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Safe sync for_business_customer_overview_v27_final[1]

  1. 1. SafeSync™ for BusinessCustomer Product OverviewNovember 2011James Walker – Global PMM Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 1
  2. 2. Agenda• What is SafeSync for Business?• Product components• What does SafeSync for Business replace?• Competition• Pricing and licensing Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 2
  3. 3. What is SafeSync for Business? SafeSync for Business Enables businesses to easily and securely access, share and synctheir company data and files from any place any anytime and from any device Protect (Backup) Sync Share Data Files/folders Manage Access 3 7/17/2012 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. Inc. – Confidential Trend Micro
  4. 4. How Does SafeSync Help You? SHARINGSYNC and PROTECT Secure and simple sharing forSynchronizes all desired data to colleagues and external partiesthe cloud and personal devices, • Instant secure shareable file and folderautomatically, instantly and linkcontinuously • Team folders – controlled internal folder• Keeps data safe in case of hardware for team collaboration - File server as afailure or loss service – (Team Folder is accessible• Sync data between Mac and through local SafeSync folder)Windows PCs• Restore deleted files• Restore and view previous versions offiles.STORE and MANAGE ACCESS ANYWHERE Access files and folders fromGives each employee / user their anywhere, anytime from anyown personal storage space• Pooled storage for whole company – No devicecomplicated quotas • Access data in the cloud from any web• Web console for each user to control browser (Internetstorage and access files from the web Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari)• Centralized admin console for account • Access all files and folders directlycontrol from any personal devices. • Supports Windows, Mac, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Android devices. Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 4
  5. 5. How is SafeSync for Business Sold? Licensed on a per user basis The storage space is not bound to each user, but Small businesses and shared across the Resellers can purchase a SafeSync company account asminimum of 3* users and as Business pooled storage many as 100 users per Features license Pricing is per user, per year - subscription Each user will have 50 GB storage space Pricing starts from $90/€66 (50GB) per user, per year. * Minimum 2 users for North America Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 5
  6. 6. How Does It Work? – Synchronizationand Distribution to Additional Devices Trend Micro Data Center Laptop Desktop Smartphone TabletWindows/MAC Windows/MAC IOS/Android IOS/Android New/updated file now pushed out to Word file Synchronised User createsWord file User saves Word file all paired servers to cloud devices Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 6
  7. 7. How Does It Work? – Team FolderFile-Server-as-a-Service (Control read and write access) Trend Micro Data Center Team Folder Paul John George Ringo File synchronised of the the Paul saves file locally to band Now all members New/updated Lyricsto all „Team Paul creates lyrics for new song / pushed out access the locationsheldother via Team Folder that lyrics locally Folder‟ latest is on within syncronized to all team members the SafeSync Folder theirdevices Team Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 7
  8. 8. Admin and User Web Interface www.safesync.comEasy to use Fully Featured• Works just like Windows • Access, Open, Organise Explorer & Edit files• Award winning drag & • Changes are saved and drop technology sync’d• Fully-featured web-based • Stream music and videos file manager • Recover deleted files• Internet explorer and • Restore files to any point Safari, Chrome and in time (versioning) Firefox supported• Instant productivity after data loss Classification 3/4/2011 8 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 8
  9. 9. Software Client(Windows & Mac software)Continuous AutomaticFile Synchronization Quick & Efficient• Real-time synchronisation • Sync changes as soon as• Copies data from local files are created or edited disk to cloud and vice • Only changed portions of versa changed files are sync’d• Installs a SafeSync folder • Local caching of which enables access to frequently used files files just like a regular • Bandwidth management hard drive. You can drag • Works with PC and Mac and drop in files to be sync’d • Includes tutorial on installation• Folder Pairing to sync folder in present file structure Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 9
