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Un constitutional real id mar-apr 2008


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Published in: Spiritual, News & Politics
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Un constitutional real id mar-apr 2008

  2. 2. MARCH - APRIL 2008 I VOL 18 I NO 2 F EAT U RES PAGE 10 Real ID is Unconstitutional PAGE 20 Irvin Baxter National ID Cards Won’t Stop Terrorism or Illegal Immigration Dr. Ron Paul PAGE 16 RFID: The Great Wolf Craig Treadwell PAGE 24 A Second Opinion Linda Sargent - Attorney at Law PAGE 28 Real Rebellion Needed: Dump the Real ID Act Tom Deweese and Kathy Lehman DE PA RTME N TS 04 EDITORIAL 06 WORLD REVIEW 08 LETTERS AND FEEDBACK 22 PROPHECY CONFERENCES 23 POLITICS AND RELIGION RADIO 31 SHOP ENDTIME Cover photo by David Dees Illustrations SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I March - April 2008 3
  3. 3. Editorial Irvin Baxter Jr. - Editior-in-Chief M A G A Z I N E EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & CEO Irvin Baxter, Jr. Is the Real ID The Mark MANAGING EDITOR Craig Treadwell EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Ginger Boerkircher of the Beast? Gail Simmons Dana Grohman Candace Mendoza PARTNER RELATIONS Jana Robbins CONFERENCE DIRECTOR Kara McPeak INTERNET According to scripture, a person will be forced to David Novick DESIGN & LAYOUT Simeon Young Jr. “worship the beast” (the Antichrist) in order to re- STATEMENT OF FAITH We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of ceive his number or mark that he needs for par- God, that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and that He will come again to establish a kingdom that shall never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44). Those who are born again (John 3:3-5). ticipation in the economy. Apparently there will be will have eternal life and rule as kings and priests with Christ forever. WHAT IS ENDTIME? some form of oath of allegiance or some pledge of In 1968, Irvin Baxter jr. discovered the United States and other modern nations in the Bible. He also found the Berlin Wall in the Bible and loyalty to the Antichrist and his world governmen- that one day it was to be torn down, re-uniting Germany, and that event would be the cata- lyst to spark an international movement called the “New World Order.” These things have now tal system as a condition for a person to receive come to pass. Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal minister, began Endtime Ministries in 1986 when he wrote A Message For The President, a book explaining the major prophecies of the the mark of the beast. The reason taking the mark Bible which he had been teaching since 1968. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfill- ment accelerated rapidly. The decision was will result in eternal damnation will be the act of made to launch Endtime magazine. The pur- pose of the magazine is to explain the prophe- cies of the Bible and to show that they are now being fulfilled in intricate detail. Articles focus “worshiping the Antichrist” or pledging allegiance on the soon return of Jesus Christ, the truth of the Bible, and the need for salvation. Endtime does not deal with doctrinal controversies, as valid as they may be. This will be left to other to his one-world government. publications. ENDTIME is published bi-monthly by Endtime Inc., 2701 E he Bible prophesies a time when mark of the beast—he will be eternally T George Bush Turnpike, Plano, TX 75074. Subscription price is $29 for 12 issues. Copyright 2008 Endtime, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written every person will be required to damned (Revelation 13:15-18, 14:9-11). permission is prohibited. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Endtime, P Box 940729, Plano, TX 75094- .O. have a mark or a number in order to The implementation of the Real ID Act 0729. For subscriptions call 24 hrs/day, 7days/week 1-800- buy or sell. If a person accepts this mark or will begin on May 11, 2008. The Real ID Endtime. Other inquiries call 1-972-530-0100 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central). number—referred to in scripture as the Act alters the requirements for state-issued 4 March - April 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  4. 4. drivers’ licenses and ID cards, turning tional IDs for a long time. This can’t be don’t need revision. We need to throw this them into national ID cards. This new na- true since you can’t take the mark of the law on the scrapheap of history once and tional ID containing each individual’s beast until the Antichrist takes power for all! We need to simply say no to this na- number (social security number) and digi- three and one-half years before Armaged- tional ID scheme. Not now! Not ever! tal facial scan will be required for all check- don (Revelation 13:5). points requiring a federal ID. This will According to scripture, a person will be What if the national ID is not defeated? include boarding of airplanes and entering forced to “worship the beast” (the An- We know that most nations on earth will federal buildings. It’s also been projected tichrist) in order to receive his number or eventually live under the horrible power of that the national ID card will be required mark that he needs for participation in the the mark of the beast. What should people for having a bank account or holding a job. economy. Apparently there will be some living in these countries do? In the Immigration Bill of 2006, Home- form of oath of allegiance or some pledge It will be critical for Christians to under- land Security attempted to require this of loyalty to the Antichrist and his world stand the prophecies about the mark of the card for any person seeking or holding a governmental system as a condition for a beast so well that they will know when to job in America. The section of the bill was person to receive the mark of the beast. exit the system—even if it cost them every- titled: Employment Eligibility Verification. The reason taking the mark will result in thing they own and perhaps even their Thankfully, it was defeated. If it had eternal damnation will be the act of “wor- lives. The scriptures tell us that many will passed, Americans would not be able to shiping the Antichrist” or pledging alle- be killed in the religious persecution that buy or sell without their numbers and their giance to his one-world government. lies just ahead during the three and one- national ID cards—since without a job you A law quite similar to Real ID was en- half years called the great tribulation. have nothing to buy or sell with. acted almost 2,000 years ago at the time of The great tribulation will begin when Once you receive your national ID card, the birth of Jesus Christ. Caesar Augustus, the world leader referred to as the beast or your information, including your number the head of the Roman world government the Antichrist in scripture, stands on the and digital photo, will be entered into the of that time, made a decree that all the peo- Temple Mount in Jerusalem claiming to be state BMV database. Now here’s where it ple of the world must return to the land of the ultimate authority there. During the gets good! The state BMV database must their birth for a census and for taxation. next three and one-half years, the mark of then be linked to the databases of the other Joseph and Mary cooperated with this gov- the beast will be implemented. 49 states of the U.S. thus creating a na- ernmental edict, resulting in Jesus being No one should ever pledge allegiance to tional database of every person in Amer- born in Bethlehem just as the prophets had any world government. We should not ica. prophesied (Micah 5:2). Did Joseph and promise to obey a global ethic or to respect Mary do wrong by cooperating with the religions that we know are false. Any So…Is the Real ID the mark of the beast? registration plan of the Roman emperor? promise required of us in order to partici- Because the Bible clearly teaches that tak- Obviously not. pate in the economy should be refused. ing the mark of the beast will result in eter- So, let’s consider the question once The numbering of the people of the nal damnation, many have been very again. Is the Real ID the mark of the beast? world that is now being implemented has fearful about accepting the national ID No, it is not. one purpose—CONTROL. Control and card…and justifiably so! This brings us to But…is it the mechanism that will soon freedom are opposites. The ultimate form a question that has been on all of our be used to implement the mark of the of control is to mandate what we are per- minds. Is the Real ID the mark of the beast? Absolutely! 