The Arab Spring - Endtime Magazine - Jul-Aug 2011


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The Arab Spring - Endtime Magazine - Jul-Aug 2011

  1. 1. ENDTIME FEATURES 10 The Melsage Of The Arab Spring By Irvin Baxter Its called the Arab Spring, but it ap- pears to be leading us straight into the arms of the prophesied one-world government and the Glo bal Winter called the Great Tribulation. 14 Is Sodomy A Civil Right? By Irvin Baxter Many people contend that same-sex marriage is a civil right. Yet, God de- stroyed Sodam and Gomorrah for the sin of sodomy. Which is right? 20 ICC Arrest Warrants Por US Citizens? By Rick Brinegar Is it possible that, in the near fu ture, a sitting US president could be arrested and tried at The Hague? 30 Pastor Jeff Arnold ... Raised From The Dead! By Jeff Arnold Pastor Arnold had no pulse for ap- proximately ten to fifteen minutes before God brought him back to life! 4 Editorial 6 Letters to the Editor 2S Prophecy Conferences 28 World Review 32 Radio BroadcastJOINUSONPACEBOOKANDTWlTTER JULY/AUG 201 1 www.e 3
  2. 2. EDITORIAL EXECUTIVE EDITOR IRVIN BAXTER by Irvin Baxter EDITOR DAVE ROBBINSWhen Will Fina.l 7 Years Begin? CREATIVEIts one of the only prophecies with it date DOUG WHITEon it. The Bible foretells that the West This magazine was accomplishedBank (Judea) will be placed unde r Pales- by the Endtime Ministries teamtin ian control and that the Temple Mount and dedicated to our Lord andwill be shared between Jew and Gentile God, Jesus Christ.unde r international supervision. On Septem ber 23 rd, t h e Palestinians To advertise please contact:will ask the United Nations to recognize KMCPEAK@ENDTIME.COMPalestine as it state within pre-1967 statement of faithborders and with East Jerusalem as its We believe that the Bible is the inspiredcapital. If the UN votes for this. which it Word of God, that Jesus Christ is theis expected to do, this would gran t UN Savior o f the world, and that He will come again to establish a kingdom thatrecogn ition to Palestines jurisdiction over shall never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44).Judea and ove r the Temple Mount. So, if the UN Gene ral Assembly does vote Those who are born again (John 3:3- 5) The Bible prophesies that when it deal to grant the Palestinian request, it still will have eternal life and rule as kingsis struck to place Judea under Palestinian will not be impleme n ted since such imple- and priests with Christ forever.autho ri ty and the Temp le Mount under mentat ion wou ld place the Temple Moun t what is endtime?a sharing arrangement, the final seven unde r the sole control of the Palestinians. In 1968, Irvin Baxter Jr. discoveredyears to Armageddon will begin. These a re This would be con trary to the prophecy. the United States and other modernthe ve ry two issues that will be presented The likely outcome of the pending nations in the Bible. He also found theto the UN on September 23rd. head-on coll ision at the UN will be the Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one day it was to be torn down, re-uniting following: Germany, and that event would beWhat Will Happen? 1. The US m ight broker a last-minute the catalys t to spark an internationalThe United States has promised that it dea l to delay the vote or to co n vince the movement called the "New Worldwill veto the request of the Palestinians if Palestinians to drop their plan for now. Order." These things have now comeit comes before the UN Security Cou n ciL 2. The General Assembly cou ld vote in to pass. Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal ministe r, began Endtime Ministries inConsequently, the Palestinians are con- favo r of the Palestinians. This would not 1986 when he wrote A Message Forside rin g aVoiding this sh owdown with the g ra nt UN membersh ip but could lead to The President, a book explaining theUS by taking thei r case directly to the UN resolut ions demanding that Israel with- major prophecies of the Bible whichGene ral Assembly where the US has no draw from what the majority of nat ions he had been teaching since 1968. Afterveto power. It is almost ce rtain that the have recogn ized as "occupied te rr ito ry: the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfillment accelerated rapidly. ThePalestinians would rece ive approval for This could lead to charges be ing filed decision was made to launch Endtimethe ir request at the General Assemb ly. before the In ternational Criminal Cou rt magazine. The purpose of the magazine However, only the Secu rity Council against Israeli leaders, as have been filed is to explain the prophecies of the Biblehas the powe r to grant full UN membe r- against Lib yas Muammar Gaddafi and and to show that they are now beingship and recognition of statehood to the Sudans Omar al-Bashir. fulfilled in intricate detail. Articles focus on the soon return of JesusPalestinians. Any action by the Gene ra l 3. Some hope for a last-minute Christ, the truth of the Bible, and theAssembly would me rel y be symbolic and diplomatic breakthrough at the secret need for salvation. Endtime does nothave only significant PR value. Neverthe- talks that a re now being conducted by deal with doctrinal controversies, asless, the Palestinians appear dete rmined Israel, the Palestin ians, and the US. In valid as they may be. This will be left toto push this course of action, believing it the unlikely event t hat th is occurs, the other publications.would create international pressu re on final seven yea rs could actually begin as a IOnJljmt i, publi,hed bi- mon~ly by Endti"",."I<" ..Israel and the Un ited States to eventually result. 2701 E George Bus" TurnpIke Suite 100. Plano.yield to the Palestinians. TX . 75074. Sul>script" pnce ;, 29 for 12 is,ues. Cop)nght () 2011 Endtime. 11<". All riglot< Whateve r happens on September the rese1"ed. Reproduction in "ho~ or in part w;tl>ootWhat Does the Bible Say Will 23rd, one thing is ce rtain. Things in the wrinen pem,i ...,"on i, prohibited . POSTMASTER:Happen? Middle East will never be the same. We Send Ilddre .., change, to Endtin",. PO Box 940729. TX 75094-n729, For ,ub>cnplio", cal lThe Bible clearly depicts Judea under may not be able to know at th is t ime ex - 24 hrslday. 7 <Ly"wee~ 1-800-Endti"",. OtherPalestinian control (Matthew 24:15-21) actly what cou rse events will take, but we inquine, c.1I 1-972-4 22-U857 9:00 a.m. 10 5:00and the Temple Mount unde r a sharing can know whe re they will end up. Judea p.m. CST.arrangement between Jew and Gentile will end up unde r Palestinian control and(Rev elation 11:1-2) th ree and one-halfyears before t h e Battle of Armageddon. the Temp le Mount will be shared between Jew and Gentile. e- ENDTIME· M I N I STR I ES4 JULY/AUG 2011
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  4. 4. LETTERS to the editorQ. r recently saw you on television and let me say that A. This is not a physical gate. Jesus, during His sermon onI enjoyed the pmgram very much. But, what interested the mount, used this illustration to explain that the plan ofme the most was the comment you made concerning the salvation is very specific and that there is only one way intotribulation. I have always been taught that the tribulation the kingdom of God. For instance, Jesus told Nicodemus,period hegins when the Antichrist negotiates a seven year • ... Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdompeace agreement in the Middle East. But, in the middle of of God.~ As you can see, He was very dear that there is onlythe seven years, the An tichrist will break the treaty and tha t one way to be saved. So when Jesus said, "... strait is thewill bring Gods wrath on us for t he remaining three and gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, andone-half years. In my mind, that would give us seven years few there be that find it," He was simply teaching them thatof tribulation. Can you please explain, using scripture, why there is only one "spiritual gate", or plan of salvation, thatyou think there is only for ty two months or three and one- enters into the kingdom of God and eternal life.half years of tribulation? - Raymond Q. The Bible says that Jesus is coming as a thief in theA. Absolutely. There is a final seven year period, just before night and that no man knows the hour or the day of Histhe second coming of Jesus, called Daniels 70th week. This return. But, I have also heard that the two witnesses areis triggered by a peace agreement that will confirm Israels raised after being dead for three and one-half days and thatright to exist. Its called the Confirmation of the Covenant. this event coincides with the second coming of the Lord. IfThis is referring to Gods covenant with Abraham (Genesis this is true, then we could almost predict when he WaS going15:18) tha t the land in which Israel dwells today would be to come. Which is right? - Randallhis and his descendants forever. So, there is a final seven-year period, but the Great A. The answer is found in I Thessalonians 5:2-5. The apostleTribulation does not begin with the signing of that Paul wrote to the church and said, "For yourselves knowcovenant, or the confirmation thereof. It begins with the perfectly tha t the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in"Abomination of Desolation," which occurs in the middle of the night.. .. But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that thatthe final seven years according to Daniel 9:27. day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of How do we know? Jesus told His disciples in Matthew light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night,24:15-21, "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of nor of darkness.~ So Hes only coming as a thief in the nigh tdesolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the to those who are not expecting Him, who do not under-holy place... Then let them which be in Judaea into the stand the prophecies of the Bible and who are not watchingmountains ... For then shall be great tribulation, such as was for Him. That is why Paul was very specific when he told thenot since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor Thessalonians in chapter 5, that day will not come upon youever shall be.~ From this passage alone, it is clear to see that as a thief.the tribulation only lasts three and one-half years. However, on that particular program, I gave five Q. Will the Antichrist be an actual man or a system? I havespecific passages: Daniel 7:25, Daniel 12:7, Revelation 12:6, been taugh t both ways, and it seems very confusing.Revelation 13:5 and of course, Matthew 24:15-21, which - Isaiahprove conclusively that there is only three and one-halfyears of tribulation. A. The Antichrist will be a man. How do we know? Revelation 19:20 says that the beast, which is synonymousDear Irvin, with the Antichrist, and the False Prophet will be cast intoI am so happy that your ministry is exploding! I have been the lake of fire. How do you cast a system into the lakelistening to you since you were on the radio here in Dallas, of fire? Furthermore, we know that the powerbase of theyears ago. Now I watch your "End of The Age" television Antichrist will be the re-born Holy Roman Empire. Duringprogram. Please give my love and prayers to you and yours. the first 1,000 years of the Holy Roman Empire, from BOO- Kathleen AD until1B06 AD, there were always two leaders. One was the leading political figure from Europe and the other was aQ. Matthew 7:13-14 says, "Enter ye in at the strait gate: spiritual leader from Italy, every single time. It was always afor wide [is] the gate, and broad [is] the way, that leadeth to man as a political leader and a man as a spiritual leader. Sodestruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because why should we expect, in a present day re-born Holy Romanstrait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] the way, which leadeth Empire, for it to all of a sudden become a system? Sure,un to life, and few there be tha t find it." Have you ever found there is a one-world system that will be the power base ofout where the gate is or what it is? the Antichrist, but the Antichrist himself will actually be- Darren a man. cont. on pg. 96 JULY/AUG 2011
  5. 5. ..Ill/til
  6. 6. Letfus - (O llt. (rom pg. 6 in the United States of America, because the national IDQ. If I have a social security number, have I taken the mark system simply puts the mechanism in place for the mark ofof the beast? - Mike the beast. There are two things that you should never do to insureA. We know that social security was the fi rst step down a that you do not take the mark of the beast. They are: (1)slippery slope. It was around 1935 that people began to get Dont ever take a mark on you r body or inject a chip unde rsocial security numbers. However, there was so much re- your skin. (2) Never pledge allegiance to any man outsidesistance to it from religious people, wondering if it was the of Jesus Christ or to a one-world governmental system,mark of the beast, that the government actually stamped on the United Nations. Furthermore, I would go so far as tothe cards: ~Not to be used for identification." After the furor say that if they take "Under God" out of our pledge ofover giving everyone a number died down, "Not to be used allegiance, then you should not do that either. Jesus Christfor identification" was omitted from the SS cards. But, the must be our highest allegiance with no exception what-numbering system still remains. soever. Is the current social security numbering system themark of the beast? No. But it was the first step toward the Q. Matthew 24:22 says, "And except those days should beprophesied numbering system. On May 11, 2005, President shortened, there should no Besh be saved: but for the electsGeorge W. Bush signed the Real ID Act into law. This law sake those days shall be shortened: Does this happen be-forces every person to have an identification card in order to fore or during the Great Tribulation? - PaulBy, visit a federal building, open a bank account, and it willsoon be req uired to hold a job. Once it is required to hold a A. There is another pro phecy about the shortening of daysjob, then a person would not be able to buy or sell without in Revelation 8 which says, "And the fourth angel sounded,the card and the numbe r, since you cant buy or sell without and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the thirda job. part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the The assignment of ID cards to individuals is not just third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not forhappening in the United States. It is being implemented all a third part of it, and the night likewise: This appears toover the world. For instance, Bangladesh is getting ready be the same prophecy as Matthew 24:22. If that is the case,to issue 90 million national ID cards. India has just ordered then we know it has already happened, since we know thatenough fo r every person of thei r 1.2 billion population. the Third and Fifth Trumpets have already occurred. And itChina is in the process of issuing ID cards to all of its citi- certainly seems like everything has been speeded up.zens as well. Altogether, about 100 nations already have a Matthew 24:22 is included in the prophecy abou t the Greatcompulsory nationallD, and most of the others are moving Tribulation period. However, it does not specifically sayrapidly to get one. when the shortening of days will happen. Since I do believe So, the mark of the beast is not here yet, but the mech- that Matthew 24:22 is the same as Revelation 8 under theanism for the mark of the beast is being set up very rapidly. Fourth Trumpet, therefore, I believe this prophecy hasThats the reason we need to stop a national ID system here already occurred. e
  7. 7. - - ranklin D. Roosevelt said, wIn politics, nothing hap- Spring and why they pla nned it unless we understand theseF pens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."If what President Roosevelt said is true, then wha t was the four fac tors. Responsibility To PJ"otectplan behind the revolution called the -Arab Spring", and In 2005, I attended the UNs World Summit as an aco-editedwho planned it? journalist represe nting Endtime magazine and Endtime Four factors have surfaced repeatedly in the news Ministries radio talk program, ~Politics & Religion".reports about the Arab Spring: As I sat in the UNs press room with Reu ters, Associ-1. Responsibility To Protect ated Press, AI Jazeera, and other news representatives from2. The International Criminal Court around the world, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan entered3. NATO as the enforcement arm of the UN for the press conference to report on the Outcome Docu-4. Oil ment for the 2005 World Summit. (An Outcome Document Its impossible to understand who planned the Arab is the summation of agreements reached at a summit.)10 JULY/AUG 2011
  8. 8. While acknowledging that some goals anticipated by WITH THIS ONE SIMPLE OUTCOMEthe press had not been reached, Annan s tated that some- DOCUMENT ••. THE SOVEREIGNTY OFtimes we should see the glass as half full, not half empty_ NATIONS CEASED TO EXIST.He proceeded to disclose that the nations had agreed to anhis toric expansion of power for the UN. This new power was intervene in the domes tic affairs of any nation. With thiscalled the -Responsibility To Protect.- one simple Outcome Document, the limitations on UN As I sat in the press conference listening to Annans power were swept aside, and the sovereignty of nationsexplanation, I knew immediately why he was placing so ceased to exist.much importance on this new power to be exercised by the Responsibili ty To Protect simply states that, if aInternational Community. government commits genocide, ethnic cleansing, crimes The constitution of the United Nations specifically against humanity, or war crimes against its own people, thelimited the world government body to arbitrating between World Community has an obligation to protect the peoplesovereign nations. The UN was specifically fo rbidden to from their government, using whatever means necessary, JULY/AUG 201 1 11
