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the TRASH method of Public Speaking

This is the presentation of a SMART (Simple, Memorable, Actionnable, Reasonable and Timeless) method to overcome the fear of public speaking, called TRASH, for Topic, Room, Audience, Story and Humor. It's easy to remember the acronym and to apply the advices delivered around these five key elements of a successful speech.

Public speaking is an art and a science. With the TRASH method, you learn the science to be able to transform a activity that may scare you into a fun and exciting one.

Trash your fear with this simple easy to remember 5-step public speaking method.

Your comments are welcomed to make the TRASH method even more impactful

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the TRASH method of Public Speaking

  1. 1. the TRASH method of public speaking S M A R T T R A S H @misrael
  2. 2. TRASH people’s number one fear
  3. 3. T R A S H a Simple, Memorable, Actionable, Reasonable, Taimndeless SMART TRASH method to make your public speeches awesome
  4. 4. Topic Research your topic thoroughly Be an expert Be iconic! Knowing your topic inside out grounds your confidence
  5. 5. Room ©
  6. 6. The audience guides the altitude of your speech Don’t overestimate what the audience knows Make your speech for your audience Audience ©
  7. 7. © American Horror Story, 2013 They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel Carl W. Buechner
  8. 8. Humor Make them laugh © Even serious stories can have punch lines Never laugh about religion, politics, sex and diversity
  9. 9. Topic Room Audience Story Humor the TRASH method of public speaking S M A R T T R A S H
  10. 10. Get more tips today to be successful instantly Credit Follow the arrow!