186 Nations out of the mitted to believe. beast? 192 presently on earth will have national Already in Germany, home schooling Having a national ID card forced upon ID systems, which will assign numbers to has been outlawed because the state wants us is un-American and unconstitutional. each of their citizens, operable by 2010. total control over how people think. Re- Therefore Americans should certainly re- The world is obviously preparing for the cently in California, a judge ruled against sist this totalitarian grab for control over mark of the beast RIGHT NOW! parents being able to home school their us all. We should do everything within our children. power to see that this socialistic law is re- What should we do? Is the national ID the mark of the beast? pealed. Since we know that the national ID system Not yet. Is it the mechanism that will some But, is a national ID the mark of the beast? If it is, then many people around the will soon become the mark of the beast, we should do everything within our power to e day become the mark of the beast? Ab- solutely! world have received the mark of the beast see the Real ID Act repealed. Some have years ago, since many nations have had na- suggested revising the Real ID Act. We SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I March - April 2008 5
  5. 5. WORLD REVIEW BY GINGER BOERKIRCHER 6th Trumpet Watch 4 arrests in China spy cases numbers. The agencies must retain these Chinese hackers: No site is safe A Pentagon official and three other per- copies in electronic storage in a transfer- Young hard-core Chinese hackers claim to sons have been arrested by Federal agents able format for 10 years. Requiring states have gained access to the world's most sen- in a nationwide sweep of Chinese espi- to maintain databases of foundational sitive sites, including the Pentagon. They onage agents. Senior U.S. officials say the identity documents will create an incredi- say they are sometimes paid secretly by the spy cases highlight the national security bly attractive target to criminal organiza- Chinese government. “There are Web sites threat posed by Beijing. The secrets com- tions, hackers and other wrongdoers. with high-level security, but there is always promised include military communications a weakness," says the leader of the group. technology, arms sales and corporate trade Why Electronic Employment Some Western experts call them a civilian secrets related to the space shuttle. Verification Is a Bad Idea cyber militia in China. U.S. officials are Electronic Employment Verification or being very cautious not to directly accuse EU Watch EEV is a plan to create a big federal data- the Chinese military or its government of EU treaty adoption puts France 'back in base of everyone eligible to work. A poten- hacking into its network. Europe': Sarkozy tial employer couldn’t give you a job until France adopted the European Union's new you are “cleared to work” by the Feds. Petraeus: Al Qaida trying to 'come back in' reform treaty. Three years ago, rebellious This is one more step to placing personal — 'We can feel it' French voters shot down the EU's ill-fated privacy and freedom in harms way! U.S. military officials are saying there will constitution in a referendum. Both French be no reduction in coalition troops in the houses of parliament voted resoundingly in States say no (and yes) to Real ID before Baghdad area as part of an effort to stop favor of the treaty, which was signed in Lis- May deadline the Al Qaida offensive in northern Iraq. bon in December. Several states who have publicly assured Military commander Gen. David Petraeus privacy-conscious voters that they stead- said "Al Qaida is trying to come back in." Lisbon treaty takes Europe into fastly oppose Real ID's requirements are 21st century quietly asking the Bush administration for Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat At the signing of the new EU treaty, leaders more time to comply. The Oklahoma legis- to the West from each of the 27 member countries put lature said it would not participate in the At his last press conference as Russian pen to treaty paper to take Europe into the implementation of the Real ID Act, but president, Vladimir Putin gave his most 21st century. The ceremony took place in Oklahoma's DMV asked the U.S. Depart- menacing threat to the West. He repeated the Jeronimo monastery in Lisbon. It is ment of Homeland Security for an exten- threats to train nuclear missiles on Europe hoped that the new treaty will be in force sion. By asking for the extension, state's and warned of retaliation if Kosovo de- by the next European elections in June licenses will continue to be accepted at air- clared independence. Mr. Putin also said 2009. ports and federal buildings through De- that Europe would pay consequences for a cember 31, 2009. Washington-backed plan to erect a missile EU treaty clears House of Commons shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. The EU's Lisbon Treaty cleared the House Senate OKs bill to extend eavesdropping "Our generals and our security council, of Commons with a vote of 346 to 206. It The Senate has approved new rules for consider these moves a threat to our na- will now go on to the House of Lords. government eavesdropping on phone calls tional security," he said. Hague and the Conservatives have urged and e-mails, which will grant legal immu- members of the House of Lords to back a nity to telecommunications companies Kosovo Declares Independence referendum, and if they do, the bill would that helped in the snooping after the Sept. From Serbia return to the House of Commons for an- 11 terrorist attacks. The bill is to give Kosovo's parliament declared the territory other vote. retroactive protection to companies that a nation. President Bush said the U.S. acted without court permission. President would work to prevent violence after the Mark of the Beast Watch Bush said that it is essential for the private declaration. Most of Kosovo's 2 million Privacy advocates object to ID effort sector is to give the government the help it people are secular Muslims, and they see A requirement of the REAL ID Act is that needs. no reason to stay joined to the rest of state agencies issuing driver's licenses Christian Orthodox Serbia. Serbian Presi- must capture digital images of driver iden- Religious minorities face Real ID dent Boris Tadic declared the proclamation tification documents such as birth certifi- crackdown "unilateral and illegal." cates, passports or Social Security After the state of Nebraska rejected her re- 6 March - April 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  6. 6. quest for a license-without-a-photograph Bank. The plan is being floated among Eu- was not submitted to Congress for ap- in the mid-1980s, Frances Quaring sued ropean countries, which could be asked to proval, and it received virtually no atten- the state in a landmark case that ended up contribute troops. Third-party troops in tion in the American media. The military at the U.S. Supreme Court. She won, with the West Bank would secure the area in the Civil Assistance Plan can be seen as a fur- the justices agreeing that preserving her interim period following an Israeli with- ther incremental step toward creating a freedom of religion outweighed the state's drawal and before the Palestinian Author- North American armed forces. interest. About a dozen states now offer re- ity can take over full security control. ligious exceptions for driver's licenses, but World Religion because of the Real ID Act, residents of World Government Pope Benedict XVI appeals for dialogue those states who have pictureless licenses China pleased at failed Taiwan UN vote and tolerance in Tibet could expect problems. Though China didn’t comment on the Pope Benedict XVI has appealed for toler- landslide win by opposition candidate Ma ance and dialogue between Chinese and Ti- FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo Ying-jeou in Taiwan’s recent election, it betans. Benedict has made the mapping has welcomed the failure of a referendum improvement of the Holy See's often-tense The FBI is gearing up to create a massive for UN membership. Electors were asked relations with China a priority of his pa- computer database of people's physical whether they supported Taiwan seeking pacy. The pope wants to restore diplomatic characteristics. The bureau wants to com- UN membership in its own name. The relations between the Vatican and Beijing, pare palm prints, scars and tattoos, iris eye proposition failed to meet the required 50 which