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The Better Life Index - Vincent Finat-Duclos


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Vincent Finat-Duclos (OECD) talks about the Better Life Index in the "Open Data for Measurement of Social Progress" Session

Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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The Better Life Index - Vincent Finat-Duclos

  1. 1. Open Data for Measuring Social Progress The OECD Better Life Index Vincent Finat-Duclos – Data editor at OECD
  2. 2. OPEN DATA FOR MEASURING SOCIAL PROGRESS How can open knowledgeIs there more to progress than simply growing the economy?help us to measure progress better?The measurement of social progress and human development has seen rapid advances fuelled by the growingavailability of data and theoretical concepts that call for a wider definition of human development beyondconventional measures such as income or GDP. Academics and policymakers are relying increasingly on moresophisticated “composite indices” to compare the performance of cities, regions and countries. So however, the public has remained a passive “consumer” offar,such indices. This session explores how open data and collaborative approaches can help create newmetrics, as well as improve existing metrics of well-being. Bringing together speakers from the cutting-edge ofacademia, policy and civil society, this session aims for a creative discussion about how technology andopenness can help redefine the very concept of progress.
  3. 3. How can the OECD encourage publicparticipation in defining well-being?
  4. 4. OECD « Progress » Timeline Launch of the commission on Report is issued measuring progress, Italy Istambul, Turkey Busan, Korea New Delhi, 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Launch of the Global project: Launch of the “Measuring the Progress of Societies” OECD Better Life Index and the How’s Life? report First update of the OECD Better Life Index
  5. 5. A virtuous circle Better Life Index Feed Learn about Well- Policies Being Influence Provide Feedbacks
  6. 6. Interactive panel: the user can assign different weights to indicators Main panel with Aggregate index comparative graphicsEvolves when weights are modified Evolve when weights are modified
  7. 7. Version 1 vs Version 2• Interactive index • Interactive index• Sharing possibilities • Sharing possibilities• Descriptive texts and policies • More descriptive texts and policies• A “hidden” survey • Survey: extended and more visible• Free access to all content • Free access to all content • Users can compare themselves • Introduction to the inequality issue • Blog
  8. 8. Version 1 vs Version 2 (cont.)From 21 May 2011 to 20 May 2012 (12 months): From 21 May 2012 to 19 Sept 2012 (4 months):850 000 visits 290 000 visits2,30 pages/visit 2,43 pages/visit4 min 09 /visit 3 min 34 /visit6500 shared index 9500 shared index 1500 complete surveys filled
  9. 9. Survey resultsGender distribution:70%60% Country of origins:50% Country of origins # of visits40% France 259230% USA 2098 Germany 112920% Italy 99810% Canada 768 Australia 739 0% United Kingdom 605 Female Male Austria 495 Mexico 474 Switzerland 359Age distribution: Spain 346 Belgium 34240% Portugal 30035% Turkey 290 Japan 22530% Russia 20125% Hungary 193 Brazil 17920% New Zealand 17315% Chile 16210% 5% 0% <15 15-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 >65
  10. 10. User preferences 0.12 0.1 0.08 0.06 0.04 0.02 0What a Better Life means to the users? “Safety Comfort Health and Education in a clean environment.” “That I can leave this world as good if not better for my children. That my job is a career - not a chore.” « beaucoup moins de pauvreté de guerres et moins de gaspillage matériel et financier de la part de tous. »
  11. 11. Where do we go next?If we want to influence future policies, We need to keep on providingknowledge to the users.To do so we’re planning on:• Making the indicators more robust• Extending the country coverage• Improving the interface• Adding more content to the website
  12. 12. Should you have any question: