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The perfect solution of fake ID's used by criminals.

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  1. 1. My dream of a better Pakistan PAKID
  2. 2. DREAMDream is not only the series ofscenes we see during wesleep, but it is also what weimagine with our eyes open. Isee our nation, strong andmodern. I see myself beingremembered by everyPakistani as a leader not as apolitician but an innovator.
  3. 3. • Pakistan is my country• Has plenty of human and natural resources.• total population of Pakistan is estimated to be morethan 190,291,129.• It is a Muslim country where people are providedfreedom to follow their religions and customs.
  4. 4. • Rapid increase in populationand death rate.• The last authentic census ofPakistan was taken in 1998.After that the census keptdelaying. In 2011, severalcounting took place but none ofthe results were true.
  5. 5. •Criminals use fake ID’s of others for committingcrimes.•32nd most corrupt country of the world.•Death rate is high. Government is paying leastattention towards public.• Lack of communication.
  6. 6. MY SOLUTION & MY DREAMAnd therefore, I came up with a solution. The solutionwhich would not only save our identity but it will alsosolve other problems in our country. A perfectplatform for my dreams to become true. A helpinghand of my nation.
  7. 7. Vision StatementProviding the world, its first government public website.Wining the hearts of our nation by protecting identities andproviding privacy.Being the medium of success and development of nation. Mission Statement•Protecting what you are.•Being world’s number one website in keeping privacy.•Introducing new sections in website which give birth tonational development.
  8. 8. WHERE WE SAVE WHAT YOU AREWhere We Save What You Are: The Caption ofPAKID shows that it saves people’s identities.The main idea is to prevent the usage of fake ID’swhich will serve as an advantage for our nation againstcriminals who use fake id’s for committing crimes.The function will be performed through internet andmedia.
  9. 9. WHAT IS SO SPECIAL IN THAT?The first government public website and organizationalbusiness.The usage of technology and advance procedure.Opportunities of attraction of other companies towards idea.Development of this new way of management will increase thevalue of Pakistan world wide.
  10. 10. WHATS THE PLAN?Collecting all the informations of citizens of Pakistan by sources likehospitals, schools, colleges, company’s, NADRA Office, etc.Summing the information and finding out if person is alive is dead.Publish the information on a website. Not the whole just a irreplicablephoto, self provisioned registration number and whether person is alive ordead.Selling website first to major companies like mobilink, telenor, etc. Whichhas greater threat of criminal customers.
  11. 11. Slowly extending customers.Making website local and safe.Taking citizens in confidence.Making website hack proof by using experience of highlyexperienced hackers.Making it more beneficial for citizens by publishingquizzes, competitions, etc which would result in more viewersand in this way we will provide for education prizes, freegrocery, free toys, etc for a happier Pakistan.
  12. 12. HOW WILL IT WORK?PARTNERSHIP: company will work under partnership business. In whichthe ratio of government officials and public representatives will be 5:5.COMMITTEE FOR EFFECTIVE WORKING: A committee will be appointedby elections who will guide the company partners. It will be responsible forsettlement among partners if some issue comes up. Advice partners andalso elect the government side partners.A BANK ACCOUNT FOR COMPANY: for savings of money.ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: proper division of organizationalstructure so that no future fights or differences take place.
  13. 13. Departmentalization according tospecializations.A committee appointed for constant analysis ofcitizens and for providing up to dateinformation.By using mobile phones, social media, un-employed people, handicapped and jobless forthe cause.Making an impact on people that company isstrictly patriotic and made only for citizens sothat they contribute towards the cause.
  14. 14. WHAT DO I THINK ABOUT IT?NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE:and also not my project. it will not onlysave identities. but will help in takingcensus too. it will help in bettercommunication by providing a sectionin website for comments. in whichpeople will post their problems anddiscussion topics.
  15. 15. WHAT ARE THE HURDLESGovernment issues.People might not like publication of their information on website.Since, large number of Pakistanis are less educated and violent. There is a threatthat people might show violence on publishing information on web.Chain of Command or decision taking may become hard. Since, government is astronger party.Government may start forcing public representing partners to follow them. SincePakistan is a politically corrupt country.The main cause of PAKID of helping might also burn in flames of corruption.
  16. 16. THANK YOU