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This ppt is made by Maira Shehzad Kaiser Durrani. A student of Iqra University and her group members in introduction to business class. in this ppt information about products and services and company of Coca Cola is provided

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  1. 1. ‹#›
  2. 2. The BusinessCoca-Cola Company 2
  3. 3. Introduction• The Coca-Cola company is thelargest corporation, manufacturer,retailer, distributor and marketer ofnon-alcoholic beverage concentratessyrups.• It produces more than 500 brands inover 200 countries or territories andserves over 1.7 billion servings eachday. 3
  4. 4. •It has a long history of acquisition. It has minute maid, odwalla, barq’s, Fuze, Thumbs up and Columbia pictures• It is the no#1 consumerproduct fan page of face book.
  5. 5. Main Entrepreneurs of Coca ColaJohn Stith Pemberton: Who made Coca Cola andbegan to sell this product to people.Asa Candler: Who bought the formula of Coke andbegan its marketing which increased the salesRobert Woodruff: Who bought the company fromAsa and because of his performance, marketingand selling technique Coca Cola got world widerecognition. 5
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  8. 8. Visions•To become the best place to work for people•To present the world a quality beverage brand.•To make a difference by helping, building andsupporting sustainable communities.•Being highly effective and fast moving organization.Missions•To refresh the world and inspire moments ofhappiness and optimism.•To create value and make a difference.ValuesLeadership: The courage to shape a better futureCollaboration: Leverage collective geniusIntegrity: Be realAccountability: If it is to be, its up to mePassion: Committed in heart and mindDiversity: As inclusive as our brandsQuality: What we do, we do well 8
  9. 9. Life Cycle of happiness 10
  10. 10. COMPETITORS There are many competitors of coca-cola company and some of them are mentioned below: Pepsi. Mountain Dew. DR. Pepper Parle Agro. Nestle.
  11. 11. PepsiCo VS Coca-Cola ?When drank together people coulddifferentiate the taste.If you are comparing the original Coca-Cola and the original Pepsi COLA, Coca-Cola has 1 gram less carbonation thanPepsi.No doubt, Coca Cola is the worlds no 1beverage company but in few countrieslike Pakistan PepsiCo has won morevotes by people
  12. 12. Strategy • focus on aggressive marketing has been the cornerstone of the culture and strategy of its business. • Coca-Cola always made expansion efforts. • Coca-Cola not only produces soft drinks but it also serves energy drinks, tea, juice drinks and water. • Acquisition for gaining competition advantage. 14
  13. 13. • The most important factor of theCoca Cola company is it’s employees.• Coca-Cola is selling its product to themultinational organizations like MCDonalds, KFC, Sub-way, DunkinDonuts and also keeping local marketin focus.• Coca-Cola is focusing on public bycharitable contributions.• Coca-Cola’s value and futuredevelopment plans lead to increase inthe interest are holders. 15
  14. 14. Organizational structureIt introduced decentralization in 90s.Organization has two operating groups. One is bottling while the other is thecorporate.There are also operating groups. Divided on the basis of six strategic units orcontinents.These are further divided geographically. 16
  15. 15. The Coca-Cola major departmentalizationGlobal business is organized into six geographicOperating departments:1. Africa2. Pacific3. European Union4. Latin America5. Eurasia6. North America
  16. 16. Corporatethe head of the Canadian division reports to the president and COO ofthe North American Group. That president reports to the CFO, whoreports to the Office of the General Counsel. The General Counsel thenreports to the CEOCoca-Cola company has an executive committee of 12 officers. Thehead of executive committee acts as the figure head of company, chairsthe board meeting, acts as CEO and therefore, the senior decisionmaker.The other executives are either responsible for regions or have animportant business specialism. 18
  17. 17. Departments Command Chain 19
  19. 19. MARKETING MIX PRICING: Coca Cola products distributed according tosize and price.PLACE: Coca Cola is available all over the world. Thedistribution system of coca cola the FMCG distributionpattern.PROMOTION: Coca Cola adopts various advertisingand promotional strategies to create and increaseddemand in market by associating with life style andbehavior and mainly targeting value based advertising.
  20. 20. MARKET OBJECTIVES• To enable a company to control its marketing plan• To help to motivate individuals and to reach acommon goal.• To provide an agreed, consistent focus for allfunctions of an organization.• Further expansion of business. 22
  21. 21. Situational AnalysisThough Coca Cola is number one beverage company but it still has failed toacquire all the hearts. In few areas like Pakistan, Pepsi beats Coca Cola.Slow decision taking process due to large organizational structure. If in themeantime the competitor starts producing the same product it might result inloosing customers.The late exploring of new markets of Coca Cola may result in advantage forcompeting companies.Awareness of people, concerning the diseases and harmful affects of soda drinks.Cases and blames on Coca Cola Company.Product recall, which resulted in ban of Coca Cola in Brazil. 23
  22. 22. IT is feared that the water used in Coke may be un health and contain pesticides.The mineral waters were claimed as tap waters.The company’s diplomatic nature in world war.Coca Cola’s children time advertisement.Cokes declaration as harmful for people by nutritionist resulted in fall ofcustomers.Diet Coke which was introduced, contained more sweeteners than coke itself.The use of caffeine cause physical dependence. 24
  23. 23. CSR Activities of CokeThe company is working on different health, educational and environmentalprojects, primarily for the welfare of the less privileged in the society. It has also been among the first to respond to natural disasters, be it floods orearthquakes, arranging relief for the unfortunate victims and participating intheir rehabilitation effort.Its Water and Environment Conservation project undertaken with the WWFentailed plantation of more than 30,000 trees, 72 rainwater harvestingschemes, nurseries for 10,000 multipurpose trees and water filtration plantsaccess for 10,000 people. It also included a Rs 29 million component for theclean up of Lake Saif-ul-Maluk.Coca-Cola has also supported the establishment of the Vocational EducationCentre for the Disabled 25
  24. 24. Right after the flood disaster in Pakistan, the Coca-Cola Systemwas one of the first to start an aid campaign in Pakistan.CCI transfers a certain portion of its earnings before tax toorganizations that create social benefit. The “Life Plus YouthProgram” is one of the programs supported in this context.FOR A CLEANER HAZAR: The project aims to reduce thedamages of camping tourism on the ecological areas on theshore of the Hazar Lake by ensuring an ecologically soundcamping tourism in the region.The Kashf Foundation has been working in Pakistan for povertyalleviation with the vision of providing financial services to poorhouseholds, especially women, since 1996. 26
  25. 25. External Environment• Political Factors• Economic Factors• Social Factors• Technological Factors 27
  26. 26. Internal EnvironmentShareholders GovernmentEmployees ConsumersNGO’s DistributorsSuppliers Partners 28
  28. 28. Awards Of Coca Cola• COCA-COLA AWARDED FOR ITS HEALTH CAMPAGIN ONSAFE DRIVING: Coca-cola start the health campaign on safe driving and awarded for this campaign at 2012 and the NGOs decided awarded to the coca-cola company.• COCA-COLA WIN 2011 ARETE PRIZE FOR BEST SOCIALPROGRAMME: The Vice President of the Italian Confederation of Industries, Alessandro Laterza, presented the 2011 Aretè Prize for the best social programme to the Coca-Cola company. 30
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