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Project flow mishra


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This PPT show The groups and the the flow of Project

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Project flow mishra

  1. 1. Project flow Of IT/Software Industry 1Mishra
  2. 2. MISHRA Business Analyst Suntiara Soft +91-9912923179 +91- 9581271790 (INDIA) 2Mishra
  3. 3. Project Flow Overview • What is IT? • What is Software? • What is Project? • What is Product? • What is Application? • Who are Stakeholders? 3Mishra
  4. 4. What is IT? • IT is Technologies which enable to any one receive information/provide information its own purpose /organization level work 4Mishra
  5. 5. What is Software? • Software gives instructions to System/ Application to perform a task. 5Mishra
  6. 6. What is Project? • It is specific Application of a specifics Customer/client. 6Mishra
  7. 7. What is Product? • It is general based Product that use by various people. • In manufacturing unit product is touch able while in non- manufacturing unit product is Plan/Schema related to there work 7Mishra
  8. 8. What is Application? • It is combinations of some functionality . 8Mishra
  9. 9. Who are Stakeholders? • The people who involved in project direct or indirect is stakeholders. • External • Internal 9Mishra
  10. 10. Project Flow Overview cont… • BDT(Business Development Team) • B.A.(Business Analyst) • P.M.(Project Manager) • S.A.(System Analyst) • Developers • Testers • Release • Implementation • Support 10Mishra
  11. 11. CLIENT • Sponsor of Project 11Mishra
  12. 12. VENDOR • Responsible for design and develop a specific project related to client needs/ requirement. 12Mishra
  13. 13. BDT(Business Development Team) • Responsible to bring business to the organizations / company/ Industry. • Fill the RFI/ RFP that given by client with the help of B.A., P.M. , S.A. sometime from Testing Group also. 13Mishra
  14. 14. B.A.(Business Analyst) • Interact with Client and provide the various document BRS, SRS, Use Case, UAT, Usability Test Plan etc. • He /she assist other stakeholder to complete their task related to project. 14Mishra
  15. 15. P.M.(Project Manager) • Design and develop Test Strategy Document as well as provide the Schedule of the Project. 15Mishra
  16. 16. S.A.(System Analyst) • Design frontend and backend of application. 16Mishra
  17. 17. DEVELOPERS • Design the Code and do Unit testing 17Mishra
  18. 18. TESTERS • Verification and Validation process apply on the applications. 18Mishra
  19. 19. RELEASE • Responsible for release the product/project/application for testing as well as to client /customer after testing process over. • There are various process apply here and various document they are use when they delivery the work to related person. 19Mishra
  20. 20. IMPLEMENTATION • Install the Application and perform the Installation testing . • Provide training if need • Give Manual user. 20Mishra
  21. 21. SUPPORT • After implementation of Application take care if any issue is going to happen. • Provide the solutions. 21Mishra
  22. 22. DOCUMENT • Go to Link • Project Flow Document and Relationship with Groups Mishra 22
  23. 23. You may view video on YouTube 23Mishra
  24. 24. Questions? 24Mishra
  25. 25. Thanks 25Mishra