Open Access Publishing and Networking for Researchers


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This presentation was delivered at Glydnwr University in April 2012 as part of the postgraduate training programme.

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Open Access Publishing and Networking for Researchers

  1. 1. Copyright © Misha Jepson March 2012Graduate School and Research Services CoordinatorOpen Access Publishing for Researchers Glyndŵr University
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  5. 5. Open Access © art designer PLoS ccWhat you know and think about Open Access? Copyright Misha Jepson 2011
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  7. 7. Open Access Quick © US Army Africa cc Everyone has access/shares Open Access Journals DOAJ’s © art designer PLoS creative commons license DOAJDOAJ’s BioMed Central link Easy © garryknight creative © MyTudit cc commons license © garryknight creative commons license
  8. 8. Open Access Publishing OptionsVisit JISC Scholarly CommunicationsAction Handbook increase readershipPaid open access Access Digital Journals/websites Media publicity
  9. 9. OA Malaria journal Journal Websitea Video link start at 2.30 Share Collaborate Who can you reach? YouTube video -Copyright Aphrodite Benefits of Open Access
  10. 10. High Status vs Open Access? £ CostHigh status journalHigh readership in specialised fieldHigh status for CV, career (citations)Open accessFunders mandates sherpa juliet hereReduce cost of subscriptions(personal and organisations)Free access for more people
  11. 11. Copyright © Copyright © Publishers rules Check publishers rules here Post/pre print Post print Pre print No Post/pre print Post print Pre print NoCopyright Misha Jepson 2011
  12. 12. Publishers & your rightsCheck publisher, romeo or their websiteAuthors agreement termsCheck agreements before signing/negotiateJISC handbook SPARC guidelinesVisit JISC Copyright toolbox hereCopyright Law JISC legal hereJISC Intellectual property law here Copyright Misha Jepson 2011 Copyright Misha Jepson 2011
  13. 13. Glyndŵr Repository WebsiteDemonstration A free Open Access online archival database hosting Glyndŵr University’s research
  14. 14. Students can publish here Critical Commentary Journal CREST Pratham Books CC Copyright Misha Jepson 2011
  15. 15. Social Media Publicity TED talks link WordPress Blog PhD , Slide share You Tube Vortexmath , Gambling, Physics Creative Commons linkPratham Books CC Copyright Misha Jepson 2011
  16. 16. More Social Media Publicity Academic social networking sites - sponsered by sage Online discussions Twitter 140c, talk about your area of interest LinkedIn 55 million members, your profile, collaboration, mention articles
  17. 17. Internet Information Internet Minute Social Media the future? Books CC Copyright Misha Jepson 2011
  18. 18. Marketing and sharing Twitter (220) facebook link@glyndwr_repos twitter Researcher Newsletter link Blog link
  19. 19. More information about publishing Moodle resources See Graduate moodle site Books CC Copyright c@rljones
  20. 20. Any Questions? Copyright Misha Jepson 2010Follow us on Twitter@glyndwr_pgr Twitter Glyndŵr University Research Misha Jepson Google search Remember to build and protect your brand, you are marketing yourself your research your department and the University