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Many have stated that it is impossible to know whether or not we are living in the last days

Editorial                                                            By Irvin Baxter Jr.
13 Days
  October 7 - 19, 2002
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Here is my conclusion: I need to be involved with the             how Islam is a violent and evil religion.
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be allowed for the new money to be

Prophecy Insight

dent knew that the prophecy of Ezekiel

World Government Watch

Water, the Earth Charter,
and Israel
Shimon Peres teams up with Mikhail Gorbachev
finalized Charter now advances sixteen ment.”                                                                          Mid...
World Government Watch
tive would a world agency be in properly

remaining water in the Aral basin is to be       take place this fall in South Africa.        and local levels. And we nee...
                                                                       N ew

    Level 2, Lesson #11                L...
Level 2, Lesson #16               Level 2, Lesson #17              Level 2, Lesson #18              Level 2, Lesson #19   ...
Mideast Update

Arabs & Jews
Marching Toward Armageddon

attack against Israel on Yom Kippur,
Israel’s holiest day. Israel was caught
totally off guard and sustained heavy
Would You Take The Chip? -   Mar-Apr 2002
Would You Take The Chip? -   Mar-Apr 2002
Would You Take The Chip? -   Mar-Apr 2002
Would You Take The Chip? -   Mar-Apr 2002
Would You Take The Chip? -   Mar-Apr 2002
Would You Take The Chip? -   Mar-Apr 2002
Would You Take The Chip? -   Mar-Apr 2002
Would You Take The Chip? -   Mar-Apr 2002
Would You Take The Chip? -   Mar-Apr 2002
Would You Take The Chip? -   Mar-Apr 2002
Would You Take The Chip? -   Mar-Apr 2002
Would You Take The Chip? -   Mar-Apr 2002
Would You Take The Chip? -   Mar-Apr 2002
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Would You Take The Chip? - Mar-Apr 2002


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Everything you ever feared about a National ID system.

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Would You Take The Chip? - Mar-Apr 2002

  1. 1. Vol. 12/No. 2 www.endtime.com March/April 2002 $3.00 WORLD EVENTS FROM A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE
  2. 2. Many have stated that it is impossible to know whether or not we are living in the last days before the second coming of Jesus Christ. However, below you will find dramatic proof that these are the endtimes. The proofs below defy coincidence. Euphrates River to Be Dried Up In Revelation 16:12, the Bible predicts that the Euphrates River will be dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the east to invade Israel. This will happen at the time of the battle of Armageddon according to verse 16 of the same chapter. The battle of Armageddon will be the final battle at which time Jesus will return and fight on the side of the nation of Israel. Immediately thereafter He will establish His kingdom and usher in His one thousand-year reign of peace. On January 13, 1990, the Indianapolis Star carried the headline “Turkey Will Cut Off Flow of Euphrates for One Month.” The article stated that a huge reservoir had been built by Turkey. While filling up the reservoir, the flow of the Euphrates would be stopped for one month and a concrete plug for a diversion channel built. These things have now been done. With this newly built dam, Turkey has the ability to stop the Euphrates River at will. The conditions for fulfilling this 1,900 year-old prophecy are now in place. China Goes to War In Revelation 9:15-16, the Bible prophesies that an army of 200 million soldiers will launch a war which would kill “the third part of men.” Never in the history of the world until our present generation has there been a power on earth that could field 200 million soldiers. However, the late ruler of China, Mao Tse Tung boasted in his diary that he could field an army of 200 million. The CIA World Factbook reports that in the year 2001, it is estimated that China has 200,886,946 men of military age, and this number is growing by 10 million per year. Worldwide Numbering System Predicted In Revelation 13, the Bible prophesies that a world dictator will soon rule over a world government. He will cause all people in the earth to receive a number without which they will be unable to buy or sell. We are seeing this prophecy fulfilled before our eyes in a most astonishing way. Nearly every human being in the world now has been assigned a number. In America it is our Social Security number. In the past few years, we have seen this number extended to newborns. A child without a Social Security number cannot be declared as a dependent on an income tax return. We have seen the emergence of electronic money, shopping with credit cards, and many people urging the abolishment of cash. All of these things could not possibly have been fulfilled until this present time. Only after the invention of the computer could such a worldwide numbering system be administered. The Emergence of a New World Order Revelation 13:7 and Daniel 7:23 prophesy the establishment of a world government. The term “New World Order” has become a prevalent phrase in the world’s political culture. Mikhail Gorbachev made the term famous, and Pope John Paul II has referred to it repeatedly. In the September 12, 1990 issue of the Chicago Tribune, our former president George Bush said, “Iraq is the first test for the New World Order.” He emphatically stated that the Iraq War is Saddam Hussein against the world. The United Nations’ troops are continually referred to as the multi-national forces. The decision has been made to establish an interdependent community of nations that will rule the world under United Nations authority. The Bible says that this will lead us into a great world government. The formation of this government is at hand. or Divine Providence? Is it coincidental that all of these major prophecies pertaining to the last times are being fulfilled simultaneously? Hardly.
