An introduction to open access instituitonal repositories sept 2011


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presentation given at Glyndwr University as part of the Fourth International Conference on Internet Technologies & Application (ITA11) in September 2011

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An introduction to open access instituitonal repositories sept 2011

  1. 1. An Introduction to Open Access Institutional Repositories ITA 11 Tutorial Session Glyndŵr University Research Online Copyright © Misha Jepson July 2011 Graduate School and Research Services Coordinator
  2. 2. Introduction Publishing Circulation and Searching Open Access Copyright your rights Repositories and benefits World Wide Resources NASA Goddard Photo cc
  3. 3. Changing face of publishing e-journals e-books link Darwin online link TED talks link Lucy Boynton cc New customers deanwissing cc Computer Sage cc
  4. 4. Studies suggest Internet searches 99.8% of content is hidden find only 0.2% BenChenow cc
  5. 5. Copyright Misha Jepson 2010 Its only easy if you know where to look Searching can be hard Can people find your work??
  6. 6. Some search engines Google link Dogpile link Bing link GrabAll link
  7. 7. Open Access© art designer PLoS cc What you know and think about Open Access? What do you know or think about repositories? Copyright Misha Jepson 2011 Copyright anselm23 cc
  8. 8. Open Access © art designer PLoS creative commons license Everyone has access/share WordPress, Slideshare,YouTube Open Access Journals DOAJ’s DOAJDOAJ’s BioMed Centrallink © garryknight creative commons license © MyTudit cc © US Army Africa cc Quick Easy Quality
  9. 9. Open Access Publishing options Visit JISC Scholarly Communications Action Handbook increase readership Paid open access Open Access Journal Open Access Website
  10. 10. YouTube - Benefits of Open Access Share, collaborate and allow open access to research Who can you reach? Copyright Aphrodite OA Malaria journal urnal and Video link 2.30
  11. 11. Open Access vs High Status? High readership in specialised field? High status for CV, career? (citations) Funders mandates sherpa juliet here Reduce cost of subscriptions (personal and organisations) Free access for more people £Payment methods Cost
  12. 12. Thanks to all those people who allow others to use their work Sharing Pratham Books 1 million children in 10 years link Creative Commons Creative Commons Pratham Books CC WordPress SlideShare You Tube
  13. 13. Copyright © Publishers rules Post print NoPost/pre print Pre print
  14. 14. Check out publisher, romeo or their website Authors agreement terms Check agreements before signing/negotiate JISC handbook SPARC guidelines Visit JISC Copyright toolbox here Copyright Law JISC legal here JISC Intellectual property law here Publishers and your rights
  15. 15. Why have an institutional repository? Benefit to society - inclusion Free access / searchable for students search engine Showcase for our research Marketing
  16. 16. Types of software search D Space 782 E-prints 323 Digital Commons 86 Other systems In house
  17. 17. Benefits to the Researcher Preserves work Wider dissemination Increased visibility = more citations Collaboration opportunities/funding Comply with mandates Copyright appreciation Copyright Misha Jepson 2010
  18. 18. Store and share Useful research & share good practice How many people could it help? Share for the “greater good” It is the authors legacy Leave these ? Or Leave these? Copyright Misha Jepson 2010 Copyright Misha Jepson 2010
  19. 19. Visits to site Nov 2009 - June 2011 13,752 visits from 122 countries/territories 36,000 full text downloads 30,500 downloads in past year
  20. 20. Current Content previously published work Journal articles Books Book chapters Conference papers Research Reports
  21. 21. Metadata (abstract & citation) or Content Which would you prefer? Full text Copyright Misha Jepson 2011 Copyright Misha Jepson 2011
  22. 22. Growth Rate Feb 2010 – 52 items, included 27 full text Jun 2011 – 272 items, includes 172 full text
  23. 23. Website Demonstration A free Open Access online archival database hosting Glyndŵr University’s research
  24. 24. Possible Content Theses and dissertations theses Personal web pages selected works Conference materials – start to finish conference booking conference papers Research Data Grey Literature (documents & manuals, tech. & project reports, working & discussion papers) Learning resources Copyright Misha Jepson 2010
  25. 25. The positives Authors come back “I was surprised how easy it was to publish papers in the Glyndwr University Research Repository. I was really pleased to see my work among that of other staff at the University. Also the way the Repository is organised is an excellent way for showcasing the collective publications of our Research Centre. I can now refer people to the Repository when they enquire about our research and ask for examples of our work. “ Emily Warren June 2010
  26. 26. What our authors get Free storage Instant free access to their work List of their outputs for updating CV or webpage Monthly download stats for each paper Unique URL for each paper for distribution Internal recognition
  27. 27. Marketing and sharing Twitter (220) @glyndwr_repos twitter Blog link Researcher Newsletter link Social media the future? link
  28. 28. Do you have a repository? Open DOAR DOAR Get the most from it Does anything hold you back? How can we help?
  29. 29. Research is not just for academics Mother diagnosis daughter's brain tumour from Internet research link Internet research likely saves life of man with rare skin cancer link ‘The internet saved my life’ link Lawyer checks her treatment options
  30. 30. Open Access© art designer PLoS cc Now what…… Do you know and think about Open Access? Do you know or think about repositories? Copyright Misha Jepson 2011 Copyright anselm23 cc
  31. 31. Any Questions? Misha Jepson Glyndŵr University Research Online Copyright Misha Jepson 2010 “No man can make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he himself could only do a little” Edmund Burke 1729-1797 Follow us on Twitter @glyndwr_repos Twitter