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Brochure, schedule and information. Course in Lithuania.

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Nordplus 2010 Info

  1. 1. NORDPLUS INTENSIVE COURSE ON SUSTAINABLE TOURISM MANAGEMENT Lithuania/Lietuva April 12th-17th 2010 Supported by the Nordic Council SCHEDULE & INFORMATION MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDA 12.04 13.04 14.04 15.04 16. 04 Y 17.04 ARRIVING in 8 am Pusryčiai 8 am Pusryčiai 8 am Pusryčiai 8 am Pusryčiai Pusryčiai VILNIUS (Lithuanian (Lithuanian (Lithuanian (Lithuanian breakfast) AIRPORT breakfast) breakfast) breakfast) F 9:00 moving to ISLB 9:00 moving to ISLB 9:00 Lets go to the 9:00 Lets take the A From the facilities facilities village of Ferry to Nida… R airport to the Rumšiškės one of E Central Train 9:30-13:00 Intensive 9:30-13:00 the biggest We will visit the W station there Course: First seminar Intensive Course: ethnographic amazing Curonian spit till the Russian border E are direct Second seminar open museums in trains and lot Europe L of buses. The It will be a coffee It will be a coffee 11:00 Arriving in Nida. L   trip last 5 break in the middle break in the middle Let’s go to Kaunas, If minutes. of the seminar. of the seminar. former capital of Visit the House of somebod Lithuania Amber in Nida y wants The cost of the trip is 2.50 Visit to the house of to stay litas 2:30 Special Tomas Mann (optional) for activity in a high- longer school. Visit and walking on period Presentation of the the dunes till the We will be project to the border with Kaliningrad just tell waiting for students and us. you at the cocktail at the Lunch in Nida (or airport!!! facilities of the Klaipeda) Miquel high-school. can host one or (lunch can be two before of after this activity) persons for some nights in Kaunas. 13:00-14:00 pm 13:00-14:00 pm 16:30 Lets go to Optional activity: Transport to Pietus (Lithuanian Pietus (Lunch) at Klaipeda, former buccaneers in the the hotel. lunch) at ISLB ISLB fantastic Memel, temporary Curonian Spit Hotel Ecotel fantastic canteen canteen capital of Prussia (Note: We can take a 14-14:30 pm. Free- 14-14:30 pm. Free- boat, sailing and Time Time Stop in a typical become Baltic 1
  2. 2. Lithuanian village buccaneers !!!!) It’s in the countryside. up to you…. 14:30-16:30 Visit TV We take microbus Break for some Vilnius Tower to visit the castle beers and Television of Trakai sandwiches Visit Trakai 20:00. Arriving in 16:30 and the Karaite Klaipeda. community Around 4 pm lets take Walking around the microbus to Vilnius Vilnius Old-Town. Lithuanian Sauna Lets go to Memel and traditional the former capital 18:00 Visit the barbecue of Prussia  Visit Republic of Užupis , (saslikas). We must the Old Town the Montmatre of prepare barbecue Vilnius and buying the saslikas, the beer 20:00-Vakariene and the vodka at 8.00pm arriving in (Dinner) in a the supermarket Vilnius fashionable and inspiring restaurant Don’t forget your in Užupis (or bath clothes !!!! alternatively in other place). Dinner in Vilnius la Nuit  10:00 pm The participants Last vakariene (dinner) Vilnius & Clubbin’ with energy together & video (optional) We will sleep in enough are projection with the (we will have the same village of welcome to “El best pictures of the some Trakai Calor”, the best course (8:30 pm).In sandwiches, Hotel Ecotel latino club in front of the Cathedral. and juices for Accomodation & Klaipeda. In Old the people Sauna at Slenis: Town. At Tres Mexicanos that is Restaurant arriving in Hotel Reval Inn Vilnius at Klaipėda Clubbin’ (optional) night) Hotel Ecotel Mermaid at Vilna river Maths in Kaunas Cats in Klaipėda Dunes in Nida 2
