What is seo


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Know about the SEO. How it work. Ans its functionally.

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What is seo

  1. 1. What Is SEO  SEO is the process of improving the quality and visiabity of the website on search result pages.
  2. 2. Definition of SEO  SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of site in Search Result. With the help of SEO claim the quality of site according to the webmaster guides.
  3. 3. Types OF SEO  There are two types of SEO  1) On Page SEO  2) Off Page SEO
  4. 4. On Page SEO  On page SEO work is very important work in SEO. In this process First of all we analysis the website, its content, keywords, SEO Work Plan are done in On Page Work
  5. 5. Off Page Work  Off Page work is the second part of SEO process. In this process we create quality back links for website and generating good traffic for the website.
  6. 6. Work We Done in ON Page SEO  Site Analyzing  Keyword Search  Content Optimization  Checking Quality  Optimization of keyword, Description , Title.  Image Optimization  URL Optimization  Robots.txt Optimization  Google Analytics  404 Redirection  Checking 301 Redirect  Xml Site map Optimization  Google Webmaster Setup & Verification
  7. 7. Importance of Title Tags in SEO Process  In On Page work Title tag is very importance. Its increased the visibility of our website on search engine search result.
  8. 8. Work we Done in Off Page Work  Directory Submission  Bookmarking  Classified ads  Business Listing  PPT Submission  PDF File Submission  Search Engine Submissions  Podcasting  Regional Search Engines Submissions(RSS)  Press Release Submissions  Article Submissions  Blog Creation & Blog Submission  Blog Commenting  Product Submision
  9. 9. Importance of SMM & SMO in SEO  SMM & SMO Play a very important role in SEO Process. With the help of Social media Site we generates so many traffic to our website of Blog. Important Sites for SMM  Twitter  Facebook  Pinterest  Stumble Upon  Tumblr  WordPress  Blogger
  10. 10. Importance of Blogs in SEO Process  Creating blogs are also very importance. Because with help of blog creating we generating more traffic for our website.  Also it’s a important to generating traffic for our specific keywords.  There are so many sites for blog creation, some good are  Wordpress  Blogger  Weebly  Blogs.com  Tumblr
  11. 11. What is Panda and Penguin Updates  Panda update Panda is a new Google algorithm. Checking the quality, Size, Links etc. of the site. This update effected for those website which have low quality content and span backlinks.  Penguin update Penguin is another Google updates checking the backlinks, coped data etc. This update effect the ranking of the website.
  12. 12. Latest New About SEO-Google Search Result  Here I have a latest news of SEO – About Google search results. Its was cleared by the Google that, the ranking of the keywords are not Stable and its changed position.  And one more that is one site come one time in the search page.
  13. 13. Summary  At last I am only says that SEO goes down and down because of Google updates too many spam work. Now Google give so many preference to PPC (Pay per Click) or another world we can say Paid Traffic.
  14. 14. What you thinks  Please tell me that what you thinks about this SEO and my Presentation .  Contact us Rohit Mishra Mohali Phase-5 Mob. 09915396356 Mail Id mishrarohit530@gmail.c om
  15. 15. Thanks!!