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Findicator - Ulla Rosenstroem


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Ulla Rosenstroem (Finnish Prime Minister's Office) presents the Finnish Findicator

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Findicator - Ulla Rosenstroem

  1. 1. FINDICATOR.FI —The Society at Large Ulla Rosenström Policy-analysis Unit
  2. 2. Indicators are much wanted but less often used• Indicators have been around for a good while, but the indicator industry has really boomed in the past 20 years• Sustainable development indicators, societal progress, well-being indicators, beyond GDP…• Most initiaves have concentrated on indicator development, selection and data collection• Most processes are technocratic and specialist driven• Lately many have asked ”who is actually using the indicators?”
  3. 3. So, who is using the indicators? Why or why not?20 interviews in spring 2008:• Members of the parliament• Assistants of the MPs• Civil servants• Journalists• Teachers• Researchers• Regional decision-makers• Consultants• Press officers 25.09.12
  4. 4. Five central problems emerged:1. ”There is a lot information, but I can’t find it”2. ”The information is too old”3. ”Information does not match the user needs”4. ”The information is too complicated”5. ”The information is not policy relevant”
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