  3. 3. www.endtime.com endtime@endtime.com World Events from a Biblical Perspective CONTENTS Cover Story 22 Post-9/11 Security Fears Usher in Subdermal Chips You’ve heard about Digital Angel – the computer chip implant intended for mass human implantation. After Christian and privacy advocate groups expressed concern, the exec’s at Digital Angel took cover, removing all references to human implanta- tion from its website claiming that there were “no plans” to make the technology implantable, but rather for the user to “wear” the device outside his body, say, on a wristwatch. This all changed on 9-11. Photo Courtesy of Applied Digital Departments Feature Articles 8 Europa Rides Again! 4 Editorial On March 1, the French franc, Italian lira, German Reflecting on India Trip mark, and other major hallmark currencies of Europe were assigned to the dustbins of history as the new 6 Letters & Feedback Euro was ushered in as the exclusive official currency of the EU. The prophesied resurrection of the Holy 19 Whetstone Roman Empire is almost complete! 25 Radio Log, Regional Bible Studies 10 Five Signs Jesus is Coming Soon AP WideWorld Photo/Roberto Pfeil 28 World Review Irvin Baxter Jr. takes a quick look at a few signs of U.S. Nuclear Contingency Plan the endtimes. China’s Army Prepares National ID? Americans 12 Water, the Earth Charter, and Israel Suspicious Yes, Jamie Brendan is a real person. No, it’s not his Gorbachev Calls Clinton a Novice real name. “Jamie” covers world government affairs Supreme Court Passes Buck from a unique perspective – from behind the closed NATO Plus Russia? doors where journalists are not (supposed to be) Getting Chipped allowed. In this exclusive article, Jamie offers an U.S. Endorses Palestinian State insider’s look at how globalists are using water rights Photo Courtesy of Jamie Brendan Chief Rabbis Declare Day of to pierce national sovereignties. Fasting 18 Arabs & Jews Marching Toward 31 News from the Front Office Armageddon In order to understand the events that will be wit- Don’t forget to check out nessed in the times just ahead, we need to know what our website for late-breaking developments. Updated several times has led us to this point. The Middle East is boiling daily! again, and it is highly possible that present events are leading to the confirmation of the covenant and the www.endtime.com beginning of the final seven years to Armageddon. APWideWorld Photo/Meir Azulay Endtime is published bi-monthly by Endtime, Inc., 1301 South 8th Street, Richmond, IN 47374. Subscription price is $29 for 12 issues. Periodical postage paid #009267, ISSN# 1066- 6885, Richmond, IN, and additional mailing offices. © 2001 Endtime, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. POSTMAS- TER: Send address changes to Endtime, PO Box 2066, Richmond, IN 47375-2066. For subscriptions call 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week 1-800-ENDTIME. Other inquiries call 1-765-962-6344 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Central). Cover: AP WideWorld Photo/Annie McCormick and Endtime Archive
  4. 4. Perspective Editorial By Irvin Baxter Jr. Editor-in-Chief Magazine Staff O n January 1, 2002, I kissed my India will probably be included in this number wife Judy goodbye at the curb that will die. Many of you listening to me Editor-in-Chief of the Dayton Airport. I under- today could very well be among the prophesied Irvin Baxter Jr. stood that I was probably two billion. I don’t say this to alarm you. I’m Assistant Editor embarking on the most danger- telling you this because this apocalyptic war is Eddie Sax ous experience of my life. However, the trip to inevitable. It is going to happen. The only India had been in the making for a long time. question is when. It could be within the next Office Manager When tensions had broken out between two months, or it could be two or three years Jana Robbins India and Pakistan, the e-mails began to away. I can’t tell you for sure. I do know it can’t arrive,urging me not to go. The news was be far away. As ministers, it is your responsi- Ministry Growth warning that the threat of nuclear war was very bility to sound this warning to the people of Kara McPeak real. Yet thirty-five ministerial students in India. You need to work as never before Network New Delhi were waiting the promised course because the time may run out before you get Administrator through the book of Revelation. After prayer, the job done.” Dave Northrop my wife and I felt strongly that I should still After teaching six classes per day for five go. So the decision was made. days, the course was completed. It was time for Webmaster, Layout Let me explain why I felt so strongly about me to return home. On January 11, I safely Dan Barkley teaching in India. Revelation 9:15-16 prophe- boarded the airplane for my return to the U.S. sies a war that will kill one-third of mankind. A week or so after arriving home, a news Radio Operations These two billion people that this prophecy article arrested my attention. It stated that Jim Stigleman says will die, will almost certainly include India had intended to launch its attack on much of the nation of India. I felt I had to Pakistan on January 10th. Pressure from the Accounting explain this prophecy to the ministerial stu- United States caused them to postpone the Debbie Barkley dents so that they could explain it to the peo- attack. I realized that had the war actually Endtime Ministries ple of India. begun as was planned, I might not have been Standing in front of the class, it was time to able to leave India on time…or I might not teach Revelation 9:15-16. I did the best that I have left there alive at all. Statement of Faith could. Thanks for your prayers. “I don’t want to tell you this, but I believe We believe that the Bible is the inspired that I owe it to you. This passage prophesies a Irvin Baxter Jr. Word of God, that Jesus Christ is the war that will kill two billion people. I believe Editor Savior of the world, and that He will come again to establish a kingdom that shall never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44). Those who are born again (John 3:3-5) What is Endtime Magazine? will have eternal life and rule as kings and priests with Christ forever. In 1968, Irvin Baxter Jr. discovered the United States cies of the Bible which he had been teaching since 1968. and other modern nations in the Bible. He also found the After the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfillment Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one day it was to be torn accelerated rapidly. The decision was made to launch down, reuniting Germany, and that event would be the Endtime. The purpose of the magazine is to explain the catalyst to spark an international movement called the prophecies of the Bible and to show that they are now "New World Order." These things have now come to being fulfilled in intricate detail. pass. Articles focus on the soon return of Jesus Christ, the Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal minister, began truth of the Bible, and the need for salvation. Endtime Endtime Ministries in 1986 when he wrote A Message does not deal with doctrinal controversies, as valid as For The President, a book explaining the major prophe- they may be. This will be left to other publications.