  10. 10. Mobile Web Support and AppsFull Access to your Files,Photos & All Other Media Native iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android Apps• All you need is a phone with a data connection and • Listen to audio files and watch a Web browser. videos from your SafeSync account without downloading• iOS, Android and Windows • Upload any file stored on your SD mobile browser support card (Android only), including photos, audio, documents, and• Automatically detects the more capabilities of your phone • Take new photos or videos and upload directly to your SafeSync accountVideo & music streaming • View your files stored on the SafeSync serverto compatible handsets • Easily identify the file type from the icon shown before the file name• Mobile interface optimized for screen size and • Create, rename, or delete folders from your device connection • Preview images and videos in• Video and music thumbnails before downloading or streaming to compatible uploading handsets • View the files offline that were previously accessed Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 10
  11. 11. What does SafeSync for Business Replace? FILE SERVER / NETWORK BACK UP SOLUTION VPN INFRASTRUCTURE Automatically synchronizes your new ATTACHED STORAGE No need to have VPN to access your and exiting files on your PC to secure The “Team folder” feature allows you files. All you need to have is an Internet personal area in the cloud. Any to create shared areas for different connection and you can access all changes or new files instantlyusers and teams, just like traditional file your documents in your online storage synchronized. Keeping them safe in server. area from any device. case of hardware loss or failure. FTP SERVERS OR “FILE COLLABORATION SOLUTIONS SHARING SERVICES” The easy to create “Team Folders” Instantly share any file or folder with allow groups to work on specific files anyone using the shareable links. No and folders in a controlled read a write uploading of files to an FTP or File environment. Create folders on the fly! Sharing type solution. Set password and link expiry dates. Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 11
  12. 12. Productivity Benefits of SafeSync forBusiness • Use SafeSync Shareable links to: – Reduce email mail box size – Remove the need for email attachments – Speed up the sending of email • Only send a link rather than large attachments – Reduce bandwidth usage and sending time • Send complete folder rather attach individual files improving productivity during email creation – Control security of traditional attachments with SafeSync secure links • Set passwords • Disable links once used – Send link to files from remote computers Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 12
  13. 13. Productivity Benefits of SafeSync forBusiness• Access your files on any device whenever you need then – No need to wait until you get back to the office – Have all your files at your finger tips whenever you need them• Create sharing folders for collaboration within a team instantly – No need for server hardware or contacting your an admin• Keep all the files up to date on all your devices – No need to copy to USB drives or email files to yourself• In case of hardware failure or loss, get access to you files straight away – No need to wait for your files to be restored - just log into SafeSync and away you go Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 13
  14. 14. Key Differences between SafeSyncConsumer and SafeSync for Business• Single web-based administration • Company storage shared/pooled console to control amongst all users - User access rights - Create and delete accounts • Add 1 user = Add 50GB to shared company storage• Team Folder– File server as a service - Create specific shared area for • Enhanced support offerings certain team members - Allows controlled collaboration • Admin controls accounts• Availability Service Level When user leaves, the account can Agreement (SLA) be cancelled 99.9% uptime or money back Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc.
