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thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not     of Armageddon. And, ...
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The Prophecies In Psalms 107-150 - Prophecy In The News Magazine - Feb 2007


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The Prophecies In Psalms 107-150 - Prophecy In The News Magazine - Feb 2007

  1. 1. Find us on the Internet - My thoughts on ... The Prophecies in Psalms 107-150 By J. R. Church by Gershon Solomon, launched a campaign to pressure the Israeli government into Twenty years ago, we introduced a new granting them certain rights to worship on and rather bizarre concept into the study of the site of the ancient Temple. These and biblical prophecy. With some trepidation, I other historical events seemed to be right on suggested that the Psalms “seem” to tell the schedule with the Leviticus theme resident story of the last generation — including the within Psalms 73-89. Jewish holocaust and the rebirth of the state Psalms 90-106 corresponds to the Mosaic of Israel. The Psalms appeared to be rather book of Numbers and the story of Israel’s cryptic about all this, but the most bizarre 40-years sojourn in the wilderness, prior twist was that each chapter seemed to relate, to entering the Promised Land under the in some uncanny way, to the year numbered leadership of Joshua. As surreal as it may by its corresponding psalm! seem, Israel has floundered (politically) Oh, the prophecies are there all right, but over the past 40 years, since they gave the specific dating? Even more bizarre was the Temple Mount back to Moslem control. It fact that the Psalter is the 19th book in our seems that God had predicted a wilderness- Bible, thus allowing “book 19, Psalm 48” type experience for these years. If so, then to correspond with 1948! Furthermore, the the 40 years is up this year! Psalter is the 48th book from the end of In Psalm 90, Moses laid out a prophetic our Bible — suggesting that God placed it scenario connecting the six days of Creation within Scripture to reveal the date for the with six thousand years of human his- rebirth of Israel — 19 books from Genesis tory. The seventh day, wherein God rested, and 48 books from Revelation! Uncanny! typifies the seventh millennium as a time I was convinced that God had laid out of “kingdom rest.” Moses wrote: “For a the twentieth century in the Psalms, but thousand years in thy sight are but as yes- how was I going to explain all this to a terday when it is past, and as a watch in the normally skeptical Christian community of The Genesis Period — 1901-1941 night” (Ps. 90:4). This is what led nine Old scholars who frown on any hint of allegori- The Exodus Period — 1942-1972 Testament prophets to write about the “day cal interpretation. The Leviticus Period — 1973-1989 of the LORD” — and the establishment of After much soul-searching, I felt that The Numbers Period — 1990-2006 the messianic kingdom. They seemed to I had no choice but to publish our book, The Deuteronomy Period — future? imply that the “day of the LORD” would Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms (1986). In 1973 Israel entered upon a time of re- be a thousand years in length. This cor- To my surprise, the book was well received ligious fervor over the fact that the Temple responds with John’s statement that Jesus by those who read it. Mount was under Islamic control. Religious would reign over this world for “a thousand The prophetic story in Psalms 39-48 is Jews began to turn their attention toward years” (Rev. 20:4-6). plain enough to be understood by anyone preparations for the day when they could who had lived during those years. The story rebuild their Temple. In 1973, construction Psalms 90 and 91 of the holocaust was quite vivid in Psalms began on a “World Synagogue,” an obvious As if right on schedule, Saddam Hussein 39-45, and the birth of Israel is pretty amaz- prelude to their future Temple. invaded Kuwait on the Jewish calendar ing in Psalm 48. In 1976, the Temple Institute began con- date of Av 9, in August 1990, thus bringing structing the implements for use in a future down the wrath of the United States upon The Torah Design temple. They have built some 100 “tools” his head. Psalm 91 offered a marvelous de- The Psalter is divided into five books, of the Temple, including garments for the scription of that war. In fact, since the days each corresponding with one of the five priesthood, a brazen laver, musical instru- of World War II, Psalm 91 had been viewed books of Moses — Genesis through Deu- ments, etc. But they did not build an Ark of as a promise of protection in a time of war. teronomy. This arrangement of the Psalms the Covenant. Instead, they claimed that the A soldier in the Philippines took a Japanese has been recognized by theologians for original Ark would be found and returned bullet aimed at his heart. The bullet pierced centuries. It was easy to see that the Psalms when the time is right. his Gideon Bible and stopped at the verse: were laid out in prophetic periods: The Temple Mount Faithful, headed up “A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten Find us on the Internet - Prophecy in the News 37
  2. 2. Find us on the Internet - thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not of Armageddon. And, in verses 41 and 42, era in Israel’s history — the days for the come nigh thee” (Ps. 91:7). the Lord establishes the long-awaited mes- establishment of the messianic kingdom. As our troops deployed to Saudi Arabia, sianic kingdom. After Joshua led the people across the groups across America began copying Ah, but that is not to say that the vials Jordan River, they spent the next several Psalm 91 onto cards and letters and sending will be poured out in 2007! This is only years fighting to gain control. In like man- them to our soldiers. It was a spontaneous an introductory psalm to the entire section ner, other prophets indicate that Israel will and unorganized effort. To me, it was the of 44 psalms. It is difficult to divide these have to face its enemies. There can be no most spectacular confirmation of hidden psalms into groupings, but some divisions messianic kingdom without the Battle of prophecies in the Psalms that I could ever are apparent. For example, Psalms 120-134 Gog and Magog, and the great war of Ar- imagine! is a division all its own. These 15 psalms mageddon. Seven vials of wrath are ahead are classified as “Songs of Degrees,” and for this world. Psalm 107 and Beyond! seem to be organized into five sets of three Psalm 109 alludes to the Antichrist: With the conclusion of 2006, I am psalms each — each division correspond- “For the mouth of the wicked and the convinced that the first 106 psalms were ing with one of the five books of the Law mouth of the deceitful are opened against fulfilled in chronological order. David and (Gen.