  5. 5. 13 Days October 7 - 19, 2002 $2395 plus tips and taxes
  6. 6. Letters to the Editor Letters & Feedback What’s On Your Mind? Endtime Wants to Know. Holy Roller Talk father’s footsteps, or is he genuinely opposed to the surrender of U.S. sovereignty to global structures of governance?” I want to take the time to say Thank You! When I first found Unlike his father, President Bush refused to request UN your radio broadcast I thought, “Holy roller talk.” But after lis- approval for his actions in Afghanistan and the war on terrorism. tening, your broadcast speaks to what I have known for some He seems to be adamant in his opposition to U.S. ratification of time – not from being a Christian, but as a marine. After your the International Criminal Court. It has even been reported that broadcast I felt as if God was telling me to get back to church, he has investigated if there is a way for the United States to and be saved. rescind its signature from the statute. It has taken me a year, but I am back in church and have been On the other hand, President Bush was ruthless in his insis- born again. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Thanks again. tence that Slobodan Milosevic be tried before the World Court rather than in Yugoslavia. Bush also has turned the rebuilding B. Bethea of Afghanistan over to the United Nations, which insures that Holt, Michigan the government of Afghanistan will be structured in the one- world image of the UN. One of the most difficult issues to deal with is how much an Dangerous Men individual should be trusted just because he claims to be a Christian. The Bible clearly teaches that the False Prophet, who Thanks for your ministry! It teaches me much and reaffirms will work hand-in-hand with the Antichrist, will be one of the much of my understanding from my own reading. foremost Christian leaders in the world. Yet he will be an inte- I’ve heard you say that Gorbachev is the person most likely to gral part of Satan’s program on earth. No wonder Jesus said of become the Antichrist - based on Daniel 7:7’s “iron teeth”. If I the times just ahead, “For there shall arise false Christs, and false understood this comment correctly, the Senior G. Bush (at that prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch time President of the USA) announced the New World Order that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” being ushered in along with Gorbachev. What would you say is (Matthew 24:24) the Senior Bush’s role, if any, in the New World Order today? All we can do as Christians is to listen very closely to what our And how can we trust his son, our president? Is W’s seeming President says, and then disregard it. Pay attention only to what “Christianity” false? Wouldn’t that make him a very dangerous he actually does. In addition to this, we should sincerely pray for man? How would this fit, if Dad were on the Antichrist’s side? him daily, as scripture commands us to do. President Bush him- self may not understand where some of the forces around him are Perplexed, attempting to lead. L. Cassaro Reply: The questions you are asking are being puzzled over My Dear Friends by many people right now. Former President Bush definitely was a proponent of internationalism. He conducted the entire As a result of all the searching in the wilderness, I found your Gulf War under the auspices of the United Nations, and he programme, “Politics & Religion” in August. I think God led made the phrase “international community” a household term. me to it. Since then I never let you go. I’m Swedish, and have The big question that many of us are wrestling with is this: been living in Israel for five years and in Portugal for two years. “Is our current President George W. Bush following in his Now I’m on my way back to Sweden. 6 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MARCH/APRIL 2002
  7. 7. Here is my conclusion: I need to be involved with the how Islam is a violent and evil religion. Endtime Magazine badly. I have to have it, I need to have it, I This is the kind of thing that sends chills down my spine. must have it. This one man is already responsible for thousands of people Thank you Irvin Baxter and Eddie Sax for being truthful to changing their views. What are we to do? the word of prophecy. Later on I will be an owner also to the video, “Israel Prepares for Armageddon.” All of your informa- D. Lewis tion I am looking forward to. Grand Prairie, TX I am 49 years old, and from being a 10 year-old boy was extremely interested in Bible prophecy. I feel at home. Reply: This move toward Interfaithism is the religious wave of the future. It is also inspired by the deceptive spirits of the G. Malm Antichrist, which will attempt to lead the whole world into political and religious unity. All this will be done in the name of promoting peace and security. The Mark: “In” or “On”? Those of us who understand what is taking place are urged to explain what is actually transpiring to everyone we can. Daniel Newer Bibles have been modified to say that the mark would 11:33 says of this time: “And they that understand among the be put “on” your right hand or “on” your forehead. One of the people shall instruct many…” That’s what we do on “Politics & things that really made my mind up that the chip is the mark, Religion,” and with Endtime magazine. Each of us can encourage is when I picked up an older Bible, a King James, and it clearly others to listen to the program and to subscribe to Endtime. stated that the mark would be “IN” the right hand, or “IN” the forehead. Everyone can verify that for himself! Just pick up a newer translation and compare with the King James. Trashy News Links Keep up the good work. I usually read your “prophecy news links” because they repre- T. Hay sent the real trash of what’s on the Internet. Is there a prophecy Redmond, Oregon you are pushing, or are you just trying to get Christians to take an interest in foreign news? Most of the stories you post are not from credible news sources and should be discounted immedi- Unilateral Separation ately for that reason. I will continue to read, just because it’s humorous. What are we looking for in order to know if Unilateral Separation is the confirmation of the Covenant? N. Roberts J. Duncan Reply: If you could take time to go through our study Understanding the Endtime—Level 1, you would understand Reply: Number one, if it in fact is implemented. Secondly, if the prophecies that we believe are unfolding and how the it is done with the approval of the international community. prophecy news links relate to them. When you refer to the lack Thirdly, does it open the way for the sharing of the Temple of reliability of our news links, could you provide us with any Mount between Arabs and Jews, and does it allow for the build- specifics? ing of Israel’s Third Temple? If all of these things happen, it would certainly seem that the confirmation of the covenant has been accomplished. From UN Listener in Africa It affords me great pleasure to communicate to you. I am a Factoring O’Reilly Nigerian soldier serving in United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) and a regular listener of your programme on On Feb. 22, Bill O’Reilly from Fox News, who claims to be a World Harvest Radio. Your discussion has change my Christian Christian, made a scary comparison of fundamental Christianity life and it has also make me to know what I don’t understand in and fundamental Islam. He basically said that the problem was the Bible. that BOTH sides believed that you could only go to Heaven if I pray that God should give you all the wisdom and knowl- you believe the way that they do. He refers to (us) as a “small edge to continue to do His work on earth, with all God’s bless- strand” of Christians. ing a protection. Mr. O’ Reilly has already stated that he believes, based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, that you can go to Heaven just M. Akapitu by being a “good person”. It seems to me that he is making an attempt to sway his mil- lions of viewers and readers to believe that Jesus is not the only Endtime thanks you for your letters. The letters we use in Endtime way to Heaven. He also uses President Bush’s insistence that do not necessarily reflect the views of Endtime and/or its staff. Islam is a “peaceful religion”. The entire show was sparked by Endtime reserves the right to edit letters according to space and the comments that Pat Robertson made on his website about editorial style. ENDTIME MAGAZINE MARCH/APRIL 2002 7
