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Lesson plan in technology and livelihood education 1


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Lesson plan in technology and livelihood education 1

  1. 1. Lesson Plan in Technology and Livelihood Education<br />Food and Nutrition<br />I-Objectives: At the end of the lesson the student should be able to:<br /><ul><li>Recognize the importance of proper nutrition and good health.
  2. 2. Distinguish between malnutrition and undernutrition.</li></ul>II - Subject- Matter/Content: <br />         Topic: Importance of Good Health and Proper Nutrition<br />        References: Technology and Livelihood Education I pp.87-91<br />       Materials: computer, projector<br />III-Procedure: <br />Preparation <br />Prayer <br />Checking of attendance <br />Unlocking of difficulties <br />-         basic knowledge about nutrition, defining key terms<br />                 4. Motivation:<br />                         -  with the use of a video clip, let the students watch it and let them write an essay about the importance of good health.<br />B. Lesson Proper<br />     1. Lecture<br /> 2. Q and A with the students <br />C. Comparison<br />    3. Compare their essay before the lesson and their opinions after the lecture.<br />        - Is there a change in view and perception? What are they?<br /> 4.Call several students to share their experiences with regards to improper nutrition.<br />D. Generalization<br />       - Why is good health important? Is there any significance of proper nutrition to our day to day lives?<br />      - What will you consider from now on when choosing the food to eat? Why?<br />E. Application<br />     - Divide the students into six groups. Each group will design campaign posters to promote proper nutrition. Poster size should be on one sheet of cartolina. Place these posters in the different parts of the school. <br />IV � Evaluation:<br />        - Check Yourself test<br /> *10 items (10 points)<br /> <br />V � Assignment:<br />       1. Go to the nearest market and observe the types of food sold.<br />      2. Report to the class your observations and suggestion to improve our nutrition.<br />