  3. 3. U s e f u l I n f o r m a t i o n WELCOME to Lithuania chicos y chicas !  Probably you will feel lost at the beginning of your experience with us. But at the end you will not want to come back to your countries. All the information of Lithuania and the places we are going to visit you can get for free from the site a) Getting to town from Vilnius Airport: Vilnius Aiport is very small. And it is just five km from the centre of the city, so getting to town is quick and inexpensive. Getting through immigration and customs is also very quick. Once you’ve been released into the arrivals hall, turn right to find an ATM against the wall which will happily issue Lithuanian litas. By bus : There are buses from the airport to the old town. The bus stop is just to the left as you exit the arrivals hall. Bus 1 goes to the Gelenzikelio Stotis (Central Station of Vilnius) as late as 22:47. But 2 goes to Old Town as late as 23.44 on weekdays. Bus 2 goes from the Airport to our hotel Ecotel. Trolley number 19 goes from our hotel to ISLB facilities where the seminars will take place. By train: There is also a direct train from Vilnius Airport to Vilnius Gelenzikelio Stotis. The last one from the airport to is at 19:44 pm. You can check at the Lietuvos Gelenzikeliai (Lithuanian train national company) site: By taxi: I don’t recommend you taking a taxi. There is only one taxi company, Martonas, that has been granted a licence to allow its drivers to be at the airport. A trip from the Aiport to the center it will cost around 40-50 litas (around 15 euros). Vilnius central station is very small. There are no metro or other train stations. On the left of the train station you will see the central bus station. Getting to town from the train station is very easy. You can just walk and in 10 minutes you will be in Old Town,. Troleybuses 1, 2, 5 or 7 head off to different destinations via the city centre. At the station there is a Tourism Information Office that is open till 18:00. b) Money: The unit of currency is the lita (Lt) which comes in denominations of 10,20,50,100,100 and 500 Lt notes. There are coins of 5, 2 and 1 lita. And nearly worthless coins of 50, 20,10 and 1 cents of lita. The value of the lita is locked to that of the euro at 3.4528 LT to 1 euro. If you are going to change money the banks get a commission of around 2/3 litas. I recommend Nordea or DnB bank. Medicinos bankas does not charge any commission. An office of Medicinos bankas can be found at the central bus station. Banks are opened till 6 pm (workdays). But at the malls often you will find bank offices opened till 7 pm and they are working Saturdays and Sundays as well. After 7 pm is possible changing money only at the Casinos. They give you good change (approximately the official). You will not find people changing money at the streets or at the train station (Lithuania is not Hungary or Bulgaria ;)). 3
  4. 4. c) Prices: One half of liter of local beer in a “nice” Baras (Lithuanian bar) or Kavine (Lithuanian cafe) it costs between 4-6 litas. Bus/Trolebus ticket: 2 litas (in Vilnius) if you buy at the “Lietuvos Spauda” (the kiosk). If you buy the ticket at the bus it cost 2’50 litas. Don’t forget to cancel the ticket immediately! There are usually controls. And they will can get you to the police station in you don’t pay de fine (100 litas). One big pizza in a medium-range pizzeria: between 10 and 20 litas One big kebab (Lithuania is a kebab-nation, really! ): 6-8 litas A local newspaper 2-3 litas d) Weather: Lithuania (Lietuva) means the country of the rain. One of the bad things of the country is the weather. That can be very cold, dark and wet in winter. Anyway April is one of the best moments for coming to Lithuania. You will enjoy the Baltic Spring !!! We can have days with sun but also it can rain. Don’t forget coming to Lithuania with your coat and umbrella !!! e) Safety: Lithuania is a safe country. Lithuanian people, in general, respect the law and the life and properties of the foreigners  Anyway exercise common sense. Don’t flaunt your wealth and flash your cash. Don’t walk home from a nightclub along dark streets. And avoid guys that come telling you sad stories about their life. Probably they will ask you for money. Vilnius is no more dangerous than Oslo, Barcelona or Helsinki. f) Clothes: A warm coat can be useful. We will visit the countryside and also the beach. And places where there is lot of water. I recommend you to come with comfortable shoes for trekking or boots. Don’t forget your bath clothes for the