Back When Possible
  38. Arguably the Most Exquisitely Evolved Mating Behaviors Belong to Class Aves
  39. The Greatest Human Mating Behavior of All Time And Now for the Finale Drumroll Please
  41. The End
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