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Optiaxis case study


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We helped Optiaxis (online eyewear store) and Dr Kiran Bedi's NGO Navjyoti India Foundation to help achieve their #MissionOfBetterVision campaign on major social media platforms and generate great participation of the audience.

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Optiaxis case study

  1. 1. Optiaxis Case Study /Optiaxis /Optiaxis
  2. 2. Start of Campaign #MissionOfBetterVision Free Eye Check-up Camp
  3. 3. Aim  To create brand image of Optiaxis Brand by educating people about the Public Service Activity being done by co. on the occasion of Children’s Day in Bal Mela of Navjyoti India Foundation.
  4. 4. Strategy  To engage visitors on facebook and twitter with the help of campaign of #MissionOfBetterVision  To support the cause of Optiaxis, they just need to share the graphic we updated on our cover photo on facebook and tweeted on twitter “Share to Support”
  5. 5. First Step Calling the Target Audience
  6. 6. Creating Curiosity with Graphics  As much as people share the cover pic & participate in #MissionOfBetterCampaign on fb & twitter….image below keeps getting completed
  7. 7. Initial Response Twitter Facebook
  8. 8. Second Step Boosting Interaction
  9. 9. Boosting Interaction  As there wasn’t much follower on Optiaxis facebook & twitter page. We decide to start a contest of #MissionOfBetterVision on twitter.
  10. 10. Contest Started Working Out… Tweets 2,731 Exposure 2,560,465
  11. 11. Contest Working Out Exposure 3,238,027 Tweets 4,650
  12. 12. Response Just Got Bigger
  13. 13. And It Started Trending
  14. 14. Graphs Touching Seventh Sky Exposure 3,250,242
  15. 15. Tweets 4,748
  16. 16. Third Step Acknowledging Support
  17. 17. Brand Image Created & Mission Completed
  18. 18. @ “Bal Mela” Event
  19. 19. From the Event >>>>
  20. 20. (left) Mr. Sant Sewak Singh (Optiaxis Founder) with Dr. Kiran Bedi (Gen. Sec. of Navjyoti India Foundation)
  21. 21. Overview      No. of followers increased : No. of Likes Increased : No. of Free Eye Check-Ups : Tweets During Campaign : Reach of Campaign : 150 272 200+ 4,728 3,250,242 This campaign really helped to create brand image and bringing constant interaction & followers on its social pages. Thank You
  22. 22. Creating value out of creativity