  9. 9. including force, to bring about regime change. And, by the THE PRESIDENT OF THE US HADway, the UN is the prosecutor, the jury, and the judge in JUST ENDORSED TAKING GLOBALdeciding whether these "cri mes against humanity" havebeen committed. GOVERNANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Few people in 2005 unde rstood the quan tum shift Among the inner circle of those advocating a system ofthat had just taken place in the worlds power structu re. global governance, it was felt that the time was ripe for set-However, the reality of the power shift to a system of world ting up an international court to enforce international law.government is now being felt in earnest with the emergence On September 22, 1997, President Bill Clinton steppedof the Arab Spring. to the podium of the United Nations to welcome the worlds The drill goes something like this: leaders to New York for the 52nd session of the UN General 1. Demonstrations against the targeted government Assembly. His speech contained the usual diplomatic greet-are fomented by social media, inciting people to take to the ings and pleasantries.streets. Toward the end of the speech came the bombshell! 2. The demonstrators demand changes that can only be "Before the century ends, we should establish a permanentgranted by the abdication of the government. international criminal court." 3. The government feels it now has no recourse except The heads-of-state present that day fully understoodto dispe rse the demonst rators by force. that the President of the most powerful na tion on earth had 4. Fatalities occur and are publicized by the worlds just endorsed taking global governance to the next, creating the justification for intervention under the Immediately, the international advocates swung intoResponsibility To Protect clause. high gear. The Preparatory Committee completed its work 5. The UN passes a resolu tion approving economic on the draft of the constitution for the court in April ofsanctions and, if necessary, military force against the 199B. Then came the international conference to finalize thegovernment of the targe ted nation. charter of the International Criminal Court. The conference 6. NATO, which has now become the military enforce- ran from June lS- July 17, 1998. On July 17, 199B, the nament arm of the UN, moves to assist the demonstrators in tions represented at the conference voted 120-7 to approvethe toppling of the government. the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. 7. The UN provides assistance to rebuild the nation in Another very big shoe had dropped in the march towa rdthe image of the New World Order. one-world government that had begun with the founding of 8 . A warrant is issued from the International Criminal the United Nations in 1945.Court for the arrest of the head-of-state, thus making him Four categories of crimes were placed under the powera fugitive while sending a warning to all other national of the ICC for prosecution: Genocide, Crimes againstleaders of what could happen to them if they do not bow humanity, War crimes, and Crimes of aggression. Becausethe knee to the will of the global governance of the Interna- a defini tion of Crimes of aggression could not be agreedtional Community. upon by the nations, it was decided that Crimes of aggres- 9. The international oil cartel moves in to "help" the sion would not be prosecuted until the definition couldnewly formed government administer the oil resources. be settled. The intended definition by authors of the ICC"To the victors go the spoils." constitution was: Any war begun without previous approval of the United Nations Security Council would be considered a crime of aggression. If power to prosecute crimes of aggression had been in place in 2003, both George W. Bush and Tony Blair could have been prosecuted by the court for the invasion of Iraq without UN approval. UN Secretary General at the time, Kofi Annan, ac tually stated that he believed the invasion of Iraq was an illegal war. ARREST WARRANTS FOR TWO HEADS-OF-STATE HAVE BEEN ISSUED IN THE LAST TWO YEARS. The ICC statute was ratified by the required sixty nations by April 11, 2002, and the forma tion of the courts structures began in earnest. On March 11, 2003, the courtsUN Sec .... tary Ge"" ral Kofio Annan in,rodu«d "R •• pon.ibilty To Pro«" at the first eighteen judges were sworn in. The Court issued its2005 UN Wo,ld Summit. first arrest warrants on July B, 2005.The International Criminal Court (ICC) We have now seen the International Criminal Court inThe campaign for a permanent world court that could place action. Arrest warrants for two heads-of-state have beenindividuals, including kings and presidents, on trial was on. issued in the last two years.The World Federalist Association, whose openly avowed goal In 2009, the ICC issued a warrant for the arrest ofis a one-world government, was happily leading the charge. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for crimes against12 www.e nd t JULY/AUG 20 11
  10. 10. the middle of the night and taken to The Hague where he was placed on trial before the world court. His trial lasted for four years. Milosevic died during the proceedings before a verdkt could be rendered. The evolving role of NATO in world affairs is clearly demons trated by its recent actions in Libya. On February 15, 2011, the government of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi a rrested human rights activist Fethi Tarbel. This sparked a riot in the city of Benghazi and marked the beginning of the Arab Spring revolution in Libya. Protests escalated into an uprising that spread across the country, with the forces opposing Gaddafi establishing a government based in Benghazi named the National Tran- sitional Council whose stated goal was to overthrow the Gaddafi-Ied government and hold democratic elections.humanity. So far, he has avoided arrest by traveling only in On February 26th, the UN Security Council imposedthose countries that have not signed the ICC treaty. sanctions on Gaddafi and his family, and referred Libyas In 2011, at the request of the UN Security Council, crackdown on rebels to the International Criminal Courtthe ICC issued a warrant for the arrest of Libyan leader (ICC).Muammar Gaddafi. At the present time he has not yet been So within a mere eleven days of the beginning of thearrested. demons trations, UN sanctions were imposed and Gaddafis crackdown was referred to the ICC for possible prosecu-WE ARE ALREADY IN WORLD tion. The entire process certainly smacked of a pre-plannedGOVERNMENT, AND ITS REACH IS operation!GROWING LONGER AND STRONGER On March 17th, the UN Security Council voted to authorize a no-fly zone over Libya and the enact ment of "allEACH DAY. necessary measures" (code fo r military action) to protect It has become obvious that the International Criminal civilians against Gaddafis army.Court is casting its long shadow ac ross the globe. World On March 19th, the first air strikes were launched byleaders are being forced to consider whether their actions NATO, halting the advance of Gaddafis forces on Benghaziviolate international law before they implement them. and targeting Libyas air defenses . The pretense was gone.Resul t? The power of international law is already being im- NATO was now the official military arm of the Unitedposed upon the leaders of the world. We are already in world Nations.government, and its reach is growing longer and strongereach day. THE REGIME OF GADDAFI IS TOPPLED, AND NATO PROVIDEDNATO Becomes Army Of The UN THE AIR POWER, THE MILITARYThe No rth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed EQUIPMENT, AND THE EXPERTISEon April 4, 1949. Its purpose was to protect Western Euro- TO BRING IT TO PASS.pean nations against the spread of communism. The com-munist bloc responded by forming the Warsaw Pact in 1955. On June 27th, the ICC issued arrest warrants forThese two military entities then faced each other until the Gaddafi, his son Saif ai-Islam and intelligence chief Abdullahend of the Cold War. al-Senussi on charges of crimes against humanity. When Mikhail Gorbachev brought his reforms to the For the next two months, NATO escalated its involve-world, he dissolved the Warsaw