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World summit 2005 - Nov-Dec 2005


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Published in: Spiritual, News & Politics
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World summit 2005 - Nov-Dec 2005

  1. 1. end ime Endtime Magazine | Nov/Dec 2005 | Vol 15/No 6 $3.00 18 Ariel’s Speech † It’s all about in this issue Jerusalem 22 Photo Spread: Heads of State 60th UN session 24 Mid East Watch Roadmap for Peace “Piece” 2005 World SUMMit MAKING HISTORY
  2. 2. † Proof † we are living in the endtime Euphrates River to Be Dried Up ü In revelatIon 16:12, the bIble predIcts that the euphrates rIver wIll be drIed up to prepare the way for the kings of the East to invade Israel. This will happen at the time of the battle of Armageddon according to verse 16 of the same chapter. The battle of Armageddon will be the final battle at which time Jesus will return and fight on the side of the nation of Israel. Immediately thereafter He will establish his kingdom and usher in His one-thousand year reign of peace. On January 13, 1990, the Indianapolis Star carried the headline “Turkey Will Cut Off Flow of Euphrates for One Month.” The article stated that a huge reservoir had been built by Turkey. While filling up the reservoir, the flow of the Euphrates would be stopped for one month and a concrete plug for a diversion channel built. These things have now been done. With this newly built dam, Turkey has the ability to stop the Euphrates River at will. The conditions for fulfilling this 1,900 year-old prophecy are now in place. China Goes to War ü In revelatIon 9:15-16, the bIble prophesIes that an army of 200 mIllIon M soldIers wIll launch a war which will kill “the third part of men.” Never in the history of the world until our present generation has there been a power any have stated that it on earth that could field 200 million soldiers. However, the late ruler of China Mao Tse Tung boasted in his diary that he could field an army of 200 million. is impossible to know The CIA World Factbook reported that, in the year 2001, it was estimated that whether or not we are living China had 200,866,946 men of military age and that this number is growing by 10 million per year. in the last days before the Second Coming of Jesus Worldwide Numbering System Predicted ü Christ. However, there is In revelatIon 13, the bIble prophesIes that a world dIctator wIll soon rule over a world government. He will cause all people on the earth to receive dramatic proof that we are a number without which they will be unable to buy or sell. We are seeing this prophecy fulfilled before our eyes in a most astonishing way. Nearly every living in the endtimes – proof human being in the world has now been assigned a number. In America, it is that defies coincidence. our Social Security number. In the past few years, we have seen this number extended to newborns. A child without a Social Security number cannot be declared as a dependent on an income tax return. We have seen the emergence of electronic money, shopping with credit cards, and many people actually urging the abolishment of cash. All of these things could not possibly have been fulfilled until this present time. Only after the invention of the computer could such a worldwide numbering system be administered. The Emergence of a New World Order ü revelatIon 13:7 and danIel 7:23 prophesy the establIshment of a world government. The term “New World Order” has become a prevalent phrase in the world’s political culture. Mikhail Gorbachev made the term famous, and Pope John Paul II referred to it repeatedly. In the September 12, 1990 issue of the Chicago Tribune, our former president George Bush said, “Iraq is the first test for the New World Order.” He emphatically stated that the Iraq War was Saddam Hussein against the world. The United Nations’ troops are continually referred to as the multi-national forces. The decision has been made to establish an interdependent community of nations that will rule the world under United Nations authority. The Bible says that this will lead us into a great world government. The formation of this government is at hand. Coincidence or Divine Providence? ü Is It coIncIdental that all of these major prophecies pertaining to the last times are being fulfilled simultaneously? Hardly! 02 endtimemagazine | November & December 2005 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime
  3. 3. UPCOmiNG ENDTimE PROPhECy CONfERENCES City Date/Time Address Host Pastor Contact Holiday Inn - Airport CORPUS CHRISTI, TX 11/4, Fri | 7:30 PM Russell Campbell 361-242-1171 5549 Leopard Street Goodrell Middle School DES MOINES, IA 11/18, Fri | 7:30 PM Rex Deckard 515-262-7133 300 E. 29th Street 11/19, Sat | 6:00 PM The Church of Omaha OMAHA NE Jimmy Toney 402-572-8904 11/20, Sun | 10:30 AM 3715 North 104th Avenue r a d i o f r e q u e n c y i d e n t i f i c a t i o n ( r f i d ) t h e k a t h e r i n e a l b r e c h t s e r i e s Discover RFID Is privacy a thing of the past? Imagine a subdermal microchip capable of responding to radio frequency queries for unique identification code 24/7. Imagine a chip half the size of a grain of sand embedded in everything from your PC to your favorite sweater. Imagine a streamlined digital tracking system continuously monitoring EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE. Now take a deep breath... the wave of the future is not as far as you think. INTRoDuCING RFID: THE albRECHT sERIEs Harvard News, CNN, and Endtime’s own Politics & Religion), her graduate Katherine albrecht leads the grassroots books and videos contain top-notch research, giving consumer resistance to RFID chip implantation. Heard you the tools and information you need to uncover this worldwide on over 1,000 news outlets (including Fox emerging technology. Call 1.800.Endtime to order. rFid: tracking Everything, Everywhere. by K. albrecht $20.00 VHs #1493 | DVD #1493D More Katherine Albrecht from Endtime | endtime catalog (pg 17)
  4. 4. † PERSPECTIVE † end ime REVEALING THE FUTURE THROUGH BIBLE PROPHECY Nov/Dec 2005 IrvinBaxter Jr. Editorial [ EDIToR-IN-CHIEF ] Editor-in-Chief Irvin Baxter Jr. Editor Ken Raggio Editorial Assistant Ginger Boerkircher † World Summit Highlights † Research Kathy McKinney Partner Relations Jana Robbins Conference Director Kara McPeak David Novick T internet he speeches from the world’s heads of state went on continuously for three solid Layout/Design Joseph E. Romero days. After it was over, I found myself assessing what really took place. How was the world different after September 16th than before September 14th? Months had been poured into negotiating the Outcome Document that would be adopted by STATEMENT Of fAITH We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, that the nations of the world at the Summit. The goals set for the meeting by Kofi Annan Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and and the UN staff were far-reaching. Annan’s Goals: that He will come again to establish a kingdom that shall never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44). fREEDOM fROM wANT representative of the international Those who are born again (John 3:3-5) will § Every developing country should adopt community as a whole, as well as of the have eternal life and rule as kings and priests and implement by 2006, a comprehen- geopolitical realities of today. with Christ forever. sive national strategy to achieve the Mil- § Create a new Human Rights Council wHAT IS endtime? In 1968, Irvin Baxter lennium Development Goals (MDGs) to replace the present Commission on Jr. discovered the United States and other by 2015; and mobilize all its resources Human Rights, which has largely been modern nations in the Bible. He also found behind that strategy. discredited. the Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one day § Developed nations should donate .7% it was to be torn down, re-uniting Germany, of their Gross Domestic Product to de- wHAT wAS ACTUAlly ACHIEvED? and that event would be the catalyst to spark veloping nations annually. Though some observers painted World an international movement called the “New § For the longer term, other innovative Summit 2005 as a failure, the fact is, all World Order.” These things have now come to pass. Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal minister, sources of finance (Editor’s note: a glob- of the above goals were agreed to, ex- began Endtime ministries in 1986 when he al tax) must be considered. cept for two. wrote A Message For The President, a book Annan described as “most precious” explaining the major prophecies of the Bible fREEDOM fROM fEAR the clear acceptance by all UN members which he had been teaching since 1968. After § Sign a comprehensive convention on of collective responsibility to protect the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfillment terrorism. civilian populations against genocide, accelerated rapidly. The decision was made to launch Endtime magazine. The purpose of § Stop and reverse nuclear proliferation. war crimes and crimes against humanity the magazine is to explain the prophecies of § Establish a Peacebuilding Commission. through the Security Council when local the Bible and to show that they are now being authorities are failing. (Editor’s note: This fulfilled in intricate detail. Articles focus on fREEDOM TO lIvE IN DIgNITy opens the door for violation of national the soon return of Jesus Christ, the truth of Embrace the principle of the “Respon- sovereignty in other instances as well.) the Bible, and the need for salvation. Endtime sibility to Protect.” This would provide does not deal with doctrinal controversies, as for collective action against genocide, bIggEST fAIlURES valid as they may be. This will be left to other publications. ethnic cleansing and crimes against hu- No progress was made toward halting manity. If national authorities are unable nuclear proliferation, and the terms of or unwilling to protect their citizens, the UN reform could not be agreed upon. endtime is published bi-monthly by Endtime, Inc., 449 Kingsbridge Drive, Garland, TX 75040. subscription responsibility then shifts to the interna- Annan was especially disappointed by price is $29 for 12 issues. Periodical postage paid tional community; and that, in the last re- the failure to reach agreement on the #009267, IssN# 1066-6885, Richmond, IN, and additional mailing offices. © 2005 Endtime, Inc. All sort, the UN Security Council may take subject of nuclear non-proliferation. rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. PosTMasTER: send enforcement action according to the UN He warned, “…this summit may come address changes to Endtime, Po box 461167, Garland, Charter. to be remembered only for its failure to TX 75046-1167. For subscriptions call 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week 1-800-Endtime. other inquiries call 1-765- halt the unraveling of the non-prolifera- 962-6344 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Central). STRENgTHENINg THE UNITED NATIONS tion regime—and its other real successes § Revitalize the UN General Assembly would then indeed be overwhelmed.” cover photo: AP Photo/Susan Walsh. by adopting a comprehensive package of All in all, World Summit 2005 was a President George W. Bush addresses the World Summit at the United Nations, reforms. huge leap forward for globalization and Wednesday, September 14, 2005. § Make the Security Council more broadly world government. ¨ 04 endtimemagazine | November & December 2005 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime
  5. 5. end ime 22 DEPARTMENTS 12 3 Prophecy Conferences † COVERSTORY † 4 Editorial 12 World Summit 2005 Why did 153 heads of state attend the UN World Summit 6 letters & Feedback 2005? Because they understand that we are moving further and further into world government. 8 World review Contents » 70% chance US will get nuked » Workers trying to revive EU constitution » e-payments could kill off checks by 2025 WorldGoVErNMENt » Palestinian terrorists threaten to kill Sharon 18 it’s all about Jerusalem and the temple Mount » Gambari says Israel must stop building wall Endtime magazine presents the full text of the address by » International court makes first arrests Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to the High Level Plenary » UN, EU want US to give up the internet Meeting of the 60th Session of the General Assembly of the » Christians protest Religious Hatred Bill United Nations World Summit 2005. 15 radio Station log PHotoSPrEAd 22 Heads of State 16 Product Pages Courtesy the UN Photo Archives, Endtime presents a history-making photograph. With 153 heads of state in attendance, the 60th session of the UN General Assembly marked the largest gathering of world leaders in history. MidEAStWAtCH 24 roadmap for Peace “Piece” An initiative called the “Roadmap to Peace” is one of the greatest threats currently facing Israel. Although the dividing up of God’s land is often considered a prerequisite 24 to peace, implementation of the Roadmap will have cost nearly half of the Promised Land—a crushing blow to Israel’s political sovereignty and biblical identity. SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime endtimemagazine | November & December 2005 05
  6. 6. † LETTERSTOTHEEDITOR † LETTERS& FEEDBACK lettersfeedback * “HOly ROMAN” ANTICHRIST He was saying that the Antichrist would be the one spoken of by Daniel. If you con- I heard you say the other day the Anti- the one that would make the deal for the vince your audience that this is it and you christ will come from the “new Holy Roman temple to be rebuilt. Is this possible? turn out to be wrong, then, when the real Empire.” Would you please tell me what/ Also, when the Lord returns to the earth confirmation of the covenant takes place where that is? Thanks. and reigns for one thousand years, are in a couple of years, no one will believe —Kathie Redel | Jefferson City, MO people going to be able to repent and be you. Please check it out and, if it is not a saved during this thousand years? This seven-year covenant, then say so on your Reply| It will actually be a “revived” does not seem fair. (Could it be that) peo- program. It’s so important. Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Em- ple will take a chance, and wait, and still —Nancy Storm pire was born in 800 AD when Pope Leo be able to be saved during the Lord’s thou- III placed a crown on the head of Char- sand-year reign? Reply| The prophecy merely says the lemagne, pronouncing him the Emperor of —David Green covenant will be confirmed for seven years. the Holy Roman Empire. For the next 1,000 It does not say that it will be “labeled” as years, the Holy Roman Empire ruled in Eu- Reply| The Bible does not specifically a seven-year agreement. In my opinion, if rope. During that time, it was always led by say that the Antichrist will make a deal for the “Roadmap for Peace” becomes the Europe’s strongest political leader and its the rebuilding of the temple. It says that basis for policy between Israel and the strongest religious leader—the Pope. The the Antichrist will confirm a covenant with world community, and this continues for Holy Roman Empire is being recreated Israel. This covenant will affirm Israel’s seven years, then it would qualify as the right now in the European Union. Present- right to exist as a nation in the land of Is- confirmation of the covenant. ly, 25 nations are in the EU. The Antichrist rael. Whether this confirming includes any- At the same time, let me emphasize and the False Prophet will soon arise in at thing about the building of Israel’s Third that I do not yet know whether the Road- least part of Europe. This will be the revival Temple is only a matter of speculation. map is the prophesied confirmation of the of the Holy Roman Empire. Concerning salvation in the millennium, covenant. It contains all of the required el- the Bible is not clear. We know there will be ements, from all I can see, but I am not yet * OvERAll vIEw some form of salvation because there will willing to say absolutely that the Roadmap Which one of your Bible studies on VHS be people born throughout the thousand is the confirmation. tape do you recommend for a person just years. What salvation will be like when Sa- trying to get an overall view of endtime tan is bound during this time is not explic- * THE NEw ROMAN EMPIRE prophecy — going back to, at least, Israel itly described in the Bible. We can be sure Is there any follow up info regarding the becoming a nation in 1948 to now and be- of one thing: However it works, it will be article about Charlemagne and the new yond? I enjoy your show on KGDP in Santa fair. We know this because God is just and Roman Empire? I thought it was interest- Maria, CA. Thank you. fair in all of His ways. ing that the article was written in 2000. It —Tom Naas talked about the possibility that the next * THE “ROADMAP” COvENANT? pope might be corrupt, or involved with Reply| Our video “11:59 PM” gives nine Daniel said that the Antichrist will con- the new Roman Empire that one German slam-dunk proofs that we are in the end- firm a covenant with many for one week. official wants as a new German Holy Ro- time right now. However, the best thing for To my knowledge, there is no mention of man Empire. What are some thoughts an overall view of Bible prophecy is our the “Roadmap for Peace” being a seven- about the new pope being German? I had “Understanding the Endtime” Level I se- year treaty. On the other hand, there are reservations and an uneasy feeling about ries. This consists of ten lessons that will two covenants set to be confirmed in 2007 him when he was put in. I chalked it up really give a good understanding of the between the EU and Israel that are, in fact, to unfamiliarity and that he is new—not to Bible’s prophecies. It is available on DVD, seven-year treaties. mention the fact that I am a Mormon and VHS, Audio CD or in Study Manual form. To If the Roadmap is not a seven-year trea- order, call our office at 1-800-ENDTIME or ty, it does not fit the scripture. I read that * THANK yOU fOR yOUR lETTERS visit our website at the last attempt at the Roadmap was a Endtime thanks you for your letters. three-year plan. I can’t find any information These letters do not necessarily reflect * SAlvATION IN THE MIllENNIUM as to the timeline on the current attempt to the views of Endtime and/or its staff. I was listening to a program and their guest implement the Roadmap. Endtime reserves the right to edit has a web site about ancient documents. If it is not a 7-year treaty, then it is not letters according to space and style. 06 endtimemagazine | November & December 2005 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime
  7. 7. LETTERSTOTHEEDITOR …… do not follow Catholicism very closely. Reply| The two-horned beast of Revela- There are reasons to believe that Satan —Greg Howell tion 13 is not Great Britain and/or the Unit- will personally possess the Antichrist at the ed States. It is the False Prophet. We know time of his casting down. This will then trig- Reply| The new pope, Benedict XVI, is this because Revelation 13:13-14 says ger the 3.5 years of the great tribulation. German, as you pointed out. Germany has that the two-horned beast will do great mir- been the center of the Holy Roman Empire acles and wonders and that he will deceive * CHINESE wAR since 800 AD. Benedict XVI is emphasizing those who dwell on the earth by the means I found an issue of your magazine that in many of his speeches the need for a Eu- of those miracles which he had the power predicted a basic time of a Chinese war. ropean spiritual reawakening. St. Benedict, to do. Revelation 19:20 tells us that it was Yet time passed and a Chinese war never whose name the new pope chose to reign the False Prophet that performed miracles happened. What do you have to say about under, was declared the patron saint of all before the Antichrist and deceived the peo- that? What if China is not the country of the of Europe by Pope Paul VI. ple on earth by those miracles that he had 200 million man army? The Bible does not All of this is very interesting, since the the power to do. say exactly what nation it is, does it? Bible prophesies that the Holy Roman —Kakarauta Empire will soon be revived in Europe. The * THE DElUSIONAl ANTICHRIST Antichrist will rise to power there. This will I listened to an archived broadcast of Politics Reply| I’m not sure exactly what you be accomplished through an alliance with and Religion. Thank you for making those mean when you say we predicted a basic the pope who reigns at the time. Since we programs available for download. I am as- time for a Chinese war. We have never said are very close to the rise of the Antichrist, suming that I can put them on a CD and use that a Chinese war will happen at a par- the possibility of the new pope being the it for ministry purposes. There was a caller ticular time. We have never even said for religious partner to the Antichrist, as who asked if the Antichrist was at the UN sure that the 200 million man army will be prophesied in scripture, is very interesting. World Summit. Your response was basically Chinese. It is true that war with China has Because Pope Benedict XVI is 78 years of that he would either be there, or be fully seemed imminent a few times because of age, it appears unlikely that he will fulfill aware of what was discussed. My question statements the Chinese government itself the prophesied role of the False Prophet, is this: Does the Antichrist know who he is, has made. It is also true that the 200 mil- although it is not impossible. The next pope or will there be a particular time when Sa- lion man army certainly appears to come would seem to be a more likely candidate. tan will possess the individual? How does from China, since China specifically boast- that work? Thanks for a great ministry. ed she could field an army of 200 million. * TwO-HORNED bEAST —Matt Lenz There are two other potential 200 million What if the two-horned beast of Revelation man armies on earth today. One of them is 13 is the coalition of Great Britain and the Reply| The Antichrist will probably not India. It does not seem likely that India will United States? Horns represent kings or see himself as the Antichrist. He is more fulfill the prophecy. The other is the Muslim kingdoms. Both countries are supposed to likely to entertain fantasies of being the real world. Islam claims the same population as be Christian, but we know how corrupt they Christ. He will at least come to see himself China—1.3 billion. Since Islam is the princi- have become. It looked like a lamb and as a messianic figure to some degree. The pal force behind international terrorism, it spoke like a dragon. If we