were broken off in 1951. patterns, and facial shapes for more posi- per cent voter participation rate. China tive identification. The FBI has already says this shows that Taiwan's people do not Parents urged to boycott homosexual in- begun collecting images of palm prints as support those who promote independence. doctrination well as mug shots and pictures of scars and On April 25, a "Day of Silence," is being tattoos. All of the biometric data is being Welcoming remarks to the Model United sponsored in public schools across the na- stored on computers in a 30-feet under- Nations Conference tion. "'Day of Silence' is about coercing stu- ground facility. “This had started out being UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wel- dents to repudiate traditional morality, and a program to track or identify criminals," comed what he called “tomorrow’s leaders it's time for Christian parents to draw the said Barry Steinhardt of the UCLA. Now to today’s United Nations” at the opening line,” says Buddy Smith of the American we're talking about large swaths of the pop- of the 2008 NAIMUN Conference, or the Family Association. The "Day of Silence" ulation. Eventually, it's going to be every- North American Invitational Model United promotion is intended to make students body. Nations. He said he was heartened to see "aware" of the "discrimination" suffered by such a large and enthusiastic group of homosexuals in society, by having students Middle East Watch young adults engaged in global issues. The remain silent for the day. Jordanian king calls for U.S. help conference is an annual four-day confer- Jordan's King Abdullah II is warning that ence for high school students in which they Vatican and Muslims prepare to meet unless a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian simulate roles as delegates to the UN. with Pope agreement is reached during the Bush ad- Muslim representatives and Vatican offi- ministration, the chances for a lasting Mid- Weather Channel Founder Blasts Net- cials have begun talks that they hope will dle East peace could be "set back, perhaps work; Claims It Is 'Telling Us What to lead to an unprecedented Catholic-Islamic for decades." "We are in the best possible Think' meeting. Catholic-Muslim relations nose- position to resolve 60 years of conflict be- John Coleman, founder of the channel, dived in 2006 after Pope Benedict deliv- tween Israel and Palestine," Abdullah said. says the channel has lost its way. “The ered a lecture that implied that Islam was Weather Channel had great promise, and violent and irrational. Benedict has repeat- Abbas: Peace in 2008 or never that’s all gone now,” says Coleman. The edly expressed regret for the reaction to his Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Weather Channel has been an outlet for speech, but has stopped short of a clear Abbas urged the U.S. to make good on its global warming alarmism. Coleman advo- apology sought by Muslims. promise to work for a Middle East peace cated suing those who sell carbon credits, settlement by the end of this year. Abbas which would force global warming Iran urges religious co-op with Vatican warned that if the Bush administration alarmists to give a more honest account of During a meeting with the newly-ap- didn't make good on its pledge to "make the policies they propose. pointed Vatican ambassador to Tehran, the 2008 the year to broker peace, there will Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr never be any future chances to achieve this N. American Army created without OK by Mottaki extended an official invitation to goal." Congress Vatican City's foreign minister to visit Iran. The United States and Canada just signed The Vatican's ambassador to Tehran wel- Israel, US discuss deploying NATO troops a military agreement that will allow the comed the idea of a joint negotiation com- in West Bank The United States is reviewing the feasibil- armed forces from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during e mission and submitted his credentials to the Iranian foreign minister. ity of deploying a NATO force in the West a domestic civil emergency. The agreement SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I March - April 2008 7
  7. 7. LETTERS & FEEDBACK Q: In Matthew 24:20, Jesus said, “But pray descriptions are the same. I believe there is you think that, with an executive order, he ye that your flight be not in the winter, nei- one Babylon in Revelation. Chapter 17 would be able to suspend the elections in ther on the Sabbath day. For then shall be says that Mystery Babylon is a city; pre- order to carry out his own agenda regard- great tribulation, such as was not since the sides over an international system; the city ing the Mideast situations? Or maybe at beginning of the world to this time, no, nor is the city of seven hills; she is dressed in least postpone the entry of the newly shall be.” If the Sabbath day does not hold red and purple; has been drunken with the elected president in January 2009? Now any significance why would Jesus himself blood of the martyrs of Jesus; and has there's a scary thought. mention it during the time of tribulation? many daughters. There is only one place on —Thanks, Jenny –—Sincerely, John earth that fulfills all of these descriptions. It is Rome, the City of Seven Hills. Reply: There has never been a suspension Reply: For the same reason He mentions of elections since the United States was the winter. It’s not a sin to travel during Q: After hearing about the national ID born. Many patriots would be highly dis- the winter, but it will be more difficult. It is card and RFID chips which will allow turbed if such a move were attempted, and not a sin to travel on the Sabbath, but it people to board airplanes without going it might even ignite a revolution. However, will be more difficult. We know that the through a second search and seeing how anything is possible. This particular use of disciples picked corn on the Sabbath and this plays into the future for controlling executive order has never been tested. I were justified by Jesus. We know that Jesus what people can or cannot do, would you would be extremely surprised if it hap- acknowledged that if an ass or an ox fell say that a person should not work for pened, at least at this time. into a ditch on the Sabbath, it was consid- Homeland Security as a TSA or any other ered all right to go pull it out. If that were capacity? I have applied for a TSA job, Q: Praise the Lord. What publication do justified, then running for you life at the and because jobs are very scarce here, you have that explains Revelation chapter time of the abomination of desolation this would be financially good for me. 7? Is there something I can access on your would certainly not be sinful. Jesus didn’t However, I don't want to be part of an or- website? tell them not to flee on the Sabbath. He ganization that would do Satan's work. —Thank you, Kym told them to pray that the day they were —Thank you. L. Rosero forced to flee did not fall on the Sabbath. Reply: Our Revelation Commentary ex- Reply: The national ID is not yet the plains every chapter of the book of Revela- Q: I have recently read parts of Ronald mark of the beast, even though it is the tion. It can be viewed on our website. Weinland’s books – do you believe he is mechanism that will be used to imple- one of the endtime witnesses as he states? ment the mark of the beast when the An- Q: Does getting a drivers license that com- -—Thank you, Claudia tichrist comes to power. Having a job as a plies with the Real ID Act constitute receiv- baggage handler, an airline clerk or a TSA ing the mark of the beast? New York State Reply: I don’t know who the two witnesses person would not within itself be inher- will have three licenses and the one that is are, but when people openly claim to be ently evil. However, if the national ID is not acceptable for federal ID purposes sup- one of them, I have serious doubts. Both not repealed, a time will probably come posedly won't have an RFID chip. This is the John the Baptist and Jesus concealed their that you might need to disassociate your- one, if any, I would consider using. I am a true identities from all but their inner circle. self from TSA. In the meantime, you may Christian and need to know where to draw find yourself in a position to inform God’s the line. Thank you for this valuable infor- Q: Are two different Babylons represented people as developments move us closer mation. in Revelation? and closer to the mark of the beast. Be very —Lauren —Thank you, Tom prayerful, and ask God to guide you. Reply: Although national IDs will ultimately Reply: Tom, I know this theory has been Q: I have been thinking about our presi- become the mechanism for implementation taught, but I see no foundation for it. If we dent's authority to do what is called “exec- of the mark of the beast, they are not the compare each mention of Babylon or Mys- utive order”...and I am not exactly sure mark of the beast at present. See the edito- tery Babylon in the book of Revelation, the how far this special authority reaches. Do rial in this issue for a fuller explanation. 