Pact, saying that he was ment in the war against Gaddafi. It bombed his compound,depriving the West of an enemy. Many expected NATO to supplied millions of dolla rs in arms to the rebels, and finallyfollow suit and disband. But it didnt. supplied advisors on the ground to train and lead the rebels. With the disappearance of the Warsaw Pact, NATO By early September, the rebels had taken the Libyanbecame the worlds most lethal military alliance, but it had capital of Tripoli and Gaddafi was running for his life. As weno mission. go to press, the latest reports are saying tha t a large convoy NATOs new purpose began to emerge when a military of Libyan soldiers has crossed the border into Niger. It isarm was needed to enforce the will of the World Community speculated that Gaddafi may be among them, but no oneon Bosnia. knows for sure at the moment. Then when Yugoslavian President Siobodan Milosevic One thing is sure. The regime of Gaddafi is toppled, and(be he saint or be he devil) became an obstacle to the inte- NATO provided the air power, the military equipment, andgration of Yugoslavia into the European Union, President the expertise to bring it to pass.Bill Clinton, using NATO forces, orchestrated the war that The question that mus t be asked is why? Why did thedrove Milosevk from power and resulted in the absorption World Community act so decisively, and why did the USof Yugoslavia into the EU. Milosevic was then kidnapped in (Ont. on pg. 22 JULY/AUG 20 11 www.e 13
  11. 11. he word sodomy comes directly God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornica - As I listened to these words, IT from the Bible. Sodam a nd Go- morrah were two cities knownfor being so sinful that God decided tors, rlor idolaters, rlor adulterers, nor homosexuals, rlo r sodomites, nor thieves, rlor covetous, nor drunkards, rlor revilers, was appalled beyond description! This twisted statement would be perfectly no rmal coming from the mayor ofto destroy the m. The prominent sin of rlor extortiorlers will inherit the kingdom Sodom. But from the president of theSodam and Gomorrah was the sin of of God. And such were some of you. But United States of America? Unbeliev-homosexuality. you were washed, but you were sarlctifjed, able! In the Genesis chapte r 18-19 but you were justified irl the name of the President Obama continued, "Doaccount, God sent two angels to lead Lord Jesus arid by the Spirit of our God. 8 not doubt the direction we are headedAbrahams nephew Lot and his family Notice that the Apostle Paul gives and the destination we will reach ... Forout of Sodam before it was destroyed. quite a list of sins that will result in despite the real gains tha t weve made,The me n of the dty, being aware that a person being excluded from the theres (sic) still laws to change andtwo male guests were visiting Lot, sur- kingdom of God and eternal life. Paul theres (sic) still hearts to open .~rounded Lots home demanding that warns us: "Do not be deceived .~ It is obvious that President Obamathe men he made available to them for Paul knew 2,000 years ago tha t a is dete rmined to use the bully pulpithomosexual acts. This is how homosex- time would come when people would of the presidency to turn America intouality became referred to as sodomy. be deceived into believing a person Sodom II. He has openly opposed the Several scriptures describe homo- could lead a sinful lifes tyle and still be Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) andsexuality as an abomina tion to God. saved. Paul warned, ~Dont be de- is advocating its repeal. He sent spe-Leviticus 20:13 in the Old Testament ceived." Adul terers will not be saved. cial congratulations to the same-sexstates: People who worship false gods will couples that married when a California ~If a marl also lie with rmmkind, as not be saved. Homosexuals will not court ruled same-sex marriage legal,he lieth with a woman, both of them halle be saved. Dont be deceived by the while hypocritically maintaining thatcommitted arl abomination: they shall vai n philosophies of men rather than he did not favor same-sex marriage.surely be put to death; their blood shall be believing the teachings of the Holyupon them. 8 Scriptures. Is sodomy a civil right? In the New Testament, Romans The argument goes like this. Homosex-1:26-28 add resses the subject of homo- Open sodomite chosen to pray at uals are a minority that is discriminat-sexuality: the inaugural s ervice ! ed agains t just like African-Americans. ~For this cause God gave them up How could it possibly happen in Amer- This argument hinges on believing thatUrlto vile affections: for even their women ica? It was hard to believe, but there homosexuals are born homosexual,did change the natural use into that it was in front of the entire nation! just like African-Americans are bornwhich is against nature: And likewise Homosexual Episcopalian Bishop Gene black.also the men, leaVing the rlatural use Robinson was delibera tely chosen to But theres a problem. If homo-of the womarl, burned in their lust one pray at one of the inaugural services. sexuals are uborn that way,Hthen aretoward another; men with men workirlg It appeared that President-elect Barack pedophiles "born that way?" Andthat which is urlseemly, arid receillirlg irl Obama was dete rmined to rub the should pedophilia be a civil right? Howthemselves that rewmpense of their error noses of Bible-believing Christians in about bestiality?which was meet. Arid even as they did not the dirt! An open sodomite chosen to And if they are born that way, whylike to retairl God in their knowledge, God lead the nation to the throne of God! would God say that they must repentgave them over to a reprobate mirld, to do How twisted! How perverted! Dont be or they cannot be a part of the king-those things which are not wrlvenient." deceived. Gods word clearly teaches dom of God? From these passages, it certainly that those who live such lifestyles havedoes not appear tha t God con siders no part in the kingdom of God. What determines civil rights?sodomy a civil right. Conversely, He We are endowed by our creator withobviously regards homosexuality as Will America beco me Sodom II? certain unalienable rights. Amongan offense against society and agains t At the 2009 annual conference of the these are life, liberty and the pursuitHimself. LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans- of happiness. Our forefathers did not gender), cleverly called the Human include sodomy in the list of unalien-Can homosexuals be saved accord- Righ ts Campaign, President Obama able rights . As a matter of fact, sodomying to the Bible? was the featured speaker. His remarks was a crime in every state in the unionThe New Testament scriptures address were absolutely shocking! as late as 1960!the subject of homosexuality, along How do we know what our rightswith many other sins common in our "You will see a time in which should be? How do we know right fromday. we as a nation finally recog- wrong? Are rights strictly dete rmined 1 Corin thians 6:9-11 explains nize relationships between by the government? Should our rightsGods view of people who live in a sin- two men or two women as just be determined by majority rule? Or isful lifestyle: as real and admirable as rela- there a higher authority above human ~Do you not know that the unrigh- tionships between a man and opinion that teaches what our righ tsteous will riot irlherit the kingdom of a woman," he declared_ should be? (O ,lt. on pg.18 JULY/AUG 201 1 15