sauna in Trakai. g) Mini-dictionary: Lithuanian language is one of the oldest languages in Europe. And it is really difficult to learn. Lithuanian and Latvian are the only two living Baltic languages. Their closest traceable root is Sanskrit. Anyway you will manage around with your English since many persons, specially young people, speak English here. Russian and Polish are also widely spoken. Hello: Labas Good morning: labas rytas Good evening: labas vakaras Good bye: viso gero See you: Iki Yes: taip No: Ne Thank you: ačiu (Č it sounds something like church or shampoo) Vienas bilietas: this sentence is very useful if you want to buy the trolebus ticket at the “Spauda” (kiosk) Vienas alus: one beer (this sentence is essential in Lithuania  ) 4
  5. 5. Our hotel in Vilnius: map & info Hotel Ecotel: Adress: Seimyniskiu gatve, 8. Bus 2 from the airport has a stop in Konstitucijos prospektas. Troley 19 (that goes from the hotel to ISLB facilities has stop at Seimyniskiu gatve) Contact phone: +370 60592180. Arrivals…some logistics  If you call from a Lithuanian telephone then you should call to 8 60592180 Arrivals in Vilnius: From Helsinki-Riga Flight BT343 scheduled time: 10:55 am International School of Law and From Norway Flight SK 1742 scheduled time: 14:15 pm Business Address: Laisvės, prospektas From Niceland Flight BT 166 scheduled time: 21:55 pm 58. Vilnius From Denmark scheduled time: 23:30 pm Fabio (an Erasmus student from Italy) will pick up the groups of FINLAND and NORWAY from the Airport. And he will be your guide the day of Monday. You will take the bus number 2 that goes from the Airport to the centre, stopping at Konstitucijos gatve. Ecotel is just in 5 minutes walking from there. Miquel will arrive in Vilnius from Kaunas at 6 pm. And we will meet the two groups in “Tres Mexicanos” (a bar that is in front of the Cathedral of Vilnius) at 6:30 pm. “Tres Mexicanos” address: Tilto g. 2. Miquel (and somebody else) will meet the Icelandic and Danish group at the airport. It will be some sandwiches, juices and cookies waiting for you at the hotel !!!!! The vegetarian student will have a special sandwich waiting for her. Additional info: Trolley number 19 (that stops in Seimyniskiu gatve) will be our friend  since we will use the public transport to go to ISLB facilities On Wednesday we will leave Vilnius and we will have a microbus (with driver). T-Shirts have been printed and they will be distributed among the participants. Don’t forget to wear our T- shirts! Some locals (persons who are collaborating with us) will participate in the sauna in Trakai. Andi, from Albania, who is student in Klaipėda will be our guide in Klaipėda and Nida. , There is a teacher (Tore) that has to take the flight Friday morning. And a girl that is leaving on Sunday. The girl can be hosted in Kaunas for free this extra-night. Tore should take a bus from Kaunas or from Klaipeda. There is a train from Klaipeda at 6 am that arrives in Vilnius at 11 am (with time enough to take the flight at 14:50 pm) 5
  6. 6. ,,and don’t forget to respect the Constitution of Užupis… where everyone has the right to make mistakes  Participant institutions: Umea University (Sweden) University of Akureyri (Iceland) Handelssokolen i Randers (Denmark) Savonia Ammattikorkeakoulu (Finland) Hogskilen i Hardstad (Norway) Hollar University College (Iceland) Hosting organization: International School of Law and Business (Lithuania) This project is funded by the Nordic Council Useful w e b s i t es: Hosting organization: International School of Law and Business Lietuvos Gelezenkelliai (Lithuanian rail company) guides “In your pocket”. network of buses and trolleys in Vilnius Our accommodation: Vilnius: Hotel Ecotel Trakai: Slenis: Klaipėda: Hotel Reval Inn : Info about the places we are going to visit: Municipality of Vilnius Republic of Uzupis Municipality of Trakai Karaite community in Trakai Municipality of Kaunas Open Air Etnographic Museum in Rumsiskes Municipality of Klaipeda Curonian Spit,_Lithuania Town of Nida in the Curonian Spit 6
  7. 7. !!! Brochure designed by Peliukas Mykoliukas KAUNAS 2010 7