participate with Antichrist will be revealed at the time of cannot be totally disregarded. However, the the national ID act coming up in the U.S., the abomination of desolation, according Muslims are not unified and do not appear are we taking “the number of his name?” to II Thessalonians 2:3–4. This coincides to have the military wherewithal to fight a Could this number be the number of the perfectly with Satan being banished from war that will kill two billion human beings. nation or a national ID? If so, we could be heaven and being confined to the earth, Because of these factors, I think China will closer than even you all think. Thanks. (Revelation 12:9–14). This occurs three probably be the source of the 200 million —Todd and one-half years before Armageddon. man army, but I am not positive. ¨ support Endtime While saving Money! We are proud to partner with PowerNet Global, a company developed with biblical principles, to raise much-needed funds for Endtime Ministries in a unique way. Every time you make a call, Endtime will receive a portion of the proceeds. No long term contracts, no hidden charges. Sign up this holiday season! Interested? Call 1-877-3-Endtime (1-877-336-3846) 3.9 cents/min long distance No Monthly Fees. No Gimmicks. No Kidding SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime endtimemagazine | November & December 2005 07
  8. 8. † AROUNDTHEGLOBE † World Review global news through the eyes of prophecy 4 GINGER boERKIRCHER & KEN RaGGIo † 6TH TRUMPET wATCH † 6TH TRUMPET | 70% chance u.s. will of an arms package approved by U.S. Pres- get nuked. ident George W. Bush in 2002. 6TH TRUMPET | Russia joined According to an article in, China in war games. the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 6TH TRUMPET | Javier solana, Eu Chinese and Russian military forces con- suggested that there is a very high—sev- want China to have more arms. ducted a joint naval blockade and amphibi- enty percent—probability of a successful The EU is determined to lift a 16-year- ous landing, an exercise involving nearly terrorist attack within the next ten years old arms embargo against China. The U.S. 10,000 personnel. The blockade involved with weapons of mass destruction. For- strongly opposes lifting the embargo, say- guided missile destroyers and jet fighters, a mer Secretary of Defense, William Perry, ing that could threaten Taiwan and U.S. joint amphibious landing by air force and has put the odds of a nuclear attack in the forces in Asia. The embargo was imposed marine paratroopers and a forced evacu- next five years at fifty percent. after China’s leaders sent tanks and troops ation. The Chinese state press said the to crush demonstrations in Tiananmen exercises took place against the backdrop 6TH TRUMPET | Rumsfeld Square in 1989. EU foreign policy chief of “the fight against terrorism, separatism told China to fess up. Javier Solana said EU countries are still de- and extremism,” but experts said the drills In his first trip to China, U.S. Defense Sec- bating when and how it might be lifted. were most likely aimed at Taiwan, which retary Donald Rumsfeld warned leaders China considers part of its territory. Will there to be more open about that nation’s 6TH TRUMPET |World has stockpiles Russia join China in a future confrontation escalating military build-up. He also ad- for 300,000 nuclear bombs. with the U.S. over Taiwan? monished them to expand political free- According to the latest scientific assess- doms for its citizens and to participate ment of countries’ nuclear stockpiles, the 6TH TRUMPET |Was more in global affairs. The Pentagon ac- world has made enough explosives for China warning u.s.? cuses China of trying to tip the balance more than 300,000 nuclear bombs. Stores According to defense and intelligence offi- of power against Taiwan to halt indepen- of plutonium are growing, and there are cials, the joint Chinese and Russian military dence efforts there. President George W. new dangers from two lesser-known nucle- exercise conducted recently was meant as Bush will go to China in November for ar explosives. Experts worry that terrorists a political signal to the United States. The further talks. could steal enough to trigger a nuclear ca- U.S. was not invited to observe the war tastrophe. games - a sign of the anti-U.S. nature of 6TH TRUMPET | u.s.-built destroyers the exercises. The eight day exercises were are beefing up Taiwan’s Navy. 6TH TRUMPET |The Pentagon is dubbed Peace Mission 2005 and involved Taiwan’s naval defense capabilities against gearing up for a nuclear strike. troops who will fight “terrorists” in a simu- rival China will be boosted after two Kidd- The Pentagon has drafted a revised doc- lated regional conflict. Since China defines class guided missile destroyers join the is- trine for the use of nuclear weapons that terrorism as including “separatists,” U.S. land’s forces. The destroyers on order were allows commanders to request presidential intelligence officials think the exercises are due to leave the U.S. in early November. approval to use them to preempt an attack directed at Taiwan, which Beijing views as a Two other U.S.-built Kidd-class destroy- by a nation or a terrorist group using weap- breakaway province, and the United States, ers are expected to join the navy next year. ons of mass destruction. The draft would which has vowed to protect Taiwan. Taiwan acquired the four destroyers as part also allow the option of using nuclear arms 08 endtimemagazine | November & December 2005 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime
  9. 9. AROUNDTHEGLOBE …… to destroy known enemy stockpiles of nu- on how to get the EU out of its impasse, MARK Of THE bEAST |Katrina clear, biological or chemical weapons. predicting there would be an initial treaty corpses got RFID chips. next year potentially containing all points Morgue workers used the new RFID tech- 6TH TRUMPET |North Korea of the constitution that are not considered nology to track unidentified remains from will abandon nuclear weapons disputed. Twenty five parliaments would Hurricane Katrina. Radio frequency iden- if u.s. gives them a reactor. have to ratify it. tification chips were implanted under the The United States, North Korea and four corpses’ skin or placed inside the body bags. other nations participating in negotiations EU wATCH | .eu internet in Beijing signed a draft accord in which registration has begun. MARK Of THE bEAST |Police North Korea promised to abandon efforts After more than seven years of prepara- to test RFID on car tags. to produce nuclear weapons and re-admit tion, European companies and individu- As reported by, UK police inspectors. However, North Korea said als now have .eu internet domain names. forces are preparing to trial car number on Tuesday that it would not dismantle its Companies with registered national and plates fitted with RFID chips. The Depart- nuclear weapons program until the United EU trademarks, public bodies and those ment for Transport said the technology States first provides an atomic energy re- with rights acquired by use now have the will be investigated for its “anti-crime and actor, casting doubt on its commitment to right to gain the domain name equivalent anti-fraud” potential. Starting this fall, the the breakthrough agreement. to their trademark. police will also be using automatic number plate recognition technology to identify 6TH TRUMPET | u.s. wants Russia to EU wATCH | Eu Commission wants and prosecute drivers without insurance. stop cooperating with nuclear Iran. immigrants to take loyalty oath. The United States is