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Senior Editor William F.
Jasper uses this telling quote to begin his
article "The Action Is in the Reaction"
(page four). Therein he explains that the
terrorist masterminds hope to beguile
Americans into saclificing freedom for security.
He also shows that bin Laden's alQaeda
is simply a spoke in an "axis of evil"
that includes not only Iran, Iraq, and North
Korea but some of our supposed allies in
the war on terrorism such as Russia, Syria,
and China.
Other articles in this issue show how
America is moving toward a police state by
design - with powers concentrated not
only in Washington but (eventually) in an
emerging world government under the
United Nations.

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The Rising Police State - The New American Magazine Oct-7-2002

  1. 1. SPECIAL ISSUE • SPECIAL ISSUE • SPECIAL ISS UE October 7. 2002 Vol. V is it 18. No . 20 • $2 . 95
  2. 2. Vol. 18, No. 20 new American TERRORISM October 7, 2002 .,"'!III 4 The Action Is in the Reaction by William F. jasper - The terrOlist leaders and their sponsors are providing the pretext for the U.S. government to institute police-state measures. 9 A No-Win War Without End? by William F. jasper - By embracing state sponsors of terrorism like Russia and China, our leaders ensure that the "war on terror" will never end in conclusive victory. ON THE HOME FRONT 12 From Law to Lawlessness by William Norman Grigg - The Bush administration is laying the foundation for tyranny by putting itself above the law. 19 Foundations of the Garrison State by Steve Bonta - The proposed Department of Homeland Security is based on an elitist blueprint finished and on the President's desk before Black 1Uesday. 23 Militarizing Mayberry by William Norman Grigg - State and local police agencies are being transformed into paramilitary affiliates of a centralized police force controlled by Washington, D.C. Never again! Those responsible for 9-11 must be brought to justice, and America must be defended. But if we restrict freedom to combat terrorism , the terrorists and their sponsors will have won . 25 Their Target: Your Guns by Thomas R. Eddlem - It would be insane to disarm law-abiding citizens. Yet this is what the UN seeks - and the Bush adntinistration is quietly acquiescing. 28 TIPping Off Big Brother b Steve Bonta - If the Bush administration's citizen y informant program "TIPS" is fully implemented, America may end up a nation of tattletales and civilian spies that would make Big Brother proud. IN LIGHT OF THE PAST 34 From Republic to Reich by William Norman Grigg - Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime exploited a terrorist assault on the Reichstag Building to carry out a pre-positioned strategy to convert the Weimar Republic into a police state. FREEDOM FIGHT WORLD GOVERNMENT 31 Toward a Global Police State b john F. McManus - Under both Republican and y Democratic administrations, the U government has been .S. implementing a decades-old strategy to make the UN the most powerful force on Earth. 41 JBS: Defending the Rule of Law by G. Vance Smith - The John Birch Society uniquely understands the globalist conspiracy and how to win the battle to preserve freedom . 44 What Can Be Done by William F. jasper - The answer to terrorism lies not in granting Gestapo-like police powers to the federal government but in restoring legitimate internal security measures. COVER Design: Joseph w. Kelly; Photos: ArtToday, FEMA
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America is too powerful, and the American people love their country too much, to allow a foreign invader to defile our soilIs there a foreign enemy that could bring our beloved country to its knees? China perhaps? Or Russia? Never! At least, that was the assessment of Abraham Lincoln, who lived during a time when America's military prowess, as compared to the rest of the world, was not nearly so great as it is today_ "Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow?" Lincoln asked rhetorically in an 1838 speech. "Never! - All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years." C Method in the Madness According to President Bush, the terrorist enemy that struck us on September 11th did not understand America. "They didn' t understand that when you attack America and you murder innocent people, we're coming after you with full force and fury_ .. ," he said on January 24th of this year. "They didn ' t understand our fiber, our character, our values." The following day he opined that "when the enemy hit us, they must have not known what they were doing." In reality, the enemy knows exactly what it is doing and has (thus far) gotten the reaction it expected. One of our enemies, terrorist leader bin Laden, made thi s abundantly clear when he boasted after the 9-11 attacks: "[T]he battle has moved to inside America .... I tell you, freedom and human rights in America "are doomed. The U.S. Government will lead the American people - and the West in general - into an unbearable hell and a choking life." Senior Editor William F. Jasper uses this telling quote to begin his article "The Action Is in the Reaction" (page four). Therein he explains that the terrorist masterminds hope to beguile Americans into saclificing freedom for security. He also shows that bin Laden's alQaeda is simply a spoke in an "axis of evil" that includes not only Iran, Iraq , and North Korea but some of our supposed allies in the war on terrorism such as Russia, Syria, and China. Other articles in this issue show how America is moving toward a police state by design - with powers concentrated not only in Washington but (eventually) in an emerging world government under the United Nations. The Choice Is Ours Lincoln, in the same speech quoted above, also asked: "At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us . It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." Will America "die by suicide"? If she does , the terrorists and their sponsors will have won. Fortunately, America's fate is in our hands. We can maintain both freedom and security by becoming informed and involved. To learn how, please read the last two articles in this issue (pages 41 and 44) . • - GARY BENOIT EXTRA COPIES AVAILABLE • Additional copies of this issue of THE NEW AMERICAN are available at qu antity-discount prices. To order, visit www.thenew american .com/marketplace/ or call 1-800-727 -TRUE. 3
  4. 4. TERRORISM The Action Is in the Reaction The terrorist leaders and their sponsors are providing the pretext for the to institute pOlice-state measures. u.s. government by W illiam F. Jasper [TJhe battle has moved to inside America ... . f tell you, freedom and human rights in America are doomed. The U.S. Government will lead the American people - and the West in general - into an unbearable hell and a choking life. - Osama bin Laden BBC taped video interview after 9-11 n his videotape message cited above, recorded several weeks after the September 11 th attacks, Osama bin Laden was obviously pleased over the expectation ~ that the terrorist acts would provoke the U.S. ~ government to implement repressive mea- ~ sures. He was hopeful that the repression ~ w would progress to full-blown totalitarian- ~ ism, making America "an unbearable hell." "8 Bin Laden's remarks are extremely re- CD ~ vealing; they are a textbook restatement of <{ -g I the Marxist-Leninist doctrine spouted by terrorists worldwide for the past several decades. They sound as if they came right out of the Mini-Manualfor Urban Guerrillas, authored by Brazilian Communist Carlos MarigheUa in 1969. Translated into many languages and used as a standard handbook for terrorists worldwide, it teaches that the urban guerrilla "must use revolutionary violence" to wreak havoc on the public order. Marighella continues: Then, the government has no alternative except to intensify repression. The police roundups, house searches, arrests of innocent people make life in the city unbearable .. .. Rejecting the "so-called political solution," the urban guerrilla must become more aggressive and violent, resorting without letup to sabotage, terrorism, expropnatIOns, assaults, kidnappings, and executions, heightening the disastrous situation in which the government must act.. .. 4 Hidden strategy behind the terror: The 9-11 attacks struck a devastati ng blow against America. But rather than taking rational measures to protect the U.S. from future terrorist attacks, the Bush administration is playing into the hands of the terrorists by imposing police-state measures. In other words, a key element of the terrorist plan is to provoke the government to implement oppressive police-state measures, to destroy constitutional restrictions on government power. Note that in this scheme it is government that primarily benefits from terrorism. It is the people who lose, as they are entrapped between the violence of terrorists (pressure from below) and the expanded powers of government (pressure from above). Origins of Terror Uruguay's Communist Tupamaros were the first terrorist group to put Marighella's formula to work, with amazing success. Their terror spree of 1970-72 pushed Uruguay into a military dictatorship before the end of 1972. The Tupamaros became the model for the Weather Underground in the U.S., the Red Army Fraction in Germany, the Red Brigades in Italy, and terrorist groups throughout Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. One of the major promoters of the Marighella-Tupamaro thesis was millionaire Italian Communist Giangiacomo Feltrinelli , a close friend of Fidel Castro, the PLO, and the Soviet bloc countries. Heir to an immense fortune, Feltrinelli bankrolled and organized much of Europe's terrorist underground. He also publi shed Marighella's Mini-Manual. Feltrinelli exhorted his revolutionary comrades to engage in "intensive provocation," to "violate the law openly . .. challenging and outraging institutions and public order in every way." This meant even random ki lling of innocent victims, such as "striking indiscriminately at passengers on a train, etc." These actions would open "an advanced phase of the struggle" by provoking "an THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002