  12. 12. Sodomy - COni. from pg. 15 Our forefathers based our entirenation upon the fact that there is an "5Almighty Creator who has declaredcertain unalienable rights. If there isno standard of right and wrong, weare left to the whims of the politicaladministration in power at the time.King David in the Bible said, "Thy wordhave I hid in mine heart, that I mightnot sin agains t thee." (Psalm 119:11) The proponents of sodomy andsame-sex marriage claim these actionsare civil rights. God claims they areperversions against nature, God, and apersons own body. President Obama had the prideand the audacity to unilaterally declarethat the United States is not a Chris-tian nation, as though his saying it ... .-made it true. Im sure his purposeis to shake America from its biblical allow homosexuals to be pastors, as these actions that are directly againstfoundation so that he can "change~ us well as hold any other office within the Gods word, both Old and New Testa-into the secular humanistic nation tha t denomination. This was all justified in ments.he envisions . If we do not return to the name of love.biblical values in this nation, he will be But how does God look at this? Appeal to Congress:successful in his purpose. His word instructs us to "Love not Are there any God-fearing congress- The United States Constitution the world, neither the things that are men left in the Untied States govern-was based on Judeo-Christian teach- in the world. For if any man love the ment? Are there any left that have notings. Our entire system of law has its world, the love of the Father is not in sold their souls in the name of politicalfoundation in the Bible, and this has him." (1 John 2:15) expediency? If there are, it is time fo rbeen the secret of the greatness of this How can Christians, in the name you to stand up and be counted- now!country. As we have forsaken biblical of Christianity, adopt anti-Christian President Obama is determinedvalues for the present permissiveness, beliefs without becoming unchristian? to reverse the Defense of Marriagethe United States has moved quickly Act (DOMA). He is determined thatinto decline. Do Americans want to become America will become one huge Sodom Sodom II? and Gomorrah. Dear Congressman:Can Christians embrace While President Obama pursues his Will you let that happen? If you do,homosexuality? one-man campaign to make sodomy you too will reap the judgment of GodWe are now seeing entire "Christian~ acceptable to the American people, as sure as the sun rises in the east anddenominations endorsing the gay Americans are not buying it. President goes down in the west. The time foragenda . The Evangelical Lutheran Obama is totally out of touch with courage and conviction is now. PleaseChurch of America recently voted to the American people who still have do not sell out to political expediency! respec t for the Bible. Thirty-one s tates America needs you now while we can have vo ted on the issue of same-sex yet return to mo ral sanity. marriage. Thirty-one states have voted Congress, Mr. President: We are that it is wrong and unacceptable in praying for you. Please have the cour- the United States of America. The only age to keep America as one nation, states that have approved same-sex under God. e marriage have done it either through the liberal court system or through Editor-s PlDte: "This artic/t was origi nally their legislatures. published in thl Mar(h/ApriI2010 Idition of As sure as God sent judgment to Endtime MagaZine . However. due to the criti- Sodom and Gomorrah, God will send cal nad for this information, thl decision was judgment against President Obama made to republish it: and all tha t agree with these actions that are an abomination to Almighty God. Dear Mr. President, please repent and humbly ask Gods fo rgiveness for18 JUlV/AUG 20 11
  13. 13. :-: 5tn;~5 ~ n ...,. ":::; ;CANC[CHRISTMAS WISH LIST:Perfultle U+Socks $8Purse ~149E"dtittte MagazitteSubseriptiott ~ 29
  14. 14. R ALlve~ ~ ~R .WARD $YOO,OOO in gold coin for I.h e capture . BUSH
  15. 15. What gives the ICC the right to Only one question have been arrested there underissue arrest warrants for citizens of an International Criminal Courta sovereign nation and, worse yet, remains to be asked ... warrant. ~Crimes against humanityto send NATO troops to enforce and war crimes must not go un-such warrants? Has the ICC set a If the United Nations, punished,~ said EU foreign policyp£ecedent, with actions in Libya, for chief, Catherine Ash ton, "and theirfuture enforcement of International working together with prosecution must be ensured byLaw? Is it possible that, in the near measures at both domestic andfuture, a sitting US president could the ICC to administer international levels."be arrested and tried at The Haguecourt? Suppose there were violent international laws and Earlier in June, al·Bashir had been given a red-carpet welcomedemonstrations in the United with NATO to enforce by Chinese President Hu Jinta.States, and law enforcement was "Mr. Bashir, you are a guest whoaccused of excessive force. Is the ICC its arrest warrants, has traveled fmm afar, and wecapable of issuing an arrest warrant welcome you,~ Hu said in openingfor an American governor or local is not a world govern- remarks. He added tha t he hopedpolice chief? the talks would help bolster the If so, only one question remains ment, then what is? "traditionally friendly relations~to be asked ... If the United Nations, between the two countries. Humanworking together with the ICC to Rights Watch, based in New York,administer international laws and with NATO to enforce its viewed Bashirs trip as "an affront to victims of heinousarrest warrants, is not a world government, then what is? crimes committed in Darfur."Texas Execution Broke International Law, Says UN Gaddafi.s Impunity and the Courts ValidityOfficial What do these crimes against humanity charges mean forIn July, 2011, Texas Governor Rick Perry defied the United Gaddafi if warrants from the ICC do not result in his appre-Nations. He rejected a request from the United Nations hension and trial? Some have claimed that his arrest couldto commute the execution of Mexican citizen Humberto actually be a hindrance to peace in Libya, and that if GaddafiGarcia to life in prison, and authorized the execution to came to the United States, he hypothetically would not bepmceed. A United Nations human rights official, Navi Pillay, arrested on those charges since the US is not a signatory toaccused the United States of breaking international law. the ICC treaty.Thus, in attempting to capitalize on the situation to boost Relations started crumbling between the African Unionhis conservative law ·and-order credentials, Governor Perry and the International Criminal Court after t he indictmentmay have opened himself to the scrutiny of international of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. The African Unionlaw and ICC proceedings. loudly condemned the indictment of al-Bashir and Gad- dafi, and accused the ICC of pandering to the whims of theArrest Warrants for Two Sitting Heads of State Uni ted Nations Security Council. At an African Union sum-Muammar Gaddafi was willing to plunge his country into mit in Equatorial Guinea, African leaders resolved not towar to preserve power. In a dangerous power grab, the comply with the arrest warrant against Muammar Gaddafi.International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for the Despite their outstanding warrants of arrests, Gaddafi andLibyan leader, along with his son and his military intelli- al-Bashir can travel freely around the African continent andgence chief. The warrants are for crimes against humanity, there is nothing the ICC can do abou t it. Or so we thoughtcrimes Gaddafi allegedly committed against political op- until NATO decided to invade Libya.ponents. This is the second time in the courts nine· year his- This is the test of the Courts effectiveness and valid-tory that it has issued an arrest warrant for a sitting head of ity. The ICC reportedly has no police force and is supposedstate. The other is Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. The to depend on national authorities and states that haveICC indicted al-Bashir in 2009 for orchestrating genocide in signed up to the court to make arrests. However, with thethe Darfur region, where as many as 300,000 people have recent actions taken by NATO on behalf of the ICC, we maydied since 2003. A1-Bashir is not facing trial for war crimes be watching a new world army taking shape. It seems as ifat The Hague because he has not been apprehended and is the ICC must prove itself to the naysayers who continue tostill ruling as the President of Sudan. question the courts relevance. Is it effectively performing Other arrest warrants have also been issued by the ICC a vital role, or is it merely another extension of the worldagainst current government officials and former heads- planners quest to put the machinery in place for a futureof-state for such crimes as murder, forcible transfer, rape, one-world government?persecution, crimes against humanity and using children toactively participate in hostilities. An Increasing Compromise of National Sovereignty In 2002, the Bush administration pulled out of the treatyOmar al-Bashirs Red -Carpet Welcome to establish the International Criminal Court. By formallyOn August 8, 2011, the European Union expressed concern renouncing its obligations as a signatory to the 1998 Romeabout a visit to Chad by Omar al-Bashir, saying he should cont. on P8. 24 JULY/AUG 20 11 www. 21