calling for Attempting to harmonize member states’ MARK Of THE bEAST |business governments who are involved in nuclear rules, the Commission called upon mem- ID card support collapses. projects in Iran to immediately freeze ber states to adopt stricter common rules According to research from the London those projects. Although not mentioned governing the return of illegal immi- Chamber of Commerce (LCC), support by name, the message was aimed at Russia. grants and failed asylum seekers to their for the government’s national biometric The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for home countries. EU justice commissioner, ID card scheme has collapsed. Businesses Arms Control said nations should tighten Franco Frattini, suggested that immigrants are skeptical of the proposed benefits and their policies following recent findings swear an oath “of faithfulness” to Euro- the cards’ ability to tackle terrorism. When by the International Atomic Energy pean values. the LCC last polled its member companies Agency where Iran failed to convince the on ID cards two years ago there was over- international community that its nuclear EU wATCH | schroeder is out. Germany whelming support, but that has now plum- program was entirely peaceful. gets a woman Chancellor — Merkel. meted with only 26 per cent of company German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder directors now believing the introduction relinquished his grip on power and Angela of ID cards would benefit their business. † EU wATCH † Merkel became the first female leader of Europe’s biggest economy. Merkel leads MARK Of THE bEAST|scanning EU wATCH | Eu Troops practice a coalition government of her Christian fingerprints, eyes catching on slowly in U.S. protecting ‘an oil-rich country.’ Democrats and his Social Democrats, an al- In the mountains and jungles of Colom- About 3,000 soldiers from France, Bel- liance last seen in the 1960s. Their first task bia is one of the few places in the world gium and Germany took part in an exercise is to revive the country’s battered economy. where banks are using fingerprint biomet- dubbed OAPEX 2005. They tested a scenar- rics, which verify people’s identities based io in which the European forces are flown in on unique physical characteristics. Scanning with armored vehicles and a UN mandate † MARK Of THE bEAST wATCH † fingerprints or irises has yet to penetrate the to battle an enemy invading an oil-produc- U.S. banking market because of concerns ing nation. According to a French military MARK Of THE bEAST|babies about expense and privacy. Customers must spokesman, their aim is to look at situations are getting RFID tags. be convinced that the technologies provide that already exist. He did not say what coun- An advanced system has been imple- more benefit than the card-and-PIN-num- try the exercise was modeled on; explaining mented for baby safety in the pediatrics ber system, said John Hall, spokesman for only that it was a country which has oil fields and mother-baby units of Michigan’s Crit- the American Bankers Association. and is attacked by another country. tenton Hospital Medical Center. A baby is matched with its own mother when brought MARK Of THE bEAST |e-payments EU wATCH | blair wants to a room from the nursery and only au- could kill off the check by 2025. Turkey to join the Eu. thorized individuals move a baby through Checks could become a thing of the past Prime Minister Tony Blair said in an inter- the units. Called the “Hugs and Kisses” within the next twenty years as debit cards, view with Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper, “I infant protection system, manufactured by internet and phone banking continues to sincerely believe that EU membership is VeriChip, this tracking technology involves wipe out the need for paper money, ac- Turkey’s future.” The Minister for Europe, a tiny RFID (radio-frequency identifica- cording to an article on Busi- Douglas Alexander, said that integrating tion) radio transmitter worn on the baby’s nesses now prefer electronic to physical Turkey into the EU “would help us tackle ankle. The wireless system monitors the payments. Firms now almost exclusively many of the most difficult problems that we exact location of the infant in relation to prefer to pay their employees using elec- face in the modern world.” Turkey would an electronic floor plan that is observed by tronic transfer. be the most Islamic of all EU members. hospital staff. In addition to matching ba- bies with their mother, the system will help MARK Of THE bEAST |brits seem EU wATCH | Workers are trying prevent abduction of an infant, a problem happy to ditch civil liberties. to revive the Eu Constitution. resulting in more than 100 abductions from According figures from pollsters ICM, three Two MEPs have some preliminary ideas healthcare facilities in the past 22 years. out of four Brits would happily hand over SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime endtimemagazine | November & December 2005 09
  10. 10. † AROUNDTHEGLOBE † their civil liberties in exchange for better visiting the Temple Mount. According to with aides of Palestinian leader Mahmud security against terrorist attacks. The ICM/ the ruling, prayers must be completed be- Abbas. The surprised Palestinian officials Guardian-backed survey found that 73 per fore 9 AM local time, to prevent clashes were summoned to the White House to cent of Brits support a trade-off between with Moslems who ordinarily gather at the meet with the president. “I was absolutely liberty and security. 62 per cent of those Al Aqsa mosque for prayers about that surprised,” said Diana Buttu, a legal adviser polled were in favor of deporting foreign time. As expected, Arab opinion was riled. to Abbas. “They said, ‘The president wants radical Islamists, even if that deportation Al Jazeera reported that “dozens of Jew- to see you,’ and I said, ‘The president of was to a country that used torture. ish extremists” (members of the Temple what?’ ” Normally, such meetings take Mount Guardians), had stormed the Tem- weeks in setting up. In the meeting Bush MARK Of THE bEAST |MasterCard ple Mount and clashed with Moslem guards. was very reassuring to the Palestinian del- aims to cut lines with new card. The Mosque director predicted dangerous egation, telling them Abbas was a strong Say goodbye to long cash register lines results. Members of Gershon Salomon’s leader who made tough decisions. Buttu with a new card-payment technology. Mas- Temple Mount Faithful have also accessed confronted Bush with complaints about terCard International’s PayPass credit card the site, according to Al Jazeera. an Israeli settlement that might hinder the lets customers make purchases by tapping Palestinian’s march to statehood, but Bush or waving the card in front of terminals MIDDlE EAST | al aqsa cleric replied: “Don’t worry. I have some political attached to cash registers. The new card condemns arab normalization with Israel. sway with Israel and will use it if need be.” uses a wireless RFID chip to transmit data The head of the Al Aqsa Mosque and the to a terminal to make a transaction com- Dome of the Rock, Adnan Al-Husseini, MIDDlE EAST | Pa: abbas-sharon plete without having a store clerk present. told Al Jazeera that Arab and Muslim gov- talks delayed, may take Citibank, KeyBank, MBNA Corp. and GE ernments are “tacitly encouraging Israel to place in November. Consumer Finance are now issuing the carry out hostile designs against the Al Aqsa A planned summit between Prime Minister PayPass cards, and over 20,000 merchant mosque.” He blamed countries like Pakistan Ariel Sharon and Palestinian leader Mah- locations nationwide including McDon- and Bahrain, who are normalizing relations moud Abbas has been postponed till early alds, 7-Eleven and Regal Entertainment with Israel, to the increase in Jewish activ- November. The meeting - the first between Group theatres will accept the card, ac- ity on the Temple Mount. On September 2, the two since Israel’s Gaza Strip pullout - cording to MasterCard. Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar warned had already been postponed once. Palestin- that “Al Aqsa mosque will not be liberated ian official Nabil Abu Rdeneh said more MARK Of THE bEAST|biometrics by negotiations, but in a final battle.” time was needed. He said there had not “Roadshow” promotes security been enough preparation for the summit. value of national ID. MIDDlE EAST | Israel redraws the The public has been invited to try out roadmap, building quietly and quickly. MIDDlE EAST | Washington the technology behind the national ID The Guardian Unlimited says that lack of hints at striking syria. card scheme at the UK Passport Service’s pressure from Washington and other mem- The U.S. is keeping “all options” open (UKPS) “biometrics roadshow”. The road- bers of the Quartet overseeing the “road- if Syria doesn’t change its approach with show is part of the government’s latest at- map” peace plan is leaving Prime Minister Iraq. American Ambassador to Iraq Zal- tempt to convince an increasingly sceptical Ariel Sharon free to redraw Israel’s bor- may Khalilzad said that Damascus is the public that ID cards will safeguard their ders. The Israeli military has recently built “number one offender” in the Middle East identities. Many nations around the globe a crossing without fanfare along with other region working to impede the success of are currently developing new IDs. border posts along the length of the vast Iraq. President George W. Bush said that new “security barrier” that is enveloping Syria is allowing “terrorists” to use its ter- Jerusalem. The 26 foot high wall has been ritory for training exercises and permit- † MIDDlE EAST wATCH † going up quickly while the world’s atten- ting them to transit across Syria into Iraq. tion has been focused on Sharon’s removal Khalilzad warned “our patience is running MIDDlE EAST | Palestinian Terrorists of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip. out” and Syria’s approach towards Iraq threaten to kill ariel sharon. These de facto border posts are just one “will be dealt with” and “all options are on A spokesman for the terrorist groups element in a web of construction evidently the table.” Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Al Aqsa intended to redraw Israel’s borders deep Martyrs Brigade threatened to kill Israeli inside the Palestinian territories and secure Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. “The first all of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. † wORlD gOvERNMENT wATCH † and foremost goal is to kill Sharon,” Mohamed Abdel-Al told John Batchelor MIDDlE EAST | uN undersecretary wORlD gOvERNMENT | International on ABC radio. An unexploded missile says Israel must stop building wall. Court makes its first arrests. was found on Sharon’s ranch by the Israeli In an October 20 UN Security Council The new International Criminal Court, Defense Forces. “If there is need, Tel meeting, Ibrahim Gambari, UN Undersec- based in The Hague, Netherlands, has is- Aviv, Jerusalem and everywhere in Israel retary-General for Political Affairs called sued arrest warrants for five leaders of can become our target,” Abdel-Al told for Israel to “halt all settlement and barrier a Uganda cult. The warrants against the Batchelor and WorldNetDaily’s Jerusalem construction (Apartheid Wall) activity on Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) are the first Chief Aaron Klein in mid-October. Palestinian land.” He claimed that the wall ever issued by the International Criminal impedes UN assistance programs in Gaza Court. Earlier this year, the UN Secu- MIDDlE EAST | Israeli Court approves and the West Bank. rity Council authorized the ICC to probe Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount. crimes against civilians in Sudan’s Darfur For the first time since 1976, Jews may MIDDlE EAST | bush held unscheduled region. The United States did not use its pray on the Temple Mount, according to a meeting with Palestinian officials. veto power to stop it even though the U.S. ruling on October 17. The High Court of President George W. Bush reportedly held opposes the tribunal. Justice reversed a 30-year ban against Jews an unscheduled White House meeting wORlD gOvERNMENT | First 10 endtimemagazine | November & December 2005 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime
  11. 11. war crimes suspect transferred 20 raid in the Hebei Province. Observ- transcendent nature needs to be at the from uN court to bosnia ers speculate that the upcoming visit to center of people’s daily lives. “God’s true A Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect has Beijing, China of President Bush on No- dwelling place was not made of wood, but been transferred from The Hague-based vember 19th may be cause for the Chinese was made of flesh and blood. It was Our UN war crimes tribunal to a Bosnian state government to make a political statement Lady who offered herself to the Lord as court, in a first case handed over by the against the huge house church movement. the Ark of the Covenant.” tribunal to a Balkans country. The Hague The communist government requires all court said, “The Tribunal views this as a religions to register with the state. It per- wORlD RElIgION |u.s. wants landmark event, this being the first trans- secutes unregistered house churches, es- Pope immune from abuse suits. fer of an ICTY accused to be tried in a timated to include one hundred million The U.S. government told a Texas court national jurisdiction.” members nationwide. that Pope Benedict XVI should be given immunity from a lawsuit accusing him of wORlD gOvERNMENT | uN, Eu wORlD RElIgION |Christians conspiring to cover up sexual molestation want us to give up the Internet. protest Religious Hatred bill of three boys by a seminarian. Assistant Troubled negotiations in Geneva may force before uK Parliament U.S. Attorney General Peter Keisler said, the U.S. to relinquish control of the Inter- Hundreds of Christians gathered outside as pope, Benedict XVI enjoys immunity as net to a coalition of governments. David Houses of Parliament in London protest- the head of a state - the Vatican. He said Hendon, the Department for Trade and ing a proposed Religious Hatred Bill. The that allowing the lawsuit to proceed would Industry’s director of business relations, Bill already passed the House of Com- be incompatible with U.S. foreign policy was representing the UK government and mons and is a step away from becoming interests. European Union in Geneva when he ex- British law. Opponents of the bill stated plained that the EU had decided to end the that the Bill was badly drafted with obvious wORlD RElIgION |Jews, Muslims U.S. government’s unilateral control of the flaws in the wording – something extremist celebrate together? surprise. internet and put in place a new body that groups will be sure to exploit and threat- The Muslim holy month of Ramadan would run this revolutionary communica- en freedom of speech. Home Secretary and the Jewish holy month of Tishri do tions medium. Henson was speaking at Charles Clarke stated that it will only pun- not often coincide, but this year and for