  8. 8. Feature Story AP WideWorld Photo/Roberto Pfeil Didi Senft from Kolpin, Germany, for some reason dressed as the devil, rides his handmade bicycle for a euro campaign in front of the Russian World War II memorial in Berlin. In the middle of his bicycle is a model of an euro coin with the sentence "I am a EURO." Europa Rides Again! Prophesied resurrection of Holy Roman Empire almost complete BY IRVIN BAXTER JR. diligently to do something about it. court system, were established. F or 1,000 years throughout the The first step to regaining Europe’s The European Union achieved total Middle Ages, Europe was the accustomed status was the formation of economic union on January 1, 1993. All center of world civilization. the Common Market in 1957. The goal tariffs among the member nations were The United States did not yet was the creation of a United States of abolished. Crops raised in France could be exist, and Europe, known as Europe that could exercise power equal to sold in Germany just as freely as they the Holy Roman Empire, dominated the the U.S. and the USSR. European leaders could be raised in Indiana and sold in earth. This state of affairs actually contin- believed that, if Europe were unified eco- Ohio. Border checkpoints disappeared, ued until World War II. Then came the nomically, political union would allowing freedom of movement among all emergence of the two superpowers—the inevitably follow. the citizens of Europe. Soviet Union and the United States of The Common Market began with six Immediately after this milestone, a new America. nations in 1957, then grew to ten, then to goal was set—political and monetary For the last fifty years, the countries of twelve and finally to the fifteen member union. On January 1, 1999, twelve of the Europe have been relegated to second-rate nations of today. During this time, many fifteen member nations created a new cur- power status. But they haven’t liked it. European structures, including a rency called the euro. It was determined Consequently, they have been working European parliament and a European that a three-year transition period would 8 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MARCH/APRIL 2002
  9. 9. be allowed for the new money to be Endtime File Image phased in and the old national currencies to be phased out. While these events were progressing, an all-European military force was creat- ed. The steady march toward a bonafide United States of Europe continued. On March 1, 2002, the French franc, the Italian lira, the proud German deutsche mark, and the other national currencies of Europe were assigned to the dustbin of history. Europe now had its first common currency since the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago. What a defining moment! Phase two in the march toward total European integration was complete. Former Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl stated that the adoption of a com- mon currency was the step that made the transition to a United Europe irreversible. But it was not time to stop; the dream of a United States of Europe was now within reach. The last huge hurdle to be conquered was political union. Euros like this one are being circulated in Europe as legal tender and are valid currency in most of the Continent. The intro- In December of 2001, the date was set duction of the Euro was a huge step for Global Economy. for a conference to draw up a European constitution. Many Europeans are liken- ing this conference to the American con- Empire. It was somewhat of an aberration Roman Empire is symbolized by a stitutional convention of 1787 when the of the Roman Empire. The element of woman riding a beast. The beast is the United States constitution was born. clay, which was mingled with the iron endtime world government structure that Symbolic of European aspirations for a portrayed the Roman Catholic Church will be ruled by the Antichrist. The more perfect association, the convention that intertwined herself with the political woman is the Roman Catholic Church. began on March 1, 2002, the day that powers of the day. This unholy union The Holy Roman Empire has always been national currencies officially stopped cir- between church and state became known a coalition between the political powers culating. as the Holy Roman Empire. of Europe and the Roman Catholic The prophecy clearly states that the last Church. Revival of Holy Roman Empire stage of human government, before the prophesied kingdom of God is finally established on Present European Union is the The adoption of one form of money by earth, is represented by the ten toes—part Holy Roman Empire revived the many nations of Europe may seem of iron and part of clay. These ten toes The first coin of the United Europe was very far removed from us here in the symbolize the ten kings that will reign minted in 1987. The chosen insignia on United States. Why should we care if a with the Antichrist. Daniel 2:44 that first coin was that of Charlemagne, European constitution is adopted and the describes it this way: “And in the days of the first Holy Roman Emperor who was United States of Europe becomes a reali- these kings shall the God of heaven set up crowned by Pope Leo III in 800 AD. The ty? Why should it concern us at all? a kingdom, which shall never be choice of Charlemagne for the first coin Two major prophecies in the Bible destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be was no accident. The rulers of Europe specifically teach us that the Holy Roman left to other people, but it shall break in know full well that they are re-creating Empire will be resurrected in the end- pieces and consume all these kingdoms, the Holy Roman Empire. What they times. This rebirth of the Holy Roman and it shall stand for ever.” don’t know is that they are rebuilding the Empire will then give rise to the The book of Revelation describes these Holy Roman Empire just like the Bible Antichrist. same ten kings that will be in power at foretold that they would. In Daniel 2, the Roman Empire that the Second Coming of Jesus. The prophe- The European Union is expected to ruled the world during the time of Christ cies state that the ten kings “…will expand to 25 nations by the middle of was depicted as the legs of iron on the receive power as kings one hour with the 2004. By then, Europe will have a image of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The beast” (the Antichrist). European president and a European con- feet of iron mingled with clay symbolized The other prophecy portraying the stitution. Can the prophesied ruler of this the Holy Roman Empire, which was born Holy Roman Empire is found in revived Holy Roman Empire, the 500 years after the demise of the Roman Revelation 17. In this passage, the Holy Antichrist, be far behind? ❏ ENDTIME MAGAZINE MARCH/APRIL 2002 9
  10. 10. Prophecy Insight AP WideWorld Photo Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, left, signs a document in Tel Aviv, Palestine, proclaiming the new Jewish State of Israel at midnight on May 14, 1948. Witnessing the cer- emony at right is Israel's first Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett, Zionist pioneer and leader in the establishment of the state of Israel. The man at center is not identified. The Jews declared independence in the new state of Israel as the 25-year British mandate over Palestine ends. Five Signs Jesus is Coming Soon BY IRVIN BAXTER JR. ic sign. At the same time, however, when 1. Prior to His coming, the nation of we see the prophesied signs of the Lord’s Israel will be re-gathered to her J esus told us that a wicked and Second Coming reported in our newspa- homeland from the nations of the adulterous generation seeks pers, it should instill in us an added sense earth into which she has been scat- after a sign. Yet He also stated of urgency to fulfill the great commis- tered. (Ezekiel 37:21-28) in Mark 13:29, “…when ye sion. The Apostle Paul said, “…knowing On May 14, 1948, David Ben Gurion shall see these things come to the time, that now it is high time to stepped to the podium at the Tel Aviv pass, know that it is nigh, even awake out of sleep; for now is our salva- Museum to accept the UN’s decision at the doors.” tion nearer than when we believed.” forming a Jewish state and to announce What’s the balance here? Simply stat- So, lest we fall asleep, let’s take a look at that the name of the newborn nation ed, our relationship and loyalty to God five prophetic signs that literally scream to would be Israel. should not be based on the latest prophet- us, “His coming is near, even at the door!” Even the most elementary Bible stu- 10 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MARCH/APRIL 2002