  5. 5. authoritarian turn to the right" - which, the billions. The Black Tuesday hijackers in the Marxist dialectic refers to the inA key element of the terrorist plan is to flicting of harsh police-state measures on were following in the bloody footprovoke the government to implement the people by the government. Feltrinelli's steps of Vladimir I. Lenin, the prophet of modern terrorism who terrorist cadres nearly pushed the Italian oppressive pOlice-state measures . In government to adopt totalitarian measures launched propaganda by deed on this scheme it is the people who lose , an apocalyptic scale. In 1918, as like Uruguay's. In a slight variation on Feltrinelli's in- the first dictator of the 'Soviet as they are entrapped between the structions, the terrorist hijackers of Sep- Union, Lenin introduced the conviolence of terrorists and the expanded tember 11 th were "striking indiscrimi- cept of "mass terror" as formal nately at passengers" on a plane, rather communist strategy. Inspired by powers of government. than a train. The purpose was the same: the ferocity of the French RevoluProvoke America's destruction from with- tion's Reign of Terror, he deCheka official Martyn Latsis explained in by causing the government to overreact. clared: "we can achieve nothing unless we Seen in this light, the 9-11 attacks are not use terror." He further advised: "The ener- in the December 25, 1918 issue of Pravda at all "senseless," as so many commenta- gy and mass nature of the terror must be that "during investigations one need not look for evidence or proof of what tors have described them. Vicious, the accused said or did against yes. Evil, yes. But they make perSoviet authority. The first quesfect , murderous sense to the tertion you must put to him is this: rorists who committed them, and What are his origins and upbringthe masterminds who set them in ing, his education and occupamotion. tion? These issues must deterThe Marighella-Feltrinelli "inmine the fate of the accused. This tensive provocation" strategy is is the meaning and essence of rooted in an even older revoluRed Terror." tionary legacy. The shocking imThe Red Terror launched by ages of hijacked jetliners slamLenin and sustained by Joseph ming into the World Trade Center Stalin, Mao Zedong, Ho Chi exemplify what terrori sts refer to Minh, Pol Pot, and other Comas "propaganda by deed" or "the munist dictators had, by 1986, propaganda of the deed." Creditbathed our planet in the blood of ed with coining the term, Italian more than 120 million victims, anarchist-socialist Errico Malataccording to the research of Proesta declared in 1876 that his Italfessor R. J. Rummel. In the 1960s, ian federation "believes that the the Moscow strategists launched insurrectional fact, destined to afa new vehicle for terror: a global firm sociali st principles by deed, network of seemingly indepenis the most efficacious means of dent organizations carrying out a propaganda." Meaning very simworldwide campaign of terror. ply that a single violent act acGermany 's Red Army Fraction, complishes far more than speeches, Italy 's Red Brigades, the Japanese pamphlets, and peaceful demonRed Army, the Palestine Liberastrations. Following this coldtion Organization, the Sandinista blooded logic, the anarchists Leninist Muslim: Osama bin Laden , leader of al-Qaeda, is the National Liberation Front, and launched a stunning succession of accused mastermind of the 9-11 terror attacks on America. dozens of other groups from bombings and assassinations across Several years ago, al-Qaeda merged with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, which had fused Marxism with Islam. Jeremy Glick, who every part of the Free World reEurope. phoned his wife from the doomed Flight 93, said the hijackers ceived training, arms, explosives, The 9-11 terrorists used the were wearing red headbands, a trademark of Islamic Jihad and other critical assistance from modern technology of commercial and of Communism , not Islam. Russia, China, Cuba, and the Soaviation and the mass media's viet bloc countries. Terrorist trainglobal reach to carry "propaganda by deed" to a fiendish new level. Their encouraged." To carry out his demonic vi- ing camps were established in Russia, murderous acts have achieved maximum sion he organized the Cheka (predecessor North Korea, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, propaganda impact; the riveting video im- to the KGB and the current Russian FSB) East Germany, Cuba, Syria, Libya, Iraq , ages of the 9-11 deeds have been played under the leadership of Feliks Dzerzhinsky. and elsewhere. The era of terror was and replayed many thousands of times, "We stand for organized terror," Dzerzhin- spawned. Although the 9-11 hijackers have been reaching a repeat audience numbering in sky proudly declared . THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002 5
  6. 6. TERRORISM HizbAllah International, the to promote Communism as " liberation global collaborative terror ap- theology" among Christians. Mahdi ChamOur new "ally" in the war on terror, paratus launched at the 1996 ran continues to work closely with Russian Russia , is now, as was the Soviet Union intelligence, as he did during the Soviet Tehran terror summit. But although bin Laden is a era. previously, the principal sponsor of well known player in the terror terrorism. The U.S. government is network, he. is not the chief Terrorism: A State Enterprise player, and' "the network of What is most important to keep in mind focusing on relatively minor tentacles which he is a part is not rooted from the foregoing is that the terrori st like bin Laden 's al-Qaeda while ignoring in Islamic fundamentalism. Sit- threat facing us now is undeniably a conting in ultimate authority over tinuation of the global Soviet terror netthe head of the terror octopus. the Committee of Three is Dr. work of earlier decades. The U.S. govMahdi Chamran Savehi, Iran's ernment and other Western governments universally referred to as "Islamic funda- chief of External Intelligence and supervi- are running from an inconvenient truth : mentalists," they quite obviously are fol- sor of its global terror operations. Mahdi Their new "ally" in the war on terror, Ruslowing the Communist program. There is Chamran and his brother Mustafa were sia, is now, as was the Soviet Union preanother very important piece of evidence both educated in the United States. Active viously, the principal sponsor of terrorism in this regard that the media, government in radical-left politics in the 1960s in Cal- in the world. They focus on the relatively officials, and so-called experts have almost ifornia, they established a Marxist front minor tentacles like bin Laden's al -Qaeda totally ignored. According to the descrip- known as the Muslim Students' Associa- while ignoring the head of the terror tion provided by Jeremy Glick, one of the tion of America and an Iranian terrorist octopus. What emerged from the mountains of citizen heroes of Flight 93 believed to have organization called Red Shiism. The Chamtaken on the terrorists, the 9-11 hijackers ran brothers, like many other Marxist- evidence concerning the terror decades of may have been members of the Islamic Leninists, adopted the rhetoric and sym- the 1960s, '70s, and' 80s is this critical unJihad, backed by Syria, Iran, and Russia. bols of Islam to spread the Communist derstanding: The modern phenomenon of Mr. Glick managed to call his wife from message to a larger, unsuspecting audi- international terrorism was only possible the plane and told her it had been com- ence, in the same way that Marxist-Lenin- on the scale at which it was occurring bemandeered by "three Arab-looking men ists in Europe and the Americas co-opted cause of state sponsorship. Without supwith red headbands." Red headbands? That the symbols and language of Christianity port provided by the Communist bloc nais a trademark of Islamic Jihad. Like many of the so-called "Muslim extremist" groups, they are more "red" (Marxist-Leninist) than "green" (Islamic fundamentalist). The federal government itself has provided additional reason to believe that Islamic Jihad terrorists were involved in the attacks. According to documents introduced by federal prosecutors in the 1998 Kenya and Tanzania embassy bombing cases, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Osama bin Laden 's al-Qaeda effectively merged several years ago. Along these same lines, it is important to note that bin Laden and members of his al-Qaeda and Islamic Jihad have joined the hardcore Communist atheists such as George Habash, Abu Nidal, and Ahmed Jabril at global ter- "0 ror summits in Tehran, Damascus, and ~ OJ Khartoum. Even more telling is evi- "0 dence produced by the Congressional ~ <i Task Force on Terrorism and Uncon- UN·backed fanatics: Hundreds of Hezbollah activists, wearing headbands that read , "We are Coming," ventional Warfare indicating that bin raise their hands in a Hitlerite salute during a February 15, 2002 rally in Syrian-controlled Lebanon. Laden is one of the three members of Currently sitting on the UN Security Council , Syria backs Hezbollah , Hamas, Islamic Jihad , and many the Committee of Three overseeing other terrorist groups. The UN allows the Hezbollah flag to fly over its facilities in Lebanon. 6 THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002
  7. 7. tions the motley international terrorist bands would pose no major threat. The U.S. Senate's Subcommittee on Security and Terrorism, in a 1985 report entitled State-Sponsored Terrorism, observed: "The prevailing tendency has been to view each terrorist act as an individual incident without political pattern or strategic dimension. This attitude is naiVe in view of the accumulating evidence of collusion among states sponsoring violence against pluralist democracies, particularly the United States and its allies." And the Soviet Union was undoubtedly the principal sponsoring state. As Dr. Hans Josef Horchem, head of West u Germany's anti-terrorist Office for the ~ Defense of the Constitution, noted in u 1979: "The KGB is engineering inter~ « national terrorism. The facts can be Our noble "ally," Afghan leader Hamid Karzai , with first lady Laura Bush at his side (right), is proven, documented, and are well acknowledged by President Bush during his January 29, 2002 State of the Union address. Tightly known to the international Western in- connected to the terrorist state of Iran , Karzai has been to Tehran since the 9-11 attacks and has telligence community." welcomed Iran's terror chief Mohammad Khatami to Afghanistan . In 1964, the Soviet Politburo decided to increase spending on its fledgling terrorist networks by one thousand percent. ed Nations General Assembly on Septem- in a place of honor next to Mrs. Bush. The year 1967 marked another leap for- ber 12, 2002, stating: "And our greatest "And this evening," said the president, "we ward. "Shortly after Yuri Andropov be- fear is that terrorists will find a shortcut to welcome the distinguished interim leader came head of state security in May 1967," their mad ambitions when an outlaw of a liberated Afghanistan : Chairman notes the aforementioned Senate report, regime upplies them with the technolo- Hamid Karzai." But Mr. Karzai, whom the "Moscow adopted a policy of supplying gies to kill on a massive scale." Bush administration installed in power, training, arms, and ammunition in generThe problem is that all of the most cul- was, and is, closely allied to Iran, a memous quantity to Syria and the Palestine Lib- pable "outlaw regimes" were represented ber of the Bush-designated "axis of evil." eration Organization (PLO) under Yasser right there in the UN General Assembly- Iran 's state-run Tehran Times reported on Arafat. The PLO, with this kind of en- and the president has partnered us with January 3, 2002 that Karzai had met the couragement and support, has reached out some of them in the war on terror. In his previous day with Iranian minister Mohsen in all directions against U.S. 'imperialist UN speech, President Bush repeatedly sin- Aminzadeh and had said: "We want to see gled out Iraq's role in international terror our Iranian brothers involved in every asforces.' " Many of the graduates of the Soviet ter- and warned of Saddam Hussein's plans for pect of the reconstruction of Afghanistan." ror camps of the 1960s, '70s, and '80s- developing "weapons of mass destruction" That has happened; the Northern Alliance from the PLO, PFLP, IRA, etc. - are (WMD). The fact is, however, that it is our terrorists who have come into the governpresently training and guiding the terrorist new "partner" Vladimir Putin who is sup- ment with Karzai have close ties to Iran groups currently making the headlines. plying Iraq with the WMD technology, and Russia. On February 24th, Karzai jourThe newer actors on the block - al- which is a continuation of the Moscow- neyed to Tehran to meet with "reform" terQaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Baghdad relationship extending back four ror chief Mohammad Khatarni. "Our presAbu Sayyaf - depend on the same state decades. Putin has recently concluded a ence here is like going to your brother's sponsors who supported and sheltered the $40 billion agreement with Saddam Hus- house, because Iran is our brother country," earlier cadres: Syria, Iran , Iraq, Libya, sein. Russian military advisers and scien- Karzai said. Cuba - and, ultimately, Russia and China. tists have always figured prominently in Meanwhile, Russia is busy in Iran exIn a news conference on October 11, Saddam's totalitarian state, and have been panding the $800 million nuclear facility 200 I , Bush characterized the new global especially critical for his WMD programs. it has been constructing for that terror conflict as "a war against all those who regime in the city of Bushehr. In July, Russeek to export terror, and a war against Our Anti-terror Posse sia released information about its new 10those governments that support or shelter Near the start of his January 2002 State of year program to expand scientific and milthem." (Emphasis added) . He hit this the Union Address, President Bush mo- itary cooperation with Iran. That program theme again in his address before the Unit- tioned toward the tall, bearded man seated includes plans to build as many as five Q) THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002 7