  16. 16. Arab Spring . CO n!. from pg. 13 WHERE THERES SMOKE, THERESprovide NATO with all necessary means to bring about the FIRE; AND WHERE THERES WAR,regime change in Libya? THERES OIL.Oil contains much more sulfur. Swap in Saudi oil for missingUS Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., the former chairman of the Libyan oil and you end up maxing out world refinery capac-Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global ity and hiking downstream prices for gasoline.Warming, told MSNBC that a primary reason for the inter- Rising oil prices are considered a major th reat to the USvention in Libya was oil. economic recovery. So if youre looking for an explanation ".. .It all goes back to the 5 million barrel~ of oil that we for Western willingness to intervene in Libya, there youimport from (the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting have it. Instability in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain or Yemen hasCountries) on a daily basis," he told MSNBC. Libya, before little potential for upsetting world energy markets . Libya isthe war, was responsible for slightly more than 4 percent of a major player. What happens there can and will affect thethe OPECs output, amounting to about 1,600,000 barrels global economy.per day. The problems between the US and Libya probably But the quality of Libyas oil may be more important began last year when Obama supported Switzerland afterthan the sheer volume of production. Libyas "sweet light Swiss authorities arrested Gaddafis son. At that time Libyacrude" oil is extremely low in sulfur content, which makes it claimed it would begin to favor Russia and China in oil andhighly desirable in global markets. Its cleaner burning and gas deals.easier to refine into gasoline. Saudi Arabian oil, in contrast, When Western oil companies fled as unrest flared in Libya earlier this year, Gaddafi invited Chinese, Russian,US REP. ED MARKEY, D-MASS., and Indian firms to fill the void. "We are ready to bringTHE FORMER CHAIRMAN OF THE Chinese and Indian companies to replace Western ones,"SELECT COMMITTEE ON ENERGY he said. Of the West, Gaddafi said, "We do not trust their firms.INDEPENDENCE AND GLOBAL WARM- They have conspired against us .~ That is, except for Germa-ING, TOLD MSNBC THAT A PRIMARY ny. "The Germans have taken a very good position towardREASON FOR THE INTERVENTION us, very different from many other important countries inIN LIBYA WAS OIL. the West," he said, asserting tha t Germany was the only
  17. 17. Western country with whom he could foresee doing busi- obviously means the end of national sovereignty, as we haveness in the future. known it. Is it a strange coincidence that Russia, China, India, The Romans used to crucify enemies of the state alongand Germany - all countries with the ability to strike oil busy roads. They wanted the people to observe the fatedeals with Gaddafi - were the ones that abstained from the of those who resisted the Romans global rule. Fear wasUN Security Council resolution authorizing intervention? invoked to insure obedience.Brazil, who has billions of dollars of contracts in Libya, also The World Community is using prosecution before theabstained. International Criminal Court for the exact same purpose. So did the US-Libya Business Association press the The message to the worlds heads-of·s tate is coming throughUS government to intervene in the hopes that US oil and with no room for misunderstanding: "Resist the will of thegas companies could strike better deals with a successor International Community, and you will end up before Theregime? And if so, is this a primary though overlooked Hague on charges of crimes against humanity."reason for the US intervention? The question is certainly For many years, the United Nations was regarded asworth asking! somewhat of a paper tiger. But no more! The whole world The informa tion manager a t the rebel-controlled Arabi- now knows tha t the UN has a powerful army at its disposalan Gulf Oil Company expressed the new regimes intentions that no one is able to resist. The bombs of NATO falling ongoing forward : "We dont have a problem with Western the armies of Muammar Gaddafi sent that message loudcountries like the Italians, French and UK companies. But and clear.we may have some political issues with Russia, China and Finally, the US has demonstrated that access to theBrazil.~ Those last three countries werent involved in the worlds oil s upplies must be protected at any cost. WhoeverNATO mission in Libya. controls the oil resources of the world, controls the world. Where theres smoke, theres fire; and where theres Iraq is about oil. Afghanistan is about oil. Libya iswar, theres oil. about oil. Its called the Arab Spring, but it appears to beSo what ia the me • • age of the Arab Spring? leading us straight into the arms of the prophesied one-The Arab Spring is being exploited to showcase the World world government and the Global Winter called the GreatCommunitys newly claimed power-The Responsibility To Tribula tion. e.Protect (some see it as the Right To Invade). This new power JULY/AUG 201 1 23
  18. 18. ESTATE PLANNING• Leave a lasting legacy - consider remembering Endtime Ministries in your will. lee · cont. from pg. 21 ICC s Jurisdiction: ity To Protect " literally meant the end Statute that was signed by President "Complementarity" of national sovereignty, since the UN Clinton, the administration, in effect, The underlying intent of the draft arbitrarily decides when these crimes "unsigned~ the treaty. John Bolton, statute of the Rome Treaty is that have been committed. Once the World as Undersecretary of State for Arms the International Criminal Court will Community decides that interven- Control and Internatio nal Security, extend its jurisdiction over only "the tion in the internal affairs of a state opposed the Rome Stiltute, arguing most serious crimes of concern to the is cailed for, the subsequent military that the ICC compromises US constitu- In ternational Com munity as a whole .~ action almos t always results in the tional guarantees and US sovereignty, The principle of "complementarity" change of the regime. and could be used to pursue politically- means that the Court would concern motivated pm secution of US troops itself only in cases where States do not The Crime of Genocide stationed overseas, It should be noted exercise their national jurisdiction, Mr. Bashir is accused of "genocide by that the ICC and its prosecutors are whether this is because they are unable killing, genocide by causing serious not under United Nations Security or unwilling to do so. The ICC extends bodily or mental ha rm and genocide Council control, whe re Washington has its jurisdiction to crimes of genocide, by deliberately inflicting on each target veto power. aggression, wa r crimes, crimes against group conditio ns of life calculated to Before non-member nations are human ity, and terrorism. bring about the groups physical de- lulled into a false sense of security, struc tion," said a statement from the they should be aware that the court is The Responsibility To Protect ICC. In essence, genocide is interpreted increasingly fi nding pretense to claim During the 2005 General Assembly as an act intended to destroy or cause jurisdiction even over citizens of coun- World Summit, wo rld leaders decided physical or mental harm to "a national, tries that are not party to the treaty. that the Wo rld Community has the ethnical, racial or religious group." Human Rights advocates claimed tha t responsibility to protect populations the decision to "unsign ~ the treaty was from genocide, war cri mes, ethnic Christians Guilty of Genocide? an empty, largely symbolic gesture, cleansing and crimes against humanity Generally, mos t of us would agree since the treaty already gives almos t when perpetrated by their own govern- that causing physical ha rm to a group "universal jurisdiction.» me nts. This new claim of "Responsibil- of people is bad. What about mental 24 www.e ndt JUlV/AUG 20 11