  11. 11. dent knew that the prophecy of Ezekiel AP WideWorld Photo/Donald Stampfli 37 was being fulfilled. There had been no Jewish nation on the earth since the Romans had forced the dispersal of the Jewish people in 70 AD. Now, almost 2,000 years later, the “chosen nation” was reborn. Could there be any doubt that the era in which the kingdom of God would ultimately be established had begun? 2. His coming will occur during a time when a mark or a number can be used to control buying and selling. (Revelation 13:16-18) The dreaded prophecy of the mark of the beast has lurked menacingly in the last few pages of the Bible since John’s revelation in 95-96 AD. How could every man, woman, boy and girl be given a number or mark that would be used for participation in the world’s economic sys- Carla Del Ponte, United Nations chief prosecutor, gestures during a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland in this May tem? 17, 2001 photo. Del Ponte on Thursday, June 29, 2001, commented on the transfer of former Yugoslav president Slobodan The implementation of the Social Milosevic to The Hague with: "This day will be remembered as an important milestone for international justice". Security number was the first harbinger that the prophesied numbering system was beginning to rear its ugly head. Still, Organization, the World Health vention was opened for the purpose of cre- it seemed farfetched to think that every Organization, the World Bank, the ating a federal constitution for the antici- person on earth could be tracked and con- World Food Program, the World Tourism pated United States of Europe. This con- trolled in the fashion seemingly described Organization, the World Meteorological stitution is to be completed and adopted in the Bible. Organization, and the World Intellectual by 2004. In the 1950’s, we began to hear about Property Organization—just to name a Make no mistake about it. We are the marvels and the potential of the com- few. presently witnessing the prophesied puter. As the computer revolution picked Oh yes. There’s one more that cannot revival of the Holy Roman Empire. up speed, computers that previously filled be left out…the World Court, presently whole rooms, soon sat on our laps. being made famous by the trial of 5. The West Bank in Israel will be a Less than ten years ago, believe it or Slobadan Milosevic. The question must very dangerous place to live. (Matthew not, the Internet entered our lives. The be asked—Is it possible to have a world 24:16-21) latest news has just announced that one- court if you don’t have a world govern- The West Bank area is the biblical area half billion people are now connected to ment? Isn’t it the function of any court of Judea and is referred to as Judea by this amazing worldwide technology. The system to uphold the laws of the govern- Israelis today. Jesus prophesied in computer revolution has been absolutely ment it represents? The time has come to Matthew 24:16-21 that those living in astounding! dispense with all the double talk. We Judea would have to flee for their lives Then came the proliferation of credit have a world court because we have a because the persecution would become so cards. It suddenly became clear just how world government. And it is the world severe. easy it would be to set up the prophesied government prophesied in the Bible for During the week prior to writing this “cashless society.” the endtime! article, over 300 have died in this area As this article goes to press, the Federal because of the Arab-Israeli conflict. And Drug Administration is poised to approve 4. There will be a revival of the Holy things promise to get much, much worse. the injection of computer chips under the Roman Empire at the time of His com- The present dispute over Judea is exactly skin for ID and medical purposes. ing. (Daniel 2:41-44 & Revelation what Jesus foresaw when He gave the Can the mark of the beast prophesied 17:1-3) prophecy 2,000 years ago. for the endtime be far behind? On March 1, 2002, twelve nations that were formerly part of the Holy Roman These five prophetic fulfillments mere- 3. He will return during a time of Empire forsook their national currencies, ly scratch the surface of those prophecies world government. (Revelation 13:3, adopting one currency—the euro. This is in the process of fulfillment at this pre- 7-8) the first time Europe has had a single sent time. The abundance of prophetic In case you haven’t noticed, we are form of money since the reign of the fulfillment in our time leaves absolutely being inundated with “world” organiza- Roman Empire 2,000 years ago. no doubt that the return of our Messiah, tions. We have the World Trade On the same day, a constitutional con- Jesus, is at hand. ❏ ENDTIME MAGAZINE MARCH/APRIL 2002 11
  12. 12. World Government Watch Water, the Earth Charter, and Israel Shimon Peres teams up with Mikhail Gorbachev BY JAMIE BRENDAN I srael’s eighth Prime Minister, Shimon Peres, has much in com- mon with Mikhail Gorbachev. Both are former heads of state, both have addressed the United Nations, and both are recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. More importantly, however, is the fact that they are now partners in the effort to implement the Earth Charter — a new set of planetary “commandments” for mankind. Ten years ago at the United Nations Rio Earth Summit, the concept of a char- ter to guide humanity into a “new era” was introduced. After the Summit had ended, Maurice Strong, Secretary-General of the event, organized a highly influen- tial group known as the Earth Council to further develop this idea. By 1994, Mr. Strong and his Council had met with Mikhail Gorbachev. The outcome was a signed agreement to cooperatively draft the Earth Charter and submit it for glob- al circulation. Committees were created, and various versions of the Charter were drafted. And while the Earth Council and Maurice Strong continued to be central to the process, they seemingly handed to Gorbachev and his organization, Green Cross International (GCI), the essential task of promoting the Charter to the international community. To this end, GCI and the former Soviet leader have been tirelessly at work building a web of supporting grassroots organizations and At this Nashville business event attended by Jamie Brendan, Mikhail Gorbachev, with interpreter, speaks about global secu- world leaders — all in the hope of seeing rity, especially as it relates to European initiatives. He also spoke a great deal about his very close friendship with George this “new commandment” universally Bush the elder. (Photo by Jamie Brendan) accepted and enforced. Calling for a “global partnership,” the 12 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MARCH/APRIL 2002