  8. 8. TERRORISM State Sponsored Terrorism, provides an English translation of the Plans for a war on terrorism and a "TOP SECRET" minutes of that Homeland Security Department were meeting. It leaves no doubt that Khatami, whom our media continscripted in CFR position papers long ue to falsely portray as a "moderbefore 9-11. While America must fight ate" and a "reformer," was building a truly forriUdable terrorism resolutely, the Bush-CFR terror apparatus. And the plan ultimately would extinguish the world has witnessed its handiwork for the past very liberty it purports to defend . decade and a half. Like Iraq and Libya, more nuclear power reactors . It also un- Syria is a Marxist, tyrannical doubtedly includes plans to enhance regime that has adopted an Islamweapons programs such as Iran 's ballistic ic veneer in recent years. And, like missile program, which Russia built in vi- Iraq, Libya, and Iran, it has a vigolation of an international convention it orous WMD program - being had signed known as the Missile Technol- constructed with the assistance of ogy Control Regime. Russia 's enormous Russia, China, and North Korea. It assistance has enabled the Tehran regime was Syrian-backed Hezbollah terto continue as the main sponsor of the rorists who carried out the suicide ultra-violent Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, truck bombings of the U.S. Emwhich have set up shop well beyond the bassy, U.S. Marine barracks, and confines of the Middle East in Asia, Africa, U.S. Embassy annex in Beirut durEurope, Latin America, and the United ing the 1980s, killing hundreds of Americans . In 1982, Syrian dicStates. Note that in 1984 Iran 's current presi- tator Hafez ai-Assad brutally dent, Mohammad Khatami , presided over slaughtered 20,000 of his own a secret meeting in Tehran to create an in- people in the city of Hama. During ternational terror brigade that would be the same period, his troops and terprovided with vast economic and techno- rorists murdered thousands of logical resources. The U.S. Senate's report, Lebanese and turned the previous- Iy beautiful and prosperous Lebanon into rubble. Terrorist organizations with actual bases of operation inside Syria or Syrian-occupied Lebanon include Islamic Jihad , Hamas, Hezbollah, and many others. Be.' Terror rehabilitated: "We stand for organized terror," declared Feliks Dzerzhinsky, who headed Lenin 's dreaded secret police, the Cheka, forerunner of the KGB . For decades a giant 14-ton statue of the terror chief glared down at Russians from Lubyanka Square, headquarters of the KGB in central Moscow. Thousands of demonstrators cheered when the hated symbol was toppled in 1991 (left). But the statue was not destroyed; it stands in a museum backyard in Moscow (above). The New York Times reported on September 17th that Moscow's mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, plans to reinstall the statue at its former site. With KGB veteran Vladimir Putin serving as Russia's president and assisting terror regimes around the world , that is a very foreboding omen. AP/Wide World photos 8 THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002
  9. 9. TERRORISM sides directly and indirectly supporting these groups, Syria has used its own intelligence organizations to carry out terrorist bombings and assassinations. Yet the Bush administration now regards Syria as an ally against terror. President Bush's speeches and policies on terrorism are self-contradictory, schizophrenic, and dangerous. They have made us partners with the world's worst tetTorists, ostensibly to fig ht terrorism. And in his rush to establish a Homeland Security Department, he would demolish our system of checks and balances, sweep away our constitutional separation of powers, and create an enormous police-state apparatus. What can Mr. Bush have in mind with thjs misbegotten and dangerous crusade? Former Senator Gary Hart offers a clue. Commenting on the Black Tuesday attacks during a September 14, 2001 meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Hart stated: "There is a chance for the President of the United States to use thjs disaster to carry out what his father - a phrase his father used I think on ly once, and it hasn't been used si nce - and that is a new world order." The global power elite attending the CFR program knew what the senator meant and, doubtless, heartily agreed with him. According to former CFR member Admiral Chester Ward, the CFR goal of a "new world order" entails "submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government" under the U . Hundreds of internationalists from the CFR permeate President Bush's cabinet and entire administration. And as another article in this special issue shows (see page 19), plans for a global war on terrorism and a massive Homeland Security Department were scripted in CFR position papers long before the hijacked planes of 9-11 slammed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the Pennsylvania countryside. Yes, America must fight terrorism with resolute action and unyielding determination, but the BushCFR plan ultimately would extinguish the very liberty it purports to defend. That is something the terrorists themselves could never directly succeed in doing . • THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002 A No-Win War Without End? ' .'. By embracing state sponsors of terrorism like Russia and China, our leaders ensure that the "war on terror" will never end in conclusive victory. Uniting with terrorists: Presidents Vladimir Putin, George Bush, and Jiang Zemin at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Shanghai , October 21 , 2001 . President Bush has called for "a war against all those who seek to export terror, and a war against those governments that support or shelter them." Russia and China are the two biggest exporters and supporters. by William F. Jasper America has also accepted a great challenge in the world; to wage a relentless and systematic campaign against global terror. ... We are in for a long and difficult war. It will be conducted on many fronts. But as long as it takes, we will prevail. - President George W. Bush April 30, 2002 n the same April 30th speech in San Jose, California, cited above, President Bush pointed to the early successes in Afghanistan and pledged that "in every cave, in every dark corner of that country, we will hunt down the killers and bring I them to justice." Then, throwing down the rhetorical gauntlet to the terrorists and their state sponsors, he repeated a line he had used before: "Across the world, governments have heard this message: you're either with us, or you're with the terrorists." Like many of his similar calls to arms since the 9-11 terrorist attacks on America, this expression of resolute determination resonated with his audience and was greeted with vigorous applause. Americans want the perpetrators of these heinous crimes brought to justice - dead or alive. It is both a matter of justice and national security that we follow through on this commitment, for those allowed to escape will, almost assuredly, strike again. But is the Bush administration waging 9
  10. 10. the kind of war on terror that will bring the 9-11 terrorists to justice and destroy the global terror networks at war with America? Unfortunately, it is not. In fact, the current U.S. "war on terror" is on course to become another "no-win" war like the war on poverty, the war on drugs, the war on inflation, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and other failed crusades of previous administrations. The consequences offailure in this case, however, could prove far more catastrophic, both in terms of loss of lives and loss of liberty. We must not close our eyes to the plain truth in so grave a matter. It is utterly impossible for us to win the war on terror as it currently is being waged. The facts are clear; the president has: Recruited a posse including the worst ter ror ist state sponsors. The coalition of "allies" President Bush put together includes Russia and China, who support the terrorist organizations through surrogate states, while continuing to build weapons of mass destruction for Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, and Libya. This is absurd; it is the equivalent of declaring war on organized crime and then inviting the mafia kingpins onto the Police Commission as allies and praising their assistance when they help arrest a few of their own low-level thugs or drug peddlers. Calamity is guaranteed from the start. Committed our nation to an endless, undefined war. This is an open-ended, global conflict with no exit strategy and no clear definition of the objectives constituting victory. The president and administration officials have repeatedly stated that this war could go on for many years and range over the entire globe. Centralized vast, unprecedented police powers in Washington. The consolidation of law enforcement powers following 9-11 presents an even greater threat to our constitutional order and liberty than any terrorist attack could. This is following the terrorist script, as explained in the article beginning on page four, by terrorist leaders Marighella, Feltrinelli, bin Laden, and others. Weakened our borders. President Bush has continued the dangerous, out-of-control immigration policies of Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. He has even announced support for the Free Trade Area of the Americas, which would abolish the 10 Another UN outrage: Syrian Ambassador to the UN Mikhail Webhe (center) talks with ambassadors at the UN Security Council. Syria, a major sponsor of terrorism, was elected to a two-year membership on the Council by the terrorist-laden General Assembly following the 9-11 attacks. borders (and border controls) between the U.S ., Mexico, and Canada - and then all of Latin America. Anyone who doubts that this is the intent need only look at the gradual