the third and final preparatory meeting for ish extreme behavior and will absolutely the next two years, both Tishri and Rama- next month’s World Summit on the Infor- not prevent religious preaching or religion- dan will begin around the same time. The mation Society. focused comedy. Rev. Katei Kirby, the Af- confluence of these holy months is leading rican and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance some Jews, Christians, Muslims and others wORlD gOvERNMENT | (ACEA) Chief Executive said, “It affects around the United States to commemorate bush would eliminate tariffs, people’s freedom to discuss and to critique what is being referred to as “God’s Octo- subsidies, trade barriers. anything because it might upset or offend ber Surprise.” At the United Nations World Summit somebody else and that is very serious.” meeting in New York, George W. Bush wORlD RElIgION |lawmakers said that the United States is ready to elimi- wORlD RElIgION |Pope wanted gay marriage, but nate all tariffs, subsidies and other barriers warns of DIY religion. arnold vetoed it. to free flow of goods and services as other Pope Benedict XVI, addressing nearly one California lawmakers became the first in nations do the same. It is a huge and revo- million young pilgrims outside Cologne, the United States to legalize same-sex mar- lutionary proposal. All goods would flow Germany, said that while God is being for- riage. The legislators in California voted to freely throughout all nations. It is poten- gotten, there is yet a boom in religions. He amend the state’s family code. The 41-35 tially the basis for a one-world economy. warned that do-it-yourself religion cannot vote was along party lines, with no Repub- ultimately help people. licans supporting the bill. The measure wORlD gOvERNMENT | Putin, went to Governor Arnold Schwarzeneg- blair agree on Terror cooperation. wORlD RElIgION |Catholic Church ger, a Republican, who vetoed the bill, Prime Minister Tony Blair showed Russian says the bible is not always true. which did not pass with enough votes to President Vladimir Putin the underground The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic override a veto. Democrats now want to command center where he coordinates Church has published a teaching docu- retake the governor’s office and pass gay Britain’s response to disasters and emer- ment that says some parts of the Bible are marriage by 2008. ¨ gencies. Putin is the first foreign leader to not actually true. The Catholic bishops of be invited to the COBRA meeting room. England, Wales and Scotland are warning COBRA is an acronym for Cabinet Office that people should not expect “total accu- Briefing Room A. Putin and Blair issued a racy” from the Bible. The document, called joint statement saying they had resolved to The Gift of Scripture, says, “we should not continue to strengthen their partnership by expect to find in Scripture full scientific ac- P ARE YOU MOVING? increasing practical cooperation between curacy or complete historical precision.” Let us know where you’re moving, their security agencies. The document shows how far the Catholic and we’ll make sure that you don’t Church has come since the 17th century, miss a single issue of Endtime! when Galileo was condemned as a heretic Call 1-800-Endtime or email † wORlD RElIgION wATCH † for flouting a near-universal belief in the divine inspiration of the Bible. wORlD RElIgION |China raids Christian retreat, arrests fifty wORlD RElIgION |Pope says Mary church leaders, beats some. was the ark of the Covenant. Christian pastors from twenty Chinese Pope Benedict XVI said in a recent general provinces were targeted in an October audience in St. Peter’s Square that God’s SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime endtimemagazine | November & December 2005 11
  12. 12. † COVERSTORY † “ RIVER VIEW. United Nations along the East River in Manhattan. “It was all about global governance. How is the world going to be run in the turbulent times just ahead? And who is going to run it? WAITING. Press awaits Security Council dismissal. 12 endtimemagazine | November & December 2005 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime
  13. 13. COVERSTORY …… WorldSummit 2005 The Largest Gathering of Heads of State in History by IRvIN bAXTER S ecurity was locked down world peace and harmony could be tight. Without a pre-ap- realized. proved security clear- World Summit 2005 was a follow- ance, you could not get up to the Millennium Summit 2000 within two blocks of and was designed to measure the the United Nations building in New achieved progress toward the Mil- York. No wonder! Imagine one hun- lennium Development Goals, as well dred fifty-three heads of state all as inspire new impetus toward their under one roof. It was a terrorist’s fulfillment. dream! A Coast Guard response boat was anchored in the East River wHy wAS IT SO IMPORTANT? guarding the eastern side of the UN What urgent business could influ- building. Every possible access route ence 153 national leaders out of was heavily guarded. 4,000 armed po- 191 nations on earth to leave their lice were on duty. A no-fly zone was demanding schedules to converge strictly enforced in the skies above upon the UN for three days? the UN headquarters. Even with It was all about global governance. UN-approved journalistic creden- How is the world going to be run in tials, we were subjugated to security the turbulent times just ahead, and checkpoint after security checkpoint. who is going to run it? When we say global governance, SO, wHAT wAS IT All AbOUT? what we really mean is global gov- World leaders had come together five ernment. Oh, by the way… “global” years ago at the Millennium Summit. means “world”, so what we really are Their stated purpose was to insure talking about here is world govern- that the world would live in peace ment. World Summit 2005 was one and security as it entered the twenty- more step in the relentless, determined first century. At World Summit 2000, journey toward world government. world leaders adopted the Millen- nium Declaration. It consisted of a HERE’S HOw IT wORKS set of eight goals called Millennium Everything is based on the message Development Goals (MDGs). It was that all nations are now interdepen- believed that, if these goals could be dent. Global warming, international achieved by the world community, terrorism, international disasters and SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime endtimemagazine | November & December 2005 13