  19. 19. harm? World planners tend to see 4:12). A Bible-believing Christian is people. An estimated 4.7 million Iraqisconflict between religious or ethnic then, by definition, guilty of religious have fled their homes. That is a total ofgroups as one of the main causes of exclusiveness or according to the about 6 million human beings killed orwar. Speaking against a persons race, United Nations, guilty of genocide. displaced by the autho rization of Presi-sexual orientation or religion is cons id- dent George Bush and Prime Ministerered to be causing harm to that person The Crime of Aggre•• ion Tony Blair.and the members of his group. In 1974, the United Nations General Estimated deaths, on the other In his book "Perestroika,~ Mikhail Assembly defined aggression as neces- hand, from Gaddafi.s Libyan civil war,Gorbachev stated that we must extir- sarily being the specific actions of one range from 2,000 to 13,000, for thepate (kiU off) genocide, apartheid and state against another, but also concl ud- period between March 2 and June 28,religious exclusiveness. Genocide laws ed that individuals responsible for the 2011. The number of people killed inbeing enacted around the wo rld in- states policies could be held account- violence so fa r this year in the Su-terpret the belief that your particular able for acts of aggression. In other dan, under al-Bashirs reign, has nowreligion is the "true way~ as "religious words, states commit aggression fo r exceeded 2,360. In act uality, accordingexdusiveness.~ The next logical step which individuals can be held account- to United Nations s tanda rds, Georgeis to outlaw "religious bigotry.~ The able, whether that involves an attack Bush and Tony Blair, considering their"Anti-Cult Law· passed in France in by armed forces, military occupation, destructive impact on a certain group2001 makes such "mental manipula- or armed bands of mercenaries. The of people, are the more appropriatetion" a crime. In Canada, if you speak ultimate intent is to make it a crime candidates for international arrest.against homosexuality on the radio, wht;n any nation takes military actionyou could be sentenced to five years in without first obtaining the approval of War Crime.prison. The time is fast approaching the United Nations. Thew a re four different categories ofwhen, if you speak against homosexu- According to this globalist view- war crimes under international law:ality, or try to convert someone to your point, George Bush and Tony Blairs • Grave breaches of the Genevareligion, you have committed genocide. war against terror would have prob- Conventions. According to the Bible, salvation ably put them behind bars, since they • Serious violations- largely de-cannot be found outside of Jesus took actions without United Nations rived from The Hague law- limiting theChrist. "For there is none other name approval. The United States-led inva- methods of waging war.under heaven given among men, sion and occupation of Iraq has led to • Specified acts committed againstwhereby we must be saved~ (Acts the deaths of an estimated 1.2 million persons taking no active part in the
  20. 20. guage to establish such a world court, The Growing Threat to National but the global judicial plan had to be Sovereignty postponed until the political climate David Rifkin and Lee Casey, lawyers was more favorable for global govern· and former Reagan Department of ment. Justice officials, argued, in a Wash- ington Post article dated February, Nuremberg Trials 2007, that US jurisdiction over alleged When the r ulers of Nazi Germany violations of international law and were placed on trial in Nuremberg, the US treaties by US citizens- including precedent was established for the de- our leaders- is exclusive. When they velopment of a judicial system dealing opposed the United States ratifica- with serious crimes of concern to the tion of the enabling statute of the International Community. Temporary International Criminal Court, they courts were established to handle the proposed that "the question is whether situations in Rwanda and Yugoslavia, [internationall law can, or should, but the United Nations still envisioned be enforced outside national legalhostilities- such as targeting civilians. a full -time, permanent, international systems that have generally functioned • Serious non·international viola- law court. well .~ They answered, of course, thattions, such as pillaging and rape. when it comes to Americans, inter- It is a crime to t ransfer population Clinton Proposes World Court national law obligations cannot andout of a territory tha t is taken during President Clinton proposed the estab- should not be enforced anywhere butwar, or to transfer your population lishment of a world court in his 1997 America. The threa t to Americans isinto territory captured in war. Many address to the General Assembly of that, because the prosecution of politi-understand the applicability of this the United Nations. The International cal leaders is inherently political, thestatute to Israel, because, as of 2009, Criminal Court Conference convened Rome Treaty will be used as a politicalthe total number of Israeli settlers in in Rome on June 15, 1998, and the weapon against us. American leaders,"occupied territories was 516,569. final draft of the International Crimi· Rifkin and Casey argued, should not nal Court Statute was finished 32 days be subjected to prosecution in foreignCrimes Against Humanity later. countries for their crimes- only inCrimes against humanity "do not America.require a connection to international All Nationals May Be Prosecutedarmed confl.ict: and may include viola- Among the countries which have no ttions such as murder, rape, torture, signed and ratified the treaty are thepersecution, inhumane acts, etc. United States, India, China, Sudan and Israel. Even if a country is not aTerrorism state party to the ICC, in most cases itsTerrorism involves violence intended nationals can be prosecuted. Further-to create terror, fear, or insecurity, more, the Statute provides that whenhijacking, taking hos tages, and indis- a case is referred to the ICC by the UNcriminate violence producing serious Security Council, all UN member statesinjury, death or serious property are obliged to cooperate.damage. Kidnapped by the Court, a Danger-Origins of the International ous PrecedentCriminal Court Statute of Rome A United Nations proceeding, thoughThe International Criminal Court Stat- not carried out by the Internationalue of Rome was ratified in April, 2002. Criminal Court, has set a dangerous ICC Chier I,osec"tor, Louis Morono·O<ampo, in ~The Court took permanent jurisdiction precedent. Ex-Yugoslav President Ruel*," in(eTview in Th. Hague , 2001.worldwide in July of that year. The Slobodan Milosevic was kidnapped atICC has begun the enforcement of a night, in June, 2001, and deported The One-World Courtcomplex system of international law to the United Nations War Crimes World planners promote interdepen-that has developed since the birth of Tribunal in the Netherlands. Montene- dence and the elimination of bordersthe United Nations. grin officials told the Associated Press for the collective good. We proclaim The United Nations was seen as that Milosevics extradition was ~illegal independence, self-government anda world government structure from and unconstitutional" and ~jeopardizes national sovereignty. The Internationalits foundation in 1945 . The world the functioning of Yugoslavia and its Criminal Court has seized jurisdic-planners knew that if they were going existence.~ Milosevic was tried at The tion over virtually every individual onto have their world government, they Hague for crimes against humanity, earth, whether or not the ICC treaty iswould need a world court. The original but died before the trial could reach a ratified by that persons country. EveryUnited Nations charter included lan- conclusion. act by every head-of-state will become26 www.e JULV/AUG 20 11
  21. 21. .- -s ubject to its scrutiny. It is a perma·nent world court sys tem. It des troysna tional sovereig nty a nd is one of thelargest advances toward a global, anti-christ government tha t the world hasever seen.The Coming World DictatorAccording to the Bible, a world govern-ment system will be establis hed andbe in operation just before the secondcoming of Jesus Christ. This samegove rnment will be ruled by an evildictator (the Antichrist). He overcomesnations, des t roying, pillaging andmurdering those who refuse to yield tohis a uthority. The International Crimi-nal Court is dearly the enfoTcementmechanism that will cause everyone tobow the knee to this d ictators syste mof global governance. e JULY/AUG 201 1 27
  22. 22. WORLD REVIEW by Ginger Boerkircher6TH TRUMPET WATCH sale of F-16 fighters to Taiwan. Taiwan stuck to the skin. The wireless device is continues to be threatened by Chinas almost invisible. but can perform justIRAQ BOMB BLASTS ACROSS 13 military build-up and many US and as well as more conventional electronicCITIES Taiwanese experts have warned that machines. The development couldSynchronized explosions set off Taiwan is losing its advantage of qual- mark a new era in consumer electron-aCross Iraq killed at least 74 people ity defensive weapons, as well as its ics. The new technology could be usedand wounded 250 more. The bombs military deterrence capability. for things such as medical diagnosis orwere detonated in largely Shia Muslim covert military operations. Tests haveareas. Many of the 13 bombs were ap- HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE WATCH already shown that such a system canparendy detonated by suicide bomb- be used to control a voice-activateders. US advisers are wary of the fragile GERMANS DEBATE THE COST OF computer gains in Iraq unwinding when KEEPING EUROZONEtroops leave. Whether US troops stay German Chancellor Angela Merkel OKLAHOMA WOMAN BATTLESor go is unlikely to be decided until at has fought the new EU tooth and nail REAL IDleast November. because she knows how unpopular it Kaye Beach of Oklahoma has sparked was in Germany. She wanted to defend a federal controversy after she re-WAR TO END ALL MIDEAST WARS the euro, but not to pay the price for fused to renew he r drivers license inColumnist David Efune says a full - doing so. But that dream has come to protest of new federal ID requirementsscale invasion of Iran is not popular, an end thanks to the financial markets, under the REAL ID Act. Civil libertiesbut there is a burgeoning case for inva- which issued an ultimatum to Europe: groups have become incensed oversion and theres never been a more op- embrace more economic and financial the requirement that all s tate IDs useportune time. He points out that what integration or face the collapse of the high-resolution photos and finger-finally solved the financial crisis of the euro and thus the EU. The 17 Euwpean prints for potential biometric identifi-Great Depression was WWIl. And, he countries that use the euro as their cation. Beach says its the "hallmark ofsays, with strong Republican support common currency have such widely a totalitarian society."for challenging Irans nuclear ambition, varying deb t burdens that they cannotPresident Obama could spend the next H su£vive as a single "eurozone un- THE FACIAL RECOGNITION REVO-year orchestrating a showdown, which less the stwngest rescue the weakest. LUTIONwould help him politically. Without Germanys wealth and credit Your face is about to become big busi- standing, nothing (an happen. But ness and that has some people excitedMILITARY STEPS IN SYRIA FOR for Germany to give its blessing to a and others worried that a persons con-BEACHHEAD TO ATTACK IRAN eurozone £es(ue mission, German lead- trol over pdvacy will be gravely eroded.Moscows envoy to NATO Dmitry ers would have to compromise on core Facebook, a company with more thanRogozin has accused the Western alli- principles. 750 million users, rolled out facial -imce of planning a military campaign recognition technology that is kickingagainst Syria to help overthrow the EU TO TIGHTEN SYRIA SANC- up a cloud of protest. Imagine beingAssad £egime ~wi th the long-reaching TIONS able to pull up a resume, Facebookgoal of p£eparing a beachhead for an Several Syrian officials are expected to profile, tax records and vi tal statisticsattack on Iran." He said he ag£eed with be added to a list of individuals whose just by taking a photograph. Considerthe opinion that Syria and later Yemen assets are frozen and who a£e barred how this will change social interactioncould be NATOs last steps on the way from travelling to the EU. As the Syr- on the streets, at a conference, or evento launching an Iranian attack. the ian regimes brutal security crackdown at an anti-government protest. Policenoose around Iran is tightening," he continues, the EU is also preparing far in a number of states plan to s tartsaid. ~Military planning against Iran tougher sanctions than those already using specially equipped iPhones thatis underway. And we are certainly in place. As many as 2,000 Syrians are can scan a face from as much as fiveconcerned about an escalation of a thought to have been killed by security feet away. Facial recognition softwarelarge-scale war in this huge region." forces since the uprising began. is very accurate in measuring unchang- ing and unique fadal features even asTAIWAN BACKERS URGE US TO MARK OF THE BEAST WATCH you age.CLOSE F-16 SALESome 181 members of the Congres- COMPUTERS UNDER OUR SKIN MIDDLE EAST WATCHsional Taiwan Caucus urged President Before long you may be able to wearObama in a lette£ to lift the diplomatic your computer. An ultra-thin and PALESTINIANS SET DATE FOR UNbarriers that have been blocking the flexible electronic circuit can now be STATEHOOD BID28 www.e JULV/AUG 2011
  23. 23. Palestinians will be presenting their PLANS DEEPLY TROUBLING population lives in countries wherebid fo r United Nations membership on The United States says it finds reports it is becoming more difficult to freelySeptember 23. PA President Mahmoud of fresh plans to expand West Bank practice religion. During the three-yearAbbas plans to personally present the cities deeply troubling and counterpro- period covered by the study, the extentrequest to become a full-fiedged state ductive to reviving peace negotiations. of violence and abuse related to reli-to UN Secre tary General Ban Ki-Moon. The US reaction came after the Israeli gion had increased in most areas. OnlyThe move will likely set the stage for Defense Ministry announced plans about one percent of the world livesa showdown with the US, which is to build 277 new homes in the West in countries that saw more religiousexpected to veto the bid. Bank. A US State Department official tolerance. says that because Jerusalem is a ~final­ISRAEL LOOKING INTO REVOK- status issue," its rusposition should be PRAYER BAN BATTLEINGOSLO decided by the parties in the negotia- The 4th US Circuit of Appeals in Rich-A team headed by National Security tions. mond, Virginia ruled against a NorthAdviser Yaakov Amidror is looking Carolina county, granting favor to twointo calling off the Oslo Accords in R2P AND GLOBAL GOVERNANCE county residents who claimed theyresponse to the Palestinian Authoritys Mark Lagon, adjunct senior fellow in were offended when they heard theunilateral plan to gain United Nations human righ ts at the Council on For- words ~in Jesus name" prayed aloudrecognition for an independent state. eign Relations, says that the Respon- during a board meeting. The Anti-Israeli officials said it is only one of sibility to Protect (R2P), which is a Defamation League (ADL), Americansthe options being considered. The Oslo new international security and human United for Separation of Church andAccords between Israel and the PLO rights norm, is based on the premise State (AUSCS) and the ACiU praisedwere struck between 1993 and 1995, that a governments sovereignty is the courts ruling. The Alliance Defenseand are the legal framework for the really a privilege as much a right, and Fund has offered to handle the case,relationship between Israel and the that a government forfeits its sover- seeking to take the debate all the wayPalestinian Authority. eignty if it leaves large numbers of its to the US Supreme Court. own people to be slaughtered, violated,OTHER ARABS WANT NUCLEAR or dislocated- or, worse, if its the INTERFAITH ENVIRONMENTALWEAPONS active agen t of those atrocities. Lagon CAMPAIGN LAUNCHEDIrans race towards a nuclear bomb is said Muammar al-Qaddafis explicit Christian, Jewish and Muslim lead-causing its Arab adversaries to con- threats against his own people are an ers in the Holy Land joined forces totemplate building their own weapons. archetypical case of "acutely atrocious launch a multi-faith environmental HA Saudi official said, "We cannot live autocracy threshold (an "AAAT," one campaign. Among their plans are thein a situation where Iran has nuclear might say). convening of an international confer-weapons and we dont." Saudi Prince ence of religious leaders ahead of theTurki al-Faisal said that the Gulf Co- NASA DATA BLOWS HOLl! IN 2012 United Nations General Assem-operation Council must s tart ~acquir­ GLOBAL WARMING bly, a North America public relationsing the nuclear might to face that of NASA satellite data from the years campaign, and training future clericsIran: The GCC includes Sauru Arabia, 2000 through 2011 show the earths on the importance of environmentalQatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and the atmosphere is allowing far more heat issues. Rabbi Yonatan Nedl says theUnited Arab Emirates, of which Jordon to be released into space than alarm- campaign is not limited to monotheis-and Morocco are soon to become ists had predicted. The study inrucates tic faiths.members. In 2008, King Abdullah far less future global warming willprivately told the US that, if Iran goes occur than United Nations computer END OF DONT ASK, DONT TELLnuclear, ~everyone in the region would models have shown, and supports The militarys ~Dont Ask, Dont Telldo the same." The Foreign Minister prior studies indicating tha t increases policy ~ ends on Sept. 20. On that day,of the United Arab Emirates gave a in atmospheric carbon ruoxide trap far homosexual men and women will besimilar warning in 2009 . If the Muslim less heat than alarmists have claimed. allowed to serve openly in all branchesBrotherhood should come to power, of the US armed forces . Militarythey also may see nuclear weapons as a WORLD RELIGION chaplains fear an unofficial version ofnecessity. the policy will take its place, one that RISE IN WORLD RESTRICTIONS muzzles and marginalizes chaplainsWORLD GOVERNMENT ON RELIGION who hold s trict biblical beliefs about According to a Pew Research Center homosexuality. eUS CALLS W. BANK SETTLEMENT report, nearly a third of the worlds JULY/AUG 20 11 www.e nd time. com 29