  13. 13. finalized Charter now advances sixteen ment.” Mideast officials, including Peres, met principles its founders believe are neces- Meetings were initially held between with Gorbachev at The Hague in order to sary to govern a “sustainable global soci- GCI, the World Water Council, and discuss the problems and complexities of ety.” Addressing mankind’s relationship UNESCO. Not long into the process, sovereignty as it relates to water usage. to the environment, the Charter requests Peres was personally selected by Although the Middle East region was key that humanity take an earth-first Gorbachev to sit as an honorary Green to the discussions, it was only one part of approach in its attitudes and actions Cross International board member. a much larger strategy. Water “manage- towards the planet. Photo Courtsey of Jamie Brendan ment,” it was decided, Not surprisingly, the had to be global in Charter also calls for a scope. socialized world econ- Working with other omy, universal health- major organizations, care with a focal point GCI has been ham- on “reproduction” mering out a compre- issues, and the expan- hensive World Water sion of human rights Vision. Under the coupled with the proposed plan, “Water elimination of reli- Course Management gious “intolerance.” Authorities” would In other words, the oversee critical water exclusive message of resources, superceding fundamental national governments Christianity, western in determining how values such as liberty, best to handle water and a free-market issues. This “manage- economy do not fit ment authority” within the Earth would operate under Charter’s mandates or the guidance of a intentions. world water agency — This “new-world possibly as a United c i v i l i z a t i o n ” — This photo of Maurice Strong and Jamie Brendan, edited for security reasons, was taken at a recent world government Nations entity or Gorbachev style — is meeting. Many World Federalists were in attendance. structured in a similar what Shimon Peres is fashion to NATO. It is now endorsing. believed that by fol- Likewise, Shimon and his organization, lowing this course of action, water related Finding Common Ground the Peres Peace Center, were appointed to conflicts and tensions could be averted. The linkage between Shimon Peres and act as the chief liaison between the state Peace in Israel, and in other parts of the Mikhail Gorbachev runs deep. On June 5, of Israeli and the GCI water project. world, could be accomplished via the 1997, Gorbachev and Peres met in Water, it was hoped, would be directly “liquid of life.” Geneva to speak at a dinner event with tied into the region’s peace negotiations. While the outward intentions of such the American International Club. By 1998, the Mideast water-peace an agency may appear beneficial, serious Gorbachev talked about creating a “New agenda was fast taking shape. An impor- questions and concerns arise. How would Global Order,” and Peres gave an update tant regional forum was convened which favoritism over certain nations or groups on the Middle East peace process. focused on Israel, Jordan, and the of people be curtailed? Remember, water However, in order to achieve this “New Palestinian areas of the West Bank and is necessary for individual life and for the Global Order” — Earth Charter style — Gaza. Keynote speakers included Crown economic stability of every country. What and to secure lasting peace in the Middle Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, about corruption within the agency or the East, a common factor needed to be found Mikhail Gorbachev, Shimon Peres, Yasser exercising of unethical practices, policies and leveraged. This “common factor” Arafat, World Bank President James or judgments by the water authority? The would have to be universal in nature, yet Wolfensohn, and Ariel Sharon (Minister effects of corruption or abuse could have specific enough to be used in local and of Foreign Affairs for Israel at the time). devastating impacts on local populations, regional settings. The next day, a high- Like Peres, Mr. Sharon has been exten- agriculture and industries. What about level meeting took place in Geneva sively involved in this water-peace pro- the potential for blackmail? Placing the regarding international water usage; the gram. “liquid of life” in the hands of a world core region of concern was Israel and the authority would be terrific leverage. Middle East. Green Cross International, Water and Sovereignty Nations would have to comply with the it was decided, would promote more than Of major importance to the GCI water wishes of the international community or just the Earth Charter. It would bear the agenda is the issue of national sovereign- face possible water-related repercussions. torch of international “water manage- ty. On March 20, 2000, numerous Even at the most basic level, how effec- ENDTIME MAGAZINE MARCH/APRIL 2002 13
  14. 14. World Government Watch tive would a world agency be in properly Endtime File Photo understanding and dealing with site-spe- cific water problems? The higher the chain of command, the less practical and realistic problem solving becomes. Local populations, even when the issues tran- scend national boundaries, have a greater appreciation and comprehension of what works and what doesn’t. These are situa- tions where local, state and national gov- ernments need to work together without the added interference of an outside force. One thing can be “predicted” with surety; however. Whenever this World Water Vision and its anticipated manage- ment authority comes into play, advocates for global governance will be holding a major trump card against the historical standard of national sovereignty. Likewise, if the Earth Charter becomes universally accepted, which is the desire of Gorbachev and Peres, the solidification of a global regime would be given a major boost. Considering that Green Cross International is heavily involved in both initiatives, it is logical to conclude that both programs have been tailored to com- A boat goes through the port structures at Duluth, Minnesota on Lake Superior— an "international" water system. How pliment each other towards the creation will global governance affect our use of water? of a powerful new political entity. What’s more, if both the Charter and the Water human relations. The Earth Charter views ument directly blames Christian mission- Vision are embraced and enacted upon by mankind and nature as being equal and aries for their role in stripping the the international community, the tenta- intertwined. The Water Vision — once Hawaiian natives of their spiritual cles of globalization will reach beyond placed within the context of the Earth attunement to water. This is typical of the merely the political. They will enter into Charter — elevates H2O beyond just a report. Not only is water discussed as a the realm of religion and belief. basic need or commodity. Water takes on spiritual entity, but also the Earth Charter a social, cultural and even spiritual is recognized as an important part of the Christians to Blame dimension. Hence, in the Earth Charter “alternative world-view” process — one In 1967, history professor Lynn White promoted by Gorbachev and Peres, water that the United Nations believes is neces- wrote a highly praised article in Science management policies run the serious risk sary in order to achieve their New World magazine titled “The Historical Roots of of becoming a tool for propagating a form society. Our Ecological Crisis.” In that article, he of globalized paganism. explained that western Christianity is to The United Nations has already been Water, Water Everywhere blame directly for our present environ- taking this approach to water and the Water is a basic human need, and water mental problems. White envisioned a other “elements of life.” In 1999, the issues do cross national borders. Indeed, “new religion,” or, at the very least, a re- United Nations Environment much of the world’s fresh water is thinking of our old beliefs. In fact, Programme released a massive report transnational in nature. Canada and the Professor White went so far as to propose titled “Cultural and Spiritual Values of United States, for example, share the that the ecological crisis would only Biodiversity.” Over 700 pages long, this Great Lakes, along with other basins and worsen “until we reject the Christian document dedicates itself to promoting rivers. The Rhine and Danube Rivers are axiom...” This thinking, while not direct- earth-based spirituality while condemn- shared by many European countries, as is ly expressed in the Earth Charter or in ing western Christian values as being the Mekong shared in southeast-Asia, the GCI’s water program, is there nonethe- environmentally destructive. As an inte- Niger and Zaire river systems in Africa, less. gral part of “biodiversity,” water is thor- and the Uruguay in South America. Within the language of the Charter and oughly discussed. Granted, there are water management in the call for a World Water agenda is On page 399, water and “the sacred” problems. Some water systems, such as the appeal for an enlarged human-rights are linked together by suggesting that the Aral Sea in the former Soviet Union, strategy—one that incorporates radical H2O “may be given a religious or ritual are in a critical state of deterioration. environmentalism into the sphere of significance.” A little further on, the doc- Drastic local measures are necessary if the 14 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MARCH/APRIL 2002