submergence of European nations in the EU, the model for the FTAA. Appointed the United Nations to head the posse. The United ations is not just a menagerie of misfits and kleptocrats, but a colossal Terrorists-R-Us. The UN General Assembly is loaded with terrorist state members such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, etc. And the Security Council, the most powerful branch of the UN, includes terrorist sponsors Russia and China as permanent members. President Bush has placed the "war on terror" under the aegis of this same terrorist-laden UN, and under the restrictions imposed by UN Security Council Resolution 1373. Consider also: • Within weeks after the 9-11 attacks, the UN voted to give terrorist state Syria a seat on the Security Council. (Syria was even president of the Security Council during June 2002.) • In 2002, terrorist state Libya was placed on the UN Human Rights Commission. • The UN chose as co-chairman for its 2000 Millennium Summit Sam Nujoma, Namibia's dictator and leader of the Communist terrorist group SWAPO. • At the UN's 2002 Earth Summit in Johannesburg, Robert Mugabe, dictator of terrorist state Zimbabwe received a cheering, standing ovation from delegates. • The UN's 2001 Summit on Racism held in South Africa days before the 9-11 attacks turned into a giant hate-America conference featuring many of the top terrorist state leaders. • Major General Paul Vallely, USA (retired), has recently provided eyewitness testimony and photographs showing UN personnel in Syrian-occupied Lebanon collaborating with Hezbollah terrorists and a UN facility flying the Hezbollah flag. • Each of the UN's member terrorist states sends delegates to the U.S. with full diplomatic immunity. Many of these UN "diplomats" are intelligence agents, some with terror assignments. • Two of Sudan 's agents, Siraj Yousef and Ahmed Yousef Muhammad, used their UN diplomatic cover to help plan the second New York Trade Center bombing conspiracy in 1993 (which was foiled). Their immunity protected them from arrest. • Filiberto Ojeda Rios, an agent for Fidel Castro, masterminded a series of bombings throughout the U.S. by the Puerto Rican FALN, while enjoying diplomatic immunity at the Cuban UN Mission. If not reversed, our present policies will lead to national suicide. Congress must be made to see the folly and peril of continuing this course. It must exercise its authority to protect the Constitution and implement genuine national security measures . • THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002
  11. 11. ON THE HOME FRONT From Law to Lawlessness Using the threat of terrorism as an excuse to eradicate constitutional safeguards, the Bush administration is laying the foundation for tyranny by putting itself above the law. by William Norman Grigg Man for All Seasons, Robert Bolt's dramatization of the life and martyrdom of St. Thomas More, timelessly illustrates the value of the rule of law. Serving as Lord Chancellor of England, More, a devout Catholic, provoked the wrath of Henry VIII by refusing to endorse the King 's claim that his authority transcended that of the Catholic Church. Condemned as a traitor, More was beheaded at the Tower of London on July 6, 1535. In Bolt's version of the story, More's betrayal occurred at the hands of Richard Rich, a petty, ambitious man who had sought employment from the Lord Chancellor. His request spurned, Rich took revenge by offering perjured testimony against More. Shortly after Rich 's overture was Who's the real enemy? A weary air traveler submits to a "wanding" administered by a federal transportation security worker at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. Nearly all of the proposed counter-terrorism rejected, More 's wife, knowing that measures are directed at American citizens, the potential victims of terrorism. Rich was a threat to her husband, turns to him and urges: "Arrest him!" "For what?" More inquires. "He's dangerous!" thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man's all criminal acts, including those of the rejoins More's wife. William Roper, laws, not God' s .. .. And if you cut them government. When an individual's rights More 's son-in-law, agrees: "For all we down ... do you really think you could are violated, "the injury and the crime is know, that man 's a spy!" More's daughter stand upright in the winds that would blow equal, whether committed by the crown or joins the anxious chorus: "Father, that then? Yes, I'd give the Devil benefit oflaw, some petty villain." Nor can a majority of the citizenry sanction government to comman 's bad! for my own safety's sake." When More points out that it's God's Giving "the Devil benefit of law" is a mit criminal acts, as "nobody can transfer role to punish "bad" men who have not principle deeply inscribed in the Anglo- to another more power than he has in committed crimes, his exasperated wife Saxon legal tradition to which Americans himself." exclaims, "While you talk, he's gone!" are heirs. While it is true that laws exist to From time immemorial, rulers of all va"And go he should, if he were the Devil punish the guilty, the law's deeper purpose rieties, pleading the purity of their own inhimself, until he broke the law!" More is to restrain the government. Freedom de- tentions, have insisted that they must be replies. "So, now you'd give the Devil the pends on the limitation of government by unshackled from the law to protect their benefit of law!" snorts Roper in disgust. law. As British philosopher John Locke subjects from "bad" men, whether foreign "Yes!" admits More. "What would you do? pointed out in his Second Treatise on Gov- enemies or domestic criminals and subCut a great road through the law to get ernment (1694), slavery consists of being versives. But once such rulers succeed in after the Devil?" Roper impetuously re- "subject to the incessant, uncertain, arbi- clear-cutting the laws, they create a freesponds, "Yes, I'd cut down every law in trary will of another man," and that "ab- fire zone in which they can make war on England to do that!" solute arbitrary power" is the practice of their own subjects with impunity. In this "Oh? And when the last law was down, "governing without settled standing laws." way the law becomes perverted. Instead of and the Devil turned 'round on you, where Since the chief purpose of law, according protecting the rights of the innocent, it bewould you hide . .. the laws all being flat?" to Locke, is to "preserve and enlarge free- comes a means of protecting the power of More asks Roper. "This country is planted dom," it must protect the individual against the ruling elite. A 12 THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002
  12. 12. In England prior to the 17th-century "Glorious Revolution," some English kings claimed the power to declare certain people "outlaws" without trial. But even the most presumptuous European monarch understood that there were limits to his authority. This is not true, however, of modern totalitarian dictators. Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin, the inventor of the modern totalitarian state, famously declared: "The scientific concept of dictatorship is nothing else but this - power without limit, resting directly upon force, restrained by no laws, absolutely unrestrained by rules." Where medieval monarchs would occasionally consign scores of individuals to the dungeons as "enemies of the realm," modern totalitarian dictatorships , beginning with Lenin's Soviet Union, have claimed the power to designate entire classes or races "enemies of the state," consigning them to prison camps or marking them for extermination. Advocates of the total state often invoke the necessity of cutting down laws impeding the state's efforts to pursue its enemies, which are depicted in diabolical terms. But as Robert Bolt's Thomas More reminds us, those who cut down the laws in the name of "justice" are actually doing the devil's work. This is certainly true of the Bush administration's behavior in the "war on terrorism," as it rapidly mows down laws and constitutional protections obstructing the president's power to rule by decree - but only for the high-minded purpose of "homeland security," of course. Devil's Due An echo of Robert Bolt's Rulers of all varieties have insisted that they Thomas More was heard must be unshackled from the law to protect during an August 13th District Court hearing in Virtheir subjects. But once such rulers succeed ginia. U.S. District Judge in clear-cutting the laws, they can make war Robert G. Doumar demanded that the Bush ad- .' on their own subjects with impunity. Instead of ministration justify its protecting the innocent person's rights, the law open-ended detention of Yasser Esam Hamdi. Born is perverted to protect the ruling elite's power. in Louisiana, the Saudi national was captured in "The Constitution doesn ' t apply to Afghanistan by U.S.-commanded forces, transported to Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo, Hamdi?" exclaimed Judge Doumar. CounCuba, and then designated an "enemy sel for the Justice Department insisted that combatant" after it was learned that he had an unsworn, vaguely worded "declaration" been born in America. The Bush adrrnnis- submitted by a rrnnor Pentagon bureaucrat tration insisted that once the president named Michael H. Mobbs offered adebranded Hamdi an "enemy combatant," quate legal justification for Hamdi ' s imthe administration could keep him impris- prisonment without trial. "I do think that oned for as long as it pleases - without due process requires something other than access to an attorney or judicial review of a basic assertion by someone named Mobbs that they have looked at some pahis case. ~ ~ u.: ~ ~~:"-.-.J ~ Garrison state preview: "Urban warfare" training exercises foreshadow the possible domestic use of the U.S. military as a militarized internal security force. Administration officials, congressional leaders, and pundits are now discussing repeal or modification of the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, which forbids such use of our armed forces within our borders. THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002 13