-Deut.). As I read the Songs of De- me: they have spoken against me with a Solomon had compiled those psalms. grees, I could see events that took place in lying tongue. However, Ezra is credited with compiling the twentieth century. “Set thou a wicked man over him: and Psalms 107-150 following the Babylonian For example, Psalm 120 says: let Satan stand at his right hand. Captivity. These psalms don’t have the “Woe is me, that I sojourn in Mesech “When he shall be judged, let him be feel of a chronology, which I think is quite (Moscow). condemned” (Ps 109:2,6,7). significant. They correspond to the Mosaic “I am for peace: but when I speak, they Psalm 110 speaks of Christ’s coming: book of Deuteronomy, in which Moses are for war” (Ps. 120:5,7). “Thou are a priest for ever after the order repeats certain aspects relating to his previ- To me, the Songs of Degrees clearly of Melchizedek. ous books and brings Israel to the brink of reflect upon the events of the 1900s. “The Lord at thy right hand shall strike entering the kingdom. Another example: Psalms 46-150 com- through kings in the day of his wrath. In like manner, Psalms 107-150 present prise a grand “Hallelujah Chorus.” Obvi- “He shall judge among the heathen, he reflections on the past century, plus various ously, they adorn the coronation of the shall fill the places with the dead bodies; groupings of psalms that seem to explode Messiah and celebrate the establishment he shall wound the heads over many coun- into a confluence of events running together of Heaven’s kingdom on Earth. tries” (Ps. 110:4-6). in order to bring about the establishment of This view of the Savior’s Second Coming the messianic kingdom. Return from the Wilderness is followed by Psalms 111-113, in which we It is clear from reading Psalms 107-150, As Psalm 107 opens, we can see the find “Praise ye the LORD” (hallelujah in that Ezra was looking toward the future children of Israel returning to the Promised Hebrew) four times, corresponding to “Al- kingdom. He and Nehemiah had brought Land. However, this is not about entering leluia” given four times in Rev. 19:1-6. thousands of refugees back from the Persian into the land under Joshua. The context is Again, in Psalms 115-117, there are Empire and reestablished the government as definitely end-time. Though verse 4 says, more hallelujahs, followed by Psalm 118 a vassal state of Persia. But Ezra knew that “They wandered in the wilderness” verse — a psalm referred to by Jesus, as He told the messianic kingdom must await the ful- 3 reminds us that God “gathered them out the Pharisees that He was going away and fillment of Daniel’s prophecies. So, Psalms of the ... east, and from the west, from the would not return until He heard them say, 107-150 were distinctly set for the far fu- north, and from the south.” In other words, “Blessed is he that cometh in the name of ture, not for fulfillment in Ezra’s day. this is not a reference to Joshua’s crossing the Lord” (Matt. 23:39). That is a quote the Jordan, but to an ingathering at the close from Psalm 118:26. Note that this verse Seven Inverted Nuns of a future “proverbial” wilderness experi- directly precedes Matthew 24, the great In Psalms 107, the Hebrew text displays a ence, akin to, but not actually, the original chapter about the return of Christ and the set of seven inverted or reversed b nuns, the wilderness sojourn. “end of the world” (Matt. 24:3). 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet (though Some years ago, I gave a lecture entitled Psalm 118:24 says, “This is the day which they do not appear in English versions). “The Wilderness Experience,” wherein the LORD hath made.” This is no ordinary It is not normal for a letter to be drawn I demonstrated how two earlier b nuns day, as some would have us think. This is upside down, or backward within the had been reversed. The first one points to the “Day of the Lord” — the seventh mil- inspired text. It seems as if someone was 1967/68. This first inverted b nun (there lennium! drawing a picture, not of a Hebrew letter, are nine of them in all) is located in Num- Well, as you can see, there is a lot to be but of seven upturned bowls of wrath being bers 10:35, which says, “Rise up, LORD, learned from a study of the Psalms. With poured out upon the Earth. The context in and let thine enemies be scattered.” This Iran threatening to exterminate Israel; with which these drawings are found implies same verse is repeated in Psalm 68:1, thus the Hezbollah and Syria digging in along exactly that. You can read verses 23-40 marking the time when the Temple Mount Israel’s northern border; and the Hamas in and see the theme of wrath and judgment was returned to Islamic control following control of the Palestinian Authority, it looks for yourself. the Six-Day War. It represents a prophecy like 2007 (to say the least) will be a difficult The first six inverted b nuns (each placed of pouring out the wrath of God. That was year. May I encourage you to study the before one of the verses 23-28) allude to the first inverted b nun, whose verse was Psalms, not just from a practical viewpoint, John’s “vials of wrath” (Rev. 16). The repeated in Psalm 68. Forty psalms later as most commentaries have it, but from a seventh reversed b nun (placed before verse brings us to Psalm 107:4, and the verse that prophetic view. We may not find any more 40) alludes to the coming of the Messiah to says, “They wandered in the wilderness.” chronologies in the Psalms, but the prophe- judge the world in the midst of the Battle This tells me that we have entered a new cies are there, nevertheless. u 38 Prophecy in the News Find us on the Internet -