  15. 15. remaining water in the Aral basin is to be take place this fall in South Africa. and local levels. And we need to inform saved. However, a world management Already Earth Charter and UN officials others. It is only then that we can make program steeped in the cause of global have been holding joint meetings to tactful responses in whatever position governance is not the answer. Rather, if determine what role the Charter will play God places us. such an international regime comes into during and after this celebratory event. We need to pray. While this also seems full force, the “cure may be worse than Yes, Peres and Gorbachev do have a lot obvious, it can’t be overstated. We need the illness.” in common. Both want to see the Earth to pray for our country’s leadership, peti- For Israel and her neighbors, water will Charter and the World Water Vision tioning for wisdom in the face of increas- continue to play a strategic role in the become a reality, and both seek compre- ingly complex pressures. We need to pray peace process and in developing that hensive international measures to ensure for Israel — both for its leadership and for region’s economy. Moreover, how Israel’s “peace” in the Middle East and through- its citizens — that they would call upon water will be dealt with (and who deals out the world. However, if these shared God for wisdom and strength. And we with it) will affect more than just the desires come to fruition, national sover- need to pray for Gorbachev and Peres, Middle East. If the Water Vision of eignty and personal freedoms will be cur- that they would recognize Jesus Christ as Gorbachev and Peres is realized, every tailed. It’s only a matter of time. the only way to the Father (John 14:6). nation that shares water will give up some Too often we overlook the fact that the of its sovereignty to a global authority. It A Tactful Reaction men who are implementing global gover- appears that Israel is a test site for a much How do we respond in the face of world nance are just that—men; hence they too larger agenda. changes too large for any of us to slow are burdened with the chains of sin. They Also, if Gorbachev and Peres succeed in down, let alone halt? Obviously, one of need Christ just as much as our neighbors the Earth Charter initiative, each nation the first points of response is education. and family. and every person will be subject to its dic- We need to educate ourselves to the issues It is important that we keep things in tates. Last September’s terrorist attacks at hand, and alert others. Hosea 4:6 their proper perspective. Challenging cir- temporarily set back the Charter’s imple- laments that “My people are destroyed for cumstances will come for all of us, and mentation schedule. However, advocates lack of knowledge.” For those of us who they will come in a variety of forms, for Gorbachev’s agenda have a full slate of are actively involved in the community including the challenges of globalization. activities planned for this year. Of partic- via the local church, community organi- Therefore, it is imperative to remember, ular concern is the upcoming tenth zations, the work force or government, we “God is our refuge and strength, A very anniversary celebration of the United need to be educated as to how global present help in trouble. Therefore we will Nations Rio Earth Summit, which will agendas filter down to the national, state not fear…” (Psalm 46:1-2a) ❏ Recommended Cassettes Implications of Terror Attack U911 Terror Attack on US Soil: Prophetic Significance, I Prophecy Teaching Tapes by Irvin Baxter Jr. U912 Terror Attack on US Soil: Prophetic Significance, II U1017 Was Revelation 18 Fulfilled on September 11? $5 each, buy 4 get 5th free! U1126 The Islam Connection – Russia, U.S. & Caspian Oil W211 Is a War of Civilizations (Islam vs. West) Inevitable? Israel Watch Mark of the Beast U531 Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: The Biblical Position U1030 Pentagon Issues “Chip Card” to Military W306 Middle East History – The Little Known Story U1031 Will We Be Here for the Mark of the Beast? W307 Middle East History, Part II, & What Lies Ahead U920 Is it Time for a National I.D. Card? U1022 Is the National I.D. the Mark of the Beast? World Government Watch U1218 Universal I.D. Proposed by UN – Unprecedented! U516 Endtime Interviews Maurice Strong W228 Are Yow Ready to Be Chipped with “Veri-Chip”? U1219 Holy Roman Empire Re-Born with EU Constitution W304 The WN Becomes Wniversal – Switzerland Joins W226 NATO Offers Rwssia New Role in World Army More W225 Remove 10 Commandments? 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Brendan Tapes in red indicate either New or Highly Recommended U1211 Vatican Ties to World Government and Masonry Join the Politics & Religion Tape Club. Only $10 per month! U1213 Pope Calls for Solidarity with Muslims
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  17. 17. Level 2, Lesson #16 Level 2, Lesson #17 Level 2, Lesson #18 Level 2, Lesson #19 Level 2, Lesson #20 The Antichrist The China Threat Interfaithism: Israel Prepares Israel Prepares Conspiracy: by Irvin Baxter Jr. The Global Religion for Armageddon: for Armageddon: The The Men Who Run An intense look at the still- of the Endtime Spiritual Forces Road Ahead the World brewing China-Taiwan crisis. by Irvin Baxter Jr. by Irvin Baxter Jr. by Irvin Baxter Jr. by Irvin Baxter Jr. Will this be the flashpoint for Interfaithism, the unbiblical “Spiritual Forces at Work” is “The Road Just Ahead” com- A careful look at our world’s Revelation’s dreaded 6th belief that all religions are the first of a two-part lesson pletes this incredible look at leaders reveals disturbing Trumpet? This lesson picks valid pathways to God, has on the spiritual and physical Israel’s past, present and alliances in high places. Most up where “The 7 Trumpets” swept into the mainstream. history of the Israeli- future. Prophecies are com- of our staff members feel this lesson (#12) leaves off. Understand it before it’s too Palestinian conflict. Deep ing to pass with such stun- is the best video on the shelf. (#948, $20) late! (#949, $20) insight, high impact, highly ning accuracy, it’s miracu- (#947, $20) recommended. (#990, $20) lous. (#991, $20) & B O O K S F R O M E N D T I M E ! ! ! N ew N ew N ew What the UN Doesn’t Out of the Ashes Your Bible—A Harry Potter: America’s Godly Want You to Know Prophetic Implications Whole New World Witchcraft Heritage New Video from Endtime of the Terror Attack 11-Workbook Set Repackaged by David Barton A high level UN official on America Irvin Baxter Jr. leaves the by Jeremiah Films The battle to keep the Ten recently wrote, "Our whole Filmed two weeks after the realm of prophecy in this Does the Harry Potter series’ Commandments posted at future lies in getting rid of terror attacks, Irvin Baxter very important Christian presentation of witchcraft make government institutions is one little letter: From United and Eddie Sax explain the Development Course. Go it any more acceptable just on! And...the key to winning Nations to United Nation." seven major areas of from Genesis to Revelation in because it is packaged as “chil- the battle is...information! There’s more going on in the prophetic fulfillment that will 11 easy-to-understand work- dren’s fantasy literature”? David Barton presents the halls of the UN than they result from the catastrophe. books. Frequent quizzes rein- Making Evil Look Innocent. untold facts in this important would prefer you to know. (#1470, $20) force concepts. (#1001, Caryl Matriciana hosts this eye- video. (#1476, $20) (#1471, $20) $17) opener. (#1475, $20)