  13. 13. ON THE HOME FRONT Why should we care? Isn ' t it enough that Hamdi, Padilla, and Lindh chose to asAs Robert Bolt's Thomas More reminds us, sociate with anti-American Islamic radicals? Though difficult to understand, we those who cut down the laws in the name of must give such devilish characters the ben"justice" are actually doing the devil's work. efit of law for our own protection. The Bush admimstration is using the Hamdi This is true of the Bush administration's and Padilla cases as the foundation for a behavior in the "war on terrorism ," as it legal revolution that would dispense entirely with many of our constitutionally rapidly mows down laws and constitutional guaranteed rights and immunities - parprotections - but only for the purpose of ticularly the Habeas Corpus guarantee, the "Great Writ" prohibiting indefinite in"homeland security," of course. carceration without trial. Commenting on the Hamdi case, a pers and therefore they have deter"senior Bush administration official" mined he should be held incommunitold the August 8th Wall Street Jourcado," commented Judge Doumar. nal, "There's a different legal regime "Just think of the impact of that. Is this we're developing" in the so-called war what we're fighting for?" The judge reon terrorism. The Journal observes ferred to the Bush administration's that the new regime contemplated by claim as "the most interesting precethe administration would blend "the dent ... in Anglo-American jurispruonce-separate realms of civilian law dence since the days of the Star Chamand the law of war. Criminal law deber" - a notorious tribunal operated termines gUilt and assigns punishment by British kings to punish their politifor past wrongdoing, but the law of cal enemies. war gives governments vast powers to Admittedly, Hamdi seems a very prevent possible harm by imprisoning unsavory figure. But the Bush adminand interrogating enemy soldiers." istration has not accused him of helpThe Bush administration maintains ing to plan or carry out the Black Tuesthat in dealing with captured enemy day terrorist attacks. No evidence has combatants, the judicial branch must been presented that he had prior defer to the military's judgment. But knowledge of that attack, or that he the new "legal regime" being develeven expressed support for that atrocoped is intended to reverse defeats ity after it was committed. While Man of principle: "I'd give the Devil the benefit of law, suffered in the courtroom, rather than Hamdi freely offered his services to for my own safety's sake," explained Sir Thomas More, on the battlefield. Notes the Journal: the admittedly despicable Taliban as portrayed in Robert Bolt's drama A Man for All "stung by the courtroom circus that ... Seasons. While others urged cutting a path through the [accused terrorist] Zacarias Mousjunta, he posed no known threat to our laws to get at evil men, More understood that those nation or to any American citizen. saoui has created, and the aggressive who mow down laws that restrain the government do The same is true of Jose Padilla, aka the devil's work. defense marshaled by John Walker Abdulla Al-Muj ahir, suspected of plotLindh before he plea-bargained his ting to detonate a radioactive "dirty way out of a possible life sentence, the bomb" here in the United States. Padilla is socia ted Press report observed that Padilla Bush administration is preparing to expand an ex-con who converted to radical Islam "is probably a ' mall fish' with no ties to its policy of indefinitely detaining in U.S. while in prison. Like Hamdi (and John al-Qaeda cell members in the United military jails people it designates as Walker Lindh), Padilla migrated to Afghani- States .... The FBI's investigation has pro- 'enemy combatants' .. .." stan, where he adhered to the Taliban junta. duced no evidence that Jose Padilla had Where do the president and his minions In early June, federal Chicago's begun preparations for an attack and little get the authority to seize and detain people O' Hare Airport arrested Padilla. Com- reason to believe he had any support from at whim? Legal arguments made by the admenting on the arrest, Attorney General al-Qaeda to direct such a plot...." No for- ministration in the Yasser Hamdi case inJohn Ashcroft called Padilla a "known mal charges have been made against Padil- voke the September 14, 2001 joint resoluterrorist." Within hours, President Bush la - and the Bush administration insists tion from Congress authorizing the designated Padilla an "enemy combatant," none are necessary, since the presidential president to "use all necessary and approand he was taken into military custody in designation that Padilla is an "enemy com- priate force against those nations, organiVirginia. batant" is sufficient to justify his open- zations, or persons he determines planned, As Thomas More's daughter might say, ended detention. authorized, committed, or aided the terrorPadilla is unmistakably a "bad man." But the Bush administration has failed to produce a molecule of evidence that he was actually plotting a terrorist attack. Under Secretary of Defense Paul 'Wolfowitz has admitted, "I don ' t think there was actually a plot beyond some fairly loose talk ...." An August 13th As- 14 THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002
  14. 14. It has happened here: Following the murderous sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, the FDR administration - which had foreknowledge of the Imperial Japanese assault - consigned Americans of Japanese ancestry to "relocation camps. " While those detention centers were not as grim as stalags, gulags, or death camps, they nonetheless represent a blot on our nation's character - and a precedent for future use of detention camps in the "war on terrorism." ist attacks on September 11 , 2001." (Emphasis added.) The president has publicly cited that open-ended grant of power as justification for his announced policy of launching "pre-emptive" strikes (that is , offensive wars) against suspected terrorist states, without the constitutionally required declaration of war. But little attention has been paid to the fact that the president considers that resolution a declaration of war on the Bill of Rights as well. According to the administration, those designated "enemy combatants" - whether Americans or foreigners captured in the U.S. - "aren ' t afforded the same constitutional rights as criminal defendants , or even the limited rights allowed in military tribunals," reported the Wall Street Journal. "The White House is considering creating a high-level committee to decide which prisoners should be denied access to federal courts." Answering only to the president, that "high-level" committee would be an updated Star Chamber tribunal with the power to imprison at whim any individual - citizen or noncitizen - as an "enemy combatant." "That sort of thing used to happen in the Soviet Union and may still happen today in Iran and Iraq, but it's not the sort of thing that should happen in the United States," observes Stephen Dycus of Vermont Law School. "If the government succeeds in this case, if its arguments are upheld it would mean that anybody, anytime could be labeled an enemy combatant by the atTHE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002 torney general and arrested in the middle of the night and locked away in a military brig." The power to seize detainees means little unless there are facilities to hold them, and the administration has begun - quietly but audibly - to discuss the supposed need for "detention camps." "The camp plan was forged at an optimistic time for Ashcroft 's small inner circle, which has been carefully watching two test cases [those of Hamdi and Padilla] .. . to see whether their vision could become a reality," points out Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University. "Whereas al-Qaeda is a threat to the lives of our citizens, Ashcroft [and, it must be added, the president who appointed him] has become a clear and present threat to our liberties," continues Turley. "Ashcroft is a catalyst for constitutional devolution, encouraging citizens to accept autocratic rule as their only way of avoiding massive terrori st attacks .. .. If we cannot join together to fight the abomination of American camps , we have already lost what we are defending." The State's Eyes and Ears Subjects of the Soviet Union, National Socialist (Nazi) Germany, and other totalitarian police states were aware that they were under constant surveillance, and that any anti-government utterance could result in the dreaded "midnight knock" by the secret police. Thanks to the artfully misnamed USA PATRIOT Act - passed over- whelmingly by Congress before much of its text had been written - Americans confront the specter of omnipresent federal surveillance in the name of fighting terrorism: • Section 213 of the measure authorizes "black bag jobs" - covert break-ins - if they suspect that you are somehow involved in criminal behavior using a personal computer. • Section 210 authorizes warrantless wiretaps and eavesdropping on phone calls, e-mails, and fax communications, and authorizes the feds to demand detailed personal customer information (including credit card and bank account numbers) from Internet Service Providers and telephone companies. • One of the most appalling abuses generated by the bogus "war on drugs" is "asset forfe iture," the practice of seizing money and other assets allegedly connected to drug trafficking. It isn' t necessary to demonstrate that the property owner was somehow implicated in criminal activity, because the property itself is deemed "guilty" of a crime. Section 302 of the PATRIOT Act permits "forfeiture of any assets in connection with anti-terrorist efforts of the United States." If a citizen donates a single dollar to a group designated a "terrorist" organization, everything he owns can be seized by the feds. • Sections 358 and 361 radically expand federal intrusion in the financial affairs of citizens. Under section 358, law enforcement and intelligence agencies can compel 15
  15. 15. ON THE HOME FRONT As the campaign for "homeland security" proceeds, its architects strive to keep attention focused on foreign enemies. But nearly all of the proposed "security" measures are directed inward, at the potential victims of terrorism, a fact testifying that the "war on terrorism" is actually a war on American liberties. banks, credit card and finance companies, and other financial agencies to turn over detailed personal information on targeted individuals. Section 361 gives the IRS's FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) expanded power to collect information on "non-bank networks," such as barter systems, check-cashing centers, etc . • Section 802 offers an ominously elastic definition of "terrorism" including acts "dangerous to human life" or intended "to intimidate or coerce a civilian population [or] to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion." Obviously, violent acts of a political nature would fall under this definition. But what about peaceful protests or activism that leave government officials feeling "intimidated"? They would fall under this definition of "terrorism" as well. Ambiguous laws are a hallmark of every police state. So are citizen informants. The Bush administration's TIPS (Terrorism Information Protection System) would conscript tens of millions of Americans to act as the eyes and ears of the federal government, using their casual or business associations to spy on friends, neighbors, clients, or other acquaintances. In Communist East Germany, roughly one quarter of the population worked as informants for the Stasi secret police; America in the "war on terrorism" threatens to eclipse that infamous accomplishment (see page 28). Federal Police Monolith In addition to cutting down constitutional protections and expanding surveillance of the citizenry, the Bush administration's counter-terrorism campaign is rapidly amalgamating state and local police and emergency agencies into one vast, monolithic 16 "homeland security" apparatus . Thi s is potentially disastrous, for two reasons: First, because a centralized counter-terrorism system gives terrorists the luxury of a single target; secondly, becau's e a centralized police system is a prerequisite for creating a totalitarian state. Significantly, these two liabilities are mutually reinforcing. On September lIth, brave local police and firefighters were called on to give their lives because the federal government failed to carry out its chief function - protecting our nation from attack. The fedgov - steadily expanding its control over local police since 1994 - reacted to its Black Tuesday failure in classic fashion, demanding expanded power over state and local police and emergency services (also described as "first responders"). The Bush administration's National Strategy for Homeland Security contains this telling statement: "[T]he homeland security community will view the federal , state, and local governments as one entity...." Rather than preserving our federal system, in which the central government has limited, delegated powers, the Bush administration is rushing to create a consolidated, nationalized law enforcement body extending even to passenger and baggage screeners at airports. Somehow, fed- One possible future: A division of mechanized infantry occupies Brooklyn in The Siege, an eerily prescient 1998 motion picture depicting a terrorist campaign in New York City. In the aftermath of the rampage, the military seals off the borough, demands that Arab-Americans turn themselves in , and sets up detention camps to process suspects - measures not far removed from policy options presently being discussed by the Bush administration. eralizing such employees is supposed to provide better security. Somehow, phasing out the state criminal codes in favor of a national criminal code, and absorbing local police agencies into a growing national police force, is supposed to provide better law enforcement. In reality, the notion that our nation's independent jurisdictions should be absorbed into "one entity" echoes ominously of a previous effort to nationalize law enforcement in the name of national security - the 1933-1936 drive for Gleichschaltung (coordination) in National Socialist Germany (see page 34). As the campaign to erect a totalitarian "homeland security" apparatus proceeds, its architects are striving to keep public attention focused on our foreign enemies whether it 's Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, or another denizen yet to be identified. But nearly all of the proposed "security" measures are directed inward, at the potential victims of terrorism. This fact eloquently testifies that the "war on terrorism" is actually a war on American liberties . • THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002
  16. 16. ON THE HOME FRONT Foundations of the Garrison S tate Far from being a reaction to 9-11 , the proposed Department of Homeland Security is based on an elitist blueprint finished and on the .~residenrs desk before Black Tuesday. by Steve Bonta ne of the themes trumpeted in the news media as a "lesson" to be learned from 9-11 is that the federal government is too disorganized and inefficient to combat effectively a threat like terrorism. On October 8, 2001 , President Bush established by executive order the Office of Homeland Security, with former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge as director. More recently, the Bush administration has proposed creating an entirely new cabinet-level department, the Department of Homeland Security, to fill the alleged "0 void in homeland defense capabilities. ~ The Department of Homeland Secu- "0 ~ rity might at first blush seem an appro- CL priate prescription for the battle against <t domestic terrorism. Undeniably, Amer- Orwellian backdrop: President Bush unveils his "Home lan d Security" strategy. Americans naturally rally around the president in times of criSis, but George W. Bush is exploiti ng public support on ica does face a serious threat. Moreover, behalf of an agenda inimical to our freedom . defending the American homeland is certainly an important governmental function. The Founders intended for the D.C. , to promote the policy recommenda- that "Americans will become increasingly federal government to be able to defend the tions of an obscure task force, the so-called vulnerable to hostile attack on our homeUnited States of America; the weakness of Hart-Rudman Commission. This group, land, and our military superiority will not the Articles of Confederation in providing known formally as the United States Com- entirely protect us" and that "states, terfor the common defense was one of the mission on ational Security121st Century, rorists, and other disaffected groups will major factors that led to the 1787 consti- had been working since 1998 on proposals acquire weapons of mass destruction and tutional convention. But the new Depart- for restructuring the U.S . government to mass disruption, and some will use them. ment of Homeland Security is unmistak- prepare for 21st century challenges. The Americans will likely die on American ably an Insider-inspired move to consolidate Commission, originally created at the urg- soil, possibly in large numbers." dangerous new powers in the executive ing of President Bill Clinton and former The Hart-Rudman Commission also isbranch of the federal government, and to Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (both sued several other reports recommending erode the independence of state and local CFR members) , was entirely a CFR proj- changes in the federal government's orgagovernments. ect. Chaired by former senators and CFR nization. The most important proposal, veterans Warren Rudman (R-N.H.) and recommended in another Commission reDubious Origins Gary Hart (D-Colo.), the Commission port entitled Road Map for National SecuThe biggest red flag about the Department sported an impressive roster of CFR Insid- rity, was the creation of a "National Homeof Homeland Security is its origin. Unbe- ers, including CFR president Leslie Gelb, land Security Agency." According to Road knownst to many Americans, our nation 's former Indiana Congressman Lee Hamil- Map, this agency would have "the responpower elite had carefully planned for an ton, and former Secretary of Defense sibility for planning, coordinating, and inOffice of Homeland Security years before James Schlesinger. tegrating various U.S. government activiSeptember 11 tho A few days after the The Hart-Rudman Commission pro- ties involved in homeland security." The Black Tuesday attacks, the Council on For- duced several studies, beginning with New Hart-Rudman study recommended placing eign Relations (CFR), the nerve center for World Coming , which forecasted trends Customs, Border Control, the Coast Guard, America's pro-world-government Estab- and events over the next quarter century. and many other federal agencies under the lishment, held a meeting in Washington, New World Coming foretells, chillingly, jurisdiction of the new cabinet-level agency. O Ql THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002 19
  17. 17. ON THE HOME FRONT communications with state and local governThe new Department of Homeland Security ments , private industry, and the American peois unmistakably an Insider-inspired move to ple about threats and consolidate dangerous new powers in the preparedness; • One dep.artment to executive branch of the federal government, coordinate ou~ efforts to and to erode the independence of state and protect the American people against bioterrorlocal governments. ism and other weapons of mass destruction ; • One department to help train and The agency would also oversee state, local, and federal law enforcement. Its responsiequip first responders; • One department to manage fedbilities would include "setting training and eral emergency response activities. equipment standards, providing resource grants, and information sharing among state emergency management officials, The new department's sweeping jurisdiclocal first responders, the Defense Depart- tion will include, according to the Bush ment, and the FBI" - all, presumably, to proposal, "food and water systems, agricombat the Commission's predicted threat culture, health systems and emergency serof terrorism. vices, information and telecommunicaShortly after President Bush took office, tions , banking and finance, energy members of the Hart-Rudman Commis- (electrical, nuclear, gas and oil, dams), sion delivered copies of Road Map to the transportation (air, road, rail, ports, waterBush administration. Unsurprisingly, with- ways), the chemical and defense indusin days after September 11 th, President tries, postal and shipping entities, and naBush created his Office of Homeland Se- tional monuments and icons" - in other curity, followed in June 2002 by a formal words, just about everything, from the food proposal to create an entirely new depart- we produce and eat and the money we ment. The blueprint for the new depart- spend to the telephones and email we use ment followed the CFR panel's recom- to communicate. The reason for claiming such an all-enmendations almost precisely. compassing authority is that, in the words Department of Everything of the Bush proposal, many functio ns withThe proposed new Department of Home- in the federal government are "currently land Security, when fully operational, will fragmented" - that is, separated. But once become the most far-reaching of federal upon a time, "fragmented" government departments, with a vast jurisdiction em- worked very well; our American constitubracing huge swaths of private activity as tional republic was crafted on the basis of well as areas of state and local jurisdiction. the separation of powers, so that, in MadiAccording to President Bush 's own pro- son's words, we could "first enable the government to control the governed; and posal, issued last June: in the next place, oblige it to control itself." The Department of Homeland SecuThe Founders believed that the powers the rity would make Americans safer benew Constitution enumerated would enable the new federal government to govern cause our nation would have: effectively, despite the careful separation • One department whose primary mission is to protect the American of powers and checks and balances that the homeland; Founders created. Yet the Bush administration is dissatis• One department to secure our borders, transportation sector, ports, fied with the federal arrangement. Homeand critical infrastructure; land Security chief Tom Ridge, speaking in November 2001, explained that home• One department to synthesize and land security was "to be a national strategy analyze homeland security intelligence from multiple sources; - not a federal strategy. The national strat• One department to coordinate egy that the president envisions will in20 volve all levels of government, federal, state and local. It will tap the creative genius and resources of both the public and the private sectors .... Our national strategy will focus all the instruments of national power at our qisposal." A July 2002 document produced by the Office of Homeland Security made the picture still clearer, insisting that "the homeland security community will view the federal , state, and local governments as one entity." Since the Constitution's ratification, the power and scope of the federal government have grown enormously, far exceeding its origi nal constitutional limits. Never in American history - except, arguably, in wartime - has the federal government enjoyed more power over state and local governments and individual American citizens than now. The federal government is the largest employer in the United States, and even those of us working in the private sector still toil for months every year just earning the money to pay our federal taxes. Rules and regulations constrain our every activity, stifling private enterprise while spawning a vast professional sector of accountants, lawyers, and consultants who spend their time teaching us how to navigate the shoals of the federal bureaucratic ocean. What need, then , do we have of yet another federal regu latory behemoth? Our problem is not that the federal government is too diffuse, or too fragmented. It's too large and too powerful , operating well beyond its constitutionally defined limits. Any new Department of Homeland Security will add huge new regulatory burdens and further expand the activities of the federal government into areas where it isn't authorized to act. Feds and First Responders According to the Bush proposal, the new department would "coordinate, simplify, and where appropriate consolidate government relations on its issues for America's state and local agencies. It wou ld coordinate federal homeland security programs and information with state and local officials .... It would manage federal grant programs for enhancing the preparedness of firefighters , police, and emergency medical personnel. It would set standards for state and local preparedness activities and equipment to ensure that these funds are spent according to good THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002