8 March - April 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  8. 8. Q: I live in Indonesia. A few years back, to Spiritual Growth series and prophecy on to say that he will make war with the some one told me that the Antichrist teaching. However, I never hear it referred saints and overcome them. Revelation 12:4- would possibly be Islamic. What do you to this way, but only as a means by most 6 states that the devil will make war against think about this? And what are the roles of pastors to get people to sit on a pew three the woman (Israel) for 1260 days (three and Islam in the end of time? times a week without fail. This, to me, one-half years). Revelation 12:1-2 and —Thanks, Adi minimizes this passage of scripture. I sure Daniel 12:7 teach the exact same thing. The would appreciate a comment regarding this prophesied last-day dictator is called several Reply: Many people are speculating that interpretation of Hebrews 10:25, in a names in scripture. He is referred to as the the Antichrist will be Muslim. I don’t fore- prophetic way. beast, the man of sin, the son of perdition, see that happening. The Antichrist will —Thank you, Pamela the little horn, and that wicked one. Most come out of the reborn Holy Roman Em- commonly today, he is referred to as the An- pire, which is happening in Europe right Reply: The possibility that Hebrews 10:25 tichrist. 1 John 2:18 says: “Little children, now. The Holy Roman Empire has always could refer to the “above gathering” or the it is the last time: and as ye have heard that consisted of a political leader from Europe rapture is interesting. I checked thirteen antichrist shall come, even now are there in coalition with the pope from Italy. I see different translations, and they all rendered many antichrists; whereby we know that it no reason to believe it won’t happen the this passage as referring to believers com- is the last time.” Notice that John said that same way this time. I can’t foresee a Mus- ing together for worship. However, if we “antichrist” singular will come—referring to lim becoming the head of a united Europe. are as devoted as we should be, the gather- the last-day Antichrist. We know the Bible prophesies a war that ing together will be something we want to will kill one-third of the world’s popula- do, not something we feel obligated to do. Q: Do you believe that the Jesuits repre- tion. Islam will never blend into the In the early church, they were “daily” in sent the New World Order? The Superior planned New World Order. Consequently, I the temple. We’ll know we have returned General's (Black Pope) is supposed to re- believe the powers that be will launch a to apostolic revival when the church is in tire in 2008. If the confirmation of the full-scale attack against Islam soon. Most business seven days a week. covenant does happen, wow! Consider all of Islam will be wiped out, allowing the that they've done throughout history: center of world power to swing to Europe Q: Where can I find a Scripture(s) that They control the Federal Reserve Bank and the Holy Roman Empire as prophe- states that there will be three and one half (buying and selling), all our intelligence sied. years of tribulation in the last days? Where agencies, and run the Roman Catholic can I find it stated that there will be a last- Church. —Anonymous Q: A question has arisen while listening day Antichrist? I have only found the fol- to our newly purchased (thank you!) ETU lowing references to the Antichrist: 1 John Reply: Scripture is clear that the Roman Keys to Spiritual Growth series regarding 2:18, 22; 4:3 and 2 John 1:7. Nothing is Church will be in alliance with the world Hebrews 10:25, which seemingly is used said about an "endtime Antichrist" arising government of the endtime. That is shown only to deal with regular church atten- in the Middle East or some such thing. by the Church being on the back of the dance. While keeping in mind that wor- Isn't this an example of putting the popular world government beast in Revelation 17. ship/fellowship with like-minded believers teaching ahead of Bible truth? The fact is Since the Jesuit Order is one of the most and that the Church is people, not a build- that Antichrist has been with us for the last powerful orders of the Roman Catholic ing, and realizing the need for gathering to- 1470 years. Church, the Jesuits will definitely be key gether for such, I wonder why I never have —Thank you, Milton participants in the New World Order. heard this verse used regarding prophecy? You are aware I am sure that the Greek Reply: There are many scriptures that Comment: I saw your program 2 Billion to word for “the assembling” used in He- specifically say the tribulation will last for Die, and noticed Aaron Russo said brews 10:25 is episunagogue. “Epi” is a three and one-half years. Daniel 7:25 says Nicholas Rockefeller claimed there is a prefix meaning “above”. As a person that the “little horn” (the Antichrist) will plan to give everybody an RFID Chip in trained in medical terminology, I use it all make war against the saints for time, times the hand!! I also know this is true, from a the time in such words as epidural (above and half a time. This is three and one-half You Tube clip that was made by an atheist. dura), epigastric (above stomach area). years. We know this because Revelation —Thank you, Mr. Sullivan The meaning of the word episunagogue ac- 13:5 says that power was given to the beast tually refers to the “above gathering” (the Antichrist) to continue 42 months which very much complements your Keys (three and one-half years). Verse seven goes SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I March - April 2008 9
  9. 9. Real ID is Unconstitutional IRVIN BAXTER JR. 10 March - April 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  10. 10. The Real ID Act is clearly unconstitutional for at least four reasons: 1. It is blatant in its disregard for constitutional guarantees of privacy. 2. The Real ID runs roughshod over states’ rights, violating 10th Amendment guarantees. 3. It forces millions of Americans to violate their religious beliefs. 4. It places conditions on the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Privacy–4th Amendment These objections sound reassuring. The The 4th Amendment states: The right of problem is, they are all blatantly false! Let’s the people to be secure in their persons, examine them one by one. houses, papers, and effects, against unrea- The Real ID card is not a national ID card sonable searches and seizures, shall not be Let’s keep this real simple. Question #1: violated. Is this an ID card? Everyone, including Mr. In 1999, Scott McNealy, the chief exec- Chertoff, would say yes, of course. Ques- utive officer of Sun Microsystems, told a tion #2: Was this created by a city law, a group of reporters and analysts, “You have state law or a national law? Well, by a na- zero privacy anyway. Get over it.” With tional law, obviously. this one flippant statement, McNealy was Then it is a national ID card! It’s as sim- willing to forever flush the constitution’s ple as that. No double talk; no deceit; just protections against government “snooper- the truth. The Real ID card is a national ID vision.” card! Homeland Security Secretary Michael There will be no national database created Chertoff is obviously willing to do the The simplest among us understand that same. The Real ID Act mandates that when the databases of all 50 states are Americans must give a picture of their linked, as the Real ID Act mandates, you birth certificates, social security cards, and have just created a national database. The a digitized picture of their faces for the pur- entire justification for the linking of all pose of biometric identification—all re- databases is so that the DMVs of each quired to obtain their national ID cards. state can access the records of the other 49 All of this information must then be en- states. tered into the database of the state’s Bu- But Homeland Security says, “Trust us. reau of Motor Vehicles. This database then We would never access such a database.” must be linked to the databases of the They say this at the very same time they other 49 states, creating a national data- are fighting tooth and nail for unwarranted base containing the records of every Amer- surveillance of phone calls, emails, and In- ican. This national database would then be ternet activity. Sorry. We don’t believe you. available for exercising control over the ac- Furthermore, we have a confession from tivities of every citizen. Homeland Security itself that its ultimate At this point, Mr. Chertoff would vigor- goal is the establishment of a national ously object on several points, as he has database. In Section 707 (B) of the 2007 done: 1. Real ID is not a national ID card, Immigration Bill, a national database is he would say. 2. There will not be a na- called for. Here’s the quote: “The creation tional database created. 3. There is no way of a unified database to be maintained by that Homeland Security intends to use the Department of Homeland Security and Real ID to control people. Our only pur- comprised of data from the Social Security pose is to keep them secure. Administration and the Department of SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I March - April 2008 11
  11. 11. Homeland Security…” This section was ti- Homeland Security the power to approve come when people worldwide will be tled Employment Eligibility Verification or deny the right to make a living. (See forced to receive a mark or a number with- and was authored by Homeland Security Section 707 A, B & C titled Employment out which they will be unable to buy or itself. Thankfully, it went down to de- Eligibility and Verification.) sell. It’s called the mark of the beast. feat…but they certainly tried, didn’t they? No control? That is the ultimate con- The prophecy is recorded in Revelation And they are still trying. trol! 13:15-18. It describes a time when a sys- tem of world government will be estab- Real ID and its database will not be used Real ID card will be a tracking device lished on earth. (ie. Globalization, World to control people The Real ID Act calls for the national ID Bank, World Trade Organization, World If a person refuses to have a national ID card to be machine-readable. This means it Health Organization, World Court, World card, he or she will not be able to drive a could be swiped at the security lines at the Community, International Monetary Fund, airport, to enter a federal building, to pur- etc.) Conformity and obedience to this chase groceries, when applying for a job, to world government will be enforced by giv- Homeland Security Act of 2002: open a bank account, to enter a federal ing every person a number or a mark. SEC. 1514. NATIONAL IDENTIFICA- building…well, you get the picture. Every Without this number, the person will not time you swipe your card, another record is be able to buy or sell. In order to get this TION SYSTEM NOT AUTHORIZED. created. Soon, each of us will be tracked 24 number, mark or ID card, a person will be Nothing in this Act shall be con- hours a day, seven days a week. required to submit to the edicts of the Privacy? Get over it! world government system. strued to authorize the develop- The Real ID is the perfect mechanism ment of a national identification States’ rights–10th Amendment for implementing such a system. And, by The 10th Amendment states: The powers the way, nations all over the world are system or card. not delegated to the United States by the moving to set up national ID systems right Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the now. Out of 192 nations on earth, 186 of car, since the states will force compliance States, are reserved to the States respec- them will have a national ID system in op- to Real ID in order to get your driver’s li- tively, or to the people. eration by 2010. I’m sure that all the na- cense. The person will not be able to board The federal government of the United tions moving to do this at the very same an airplane, enter a federal building where States is not given the power to issue driv- time is merely coincidental…don’t you ID is required, open a bank account, or ers’ licenses or to regulate the issuance think? hold a job (if Homeland Security has its thereof. This power has always resided in Economic sanction is the favorite tool way). the states. The Real ID Act mandates how of control for those who believe in world The Immigration Bill mandated that drivers’ licenses are to be issued and how government. When the United Nations every person be required to have a national they must be designed. It is clearly uncon- wants to force a nation to obey its edicts, it ID card in order to obtain or hold a job in stitutional! levies economic sanctions against that na- America. Each employer would have been tion. Member nations of the UN are ex- required to swipe the individual’s ID card Freedom of religion–1st Amendment pected to not buy from or sell to the through a card-reading mechanism that Millions of Americans are presently very offending nation until it bows the knee in would have checked with Homeland Secu- disturbed by what the federal government compliance to the resolutions of the UN rity’s database for permission to employ. is attempting to force them to do. There is Security Council. This power is presently This would have placed into the hands of a prophecy in the Bible that a time will being used against the nation of Iran in an 12 March - April 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  12. 12. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of Control=End of freedom e attempt to force it to suspend its nuclear enrichment program. happiness Will you trade freedom for security? The Bible prophesies economic sanc- According to the preamble to our Declara- tions against the individual for the times tion of Independence, all men are endowed just ahead. That’s exactly what national by their creator with certain inalienable IDs make possible. A person’s identifica- rights. One of them is the right to life. Do Wisdom from New Hampshire tion number is what enables governmental we have the right to life if the government control. An ID number in a national data- has the power to deny us the right to make base places the individual under the power a living? The “Live free or die” state from of the government. When the government Can we claim liberty when we are con- can control whether you drive, fly or hold tinually monitored and controlled by a na- NH House Bill 685: ‘The general a job, freedom is over! tional ID and tracked by surveillance court finds that the public policy A TIME/CNN poll found that 59% of cameras? Remember, control and liberty Americans believe the prophecies of the are opposite terms. You can have one or established by Congress in the book of Revelation will come true. Presi- the other, but you can’t have both. dent Reagan was a student of Revelation How can we possibly be happy when we Real ID Act of 2005, Public Law and wondered if we might not be the gen- can feel the electronic handcuffs of govern- eration that would see Armageddon. mental supervision being snapped around 109-13, is contrary and repug- According to scripture, all who take the our wrists? The government must never be nant to Articles 1 through 10 of mark of the beast will be punished by eter- handed the power to enslave us! The rights nal damnation. As we have demonstrated to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness the New Hampshire constitution above, Homeland Security intends to re- are inalienable! quire the Real ID for obtaining or holding There’s a reason why our forefathers as well as Amendments 4 a job in America. How much buying or have refused to implement a national ID selling will we be able to do without a job? for 230 years. It’s the same reason we though 10 of the Constitution for Though the national ID may not be the should refuse it now! the United States of America. mark of the beast today, it is obviously the No national ID today! No national ID mechanism whereby the mark of the beast ever! Therefore, the state of New will ultimately be implemented. Should 59% of Americans be put through the “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be Hampshire shall not participate trauma of having to choose between a sys- purchased at the price of chains and slav- tem that they believe is destined to become ery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not in any driver’s license program the mark of the beast or being unable to what course others may take; but as for pursuant to the Real ID Act of feed their families? It should never happen me, give me liberty or give me death!” in the land of the free and the home of the —Patrick Henry 2005 or in any national identifi- brave! Remember—“Congress shall make no NOTE TO THE U.S. CONGRESS: cation card system that may fol- law respecting an establishment of religion, Please do not revise the Real ID Act. or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Please, in the name of Almighty God, re- low therefrom.’” peal it completely and permanently! SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I March - April 2008 13
  13. 13. Save America from the National ID National Day of Prayer and Fasting Against Real ID MAY 21, 2008 T H E N AT I O N A L I D W I L L U LT I M AT E L Y B E C O M E T H E P R O P H E S I E D “ M A R K O F T H E B E A S T ” U N L E S S I T ’ S R E P E A L E D. Plan of Action Endtime Ministries will send a press release announcing the National Day of Prayer and Fasting to many media outlets. Irvin Baxter and Endtime staff will be available to appear on major talk shows in order to educate concerning the national ID. For media inquiries, please contact: Kara McPeak: 1.800.363.8463, ext. 223 or 765.977.7439 or Endtime will send copies of this magazine to U.S. senators, congressmen, and governors. If funds allow, we will also mail to state senators and congressmen. (Please contribute to this effort!) • Contact your U.S. and state senators and congressmen. • Join the National Day of Prayer and Fasting Against the Real ID on May 21st. • Order additional copies of this magazine for distribution to your church, office, factory, neighborhood, friends, mailing list, or simply distribute them around town. Please fill out form below and mail to: Endtime, 2701 E. George Bush Turnpike, Plano, TX 75074 or Fax: (972) 423-4370 -------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I want to donate $__________ toward reaching every lawmaker in America with this issue of Endtime magazine. I want to help spread the word to friends and family. ____Please send 100 copies of this magazine Price: $100 ____Please send 50 copies of this magazine Price: $ 62.50 ____Please send 25 copies of this magazine Price: $ 37.50 ____Please send 10 copies of this magazine Price: $ 15.00 Individual copies 0-49: 1.50 each Individual copies 50-99: 1.25 each Individual copies 100+: 1.00 each *Shipping and Handling not included Name on Card _____________________________________________________________ Card # __ __ __ __ / __ __ __ __ / __ __ __ __ / __ __ __ __ Exp. Date __ __ / __ __ __ Master Card __ Visa __ Discover __ American Express Signature _________________________________________Phone (____) ____ - _______
  14. 14. - Receive the new Mideast Peace Treaty DVD FREE when you sign up to be a monthly partner. CALL 1-800 ENDTIME FOR DETAILS
  15. 15. RFID: The Great Wolf CRAIG TREADWELL 16 March - April 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  16. 16. After an enjoyable walk throughout the huge lobby, I happened upon an enticing high-tech instructional video. As I observed, it quickly dawned on me it was promoting their system of RFID tagging of guests. It explained the ease, comfort, and beauty of RFID registration for the water park. Resort staff equips guests with programmed RFID wrist bands. Guests are then able to come and go at their leisure, pay for all the various adventures and food, while the hotel is able to manage guest activity. t was such a lovely Sunday after- and suites with miniature log cabins serv- park. Resort staff equips guests with pro- I noon as a pastor friend that I was ing as bunks for the kids. The most ex- grammed RFID wrist bands. Guests are speaking for that day told me about traordinary attraction is the elaborately then able to come and go at their leisure, a new resort hotel in the Dallas area monstrous indoor water park and wave pay for all the various adventures and food, called “The Great Wolf Lodge.” pool – containing the Howlin' Tornado, while the hotel is able to manage guest ac- After a bite to eat, we stopped by just to which is a six-story extreme tube ride that tivity. check it out. drops 30 feet per second. From the giant It was a jolt of reality, yet not a total sur- Even before entering the building, we glass wall in the lobby of the hotel, guests prise. This is the direction of the 21st cen- were stricken with a sense of awe as mas- can observe the exciting activity as chil- tury. Call it the boiled frog syndrome or sive wolf statues greeted us at the en- dren and adults alike race down the water the drooling mouth of the Great Wolf, trance. The lodge was streaming with slides. RFID is rapidly becoming the norm in a activity in the woodsy atmosphere de- The Great Wolf staff thought of just surveillance society. signed to imitate the out of doors, where about everything to make for a pleasant ex- wolves are comfortable. The designers perience, including convenience. Tracking invasion have skillfully crafted a setting in which no After an enjoyable walk throughout the It seems like RFID is everywhere. It does- guest should ever get bored. It was obvi- huge lobby, I happened upon an enticing n’t stand alone, but constantly runs like a ous they brilliantly designed the atmos- high-tech instructional video. As I ob- pack of wolves on the hunt for new terri- phere to cater to a wide variety of travelers served, it quickly dawned on me it was pro- tory. It has established its camp on many who appreciate the outdoors. The long list moting their system of RFID tagging of fronts: retail establishments, hospitals, of amenities included cool and unique at- guests. It explained the ease, comfort, and passports, airports, toll booths, drivers’ li- tractions such as a four-story tree house, beauty of RFID registration for the water censes, auto and airplane parts, credit SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I March - April 2008 17
  17. 17. Six hundred threescore and six (666) in the original Greek is Chi (key) Xi (z) Stigma. The word Stigma means to stick or prick, a mark incised or punched, for recognition of ownership. In 2004, the FDA approved the implantation of RFID chips in the human body. The military has considered this as a form of electronic dog tagging. cards, military equipment, and even the belong to? It’s no use trying to hide this You belong to us human body, all trackable via satellite. information from us…and don’t worry, if Convenient? Yes, until you begin to realize you can’t remember the answers off the top how RFID technology may someday be se- of your head, we already have the answers. Imagine a papers-please police state telling verely abused when it falls into the wrong We have you in our cross-hairs, all the us that we belong to them! What hap- hands. Wait a minute, isn’t it already in the time. Sound like an FBI interrogation? pened to the government belonging to the wrong hands? Imagine every citizen being under constant people? Have we witnessed a 180 degree surveillance. Sound like a movie from the turn around in this nation since the cre- The road to tyranny 70s? We are just about there. ation of the Federal Reserve and the forma- Could it be? Europeans and Americans Case in point: As long as your cell tion of the United Nations? It doesn’t take are being watched from every angle. After phone was made after 2005, you are track- a rocket scientist to give the correct an- 9-11-01, the US federal government passed able, around the clock. It can happen swer. the US Patriot Act. Due to a desire, yet without your knowledge. Only a few years Do we want the murderers, rapists, and lack of correct understanding to properly ago, a new law burst on the scene which crooks to be caught? Of course! The stop terrorism, this act gave the feds un- mandated that all cell phones contain a question is not about whether or not we precedented powers to mine data on pri- global positioning system (GPS) chip. This want to stop crime, the question is: Is forc- vate, innocent citizens. Just when some is case-closing technology for crime fight- ing innocent citizens to give up their God- thought it would go away, it was re-ener- ing professionals who desire to prove the given rights to freedom and liberty the gized March 9, 2006. This made the once where-abouts of a potential criminal. Cell proper approach to fighting crime? What if thought temporary surveillance powers phone records have been called the new the technology falls into the wrong hands? permanent. This most ironic piece of leg- DNA. They are in constant communica- Now what? What about our privacy islation, while guised to save our liberties, tion with towers, and thus, make the user rights? We gave those up a long time ago will contribute to the destruction of many vulnerable to real-time surveillance, with- because we wanted to be safer, remember? of our liberties as United States citizens. out any calls being made. Every breath you A society never becomes safer as a re- Every breath you take, every move you take, every move you make, they’ll be sult of throwing away freedom, liberty, and make, they’ll be watching you watching you. Remember the old song by privacy. This only leads to tyranny and ac- What time did you leave your house this Sting’s Police? Allow me to put just a bit of tually makes a society very vulnerable to morning? What kind of car were you driv- a twist on the lyrics here: both inside and outside attack. ing? What were you wearing? Who have The Justice Department says that they you called today? What emails did you Every breath you take do not need warrants to trace our cell send and receive? What websites have you Every move you make phone records because simply purchasing a visited? How much money is in your bank Every bond you break cell phone is an automatic consent on our account? Why did you have a larger than Every step you take part to be searched. In addition, just what normal deposit this week? Who are your They’ll be watching you logic do they use to jump to the conclusion friends and what do they think about you? that we don’t mind our private and per- What businesses did you visit today? Why Every single day sonal conversations being tapped? They are you taking an overseas trip next week? Every word you say figure we won’t mind since they are on the Do you own any guns and why? What Every game you play terrorist hunt, and all of our conversations kind of literature is in your house? Do you They’ll be watching you are innocent anyway. They are doing it to spank your children? What clubs do you Oh, can’t you see protect us, right? Just how many freedoms 18 March - April 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  18. 18. have we given up since 9/11? What hap- out of the sea, and it won’t be a pretty pic- Wolf. This eerily sounds way too similar to pened to probable cause and obtaining a ture. Remember though, evil does not al- some of the bio-tech experiments con- warrant from a judge? Four suicide air- ways look ugly in the beginning. Right ducted on innocent people in Nazi science planes and the collapse of two famous sky- now RFID looks very attractive to corpo- labs during World War II. scrapers at the Big Apple changed the rate and military eyes, and provides a sense RFID looks harmless now because of rules. There is no turning back and no of security other technologies has failed to the streamlined lifestyle it promises in the place to hide. They are watching us, even achieve. A smart enemy waits until it is in face of very uncertain times. The over- though the vast majority of us were not in- full control before it bares its fangs and used argument for us to surrender our lib- volved in the slightest way. closes in on its prey. erties to an intrusive government is the Will the real wolf please take off your Let us never forget that six hundred need of protection from terrorism. It re- sheep costume? threescore and six (666) in the original minds me of I Thessalonians 5:3 which It is easy to forget that there is a bigger Greek is Chi (key) Xi (z) Stigma. The reads, “For when they shall say, Peace and picture beyond America. Here is the word Stigma means to stick or prick, a safety; then sudden destruction cometh kicker: The Bible prophesies that a time mark incised or punched, for recognition upon them, as travail upon a woman with will come in which no man will be able to of ownership. In 2004, the FDA approved child; and they shall not escape.” The buy or sell without a mark in their right the implantation of RFID chips in the mark of the beast will offer no escape to hand or forehead and full devotion to a human body. The military has considered those whose names are not found in the global leader (Antichrist). Imagine planet this as a form of electronic dog tagging. In Lamb’s book of life. earth’s entire population all under subjec- 2007, Alzheimer's Community Care in Left alone in the world of retail mer- tion to an evil ruler and government which West Palm Beach, Florida, conducted an chandise, RFID is really just a harmless uses personal sanctions to bring conform- experiment on Alzheimer's patients in tool for convenience. However, employed ity to authoritarian policies. We have seen which 200 people were implanted with by the beast of Revelation for the purpose this played out in the Soviet Union, Ger- RFID chips for tracking purposes. This of tracking and sanctioning every human many, China, North Korea, and Cuba. All was announced as a volunteer event; how- being for global control, this is a legitimate of these have left their painful mark on his- tory, yet all the while, the real wolf lurks in ever, many Alzheimer's patients don’t have the ability to make these critical decisions, e reason to sound the alarm; not just crying wolf. the shadows. Soon the beast will rise up making them an easy prey for the Great SPYCHIPS By Katherine Albrecht RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency IDentification, is a technology that uses computer chips smaller than a grain of sand to track items from a distance. And as this mind-blowing book explains, plans and efforts are being made now by global corporations and the U.S government to turn this advanced technology, these spychips, into a way to track our daily activities-and keep us all on Big Brother's short leash. Compiling massive amounts of research with firsthand knowledge, Spychips explains RFID technology and reveals the history and future of the master planners' strategies to imbed these trackers on everything-from postage stamps to shoes to people themselves-and spy on Americans without our knowledge or consent. It also urgently encourages consumers to take action now-to pro- tect their privacy and civil liberties before it's too late. Katherine and Endtime have produced 4 very informative DVD’s on RFID: 1. RFID - Tracking Everything, Everywhere 2. On the Brink of the MARK 3. RFID - The Battleground 4. Big Brother The Chip and The MARK THREE WAYS TO ORDER: WWW.ENDTIME.COM, 1.800.ENDTIME OR USE THE ORDER FORM ON PAGE 31. SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I March - April 2008 19
  19. 19. National ID Cards Won’t Stop Terrorism or Illegal Immigration Dr. Ron Paul, Presidential Candidate Written May 9, 2005 20 March - April 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  20. 20. One overriding point has been forgotten: Criminals don't obey laws! As with gun control, national ID cards will only affect law-abiding citizens. Do we really be- lieve a terrorist bent on murder is going to dutifully obtain a federal ID card? Do we believe that people who openly flout our immigration laws will nonetheless re- spect our ID requirements? Any ID card can be forged; any federal agency or state DMV is susceptible to corruption. Criminals can and will obtain national ID cards, or operate without them. National ID cards will be used to track the law-abiding masses, not criminals. he US House of Representatives “Drivers License Agreement,” which was ery of federalism and the 10th amendment. T passed a spending bill last week that contains provisions establishing a national ID card, and the Senate is poised crafted by DMV lobbyists years ago. This agreement creates a massive database of sensitive information on American citizens While states technically are not forced to accept the federal standards, any refusal to comply would mean their residents could to approve the measure in the next few that can be shared with Canada and Mex- not get a job, receive Social Security, or days. This week marks the American pub- ico! travel by plane. So rather than imposing a lic’s last chance to convince their Senators Terrorism is the excuse given for virtu- direct mandate on the states, the federal they don’t want to live in a nation that de- ally every new power grab by the federal government is blackmailing them into mands papers from its citizens as they go government, and the national ID is no ex- complying with federal dictates. about their lives. ception. But federal agencies have tried to One overriding point has been forgot- Absent a political miracle in the Senate, create a national ID for years, long before ten: Criminals don’t obey laws! As with within two years every American will need the 9-11 attacks. In fact, a 1996 bill sought gun control, national ID cards will only af- a conforming national ID card to partici- to do exactly what the REAL ID Act does: fect