  14. 14. † COVERSTORY † “6-6-6” Members of the Middle East quartet talk at a press conference during the UN World Summit, September 20, 2005. US Department of State / Michael Gross the threat of international epidemics years, the UN has been expanding its are all used to argue for the necessity of authority to intervene in the internal international law. International law re- affairs of nations, knowing all the time quires international enforcement, thus that these violations of national sover- By the year 2015, all 191 UN MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS we must have a World Court. Interna- eignty were beyond the authorizations United Nation member tional solutions to international prob- of the UN charter. The rationale for states have pledged to lems all require financing; consequent- this expansion of powers has been to meet these goals: ly, this necessitates the World Bank and accuse nations, sometimes legitimately, the International Monetary Fund. The of genocide, crimes against humanity ¨ Eradicate extreme poverty fear of international epidemics man- or war crimes. and hunger. dates the need for the World Health ¨ Achieve universal primary Organization. wORlD SUMMIT 2005 STRENgTHENED education. By now you get the picture. Block wORlD gOvERNMENT ¨ Promote gender equality by block, we have been witnessing the Although it was reported that some of and empower women. building of a complete new level of gov- the goals of the 2005 Summit were not ¨ Reduce child mortality. ernment—international government. achieved, a huge leap into world gov- ¨ Improve maternal health. Functions that have, until now, been ernment was made. Kofi Annan was ¨ Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria responsibilities of national leadership ecstatic that the nations enshrined into and other diseases. are quietly being shifted to the global the official document of the Summit ¨ Ensure environmental level. This revolution presently under- the right to intervene in the internal af- sustainability. way is called globalization. fairs of nations. The right was clearly ¨ Develop a global declared in the Outcome Document partnership for development. wHAT’S wRONg wITH THIS PROCESS? that was adopted by the Summit. The Once governmental structures are set exact text of the alarming Section 139 up at the global level, international of the document follows: Source: politicians inevitably start believing it is their responsibility to resolve conflicts 139. The international community, through among nations. The first method of the United Nations, also has the respon- conflict resolution is diplomacy, which sibility to use appropriate diplomatic, hu- Being able to use the charge of geno- most people do not object to. Howev- manitarian and other peaceful means, in ac- cide to threaten national rulers is sure er, when diplomacy fails, the next op- cordance with Chapter VI and VIII of the to keep them bowing to the whims tion is economic sanctions, which can Charter, to help protect populations from of the world community. Since the dramatically impact the well-being of a genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and charge of genocide is being broadened nation. When all else fails, military ac- crimes against humanity. In this context, we to include any supposed discrimina- tion is the choice of last resort. are prepared to take collective action, in a tion against homosexuals, it is easy to Economic sanctions and military timely and decisive manner, through the Se- see where this is heading. The UN has force are both methods of coercion curity Council, in accordance with the UN now created the International Criminal used to force nations to submit to Charter, including Chapter VII, on a case Court to try individuals, even heads of global government structures. The UN by case basis and in cooperation with rele- state, for these categories of crimes. charter provides for these courses of vant regional organizations as appropriate, So why did 153 heads of state make action. Obviously, the United Nations should peaceful means be inadequate and their ways to the UN for World Sum- was designed from the beginning to be national authorities manifestly failing to mit 2005? Because they understand we a world government. protect their populations from genocide, war are moving further and further into Until recently, however, the world crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against world government, and they wanted to governmental functions of the UN humanity. (Chapter VII of the UN Char- have a voice. were limited to settling disputes be- ter is the chapter that authorizes the use Ladies and gentlemen: It was all tween nations. Within the last ten of force against nations by the UN.) about world government! ¨ 14 endtimemagazine | November & December 2005 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime
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  18. 18. † WORLDGOVERNMENT † “In a world full of people who have no regard for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sharon’s speech evokes a stark reminder that Israel and Jerusalem continue to be priceless pawns in the war between good and evil.” FROM JERUSALEM. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon speaks to UN World Summit 2005. UN Photo / Richard Drew it’s all about Jerusalem and the temple Mount SHARON DEfENDS “ETERNAl AND UNDIvIDED CAPITAl Of ISRAEl” † KEN RAggIO | EDITOR † T he speeches droned on for capital of the State of Israel.” Messiah to come and save the day. three solid days. Every head He could have stopped there, and Have no fear. He is on His way. of state from 153 nations gone home. That single statement Endtime magazine presents the was allotted five minutes in rumbled through the audience like full text of Prime Minister Sharon’s the UN podium. Most exceeded that an aftershock. He had already made speech here for your review. In a limit. Delegates typically wandered the strongest statement that could world full of people who have no around on the General Assembly possibly be made. Any other issues regard for the God of Abraham, floor as the speeches were made, paled by comparison. It’s all about Isaac and Jacob, Sharon’s speech and whispered conversations Jerusalem. evokes a stark reminder that Israel betrayed the insinuated pomp and Talk about refugees, settlements, and Jerusalem continue to be circumstances. Many of the speeches fences, terrorists, or anything else priceless pawns in the war between were clearly being ignored. that peppers front pages around good and evil. Five minutes before he was to the world every day. But in the end, As politicians negotiate to trade step to the podium, Ariel Sharon it’s all about Jerusalem. the Promised Land for promised rose up quietly from his seat beside Jerusalem is why Yassar Arafat peace, it is important to remember his Deputy Prime Minister Shimon walked away from so many that “there is no peace, saith the Perez and his Foreign Minister negotiating tables. It is what has Lord, to the wicked” (Isaiah 48:22). Silvan Shalom and slowly traipsed frustrated every politician and Eventually, the whole world will be his way behind the stage with what negotiator that has ever entered forced to face that fact. Tensions appeared to be an arthritic limp. the fray. Israel will never surrender over Jerusalem will continue to As the preceding speaker Jerusalem, and the Palestinians will escalate until the Prince of Peace stepped away, the crowd grew never stand down until they do. The comes and resolves the conflict conspicuously quiet. Those moving United Nations wants Jerusalem. once and for all. and standing quickly went to their The Roman Catholic Church Make no mistake. Almighty God seats. Suddenly, the entire General wants Jerusalem. The Muslims swore that “in Jerusalem, …will I Assembly hall was transformed into want Jerusalem. The Jews want put my name forever” (2 Kings a huge listening ear. Jerusalem. 21:7; 2 Chronicles 33:7). Jerusalem Sharon slowly and deliberately took Who will finally get it? is destined to be the capital of the his place in the podium, shuffling Jesus Christ will. And there will coming kingdom of Jesus Christ. his notes for a moment. “I arrived be no lasting peace there until He “He that shall come will come, and here from Jerusalem, the capital of comes. So when you “pray for the will not tarry” (Hebrews 10:37). the Jewish people for over 3,000 peace of Jerusalem,” as admonished Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. years and the undivided and eternal in Psalm 122:6, you are praying for 18 endtimemagazine | November & December 2005 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime