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Web Anatomy

My talk on interaction design frameworks from Voices that Matter: Web Design 2009 in San Francisco.

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Web Anatomy

  1. 1. web anatomy usable design with frameworks a byte from robert hoekman, jr.
  2. 2. rolf molich comparative usability evaluations
  3. 3. “it’s very simple. they can’t be sure!”
  4. 4. Rolf says we need: Huge libraries. Building blocks. Thoroughly tested.
  5. 5. design patterns
  6. 6. design patterns pattern name description context of use where used how it works co-requisites [...]
  7. 7. beyond patterns
  8. 8. interaction design frameworks
  9. 9. frameworks user needs human behaviors alternative solutions
  10. 10. catalog winnow = category select = gallery validate = content
  11. 11. design criteria
  12. 12. @rhjr