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3G in India


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The new frontier in Telecom in India, know how a Telco and partner companies should approach 3G as a service.

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3G in India

  1. 1. 3G, The Next Steps gGg
  2. 2. Perception – Service provider Service providerthinks 3G as the next killer product.
  3. 3. How people perceive People perceivethe product as justanother service
  4. 4. How they should perceive A new Member of family who might change their world
  5. 5. Don’t think Speed & Data Think Services People buy perceived product 85% of Indian population doesn’t worry about speed, they don’t have basic internet access. Broadband users constitute only 1% of Indian population. How will you tell the rest of population what internet is? Unless they experience internet speed is immaterial.
  6. 6. Address primary needs People need services, A helping hand. 3G Data connection is just anotherenabler of internet services.It is a Pipe to deliver
  7. 7. Don’t shout 3G, shout services. People bother abouttelephone connection and not how it is wired.Anything other than primary services is secondary to people. Sell primary product which is portals/email/others .3G adoption will follow.
  8. 8. India is not a Developed economy
  9. 9. The Cities are also not very well wired.
  10. 10. Understand people who you are addressing
  11. 11. Create value
  12. 12. One plan for allwill take youNowhere
  13. 13. A panoramic view of a huge market may not help much in reaching out.
  14. 14. Innovate on service offerings
  15. 15. Leverage Global best practices as well.
  16. 16. Yes, Corporate customer will remain your best users
  17. 17. Capture City users, Give themexperienceof a lifetime.
  18. 18. Enable food courts on 3G Wifi
  19. 19. Enable Malls with 3G experience
  20. 20. Capture Resident Welfare Associations
  21. 21. Capturing cities isfine, But the task is to Enable rural India. Let’s see how we can do that.
  22. 22. Enable beyond mobilityAccording to 74% of Indianslive in 638,365 different villages. 236,004Indian villages have a population less than 500.Don’t think only mobileTarget one who is a middlemanCyber café is a great link between people andcomputers. There is great deal of work doneby govt. of India to enable IT. Participate.Enable cyber caféEnable Connectivity to last mile
  23. 23. Products + Service Sell Primary ProductsBooks / Primary EducationApps can be your productbundled with 3G services.Get more products bundled with 3G. People will buyBundled products than only connectivity. Sell the use case.
  24. 24. Marry Data & PhoneUnless you sell Data Preactivated with phone in spite of people using or not using it the penetration of data will not increase. Let customer choose the right opportunity tostart the usage. He shouldn’t knock your door to know when to activate. Don’t over sell the plans/activations. Sell services like internet banking along with banks.
  25. 25. Sell computers for Data ConnectionsYes, this is a different approach. But India needs a different treatment. Only Mobile will not help reach 3Gdesired usage & Penetration. Whencompanies can bundle a Rs.40,000 Iphone, they can bundle a Rs. 15,000 computer as well with a data card. Bundle computer on 3G Data card. Charge the Data usage clubbed with Computer’s EMI.
  26. 26. Educate on Internet & Email According to ministry of statistics, India posts managed more than 52 million ofletters/postcards alone in 2009. could be a little less today.Help people know significance of E mail and other internet led services, unless theyunderstand they will not appreciate 3G and data services.Educate people, organise sessions if needed. Tie up with schools, collages and NGO to drive the message. Keep monitoring.
  27. 27. Laptop/Computers to schoolsGovt. of India Spends billions on education. 80% of all schools are government schools. In spite of that in India out of 16 Lac Schools ,average computers in schools are only 13.43 %. stics-of-schools-in-india/ Will you Give free/discountedcomputers along with a paid connectionon a plan. which will cover your costs as well. You may tie up with hardware companies to get the minimum costs.
  28. 28. Special price plan for students Reach out to students in India. According to Govt. there are 1,232,738 enrollments for higher education in 2009. Should be a bit higher number today. This doesn’t include the open schools and distance learning.In 13.5 lacs recognised schools andcolleges total student strength was 256 million and out of which 118 million were woman. Will service companies enable alow cost 3G connection for these students.
  29. 29. Special plan for Family India has246.6 million households, theycall for a special 3G plan which fits their budget and income levels.Make services for households. Sell services and products.
  30. 30. Entertain people According to study conducted byAssocham and Deloitte, Televisionmarket in India in 2010 alone wasTotal = US$ 6.21 billion. Televisionsubscription accounted for 63% of the revenues. 3G can get mobile TV and desktop TV for everyhousehold at nominal pricing.Price only Mobile TV and see if it get’s adopted. Follow the strategy of pricing the one product alone.
  31. 31. Address woman Woman population in India is 590 Million. Yet, how many of Data connections are sold to them? Have a separate product for woman and their needs. Launch a special phone/tablet or may be a computer for woman.
  32. 32. Cyber café Approx 300,000 cyber café provide access to 60% of internet population in India. Will you enable more Cyber café with the help of Govt. or may be alone.
  33. 33. Help Run Small Businesses Self EmploymentMore in Under developed states Bihar(61%), UP (69%), Rajasthan (70 %)Low in developed states like Kerala(42%), Delhi (38%) and Goa (34%). Help them pay tax on internet. Findcustomers, find skilled workers or may be find another job. Take to them the new businesssoftware and use of 3G in growing their businesses.
  34. 34. Strategic Tie ups, AssociationsService provider should tie up with computer companies, phone and tablet manufactures, NGO, Government and other associations to drive the Connectivity to the last person. Don’t Run alone. Drive together.
  35. 35. Worry about penetration of Devices and adoption , Usage will follow.
  36. 36. That’s not All, A Few things more
  37. 37. Communication is important
  38. 38. Don’t rely onposter/bills basedpromotions
  39. 39. Wall paintings may not bethe right medium to reach
  40. 40. Generatecuriosity
  41. 41. Word of mouth; yes for sure
  42. 42. Publicscreening will help
  43. 43. Allow people to reach out to you
  44. 44. Capture Small towns
  45. 45. Make local user acelebrity
  46. 46. Don’t Rush(This is not a marketing attempt, It’s an attempt for adoption of service. It will take time. )
  47. 47. Let people Connect and talk about it.
  48. 48. Summary People Buy Services Educate them Strategic Tie ups Innovate on service offerings Worry about penetration Go Rural Internet Adoption is the key Communicate effectivelyAll this and a little more, people will bring 3G home.
  49. 49. Welcome Aboard tothe exiting journey of 3G
  50. 50. Will take you places
  51. 51. Mishra Wireless Telecom professional New Delhi - India & Kamna pandey Wireless Telecom professional Let’s connect Your thoughts are welcome
  52. 52. Photo courtesy order=DESC&start=255 thanks to Stock exchange ,,Many thanks to stock vault. thanks to abstract influence