  18. 18. statewide and regional plans." Quite so: The new department will be in the business of dictating to state and local "fIrst responders" - fIre, police, and other emergency workers - how better to do their jobs, via the inevitable federal standards and guidelines (read: "bureaucratic red tape"). Yet on September 11 th, the federal government did little to help the stricken people of lower Manhattan. Instead, even as Washington's elite huddled at a safe distance, New York City's "fIrst responders" - without the benefIt of any federally imposed mandates or standards - rushed into the flaming skyscrapers. Without federal supervision, they dragged many of the wounded to safety, and, when the towers fell, many heroic "fIrst responders" gave their lives. The only Americans able to confront the terrorists were the heroic passengers on United Airlines Flight 93, who, without the benefIt of military training or modern weaponry, hastily organized a counterattack against the men who had commandeered their plane, bringing it down in a remote Pennsylvania fIeld rather than allowing it to reach its intended target. September 11 th was a story of improvised, frontline heroics by ordinary American citizens, and of panic and confusion on the part of the federal government, which had ignored and even suppressed critical intelligence prior to the attack. There's no basis for believing that the federal government should be entrusted with supervisory authority over all our multilayered defenses against terrorist attack, and every reason to believe that state and local "fIrst responders," free of federal interference, will do a better job every time. The proposed Department of Homeland Security, then, is a gigantic, Insiderinspired new push to amass power at the federal level, and especially in the executive branch. Its misguided agenda to consolidate power over domestic security will be implemented at the expense of state and local independence, and will help lay the groundwork for a national police force . The Department of Homeland Security will prove in the long run to be the organizational template for massive new inroads on the sovereignty, privacy and freedoms of state and local governments as well as private citizens . • THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002 Low Cost with Quick Deliveries Class 10 to Class 100,000 Meets Stringent California Seismic Zone 4 Requirements Easy-to-install End-user Kits (Factory Installation Available) Designed for easy Expansions and Classification Up-grades Cleanroom Furniture, Seating, Pass-Thru's and Consumables Why call The Softwal/ Shop first? W will help define your cleanroom requirements e and provide you with a comprehensive proposal, which can assist you in requesting your "Apples-to-Apples " competitive bids. 888-561-1300 Tel • • 800-581-7942 Fax WATER EMPORIUM "The Smart Alternative" • • • • • • • Filters Reverse Osmosis Water Distillers Water Coolers Water Softeners Crocks & Stands Free Advice BOUlevar~ vI 1281 East Calaveras Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 942-9090 • Fax (408) 942-6842
  19. 19. ill of ights :First rren fZLmendments to the Constitution .9Lrtic{e I. Congress sfia{{ mal(g no raw respecting an esta6{isfiment of re{igion, or profiioiting tfie free e'tercise tfiereoj; or aoriaging tfie freecfom of speecfi, or of tfie press; or tfie rigfit of tfie peop{e peacea6{y to assem6{e, ana to petition tfie government for a rearess ofgrievances_ .9Lrtic{e I I. 5t we{{-regu{atea miatia oeing necessary to tfie security of a free state, tfie rigfit of tfie peop{e to I(gep ana oear arms sfia{{ not oe infringed. .9Lrtic{e I I I . 'J{p soUier sfia{[' in time of peace, oe quarterea in any fiouse, witfiout tfie consent of tfie owneTj nor in time of war, out in a manner to oe prescrioea oy raw_ .9Lrtic{e 10/. 'Tfie rigfit of tfie peop{e to oe secure in tfieir persons, fiouses, papers, ana effects against unreasona6{e searcfies ana seizures sfia{{ not oe vio{atee( ana no warrants sfia{{ issue, out upon prooa6{e cause, supportea oy oatfi or affirmation, ana particu{ady aescrioing tfie peace to oe searcfiee( ana tfie persons or tfiings to oe seized. .9Lrtic{e 0/. 'J{p person sfia{{ oe fie{a to answer for a capita{, or otfierwise infamous crime, un{ess on a presentment or inaictment of a granajury, e~ept in cases arising in tfie rana or nava{forces, or in tfie miatia, wfien in actua{ service in time of war or pu6{ic aanger; nor sfia{{ any person oe suoject for tfie same offense to oe twice put in jeoparay of {ife or amo; nor sfia{{ oe compe{{ea in any crimina{ case to oe a witness against fiimser;; nor oe aeprivea of {ife, a6erty, or property, witfiout aue process of raw; nor sfia{{ private property oe tal(gn for pu6{ic use, witfiout just compensation_ .9Lrtic{e 0/1. In a{{ crimina{ prosecutions tfie accusea sfia{{ enjoy tfie rigfit to a speeay ana pu6{ic tria[, oy an impartia{jury of tfie state ana aistrict wfierein tfie crime sfia{{ fiave oeen committee( wfiicfi aistrict sfia{{ fiave oeen previous{y ascertainea oy raw, ana to oe informea of tfie nature ana cause of tfie accusation; to oe confrontea witfi tfie witnesses against fiim; to fiave compufsory process for ootaining witnesses in fiis favor, ana to fiave tfie assistance of counse{for fiis aejense_ .9Lrtic{e 0/11. In suits at common raw, wfiere the va{ue in controversy sfia{{ e'tceea twenty ao{rars, tfie rigfit of triaC oy jury sfia{{ oe preservee( ana no fact triea oy ajury sfia{{ oe otfierwise re-qaminea in any court oj tfie 'llniteaStates, tfian accoraing to tfie ru{es of tfie common {aw_ .9Lrtic{e 0/111. 'E'tcessive oai{ sfia{{ not oe requiree( nor e'tcessive fines imposee( nor crue{ ana unusua{ punisfiments inf{ictea_ .9Lrtic{e IX. 'Tfie enumeration in tfie Constitution, ofcertain rigfits, sfia{{ not oe construea to aeny or aisparage otfiers retainea oy tfie peop{e_ .9Lrtic{e X . 'Tfie powers not adegatea to tfie 'llnitea States oy tfie Constitution, nor profiioitea oy it to tfie states, are reservea to tfie states respective{y, or to tfie peop{e_ mean Serrers ~ord We at 6dieve freedom of mo6ifity is as fundamenta[ as our 'Bi[[ of ifigfits. See 'Dean Sd[ers :Ford for your new freedom macfiine. 2600 % ap[e tJ{f., rrroy, %icfiigan (248) 643 -7500 www. deansd[
  20. 20. ON THE HOME FRONT Militarizing Mayberry State and local police agencies are being transformed into paramilitary affiliates of a centralized police force controlled by Washingtof)J. D.C. .~ by William Norman Grigg ber 11th attack. "We should always be reviewing things like Posse Comitatus and other laws if we think it ties our hands in protecting the American people," stated four-star general Ralph E. Eberhart on July 17th. Air Force General Eberhart, heads the recently cre- tus Act of 1878 and any other laws that sharply restrict the military's ability to parn the mythical hamlet of Mayberry, as ticipate in domestic law enforcement," redepicted on the beloved Andy Griffith ported the July 18th New York Times. Show, Sheriff Andy Taylor wore his "Posse Comitatus" means "power of the authority lightly, rarely even carrying a county." The 1878 act, which ended the gun. His comically high-strung deputy, military occupation of the Southern states Barney Fife, was issued a single after the Civil War, prohibits the bullet, which he never used. use of the military "as a posse While The Andy Griffith Show is comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws ...." A 1981 congressionidealized fiction, "Sheriff Andy" does embody an authentic Amerial report pointed out that the Posse Comitatus Act encapsulates "the can concept of law enforcement: The lawman whose role is to protraditional Anglo-American printect and serve the community in ciple of separation of military and which he lives. civilian spheres of authority, one The antithesis of that noble conof the fundamental precepts of our cept is an army of occupation, acform of government." Moreover, countable only to the distant ruling that act acknowledges a largely elite whose whims it enforces on a forgotten fact about our constitutyrannized population. Tragically, tional system: Law enforcement is America is moving away from the properly an almost exclusive conidealized concept of law enforcecern of local, county, and state ment toward the totalitarian model. governments. With increasing federal involve"Since the writing of the Decment in law enforcement has come laration of Independence, Ameriincreasing militarization. That cans have mistrusted standing process, already underway before armies and have seen them as inBlack Tuesday, has accelerated struments of oppression and tyrandramatically because of that atrocny," observed Matthew Carlton ity, with ominous implications for ~ Hammond in a 1997 analysis pubour liberties. ~ lished by the Washington Univer~ sity Law Quarterly. "Over time, War at Home « the military has increased its esDependable duo: In The Andy Griffith Show, Sheriff Andy and "Flame throwers? Tanks? Yes teem among the populace, but it his comic sidekick Barney Fife embodied the ideal of locally use ' em. Helicopters? Bazookas? accountable law enforcement. That ideal is being eclipsed as the has always been held separate from Cannons? Sure ." Against whom federal government expands its control over increasingly civilian government and limited to would this formidable arsenal be militarized local police. its focused goal of military prearrayed ? AI-Qaeda, perhaps, or paredness and national security." Taliban holdouts in Afghanistan? Obviously, those who enlist to Or maybe murderous Abu Sayyaf terrorist ated Northern Command, assigned the spe- serve as either military personnel or police cadres in the Philippines? No. The speak- cific task of protecting the U.S. homeland. carry out tasks that are both honorable and er is not a military commander, but former Eberhart's suggestion was echoed by indispensable to the preservation of our Minneapolis police chief Tony Bouza, cap- Homeland Security Adviser Tom Ridge, liberties. But those roles involve mutually tured on film in Urban Warrior, a docu- Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman incompatible approaches to the use of mentary depicting the accelerating drive to Joseph Biden (D-Del.), and numerous pun- force, as well as different lines of authormilitarize local police. Significantly, the dits. The Bush administration "has direct- ity. "Civilian law enforcement is traditioninterview with Bouza was conducted by ed lawyers in the Departments of Justice ally local in character, responding to needs director Matt Ehling prior to the Septem- and Defense to review the Posse Comita- at the city, county, or state level," Ham- I "0 THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002 23
  21. 21. ON THE HOME FRONT enforcement.''' The HRT, continues Hardy, is part of Those who enlist to serve as either military "an elite military force ... of growing size: nearly 10 personnel or police carry out tasks that are percent of the FBI is both honorable and indispensable to the presently enrolled in its HRT teams . or the many preservation of our liberties. But those roles other SWAT~like units creinvolve mutually incompatible approaches ated by other agencies." Prior to the February to the use of force. 1993 ATF assault on Waco's Branch Davidian church, mond notes. Police are trained for "civil- then-Texas Governor Ann Richards was ian law enforcement," meaning that they able to exploit a "drug war" loophole in the are expected "to use lesser forms of force Posse Corrtitatus Act inserted by Congress when possible [and] to draw their weapons in 1989. Falsely asserting that the Davidians were implicated in drug trafficking, only when they are prepared to fire." For military personnel, Hammond con- Richards signed a waiver requesting militinues, "escalation is the rule" - and quite tary support for the raid. This perrrtitted the properly so, given their specific responsi- FBI to deploy tanks, aircraft, supplies, bilities. "The military exists to carry out manpower, and high-tech equipment durthe external mission of defending the na- ing the 51 -day siege. tion. Thus, in an encounter with a person identified with the enemy, soldiers need What Happened to Mayberry? not be cognizant of individual rights ...." Even greater damage has resulted from onPolice analyst Diane Cecilia Weber elabo- going efforts to transform state and local rates on that point: "[T]he mindset of the law enforcement agencies into paramilisoldier is simply not appropriate for the tary armies of occupation in their commucivilian police officer. Police officers con- nities - a process Weber describes as front not an 'enemy,' but individuals who "Militarizing Mayberry." Legal analyst Hammond points out that are protected by the Bill of Rights. Confusing the police function with the rrtilitary federal courts have authorized "exceptions function can lead to dangerous and unin- in name" to the Posse Comitatus Act that tended consequences - such as unneces- "allow the military to provide equipment and supplies, technical assistance, inforsary shootings and killings." Mackubin Thomas Owens, professor of mation, and training to law enforcement strategy and force planning at the Naval agencies," most commonly under the War College, concurs. "Employing the U.S. rubric of the "war on drugs." By way of military as a domestic police force is a this exception, "Congress has encouraged recipe for disaster," writes Owens. "The the U.S. military to supply intelligence, U.S. rrtilitary is structured to play 'away equipment, and training to civilian police," games.' It is good at protecting the United notes Weber. "That encouragement has States by threatening the sanctuary of our spawned a culture of paramilitarism in adversaries abroad. There are, of course, American law enforcement." While relatively few Americans have things the military can do to enhance the security of the American homeland, but we had traumatic run-ins with federal parashould not be blurring further the distinc- militaries, the federally funded militarization between rrtilitary activities and do- tion of local police directly impacts nearly every American community. By the end of mestic law enforcement." That critical border has become partic- the 1990s, writes Weber, "nearly 90 perularly thin where it divides the military cent of the police departments surveyed in from federal law enforcement agencies. communities with populations over 50,000 Former federal attorney David Hardy had pararrtilitary units, as did 70 percent of points out that the FBI's "Hostage Rescue the departments surveyed in communities Team" (HRT), which played a lethal role with populations under 50,000. The Penin the stand-offs at Ruby Ridge and Waco, tagon has been equipping those units with "was superbly trained for war, not for 'law M-16s, armored personnel carriers, and 24 grenade launchers. The police pararrtilitary units also conduct training exercises with active duty Army Rangers and Navy SEALs." This sharing of technology and training "is prodqcing a shared mindset" between the military and police, warns Weber. She cites the example of a small Midwestern town whose police department "sends out patrols dressed in tactical uniform in a military personnel carrier. The armored vehicle, according to the SWAT commander, stops 'suspicious vehicles and people. We'll stop anything that moves. We'll sometimes even surround suspicious homes and bring out the MP5 s [machine guns].' " Another tactical officer with a metropolitan force refers to "saturation patrols" carried out by tactical teams in his city: "We do a lot of our work with the SWAT unit because we have bigger guns. We send out two, two-to-four men cars, we look for minor violations and do jump-outs, either on people or on the street or automobiles. After we jump out the second car provides periphery cover with an ostentatious display of weaponry." It is important to recognize that these snapshots of the emerging U.S. garrison state come from local officers increasingly funded and trained by the federal government. The training they receive, in tum, is largely derived from doctrines put into practice in UN "peacekeeping" rrtissions overseas, in which co-mingling of police and military roles is the rule, rather than the exception. In Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and elsewhere, many U.S. military personnel carry out a role similar to that of "beat cops" on American streets. "We were essentially used to 'enforce the peace' by being there and maintaining a presence," retired Army Sergeant Joe Kelly, who served in the Bosnian peacekeeping mission, told THE NEW AMERICAN. "We would do foot patrols, guard cemeteries, help put down riots , and every once in a while we'd 'lock and load' just to let some hard cases know we were serious." This approach resembles that of the tactical officers described above. That similarity reflects the extent to which our independent, local police forces are being amalgamated into a centralized, rrtilitarized, "internal security" apparatus . • THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002
  22. 22. ON THE HOME FRONT Their Target: Your Guns With America on the front line of the terror war, it would be insane to disarm law-abiding citizens. Yet this is what the UN seeks - and the B ~.s h administration is qUietly acquiescing. This is clearly illustrated in the recent debate over arming commercial airline pilots. Though the president his declaration of rights, as himself avoided publicly discussing the I take it, is intended to seissue, his staff took the lead in pushing cure the people against the the restriction of firearms possession to mal-administration of the government," agents of the state. Speaking on behalf stated Congressman Elbridge Gerry of the administration , Undersecretary (Mass.) as he opened di scussion of the of Transportation John Magaw told a Second Amendment on August 17, May 21st congressional hearing: "The 1789. "If we could suppose that, in all use of firearms aboard a U.S. aircraft cases, the rights of the people would be must be limited to ... thoroughly trained attended to, the occasion for guards of members of law enforcement." Conthis kind would be removed ... . Whenfronted with a grounds well of public supever Governments mean to invade the POlt for congressional proposals to arm rights and liberties of the people, they pilots, administration officials unveiled always attempt to destroy the militia, in a tiny "test" program for a selected arorder to raise an army upon their ruins." mament of pilots just before the vote. Like the other Founders, Gerry used That the Bush administration doesthe term "militia" to describe an armed, n' t even trust pistols to airline pilotslaw-abiding citizenry capable of demany of whom, after all, had previousfending their homes and communities. ly been entrusted with nuclear weapons Recognizing the right to armed self~ ~ as Air Force pilots speaks volumes defense within the Bill of Rights sets the U.S. apart from nearly every other ~.~~~~!J ~ about the elitist worldview of the Bush ::iI ~ administration with respect to firearms government in history up until that ownership. time. During the debate over ratifying The UN's anti-gun vision is displayed in this the Constitution, James Madison con- sculpture entitled "Disarmament," positioned as the first thing a visitor sees when entering the courtyard George W VS. 2nd Amendment . trasted "the advantage of being armed, at UN Headquarters. According to the world body, Gun confiscation proponents prefer to which the Americans possess over the governments must disarm their subjects to have a frame discussion in terms of what the people of almost every other nation," to monopoly on force - a view that led to tens of Second Amendment "permits" citizens "the military establishments in the sev- millions of deaths during the 20th Century. to do, rather than what it forbids the eral kingdoms of Europe ... [where] the federal government to do. That amendgovernments are afraid to trust the people with arms ." The Founders rightfully ership were in place before the genocide ment, properly understood, imposes a viewed an armed population as free citi- took place. The authors conclude that "an comprehensive ban on federal laws and zens, and a disarmed population as slaves armed citizenry is as close to being immu- policies infringing on the right of armed subject to the whim of the state. nized against genocide as seems possible." self-defense. The Bush administration, like Tyrants throughout history have always Governments either recognize and pro- its predecessor, favors uncon stitutional monopolized the use of force . This is par- tect the individual right to keep and bear measures amounting to an incremental asticularly true of modem totalitarian states. arms or embrace the totalitarian notion that sault on that right. A Bush administration During the 20th century, the dreadful cost the state exclusively enjoys the use of fact sheet stated that "in addition to strict of "gun control" has become painfully ev- force. Some nations not blessed with the enforcement of existing gun laws, the President. In their study Lethal Laws, re- equivalent of our Second Amendment have ident supports expanding instant backsearchers Jay Simkin, Aaron Zelman, and governments that allow private gun own- ground checks to close the gun show loopAlan Rice surveyed the eight bloodiest ership, but only as a limited and revocable hole and banning the importation of genocidal regimes over the last 100 years privilege. The Bush administration, despite high-capacity ammunition clips." - among them Hitler's Germany and So- its pro-Second Amendment posturing, has In May 2001, President Bush initiated viet Russia - and found that in every case embraced the totalitarian perspective on "Project Safe Neighborhoods" (PSN), a severe restrictions on citizen firearms own- this fundamental issue. major federal program with limitless poby Thomas R. Eddlem ,,T THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 7, 2002 25