  18. 18. Mideast Update Arabs & Jews Marching Toward Armageddon BY IRVIN BAXTER JR. APWideWorld Photo/Meir Azulay The Middle East is boiling again. Since the Middle East is that part of the world, which will ultimately give us Armageddon, it simply cannot be ignored. I t is highly possible that we are less than ten years away from the Battle of Armageddon. If this is true, we will see things in the very near future that must come to pass between where we are right now and that final battle. In order to understand the events that will be witnessed in the times just ahead, we need to know what has led us to this point, where we are right now, and what the Bible prophesies will happen between A wounded Israeli child is taken in to a hospital in the southern Israeli town of Beersheva, March 5. The child was wound- now and Armageddon. ed by a Qassam 2 rocket that hit the center of the Israeli city of Sderot. How did we reach this present the 600,000 Jews living in Israel. Heights from which Syrians had been crisis? To the world’s amazement, the tiny shelling the northern Jewish settlements When the Allied soldiers finally nation of Israel not only held her own, for many years. marched into the Nazi concentration but actually gained territory against her The Israeli government then called camps at the end of World War II, the attackers. King Hussein of Jordan, telling him that horrific scenes that unfolded before their When a cease-fire was finally declared if Jordan stayed out of the conflict, Israel eyes shocked the conscience of a world in 1949, Israel controlled half of would not attack her. However, King that had been infected with anti- Jerusalem. Jordan controlled the West Hussein did not feel he could sit aside Semitism. For many years, world Jewry Bank and the other half of Jerusalem while his Arab brethren were at war with had campaigned to influence the world’s where the Temple Mount is located. This the enemy. He launched an attack against great powers to create a Jewish homeland. situation continued for the next 18 years. Israel. Israel counterattacked, capturing Finally, the magnitude of the holocaust East Jerusalem and all the way to the jarred the sensibilities of the world’s lead- Palestinians reject second offer Jordan River. Egypt, Syria and Jordan ers. On November 29, 1947, the United of statehood were totally defeated by Israel in six short Nations voted to partition the area called In 1967, Egyptian President Gamel days. Palestine, creating a Jewish state and an Abdel Nasser blockaded the Straits of A few months later Israel offered to Arab state. Tiran from passage by Israeli ships. This return all territories captured in the 1967 was a blatant violation of international War in exchange for peace and Arab Palestinians reject first offer of law. recognition of Israel’s right to exist. The statehood When Israel saw that Egypt was bent offer was rejected. This was when the The Jews accepted the UN action, but on war, she launched a pre-emptive Arabs issued their famous “Three No’s”— the Arabs rejected it. The day after Israel’s strike. Egypt’s planes were caught on the no to peace, no to negotiation, no to official declaration of statehood, the Arab ground, and the Egyptian airforce was recognition. nations surrounding Israel, declared war almost totally destroyed. against the fledgling state. The nations of As soon as the conflict began, Syria Egyptian-Israeli peace the world thought for sure that the 42 entered the war against Israel. In Israel’s agreement million Arabs would quickly annihilate counterattack, she captured the Golan In 1973, Egypt launched a surprise 18 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MARCH/APRIL 2002
  19. 19. attack against Israel on Yom Kippur, Israel’s holiest day. Israel was caught totally off guard and sustained heavy casualties. Ariel Sharon was brought out Whetstone of retirement and given command of by John L. Bryant Israel’s southern army. Sharon directed a brilliant maneuver, crossing the Suez Canal, cutting the Egyptian army off from behind. Nothing stood between the 1. Out of whose mouth went a sharp two-edged sword? Israeli armies and Cairo. The UN imme- A. David B. Saul C. Jesus Christ D. none of these diately clamored for a cease-fire. 2. The sword of the Spirit refers to the - The Yom Kippur War demonstrated A. Word of God B. Weapon of war C. Torturing tool D. Dictionary that Arabs could hold their own in battle against the Israelis. This restoration of 3. Having an excellent spirit, and knowledge, and understanding, interpreting of Arab honor prepared the ground for dreams. To whom is this referring? Egypt to deal with Israel as an equal. A. Joshua B. Abel C. Daniel D. Abraham In 1977, Anwar Sadat made his famous 4. What does “Emmanuel” mean? trip to Jerusalem. The end result of this A. Emma is strong B. God with us C. Manuel is forsaken courageous move was a peace agreement D. Jesus forever between Israel and Egypt. But Sadat paid 5. Who complained that her sister left her to serve alone? for this treaty with his life. He was assas- A. Joanna B. Leah C. Ruth D. Martha sinated by those in his own country that 6. At what hour did the Lord smite the firstborn in Egypt? opposed what he had done. A. Midnight B. 8:00 A.M. C. Noon D. 5 P.M. As a result of the Israeli-Egyptian 7. Who was Elisha’s servant? agreement, all land captured from Egypt A. Aaron B. Gehazi C. Abraham D. John in the 1967 War was returned. Egypt and 8. Who was Isaac’s wife? Israel have enjoyed peace since ’79. But A. Sarai B. Eve C. Rebekah D. Rizpah it’s been a “cold peace.” 9. Which two of the 12 spies said the Israelites could capture the land of Canaan? A. Joshua and Caleb B. Asher and Dan C. Lot and Levi Oslo Peace Accords D. Gideon and Gerah In 1991, the United States persuaded 10. Who was made a spectacle unto the world? and pressured Israel to attend peace talks in Madrid, Spain. Israeli Prime Minister A. Pilate B. Festus C. Jesus D. The Apostles Yitzhak Shamir intended to talk, talk and 11. The shortest verse in the Bible records that Jesus did what? talk for the next 25 years, if necessary. A. Prayed B. Wept C. Slept D. Danced However, in 1992, the Israeli people 12. To Solomon which Queen said “Behold, the half was not told me?” elected Yitzhak Rabin, a candidate who A. Queen of India B. Queen of Turkey C. Queen of Sheba promised peace. D. Queen Esther On September 13, 1993, the famous 13. What Old Testament prophet did Peter quote on the day of Pentecost? Oslo Accords were signed—accompanied A. Joel B. Zephaniah C. Hosea D. Obadiah by the famous handshake between Rabin 14. What does “epistle” mean? and Arafat. The Accords called for a A. An ornament B. A letter C. A type of food D. A form of worship phased withdrawal from certain of the 15. What woman tricked Samson into telling his secret of strength? territories captured in the 1967 War, A. Jezebel B. Rahab C. Delilah D. Naomi with further withdrawals to be negotiated 16. This giant said “Give me a man, that we may fight together?” later. It also provided for Yasser Arafat to A. Og B. Goliath C. Anakim D. Emim move into the West Bank so that he could 17. This man lost all of his possessions and his health but remained true to God begin building the structures of govern- A. Naboth B. Nathaniel C. Job D. Cain ment that would rule the Palestinian peo- 18. At this name every knee should bow and every tongue should confess. ple. In 1994, Arafat was allowed to move A. Jesus B. Lucifer C. Pharaoh D. none of these into the West Bank, setting up his gov- ernment. 19. The name of what place means the place of the skull? A. Aceldama B. Golgotha C. Gethsemane D. Mt. Moriah On November 4, 1995, Yitzhak Rabin 20. Christ Jesus came into the world to do what? was assassinated by Israelis opposing his A. Construct a temple B. To restore the priesthood policies. This elevated Shimon Peres to C. To praise the Father D. To save sinners the position of Prime Minister. Elections were scheduled for May of 1996—elec- Answers on page 31 tions that everyone was sure Peres would ENDTIME MAGAZINE MARCH/APRIL 2002 19