  15. 15. Technical Specifications• System requirements: • Mobile browsers on iPhone/iPad, Hard Drive Disk Space: 50MB Android, Windows Mobile• System Memory: • For mobile apps: 1GB for Windows 7/Vista, Mac OSX ; – iOS 3.1.3 and higher 512MB for Windows XP (1GB recom.) – Android 2.2 and higher• Required Operating Systems: – Windows 7 SP1, Vista SP2 (32/64-bit), Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only) – Mac OSX 10.5.8, 10.6, 10.7 (32/64-bit)• SafeSync website: – Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 (32/64-bit) – Firefox 3.6, 4, 5 and 6 – Safari 4 and 5 – Chrome 13 and 14 Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 15
  16. 16. Cost Comparison of TraditionalSolutions vs SSFBTraditional Solutions Price for 10 UsersServer HP ML110 G6 server (2 drives & RAID) € 800 = €800Server + SBS essentials * (standard EUR1000) €400 = €1200Server + SBS essentials + Security (Trend Server Agent) € 50 = €1250Server + SBS essentials + Security + Back up Solution (Back Exec) € 120 = €1370Server, plus SBS/SBS essentials + Security + Back up Solution + VPN(SonicWall TZ100 Series) € 450 = €1820Admin cost for Installation and set up of equipment € 300 + €50 per month( 6 hours @ €50 per Hour, plus additonal hour per month)Note – Sharepoint would be extra = €2120SafeSync For BusinessSafeSync for Buiness gives file server capability with Teamspace, asthis is hosted by Trend - no Microsoft Server license required. Back upis included as a copy of all data is held in cloud servers. As in the cloud = €640no VPN required, just Internet access. Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 16
  17. 17. Competitive Feature Comparison SafeSync For Dropbox for SugarSync for Mozy Carbonite Business Teams Business Pro Pro BusinessSynchronizationSync Folder (Drag and Drop) - Simple Sync      Folder Sync Pairing - Advanced Sync  Selective Sync (choose which folders get sync across computers)   Sync Files and Folder across Multiple Computers  Limited  LimitedSharing / Team FoldersPublic File/Folder Sharing - Shareable Links    Support to Sync External Drives Team Folders - File/Folder Collaboration    Set Shared / Team Folder Permissions   Password Protection and Controls on Shared Files Links   Service and Data CenterUptime / Availability SLA 99.9% with Money Back Encrypted Storage and Transfer     Operate Own Data Center  - S3 - S3   EMEA Data Center with ISO 27001 Certification  S3 S3 US Data Center with SAS70 Type II Certification  S3 S3  (No Cert) Management and controlCentralized Management      Mobile Device Support (iOS and Andriod)      Multilingual Versions and Local Support for the Following Languages: EN, DE, FR, ES, JP, ITNo File Size Limits  Web   Restore Deleted and Previous File Versions   Limited  Limited   Streaming and Social Network Integration Excellent Classification 7/17/2012Copyright 2009 Limited Trend Micro Inc. 17 Limited LimitedSimple Bandwidth Management controls  Limited
  18. 18. Pricing 50GB/User 50GB/User 50GB/User 3-5 $90.00 €66.00 £56.00 6-10 $87.50 €64.00 £54.50 11-25 $84.00 €61.00 £52.50 26-50 $80.50 €57.50 £50.00 51-100 $75.50 €53.50 £47.00 Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 18
  19. 19. How Secure is My Data? • Trend Micro operated and 3rd • Highly redundant server and party certified Data Center Internet connections • Not 3rd party DC or hosted solution • 2 copies of data held on 2 separate • Biometrically controlled access to • 2 separate service providers feeding cabinets and server with 24/7 Data Centre – x2 10Gbps surveillance • Load balancers, firewalls, redundant • AES 256bit encryption used power supplies + UPS and smoke between client and server during detection and fire suppression systems data transfer • Comply to the following data center • AV running on data center data protection standards servers to stop Virus infections • SAS 70 Type 2 Certified – US • AES 128Bit encryption for all data • ISO 27001 Certified - EMEA stored on the data center servers • 20 years + experience in keeping using Trend Micro SecureCloud™ data safe technology • Financial grade protection • Availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) • EMEA and US data centers 99.9% uptime or money back Classification 3/4/2011 19 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc.
  20. 20. End User Discovery Questions Do you have a backup Do you have a file Do you keep your server? What do you do server? Do you need backups in a safe to ensure data is safe to share files amongst place, outside the from hard disc failure employees? office? or PC theft/loss? Do you have issues Do you need to access Do you feel you pay with accessing your your data from your too much for your data from outside the smartphone or tablet file / backup server office? device? infrastructure? Do you have to work in Do you have mobile or Do you work with external virtual teams with remote staff? companies and need to people in other share data with them? locations? Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 20
  21. 21. Thank youQuestions and Answers Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 21
  22. 22. Appendix Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 22
  23. 23. Pricing and Offerings – Online Storage and Sync CompetitorsVendor SafeSync Dropbox SugarSync Mozy Carbonite Box SafeSync for Dropbox Pro Dropbox for SugarSync for Box Business Version Mozy Pro Carbonite Pro Business 50 Teams Business Version 500GB Shared 100GB shared No per user or device Capacity 1000GB (for No fixed capacity. Pay more amongst all users 50GB 50GB (33.3GB per user capacity. Company per users 5 Users) as capacity grows (166.6GB per user at min 3 users) based capacity for 3 users) 3 users - $29.99 Up to 20GB $10 Desktop Licenses: 20GB - 49GB $25 $3.95 per month + $0.50 Not Available Plus each 50GB-99GB $50 Monthly $9.99 per Only /GB per month $15.00 per user – Coming Q3 additional user 100GB-149GB $75 cost user annually Server Licenses: ($9.00/Month) $9.99 150GB-199GB $100 $6.9$ per month + $0.50 Additional 100GB 200GB-299GB $150 /GB per month $29.99 300GB-499GB $250 Only Monthly Only Monthly $90.00 per 5 Users - 3 Users $359.88 Only monthly Up to 20GB $120pa $795 pa Desktop Licenses: 20GB - 49GB $300pa user Only Annual Additional Each Additional $47.88 /pa + $6.00 /GB /pa 50GB-99GB $600pa Only Monthly Monthly Cost users $125 User $119.88 Server Licenses: 100GB-149GB $900pa $180 per user €66.00 per $119.88 pa $83.40 /pa + $6.00/GB/pa 150GB-199GB $1200pa user Additional 100GB 200GB-299GB $1800pa $359.88 300GB-499GB $3000pa Minimum 2/3 Minimum 3 User Pack Rat. Minimum purchase Note:- € and £ prices are Minimum 3 users Additional User purchase Additional Price based on total purchase 5 100GB increments higher the $ value based on purchaseinformation US/EMEA $3.99pm company storage usage users of additional present exchange rates 500GB shared respectively $39.00 pa storage Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc.
  24. 24. Note on HIPAA Compliance• Software vendors, by definition, cannot be explicitly classified HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance is an organizational obligation, not a technical specification.• However, SafeSync has put security protocols in place for organizations to remain HIPAA compliant, including: – SAS 70 Type II certification on our data center – File encryption at rest (1H2012) and in transit – Application settings for granular access permissions, passwords, and other controls Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 24
  25. 25. Advantages of Sync vs. BackupSolutions Backup Sync Saves copy at a point in time of user Keeps a live exact copy of what is defined files and folders on the PC – User defined • Restoration needs to been done to • Happens automatically and instantly recover files when file is saved. • Can be done to tape, disc or online • Does not slow down PC like many back • Tape can be very slow and up solutions unreliable • No scheduled back up time meaning no • No instant access to files in case of backup window required. Synchronization failure is continuous • Sometimes back ups do not take place. • No need to restore if PC stolen or hard (User out of the office for long periods) disc fails • Just install SafeSync Client and file s are copied back down to new PC • Also you can access files from any other device while you wait for your new PC • Back up solutions will only allow this once restored, which could take days if you have to purchase a new system Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 25
  26. 26. Scenarios Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 26
  27. 27. ScenarioChallenges A small 3-person consultancy firm 3 laptops, no office • 3 colleagues run a small start-up consultancy firm, advising the manufacturing sector • To start with, they will be all working from their home locations, but plan to open an office once business starts coming in • They need some central location to share files with each other • They also need to ensure they have backed up all important files, especially when they are on the road • They do not have a server presently, but do have expansion plans for the future • They need to share information quickly and easily with customers Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 27
  28. 28. Why SafeSyncRecommendation • In order to share files and have back up, a company would traditionally purchase theTraditional Solution following: • Server • Microsoft Server License • Back Up software • Security • VPN solution and email This would cost approximately €1500-€2000 • SafeSync gives the 3 users a shared area using the Teams Folder featureWhy SafeSync • This means they have a single central location to share files with each other • They can synchronize their own files to their private cloud location, giving them backed up copies of all their files in case of failure and access them from other devices on the move • Sharing data with external parties is very easy as data is already in the cloud. Just click to share with the secure sharable link feature • Cost for 3 Users is €198 per year Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 28
  29. 29. Scenario 2Challenges A 9-person company with an ecommerce portal servicing the takeaway market. They have a few mobile sales members. 4 desktops, 5 Laptops (out of which 4 are used by freelance sales people on the road) • 9 colleagues run a food delivery portal. This gives users the best delivery service in their area and allows the customer to place an order via the portal for many food types. • While the core team shares an office doing customer care and marketing, the sales force spends most of their time on the road, with frequent interaction with the office • The sales team needs a safe and easy way to access the lasted sales collateral and also share it easily • Both need some centralized location to share files with each other, as well as upload menus from customer locations • Both also need a safe way to backup files since they don’t have an in house server Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 29
  30. 30. Why SafeSyncRecommendation • In order to share files and have back up, a company would traditionally purchase the following:Traditional Solution • Server • Microsoft Server License • Backup software • Backup server • Security • Extended VPN solution This would cost approximately €1900-€3200 • SafeSync gives the 9 users a shared area using the Team Folder feature (file-server-as-a- service)Why SafeSync • This means they have a safe, single central location for all there data to be shared, accessed, and backed up even though the 4 sales people are permanently outside the office • The sales team can also use tablet devices or smartphones to view and show collateral, as well as upload data. • They can share and access files easily and safely , regardless of where they are . • Cost for 9 Users is €576 per year Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 30
  31. 31. How to Register a License(Registration Key)• Once you have a registration key (RK), which will look like this: (X = Alphanumeric) – BU-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx• Go to the• Click on “activate with a key”• Follow the instructions and input key: – If you already have a trial or business account, please log in with your existing log in credentials – If not, please submit key and create a new account• You will be redirected to SafeSync for Business web management console. If not please log in using the same credentials you registered with Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 31
  32. 32. How to Sign Up for a Trial • Go to the product page at: or • Click on “Sign up for a free trial” • Get 30 days for 10 users with 50GB eachHow to Convert Trial to Full License • Purchase your registration key from the channel • Please go to and click on “activate your license” • Use same email and log in detail as your trial and the account will automatically be converted to a full account with the duration and number of users purchase Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 32
  33. 33. Additional SlidesClassification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 33
  34. 34. Key SafeSync Features for Business Messaging Description Benefits Access or share your data 24/7 secure access with no VPN, Access anywhere, anytime, with meaning no “down-time” and anyone, from any Internet enabled your data on demand! device. Read and Write sharing. Allow shared Share files quickly and folder collaboration for people within securely, internally and Share your business (write) and have the externally without the need to ability to share access to files with send large attachments and external partners (read). clog-up bandwidth. Replaces the need for a traditional file Allows you to invest in your Affordable Alternative server, eliminating the investment business productivity, rather to File Server cost in hardware and the on going than expensive I.T. cost of dedicated IT support. Zero risk of data loss! No manual Provides secure automatic online uploads, data is kept updated on Secure, Automated backup, from a trusted security both your local machine and on Online Sync vendor with over 20 years of IT your online backup space as you security expertise. work automatically. Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 34
  35. 35. Key Business Features AffordableAccess Anywhere, Alternative to File Secure, Automatic Share Fileson Any Device Server Online SyncAccess your data at Quick and simple, or Save the hefty cost of Zero down-time, neveranytime, anywhere, secure sharing of your investing in files lose a file because offrom any device data with colleagues servers and IT support. HHD failure and keep and clients internally No depreciation! all your data current and externally Manage your files & and backed up users through a simple automatically without web console that the need for periodic functions as a web backups! server without the limitations of the physical hardware! Classification 3/4/2011 Copyright 2009 Trend Micro Inc. 35