law-abiding citizens. Do we really be- pate in ordinary activities. This REAL ID transform state drivers’ licenses into de lieve a terrorist bent on murder is going to Act establishes a massive, centrally-coordi- facto national ID cards. At the time, Con- dutifully obtain a federal ID card? Do we nated database of highly personal informa- gress was flooded with calls by angry con- believe that people who openly flout our tion about American citizens: at a stituents and the bill ultimately died. immigration laws will nonetheless respect minimum their name, date of birth, place Proponents of the REAL ID Act con- our ID requirements? Any ID card can be of residence, Social Security number, and tinue to make the preposterous claim that forged; any federal agency or state DMV is physical characteristics. The legislation the bill does not establish a national ID susceptible to corruption. Criminals can also grants open-ended authority to the card. This is dangerous and insulting non- and will obtain national ID cards, or oper- Secretary of Homeland Security to require sense. Let’s get the facts straight: The ate without them. National ID cards will biometric information on IDs in the future. This means your harmless looking driver’s REAL ID Act transforms state motor vehi- cle departments into agents of the federal e be used to track the law-abiding masses, not criminals. license could contain a retina scan, finger- government. Nationalizing standards for prints, DNA information, or radio fre- driver's licenses and birth certificates in a Article and photo courtesy of quency technology. federal bill creates a national ID system, Ron Paul 2008 Think this sounds farfetched? Read the pure and simple. Having the name of your REAL ID Act, HR 418, for yourself. Its particular state on the ID is meaningless text is available on the Library of Congress window dressing. website. A careful reading also reveals that Federally imposed standards for drivers' states will be required to participate in the license and birth certificates make a mock- SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I January - February 2008 21
  21. 21. ON THE ROADENDTIME WITH CONFERENCE SCHEDULE LOCATION DATE/TIME SPEAKER HOST CONTACT Corsicana, Texas 5/2/2008 @ 7 PM Craig Treadwell Pastor 903-872-1539 Faith Tabernacle 5/3/2008 @ 6 PM Bobby McCollum 1-800-363-8463 5201 W State Hwy 31 5/4/2008 @ 10 AM Corsicana, TX 75110 5/4/2008 @ 6 PM Palmer, AK 5/9/2008 @ 7 PM Craig Treadwell Pastor 907-745-8859 First UPC of Palmer, Alaska 5/10/2008 @ 6 PM Ronald Herring 235 Albrecht Street 5/11/2008 @ 3 PM Palmer, AK 99645 Austria 5/9/2008 @ 19:00 Irvin Baxter Pastor 0676 / 973 88 17 United Pentecostal Church of Austria 5/10/2008 @ 18:00 Charles Robinette 01 / 796 2597 Address TBA 5/11/2008 @ 11:00 South Korea 5/19/2008 @ 2 PM & 8 PM Jesse Woodrow Pastor 82-53-985-6675 Field Church 5/20/2008 @ 2 PM & 8 PM Yong Ki Kim 82-010-9591-0675 991-78 Gumsa Dong Dong - Gu 5/21/2008 @ 2 PM & 8 PM Teagu City, South Korea South Korea 5/22/2008 @ 2 PM & 8 PM Jess Woodrow Pastor 82-42-637-3180 Zion Church 5/23/2008 @ 2 PM & 8 PM Yong Ki Kim 82-010-3750-3180 58-6 O Jung Dong Deduk-Gu 5/24/2008 @ 2 PM & 8 PM Dejean City, South Korea Toledo, OH 5/23/2008 @ 7 PM Irvin Baxter Pastor 419-697-6398 New Life Pentecostals of Toledo Jonathan Perry 30470 Lemoynne Road Toledo, OH 43465 Due to increased demand, Endtime is offering members of its prophecy team for local prophecy conferences. All team members work closely with Irvin Baxter and have studied his material for years. Each minister is available for conferences throughout the year, presenting the very best and latest prophecy news and commentary. Jesse Woodrow Craig Treadwell Kevin Ritzi CO-HOST OF POLITICS MANAGING EDITOR DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION & RELIGION RADIO ENDTIME MAGAZINE TECHNOLOGY AT ENDTIME Schedule a PROPHECY FOR DETAILS E-MAIL KARA@ENDTIME .COM CONFERENCE OR VICKIE@ENDTIME .COM OR CALL 1-800-ENDTIME (1.800.363.8463) WITH THE ENDTIME TEAM 22 March - April 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
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  23. 23. A Second Opinion IS THE REAL ID ACT UNCONSTITUTIONAL? LINDA MEIER S ARGENT, ATTORNEY AT L A W Background on the Real ID Act scans. date, Congress has appropriated only $90 On May 10, 2005, Congress passed The Without the federally mandated identifi- million to offset the expense—less than Real ID Act. Rather than holding the cus- cation, Americans will be denied access to 10%. Simply put, the states do not have tomary hearings and debates, Congress at- government buildings, parks, and monu- the funds or the personnel to implement tached the bill to an unrelated ments. They will be unable to board an air- the Act. As a result, a large majority has emergency-spending bill to fund military plane, open a bank account, or receive challenged the Act as an unfunded federal operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and government benefits including Social Se- mandate. Four states voted outright to op- tsunami relief. The Act sailed through Con- curity checks and any social service over pose it under any circumstances. Forty-six gress without debate in the Senate or hear- which the federal government has jurisdic- states requested and received an extension ings in either chamber. It passed by tion. of the compliance date. Many states have overwhelming majorities in both the At first, a few states began the process called for Congress to repeal the Act alto- House and Senate. Certainly, no congress- of compliance without much fanfare, like gether. man or senator wanted his or her record to good little states. However, when state Jim Harper, director of information pol- reflect a nay vote regarding support for our after state began to realize the overwhelm- icy studies at the Cato Institute said it best. troops or humanitarian relief. President ing task and administrative burden thrust “If Congress wants every American to Bush signed it into law the following day. upon them, the revolt began. In response, carry a national ID, Congress should vote The Act requires the federal takeover of Congress defended the Act as a tool for it openly, pay for it directly, and answer state drivers’ licenses. against illegal immigration and terrorism. to voters itself. It should not slough its na- Originally, the states had until May 11, Those arguments quickly failed based on tional ID policies onto the states.” 2008 to adopt a uniform driver’s license or common sense. Recently, Congress extended the dead- state identification card capable of tying Terrorists without a state issued driver’s line for compliance until December 31, into a national database, thus creating a license can use a passport to board a plane. 2009 for any state that requested an exten- national ID. The Act states: Undocumented immigrants routinely pur- sion. States may request additional time, “Beginning three years after the date of chase fake documents to obtain a driver’s but only until 2011, after which there must the enactment of this Act, a federal agency license. A Real ID will not reveal a person’s be total conformity. By 2014, everyone may not accept, for any official purpose, a criminal or evil intentions. Identity-based under the age of 50 must have a compliant driver’s license or identification card is- security will not stop criminals determined driver’s license. By 2017, all citizens will sued by a state to any person unless the to accomplish their goals. carry the Real ID. These new deadlines state is meeting the requirements of this allow the Bureau of Motor Vehicles of each section.” The $30 billion boondoggle state to phase in the Real ID for new driv- At a minimum, a Real ID must include At the real center of the debate between ers obtaining a license and for existing a person’s name, date of birth, gender, dri- the states and Congress is the costly man- ones as their driver’s licenses expire. This ver’s license number, home address, signa- date to implement the Real ID. Originally, also eliminates the need to reprocess exist- ture, machine-readable technology, and a the Department of Homeland Security es- ing licenses. For now, the states have a re- photograph. The Department of Homeland timated the cost to the states to range from prieve. Security (DHS) also may require biometric $10.7 to $14.6 billion. At last count, the es- But, is this just about the money? Some identifiers like fingerprints and retinal timate had soared to at least $30 billion. To say no. Several state legislators, the ACLU 24 March - April 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime