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Many have stated that it is impossible to know whether or not we are living in the last days
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 tenured professor in Colorado who            tions and pastors have strong feelings            ers ...

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 Palestinian security service. This is a    charging that the U.S. is preparing to     first test case. ...
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Racing toward 666   Jul-Aug 2005
Racing toward 666   Jul-Aug 2005
Racing toward 666   Jul-Aug 2005
Racing toward 666   Jul-Aug 2005
Racing toward 666   Jul-Aug 2005
Racing toward 666   Jul-Aug 2005
Racing toward 666   Jul-Aug 2005
Racing toward 666   Jul-Aug 2005
Racing toward 666   Jul-Aug 2005
Racing toward 666   Jul-Aug 2005
Racing toward 666   Jul-Aug 2005
Racing toward 666   Jul-Aug 2005
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Racing toward 666 Jul-Aug 2005


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Racing toward 666 Jul-Aug 2005

  2. 2. Many have stated that it is impossible to know whether or not we are living in the last days before the second coming of Jesus Christ. However, below you will find dramatic proof that these are the endtimes. The proofs below defy coincidence. Euphrates River to Be Dried Up In Revelation 16:12, the Bible predicts that the Euphrates River will be dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the east to invade Israel. This will happen at the time of the bat- tle of Armageddon according to verse 16 of the same chapter. The battle of Armageddon will be the final battle at which time Jesus will return and fight on the side of the nation of Israel. Immediately thereafter He will establish His kingdom and usher in His one thousand-year reign of peace. On January 13, 1990, the Indianapolis Star carried the headline “Turkey Will Cut Off Flow of Euphrates for One Month.” The article stated that a huge reservoir had been built by Turkey. While filling up the reservoir, the flow of the Euphrates would be stopped for one month and a concrete plug for a diversion chan- nel built. These things have now been done. With this newly built dam, Turkey has the ability to stop the Euphrates River at will. The conditions for fulfilling this 1,900 year-old prophecy are now in place. China Goes to War In Revelation 9:15-16, the Bible prophesies that an army of 200 million soldiers will launch a war which would kill “the third part of men.” Never in the history of the world until our present generation has there been a power on earth that could field 200 million soldiers. However, the late ruler of China, Mao Tse Tung boasted in his diary that he could field an army of 200 million. The CIA World Factbook reports that in the year 2001, it is estimated that China has 200,886,946 men of military age, and this num- ber is growing by 10 million per year. Worldwide Numbering System Predicted In Revelation 13, the Bible prophesies that a world dictator will soon rule over a world government. He will cause all people in the earth to receive a number without which they will be unable to buy or sell. We are seeing this prophecy fulfilled before our eyes in a most astonishing way. Nearly every human being in the world now has been assigned a number. In America it is our Social Security number. In the past few years, we have seen this number extended to newborns. A child without a Social Security number cannot be declared as a dependent on an income tax return. We have seen the emergence of electronic money, shopping with credit cards, and many people urging the abolishment of cash. All of these things could not possibly have been fulfilled until this present time. Only after the invention of the computer could such a worldwide numbering system be administered. The Emergence of a New World Order Revelation 13:7 and Daniel 7:23 prophesy the establishment of a world government. The term “New World Order” has become a prevalent phrase in the world’s political culture. Mikhail Gorbachev made the term famous, and Pope John Paul II has referred to it repeatedly. In the September 12, 1990 issue of the Chicago Tribune, our former president George Bush said, “Iraq is the first test for the New World Order.” He emphatically stated that the Iraq War is Saddam Hussein against the world. The United Nations’ troops are continually referred to as the multi-national forces. The decision has been made to estab- lish an interdependent community of nations that will rule the world under United Nations authority. The Bible says that this will lead us into a great world government. The formation of this government is at hand. Coincidence or Divine Providence? Is it coincidental that all of these major prophecies pertaining to the last times are being fulfilled simultane- ously? Source: Endtime Magazine, P.O. Box 2066, Richmond, IN 47375 1-800-Endtime, www.endtime.com, endtime@endtime.com This page may be copied and distributed freely Hardly.
  3. 3. ON THE ROAD Prophecy Conference Schedule Chesapeake, VA — Thu. July 14 Host: Pastor Larry Baitinger, 573-581-2575 7:30pm; Bible World Church, 600 Happy Acres Road. From Va Bch, I- 64, Exit 296A. Left at light onto Happy Acres Road. Follow feeder road Jackson, MS — Fri. October 21 to church on right. Host: Pastor Jack Cunningham, 757-487-9503 7:30pm; Parkway Pentecostal Church, 1620 Mannsdale Rd. in Madison. I-55, Exit 108, west 1/4 mile, right on Bozeman, left on Mannsdale. Chicago, IL — Thu. July 21 Host: Pastor Jerry Dillon, 601-853-2607 7:30pm; The Pentecostals of South Lake, 1640 W 93rd Ave. in Merrillville. Host: Pastor Robert Stroup, 219-769-2585 South Bend, IN — Fri. October 28 7:30pm; Ironwood United Pentecostal Church, just north of where Milwaukee, WI — Fri. July 22 Ironwood hits the Bypass. Host: Pastor Kenneth Mendenhall, 574-291- 7:30pm; Parkway Apostolic Church, 10940 S. Nicholson Rd. I-94 to 3060 Exit 322, east 2.5 mi., right on Nicholson, 1.5 miles to church (on left). Hosts: Pastors Frank and Anthony Tamel, 414-571-2680 Indianapolis, IN — Sat. October 29 6:00pm; Hilton, 120 W. Market St., downtown. 800-363-8463 New Orleans, LA — Fri. August 12 7:30pm; Pontchartrain Center in Kenner. I-10, Exit 223 A-B, Williams Corpus Christi, TX — Fri. November 4 Blvd. north to end. Host: Pastor Gene Leppo, 504-466-9708 7:30pm; Holiday Inn, Airport, on Leopard St., just off S.P.I.D., one exit south of I-37. Host: Pastor Russell Campbell, 361-242-1171 Houston, TX — August 25, 26, 28 7:30pm each evening; Church of Champions 12922 Cutten Rd. in north- Prophecy Tour 2006 west Houston, two blocks west of FM 1960, five blocks east of the Would you like to join Irvin Baxter on his next Holy Land Tour in the Willowbrook Mall. Host: Pastor Wendell Hutchins, 281-580-8674 spring of 2006? Be among the first to get the information when it becomes available by calling Mary Beth at 1-800-Endtime. Mexico, MO — Fri. October 7 7:30pm; First United Pentecostal Church, 1427 W. Monroe St., Hwy 22. ENDTIME MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST 2005 3
  4. 4. >> PERSPECTIVE EDITORIAL Irvin Baxter Jr. REVEALING THE FUTURE THROUGH BIBLE PROPHECY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MAGAZINE STAFF Editor-in-Chief: Irvin Baxter Jr. Assistant Editor: Eddie Sax Editorial Assistants: Ginger Boerkircher, Liz Freeman Where Are We on Research: Kathy McKinney Partner Relations: Jana Robbins God’s Time Clock? Conference Director: Kara McPeak Webmaster: David Novick N ow for the question that Signpost 3 everyone is interested in: Scripture clearly teaches that the ENDTIME MINISTRIES How close are we to the Antichrist and False Prophet will beginning of the final 7 years spoken emerge from a reborn Holy Roman STATEMENT OF FAITH of in Bible prophecy? I’m not going to Empire. That rebirth occurred in 2004. be able to tell you exactly, but I can During the last year, the European WE BELIEVE that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, that Jesus Christ is the Savior give you the signposts so that you will Union added ten new members, bring- of the world, and that He will come again to know approximately where we are. ing the total EU population to 455 mil- establish a kingdom that shall never be lion. They also concluded an agree- destroyed (Daniel 2:44). Those who are born Signpost 1 ment on the first-ever European con- again (John 3:3-5) will have eternal life and The international community will stitution. rule as kings and priests with Christ forever. confirm Israel’s right to exist in the Most of Europe already shares the Holy Land. This will mark the begin- same money and have adopted the ning of the final 7 years. European flag. The designer of The international community has Europe’s flag, Arsene Heitz, revealed WHAT IS ENDTIME negotiated the Roadmap for Peace, an that the 12 stars of the flag come from MAGAZINE? agreement designed to bring peace to the 12 stars that traditionally ring the the Middle East. The Roadmap con- head of the Virgin Mary. Her 12 stars In 1968, Irvin Baxter Jr. discovered the United States and other modern nations in the tains all of the elements that are proph- are also found on Europe’s license Bible. He also found the Berlin Wall in the Bible esied for the confirmation of the plates and on her money. The Roman and that one day it was to be torn down, covenant. Catholic Church and Europe’s politi- reuniting Germany, and that event would be Hopes are high that the Roadmap cians are once again in alliance. The the catalyst to spark an international move- for Peace will be put back on track yet Holy Roman Empire lives! ment called the “New World Order.” These this year or early next year. In a speech things have now come to pass. in London on December 20, 2004, Signpost 4 Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal minister, began Endtime Ministries in 1986 when he President Bush said that he was sure he Nothing had ever jolted me quite as wrote A Message For The President, a book would be able to bring peace to the hard. Immediately, upon returning explaining the major prophecies of the Bible Middle East during his second term. from Israel, I heard the news. which he had been teaching since 1968. President Bush had signed the Real ID After the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic ful- Signpost 2 Act on May 11, 2005. A National ID fillment accelerated rapidly. The decision was At about the same time the confir- card for every person in America? I made to launch Endtime. The purpose of the mation of the covenant is to occur, just couldn’t believe it! Yet it was true. magazine is to explain the prophecies of the Bible and to show that they are now being ful- World War III will happen. This war I’ll never forget my first reaction. filled in intricate detail. will begin from the area of the “It’s later than I thought it was. We’re Articles focus on the soon return of Jesus Euphrates River, according to the closer to the mark of the beast than I Christ, the truth of the Bible, and the need for prophecy in Revelation 9:13-16. Most realized.” salvation. Endtime does not deal with doctrinal all of the Euphrates is located in Iraq. When every person in America has controversies, as valid as they may be. This will America has 150,000 troops in the land his government-issued number, how be left to other publications. of the Euphrates at this present time. far away from 666 can we be? e 4 ENDTIME MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST 2005
  5. 5. www.endtime.com endtime@endtime.com CONTENTS >> COVERSTORY JULY/AUGUST VOL. 15 / NO. 4 27 12 RACING TOWARD 666 The American people don’t want a National ID card. They are getting one anyway. Our govern- ment has discovered that the fear card works on Americans. Is there no limit to how far we will go? DEPARTMENTS Has our faith in God become weaker than our fear of government? 3 PROPHECY CONFERENCES 4 EDITORIAL WORLDGOVERNMENT 14 RESHAPING THE GLOBAL CHESSBOARD 6 LETTERS & FEEDBACK Kofi Annan is suggesting the creation of a world military platform to assist the global community in 8 RADIO STATION LOG enforcing its will. How far off is the establishment of a UN civilian world police force? It could be as soon 9 WORLD REVIEW as this September. G World ID card? G Implants in criminals WORLDGOVERNMENT G Personal data for 3. 9 million lost in transit 18 WORLD GOVERNMENT—WORLD RELGION G Taking RFID home Maurice Strong understands the indispensable role G Abbas appoints 3 security chiefs that religion must play in any future world govern- G Rumsfeld: China’s military is growing ment. He said, “It is a necessity for the survival and G France throws EU’s future into disarray well being of humankind.” In this final installment G Putin laments collapse of USSR of a three-part series, Endtime analyzes its interview with one of the world’s most powerful figures. 16 PRODUCT PAGES GUESTARTICLE 21 WHETSTONE BIBLE QUIZ 22 JAVIER SOLANA—‘A PERSON OF INTEREST’ Attorney and New Age researcher Constance 27 ENDTIME BIBLE STUDIES Cumbey has been closely following the activities of Javier Solana for nearly ten years. Could this TOP: KENN THORPE | LEFT: PHOTO COURTESY OF EUROPEAN European leader be the Antichrist? Some of the rea- COMMISSION | RIGHT: ENDTIME PHOTO sons to give it consideration are interesting, to say the least. WORLDRELIGION 26 ONE MORE POPE? Irvin Baxter Jr.’s Israel tour group landed in Rome just 22 days after Pope Benedict XVI took power. Will this pope be the False Prophet himself? The decision was made to attend the papal audience “so that we could see him for ourselves.” Why is he 23 30 called Pontifex Maximus? Is he St. Malachy’s sec- ond-to-last pope? Endtime is published bi-monthly by Endtime, Inc., 1301 South 8th Street, Richmond, IN 47374. Subscription price is $29 for 12 issues. Periodical postage paid #009267, ISSN# 1066-6885, Richmond, IN, and additional mailing offices. © 2005 Endtime, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Endtime, PO Box 2066, Richmond, IN 47375-2066. For subscriptions call 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week 1-800-ENDTIME. Other inquiries call 1-765-962-6344 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Central).
  6. 6. >> LETTERSTOTHEEDITOR LETTERS &FEEDBACK WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? E N D T I M E WA N T S T O K N O W. Witch’s comments on respect our governmental authority kingdom, which is the plan of salva- Immaculate Conception over us. I found out through reading tion—being born again. Jesus said, I have been listening to your show Martin Luther’s work that the “Except a man be born again, he can- for some time now. I am writing to Christian church twisted that scrip- not enter the kingdom of God.” correct an error that was made on ture. He believed in Papal authority When on the day of Pentecost people your April 7th broadcast. First of but not in some of the actions in the asked Peter how to be saved, he told all, let me start by saying that I am church. Also, why do most them how to be born again (Acts not a Catholic. In fact, I’m not a Christians think that the pope will be 2:38). Christian at all. I am a practicing the Antichrist? As for your second question, the witch. However, I was born and —Aaron pope will not be the Antichrist; how- raised in the Catholic faith, and am a ever, he will be the False Prophet scholar of many different religions. REPLY: As I understand it, the referred to in scripture. There will be You were incorrect in your state- basis for what the Roman Catholic a political leader who will be the ment that the Catholic Church teach- Church teaches on Papal authority is Antichrist. Whoever is pope at the es that Mary’s birth was immaculate. based on what Jesus said to Peter in time of the Antichrist will definitely The Bible does refer to numerous Matthew 16:18: “…thou art Peter, be the False Prophet. “miraculous conceptions,” such as and upon this rock I will build my Throughout the history of the the conception of Abraham’s son church; and the gates of hell shall not Holy Roman Empire, there have Isaac (Genesis 17:17; Genesis 18:12; prevail against it.” The next verse, 19, always been two leaders: a political Genesis 21:2), Isaac’s children Jacob would be where Jesus gave Peter the leader and a spiritual leader. There and Esau (Genesis 25:21), and John keys to the kingdom, saying that will again be two leaders in the last the Baptist (Luke 1:18; Luke 1:24; whatever you shall bind on earth revival of the Holy Roman Empire: a Luke 1:25). shall be bound in heaven, and what- political leader, the Antichrist, and a However, it is taught by the ever you shall loose on earth shall be spiritual leader, the False Prophet. Catholic Church that while Mary’s loosed in heaven. conception was not immaculate, God The error in this teaching becomes Blessing John Birch did preserve her from original sin, clear when you read the context of I was literally shocked to hear you since she had been chosen by God to the passage. When Jesus said, “thou interview Will Grigg from the John carry his son, Jesus. art Peter and upon this rock I will Birch Society. This organization has —Krys W. build my church,” Peter had just been considered by many to be far made the great pronunciation, “thou right-wing and cloaked in “darkness” REPLY: The doctrine of the art the Christ the son of the living from as far back as I can remember — Immaculate Conception does not God.” Therefore Jesus was saying and believe me that’s a long time. You teach that Mary was born by virgin that He was going to build His “all out” endorsed Mr. Grigg and the birth. It does teach that Mary, by sin- church upon the revelation that Peter JBS by putting your blessing on who gular privilege, was excluded from had just stated: that Jesus was the they are and what they do, not to the stain of original sin. This doctrine Christ. mention that it came across that you became official Catholic Church The Bible teaches in Mark 12:10: greatly respected and admired him. teaching on December 8, 1854, when “The stone which the builders reject- The things Mr. Grigg accused our Pius IX declared it so. ed is become the head of the corner.” President and others of are not new This refers to Jesus Christ being the to me and to most Christians who Papal authority cornerstone upon which the church is stay informed. He spoke of their Why is the Christian faith pervert- built. Secondly, when Jesus gave association with “secret” societies, ing the Word of God through the Peter the keys to the kingdom, He yet the JBS itself is considered by essence of government? I Peter 2:11- did not establish “Papal succession.” many to be a “secret” society. 25 talks about how God tells us to Rather, He gave Peter the keys to the You have lost credibility with me. 6 ENDTIME MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST 2005
  7. 7. LETTERSTOTHEEDITOR << No Monthly Fees. 3.9 cents/min long distance No Gimmicks. No Kidding. Support Endtime while saving money! We are proud to partner with PowerNet Global, a company developed with biblical principles, for a unique way to raise much-needed funds for Endtime Ministries. Every time you make a call, Endtime will receive a portion of the proceeds. No long- term contracts, no hidden charges. Save money and do your part for the king- dom of God! For more information and to sign up—call 1-877-3-Endtime (877-336-3846) It’s not just because you had him on concern. We don’t ever want to give say has no influence over them. your show, but that you totally voice to things that are not true. Israel has never been able to sit on embraced him and the JBS instead of the Security Council because a nation just presenting their viewpoint. I Israel’s Security Council seat must be nominated to serve in this believe through this program you I enjoyed your article on the UN capacity by its regional group. Israel’s have placed yourself about as far to and your questions to Maurice natural region is the Arab states that the right as the ACLU is to the left, Strong. I am particularly interested in surround her. However, the Arab neither of which is good. why Israel is never considered for a states hate Israel and refuse to allow —B. Leonard Security Council seat. Israel has her to be a member of their region. experienced more wars and terrorism Since Israel has not been a member of REPLY: I am very aware that the than any nation because they are try- any regional group, it was impossible John Birch Society is considered ing to return to the land God gave for her to be nominated. Recently, right-wing by many people. them in Genesis 15. To me, an ever- after repeated requests, Europe has However, I have repeatedly checked lasting covenant to give a land as an agreed to allow Israel to be a member the documentation on their writings everlasting possession means the land of the European region. Israel could and have found their materials to be still belongs to Israel. God told Israel now be nominated for a Security accurate. They contend we are mov- that their disobedience would cause Council seat. ing rapidly into world government them many trials and, finally, disper- right now. The Bible teaches that cur- sion. But He also told them He Seeing the picture come together rently we are moving into world gov- would put them back in the land and I am just incredulous at the rapidi- ernment. These two positions match they would never be uprooted. In ty of prophetic fulfillments falling completely. light of all of this, why are they never into place. I am thinking in terms of Am I willing to accept everything considered for the Security Council? that global conference in South the Birch Society says? No. But do —Mozelle C. Africa where the Ark of Hope was they publish things that the liberal displayed and how it paralleled the press sweeps under the rug? Yes. REPLY: First of all, the UN is a biblical guidelines. Shortly on the Was there anything specific that godless organization. They do not heels of that was Judge Roy Moore’s Will Grigg said that you know is not consult the Bible in their decisions Ten Commandments fiasco. Your true? If so, let us know and we will in any way, shape or form. recent teaching on anti-Semitism and publicly correct it. Thanks for your Consequently, what the Bible has to hate crimes were accentuated by that ENDTIME MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST 2005 7
  8. 8. >> LETTERSTOTHEEDITOR tenured professor in Colorado who tions and pastors have strong feelings ers are very interested in prophecy made a ludicrous statement about the about the timing of the rapture that now. I hope to increase this amount people in the World Trade Center differ from mine. In respect to these to 30 if the Lord allows. Keep up being “little Eichmanns” and “that ministers, I have chosen to not the great work. —P. Moore we had this coming to us.” We have address the exact timing of the rap- heard over the talk shows in Denver ture in the magazine. It is not a salva- G I listen to Endtime every day possi- so much about hate speeches and hate tion issue. All of us must stay ready at ble and support it with a monthly crimes. I never heard much about all times seeing that any of us could pledge. We go to hear Bro. Baxter those two phrases until I heard you be snatched out into eternity today. in person if within driving distance teaching it. Again, I am trying to For a thorough explanation on the and have purchased most of his emphasize that I am stunned to see timing of the rapture, see Understanding the Endtime Bible how fast all of this is happening. God Understanding the Endtime-Level 3. Study material. In one Bible Study bless you for keeping us informed. This course is also called Sequence of that we taught, three were baptized —Mary Endtime Events, and may be and two received the gift of the obtained by calling 1-800-endtime or Holy Ghost. One of those is now Speaking of rapture from www.endtime.com. teaching Bible studies himself, and Why don’t you talk about the rap- through him, two were baptized ture in the magazine? When I show Feedback and have received the Holy Ghost. people your magazine, I have to fill in G If we elect a president who We are now helping in Bible the blanks. They all want to know appoints conservative judges to the Studies to teach their families. when this event is going to happen. I bench, but also installs the last steps We’re reading and loving the just think that if you’re going to have necessary to complete the infra- Endtime magazine. a magazine about the endtimes, at structure of “The Mark of the —W. & D. Hord least add in a part about when it could Beast,” have we accomplished any- happen. thing but to have placed ourselves —J. Fendt in a checkmate position? ENDTIME thanks you for your —J. Goodman letters. The letters we use do not REPLY: Endtime magazine is necessarily reflect the views of designed to be a tool used for soul G I have listened for about two years ENDTIME and/or its staff. END- winning. Hundreds of churches cir- and enjoyed each broadcast. I TIME reserves the right to edit let- culate Endtime throughout their con- recently got a bulk subscription of ters according to space and style. gregations. Many of these congrega- 10 magazines. My pastor and oth- POLITICSStation Log Radio & RELIGION ARKANSAS Ft. Smith KFSA 950 AM 3:00-4:00pm Live Little Rock KAAY 1090 AM 3:00-4:00pm CALIFORNIA Santa Maria KGDP 660 AM 2:00- 3:00pm GEORGIA Atlanta WGUN 1010 AM 2:00-2:30pm Macon WBML 900 AM 4:00-5:00pm Live ILLINOIS Chicago WNDZ 760 AM 7:00-7:30am INDIANA South Bend WHME 103.1 FM 4:00-5:00pm Richmond WHON 930 AM 2:00-3:00pm Ft. Wayne WLYV 1450 AM 4:30-5:00pm Indianapolis WNTS 1590 AM 4:00-5:00pm Live IOWA Des Moines KPSZ 940 AM 3:00-3:30pm Live LOUISIANA New Orleans WLNO 1060 AM 3:00-4:00pm Live MICHIGAN Battle Creek WOLY 1550 AM 4:00-5:00pm Live Detroit WLQV 1500 AM 6:00-6:30pm MISSISSIPPI Jacksonville WTWZ 1120 AM 9:30-10:30am MISSOURI Mexico KMFC 92.1 FM 1:00-2:00pm Poplar Bluff KOKS 89.5 FM 3:00-3:30pm Live St. Louis KXEN 1010 AM 3:00-4:00pm Live NEBRASKA Omaha KCRO 660 AM 11:00pm-12mid NEW YORK New York WMCA 970 AM 11:00pm-12mid OREGON Portland KKSL 1290 AM 1:00-2:00pm Live TEXAS Daingerfield KEGG 91.9 FM 11:00am-12:00 Corpus Christi KCTA 1030 AM 4:00-4:30pm Dallas KVTT 91.7 FM 3:00-4:00pm Live WASHINGTON Spokane KTRW 970 AM 1:00-2:00pm Live WISCONSIN Milwaukee WJYI 1340 AM 3:00-4:00pm Live WORLDWIDE—SHORTWAVE RADIO (times shown for U.S. Eastern) North America & South America WHRI 15.285 4:00-5:00pm Live North America, Middle East, Africa WHRA 17.640 2:00-3:00pm North America, Europe WHRI 15.785 4:00-5:00pm Live, 7.520 6:00-7:00am WORLDWIDE—INTERNET www.endtime.com — listen live or to archives 8 ENDTIME MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST 2005
  9. 9. AROUNDTHEGLOBE << WORLD by Liz Freeman & Ginger Boerkircher REVIEW GLOBAL NEWS SEEN THROUGH THE EYES OF BIBLE PROPHECY >> MARKOFTHEBEAST last month. The tapes sent via UPS ees will hand out cards containing an early in May have not been seen RFID chip which will allow them to since. The tapes contained names, track the displays patrons visit, the World ID card? addresses, Social Security numbers, time spent there, and whether they The United States wants Britain’s account numbers, payment histories buy anything. The cards may be proposed identity cards to incorpo- and other details. declined, but those who sign up and rate the same technology as those Meanwhile, Johns Hopkins leave an e-mail address will be noti- used on American documents in University graduate students in a fied about promotions for items they order to ensure compatibility. It computer security course found an examined. would make information contained easier way to obtain this type of in the British cards accessible across information: using Internet access, a >> ISRAEL&THEMIDDLEEAST the Atlantic. few dollars and some spare time they In light of this, civil liberty groups were able to obtain reams of personal are cautioning that the U.S.-led “war data on unsuspecting citizens and Quartet reaffirms commitment to on terror” is causing governments to were able to build detailed dossiers two-state Middle East solution build a “global registration and sur- using only public databases. Hoping for a new start on the road veillance infrastructure.” Its purpose towards peace, the Quartet – the is to monitor the whereabouts and Taking RFID home United Nations, United States, activities of whole populations. These In an effort to appease consumer European Union and Russian groups believe that national ID cards and privacy advocates who worry Federation – restated its commitment will become “globally interoperable that data gathered from radio-fre- to a two-state solution at a meeting biometric passports.” quency identification (RFID) tags held in Moscow. Urging Israel and will be paired with shoppers’ per- the Palestinians to fulfill their Implants in criminals sonal data, companies are devising Roadmap obligations, UN Secretary- In the wake of the abduction and ways for consumers to disable or General Kofi Annan stressed the killing of a 9-year-old Florida girl, dispose of the radio tags attached to importance of full and complete police officials have been reassessing their purchases. However, customers Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in the strategies they use to protect the who keep the tags will be able to order to realize the creation of two public from such heinous crimes. In return items for refunds and credit democratic states, Israel and Ohio, Butler County Commissioner without a receipt by matching the Palestine, living side by side. Michael Fox is proposing a radical RFID tag to a customer’s loyalty idea: implanting people on probation card or credit account number. Sharon-Abbas meeting possible with GPS microchips so that they According to Joseph Tobolski, an ‘in very short time’ “can be tracked and located immedi- associate partner at Accenture A meeting between Israeli Prime ately.” “People have these GPS Technology Labs, “Keeping the Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian implants in their pets and, in some RFID tags in working order is in the leader Mahmoud Abbas could be cases, in their children in the event consumer’s best interest.” Industry held in the near future, and possibly they are lost or kidnapped,” Fox said. representatives say that, in the in Jerusalem. According to Israeli “I don’t see why the same can’t be future, furnishings and appliances in Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, the done for probationers.” future “smart” homes will read the talks would have the goal “to coordi- RFID tags on purchased goods to nate the implementation of the disen- Personal data for 3.9 million lost ensure consumers never run out of gagement plan” which will result in in transit milk or medicine. the uprooting of more than 8,000 In one of the largest breaches of In a similar vein, RadioShack is Jewish settlers later this summer. data security to date, CitiFinancial turning to smart-card technology in announced that a box of computer order to learn more about cus- Abbas appoints 3 security chiefs tapes containing information on 3.9 tomers’ desires. At their new flag- Mahmoud Abbas has appointed million customers was lost in transit ship store called StoreOne, employ- three people to head a consolidated ENDTIME MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST 2005 9
  10. 10. >> AROUNDTHEGLOBE Palestinian security service. This is a charging that the U.S. is preparing to first test case. Unlike other interna- major step toward meeting Israeli and invade and has refused to rule out a tional tribunals, the ICC is perma- U.S. demands that the Palestinian pre-emptive attack. nent, and has no time limit for its Authority reform its corrupt and work. Indictments, once issued, inefficient security forces. Israeli >> EUWATCH remain in force until the indictee is Deputy Defense Minister, MK Ze’ev either tried or dead. Boim criticized Abbas, saying that time is running out for him to meet France throws EU’s future into Putin laments collapse of USSR the Palestinians’ commitments to the disarray In a recent appearance on German Roadmap, and that Abbas should Fifty-five percent of French voters television, Russian President demand that Hamas disarm and halt shot down the European Union’s Vladimir Putin said that freeing the terrorist activity. Abbas criticized latest move to unite its 25 nations by USSR from the grips of the Soviet Israel for pressuring him to confront voting against the bloc’s first consti- machine did not have to end in its dis- militants. Abbas also said that tution. British Foreign Secretary solution. Putin called the break-up a Palestinians “would not accept any- Jack Straw said, “The result raises tragedy. thing less” than Israel’s return to pre- profound questions for all of us 1967 borders. about the future direction of >> WORLDRELIGION Europe.” >> 6THTRUMPETWATCH Giuliano Amato, who helped draft the EU constitution, described how Pope says Christian belief in its architects used ‘disguise and sub- Trinity affirms that God is love Rumsfeld: China’s military is terfuge’ to build what Mikhail Pope Benedict XVI said that the growing Gorbachev has called the ‘new Christian belief in the Trinity is an U.S. Defense Secretary Donald European soviet.’ “The project of the affirmation that God is love. Like the Rumsfeld said that China’s military is European constitution is daring, but Trinity, he said, “love is always a growing as quickly as its economy, to overcome obstacles in politics, it is mystery, a reality that surpasses rea- and is a major buyer of weapons from necessary to conceal them,” Amato son.” The doctrine of the Trinity, Russia and other countries. Rumsfeld said. which says the Father, Son and Holy plans to meet with ministers from Spirit are three persons in one God, Asian countries including key allies >> ONEWORLDGOVERNMENT reflects, according to the pope, the South Korea and Japan. Topics would truth that “God is not solitude, but be terrorism, the America’s shifting perfect communion. For this reason, military presence in the region and Judge wants to treat U.S. troops the human person – the image of God North Korea’s nuclear weapons pro- as murder suspects – realizes himself in love, which is the gram. In Spain, a judge wants to question sincere gift of self.” three U.S. soldiers regarding the U.S. mulls move, as Iran and death of a Spanish cameraman killed Interreligious dialogue should North Korea stand firm during the 2003 assault on Baghdad. help solve world’s pressing Iran and North Korea are raising The soldiers would be questioned as problems the stakes with their twin nuclear murder suspects and for crimes Nearly 130 participants from ten stand-offs. North Korea is not about against the international community. world religions shared the opinion to bargain away its nuclear deterrent, The Pentagon has found no fault with that while interreligious dialogue has and Iran plans to notify the the soldiers. contributed to overcoming some International Atomic Energy Agency human suffering and helped combat that it is resuming efforts to enrich Annan’s chief of staff calls U.S. fundamentalism, much more grass- uranium. The possible collapse of ‘ungainly giant’ roots participation is needed. These diplomatic efforts on both fronts is Kofi Annan’s Chief of Staff, Mark opinions were voiced at the “Critical causing the Bush administration to Malloch Brown called the United Moment in Interreligious Dialogue” reassess its options including contain- States an “ungainly giant” that only conference organized by the World ment and possible military strikes. plays by its own rules and is the Council of Churches (WCC) in According to Cliff Kupchan of the country most opposed to interna- Geneva. Eurasia Group consultancy, there is tional constraints. Brown said that The head of the Greek Orthodox about a 70 percent chance of a U.S. or the U.S. which has led the world in Church said that Christian churches Israeli military strike on Iran by next advancing freedom, democracy and must set aside differences and adopt April. decency, must abide by others’ rules less confrontational approaches North Korea has accused the as well as its own. toward other faiths. He said “the United States of planning to turn its consequences of globalization, ter- bases in South Korea into a regional International Criminal Court’s rorism and the war on terror require hub for sending joint U.S.-Korean first case that Christian churches rediscover forces under American command A civil war in Uganda provided the their prophetic voice… to raise their into potential regional conflicts. It is International Criminal Court with its voice and be on the side of peace.” e 10 ENDTIME MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST 2005
  11. 11. New York G Israel G Brussels G Germany Join Irvin Baxter Jr. on his next trip to the Holy Land! This tour will be special – the first of its kind. In addition to touring United Nations Headquarters in New York and six days in Israel, Prophecy Tour 2006 will be topped off with a tour through northern Europe’s Holy Roman Empire territory. Experience Israel through the eyes of Irvin Baxter Jr. as he leads you to the Mount of Olives, Temple Mount, Masada, Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, and much, much more. From there we fly to Frankfurt and begin our exploration in Aachen, Germany, home and burial place of Charlemagne—the place where President Clinton and Pope John Paul II were awarded the Charlemagne Prize. The tour continues in Brussels, Belgium where we will go behind the scenes at the EU Headquarters. The itinerary and cost are still being finalized at press time. The tour will likely be for 12 days in early May and cost less than $3,000. To be among the first to receive information once the itiner- ary is finalized, call 1-800-Endtime and ask for Mary Beth.
  12. 12. >> MARKOFTHEBEAST BY IRVIN BAXTER JR. John Belanus, right, of Wyckoff, N.J., looks at the digital image for his driver's license at the Motor Vehicle Commission office in Oakland, N.J., Friday, May 20, 2005. Under the Real ID Act, with its verification rules for the documents that applicants use to prove who they are, stopping by a motor vehicle office and leaving with a driver's license could become a thing of the past. (AP Photo/Mike Derer) T he American people don’t want the people and for the people. When information must be entered into a a National ID card. They are our Senators and Representatives database, which will be linked to the getting one anyway. On May voted for Real ID, they voted for databases of the other 49 states. 11, 2005, President Bush signed into control…controlling you, controlling Not just drivers will need this law the Real ID Act. me. National ID card. All adults will be Lawmakers and the Bush adminis- required to have this federally tration know that you and I don’t Provisions of the bill approved ID. Starting three years want a National ID. They know we The Real ID Act requires a stan- from now, if you live or work in the don’t want a national database, stor- dardization of the drivers’ licenses of United States, you’ll need a federally ing information on each of us that can all 50 states by May 2008. The mini- approved ID card to travel on an air- be accessed at the push of a button. mum requirements for the new plane, open a bank account, collect That’s why the deceptive name ‘Real licenses/ID cards are: name, birth Social Security payments, or take ID Act’ was used for the bill. That’s date, gender, Social Security number, advantage of nearly any government why it was attached to must-pass leg- a digital photograph, address and service. islation that provided funding for our physical security features designed to troops in Iraq. That’s why this prevent tampering, counterfeiting, or The big lie enslaving legislation received virtual- duplication of the document for While we here at Endtime ly no coverage in the mainstream fraudulent purposes. The cards also Ministries were fighting desperately media, and then was passed 100-0 in must employ common machine-read- against the National ID Act, lawmak- the Senate! able technology. ers, again and again, Polly-parroted It’s a classic case of ‘government Homeland Security is permitted to the big lie: “This is not a national knows best.’ The real truth is that add additional requirements such as ID,” they insisted. government has lost faith in free- fingerprint or retinal scan, in addition “Why is this not a national ID?” dom—government of the people, by to the above requirements. All of this was our rejoinder. 12 ENDTIME MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST 2005
  13. 13. MARKOFTHEBEAST << The reply went something like this: undo all of the good purchased by the founding fathers when they wrote the The requirements of the Real ID Act blood of 126,000 American soldiers Bill of Rights. It was resistance are voluntary. States linking their in World War II who died to ensure against big intrusive government that databases to the national database is that you and I can enjoy lives of free- triggered the Revolutionary War, the voluntary. Standardizing the drivers’ dom and happiness? war that gave birth to this nation. licenses is voluntary. They don’t have Are we willing to allow the tyranny The famous Patrick Henry to comply to the Real ID if they don’t of 19 radical Islamists to drive us into described the attitude of our forefa- want to. the tyranny of a government that thers toward government this way: They did not bother to add: Of feels now it has to control every “The Constitution is not an instru- course, the states will lose their feder- aspect of our lives? ment for the government to restrain al funding if they don’t comply. the people, it is an instrument for the Furthermore, any state that opts out Can anyone say “George people to restrain the government— will automatically make non-persons Orwell”? lest it come to dominate our lives and out of its citizens. The citizens of that Those of us who have read George interests.” state will be unable to have any deal- Orwell’s classic novel “1984” have to ings with the federal government be watching the unfolding of events Are there any Patrick Henrys left? because their ID will not be accepted. since 9/11 with astounding remem- Our politicians and our govern- They will not be able to fly or to take brance and with horrifying forebod- ment have found out that the fear a train. In essence, in the eyes of the ing. card works on Americans. In the federal government they will cease to Are we too captivated by fear to name of saving us from the terrorists, exist. But they don’t have to comply resist the intrusion of government we Americans are now accepting if they don’t want to. into every facet of our lives? Are we encroachment upon liberties that we Yeah, right! We’ve already been so comfortable and complacent that have held dear for over 200 years. Is down this road so many times before we would not even resist if our gov- there no limit to how far we will go? that we don’t even want to think about ernment launched a program to inject Has our faith in God become weaker it! It is absurd to call this voluntary. a chip under our skin for security rea- than our fear of government? sons and for our own protection? Wouldn’t you just love to hear a Did 9/11 succeed in destroying Tell me, has the spirit that gave statesman stand up in our land that America? birth to this great nation died and loved the truth more than he loved The terrorist attack of 9/11 was a taken its place in the graveyards of his office? terrible event in the life of America. comfort and ease? Is there yet a Homeland Security? I want securi- More American lives were lost that Patrick Henry among us with the ty…but not at the price of chains and day than on any other single day in temerity and resolve to stand up to slavery. The safest place in the world our nation’s history. The goal of politicians more concerned about is alone in a padded cell, but who Osama bin Laden and his henchmen support from their party in the next wants to live there? Could we hear it was to destroy the American way of election than with doing what they just one more time? life. Did they succeed? know is right? “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as Did 3,000 dying on 9/11 undo all of to be purchased at the price of chains the sacrifices of World War I when What is there to be afraid of? and slavery?...I know not what 136,516 Americans laid down their It’s not terrorists that concern me. course others may take, but as for me, lives for the cause of freedom? Did it What alarms me is what scared our give me liberty or give me death!” e Are we just paranoid? I f believing the Bible is paranoia, then I am paranoid. The Bible explicitly prophesies a time when every person will be required to have a number in order to function in society. The Real ID Act is the biggest leap toward the proph- esied mark of the beast since the founding of this nation in 1776. The mark of the beast is going to happen. It is inevitable. However, it is not inevitable that America be a part of this system! Let’s opt out of Satan’s diabolical plan to control every person on earth. Let’s repeal the National ID! It’s not over ‘til it’s over We have three years until the National ID will be implemented. What can we do? 1. Pray. Prayer changes things. Pray for those in government. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (II Chronicles 7:14) 2. Send this article to each of your Senators and Representatives. 3. Demand the repeal of this enslaving legislation. Make it a litmus test in your next election—and every election thereafter. Demand that each candidate state publicly that he will fight the National ID. If a candidate won’t do this, vote against him. If he says he will do it, but then doesn’t after being elected, vote him out in the next election’s primaries.
  14. 14. >> WORLDGOVERNMENT N DA BREN IE BY JAM I t’s one of those newspaper filler daily papers and news magazines that desire exists to make the topics: a mundane, dry, and droll have reported on this process high- most far-reaching reforms in news story that seems destined to light the apparent: UN budgetary the history of the United be forgotten before the reader even restructuring, streamlining of agency Nations so as to equip and glances at the headline. Fated to the resources, a reshuffling of personnel, resource it to help advance back-pages, or crammed between blah, blah, blah. The dryness of the this twenty-first century advertising space for such exciting topic is enough to lose even the most agenda…The year 2005 pres- products as toothpicks or dental ardent student of international rela- ents an opportunity to move floss, it’s a topic that makes most edi- tions. But there’s so much more to it decisively in this direc- tors cringe. And they cringe not than meets the eye. tion…we must reshape the because of the topic itself or its impli- On March 21st of this year, Mr. Organization in ways not cations, but because to use this topic Annan released his anticipated report previously imagined and demonstrates how little there is in the on the five-year follow up to the year with a boldness and speed way of relevant news stories for that 2000 Millennium Summit. Titled, not previously shown…The particular day. In Larger Freedom: Towards September summit must But it is relevant, regardless of what Development, Security and Human produce a pact for action, to editors or the general public think. In Rights For All. The main thrust of the which all nations subscribe fact, this news story is so significant document was centered on restruc- and on which all can be that, when carried to its logical con- turing all levels of global governance, judged.” (¶ 2, 3, 21, 72) clusion, it will radically alter how and “collective security” in particular. So what are some of the recom- nations interact, and how we as However, what makes this document mendations Annan made to “reshape “global citizens” are governed. doubly interesting is that Annan con- the Organization in ways not previ- So what is this “humdrum” topic of tinually hammered home a rallying ously imagined…”? singular significance? date for major international changes, Upfront, most changes suggested Reform: to be more precise, United the upcoming Millennium Summit would not be considered earth-shak- Nations reform. Stop yawning. review in September, 2005. ing. Some fit within the earlier reform Since 1997, Kofi Annan, the “…there is a yearning in programs from previous years. Some Secretary-General of the United many quarters for a new are focused on cutting outdated pro- Nations, has been engaged in reform- consensus on which to base grams and UN Charter throwbacks ing the United Nations system. Most collective action. And a dating back to the late 1940s. Other 14 ENDTIME MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST 2005
  15. 15. WORLDGOVERNMENT << alterations have to do with interna- would become greatly empowered by been incorporated into the World tional aid, third-world development, having at its disposal a whole new set Federalist Association – the largest and a reformatting of global econom- of global military and policing tools. world government advocacy group in ics (all of which results in profound The UN would be the general, and the United States (Author’s note: changes too complex to explain here.) the rapid reaction troops of the both groups have amalgamated into a On the other hand, some recom- African Union or the EU – or an new organization, Citizens for mendations – both at the UN reform upcoming North/South American Global Solutions). level and suggestions aimed at the union – could effectively become the During these meetings, UN reform larger international community – strong arm for the United Nations. was always couched in world govern- reflect massive shifts in the fabric of All of this, of course, requires that ment language: “the rule of world global governance. Consider the case the United Nations’ system of law,” “international enforcement,” for collective security. “world law” is elevated beyond and “global management.” The ideas Collective security is not a new where it stands today. This too has that spun from these events included idea, but it has been an underlying been requested, with Annan suggest- a United Nations world parliament, a theme of UN restructuring for ing that nations renew their pledges global police and military structure, decades. In the context of reforming and obligations to UN international and international taxation to pay for the UN and enhancing the world treaties. More than that, Annan these extensive reform measures. community, a new “collective securi- writes, “New laws must be put into Kofi Annan’s newly published ty” platform is up for consideration. place, old ones must be put into prac- reform ideas certainly mirror those of What is collective secu- other reform advocates, rity? Simply put, it’s the both directly and indi- concept of allowing the rectly. But a September international community 2005 start-up deadline is to have at its disposal a something that sets this military function to agenda apart. enforce peace, contend How? Simply put, with national and regional we’re living in it. security threats, and to A couple of years ago, provide teeth to a grow- I had the opportunity to ing system of world law. talk with some delegates Bottom line: it’s the cre- from a Christian relief ation of a world military organization. We dis- platform to assist the cussed international tax- global community in ation, simply because it’s enforcing its will. And a necessary part of pay- Kofi Annan, in the Annex ing for an empowered to his document, goes so UN (which this particu- far as to request the estab- The Canadian Parliament has already passed a law to finance the UN lar relief organization lishment of a UN civilian through a world tax. Photo courtesy of Jamie Brendan endorses). I argued world police force and the against the creation of a creation of “strategic reserves” for tice and our institutions must be bet- world taxation regime. The dele- peacekeeping. ter equipped to strengthen the rule of gates simply responded by saying Now I know that Endtime readers law.” that we need to “pay to Caesar what have seen articles on the United Enforcing world law, partnering in is Caesar’s.” Nations’ desire for a “collective secu- a new collective military arrange- But here’s the rub: the United rity” arrangement, but this time ment, restructuring international Nations is not our Caesar. However, Annan has hit on something a little finances – something the Canadian if it is reformed into a global gover- different. Recognizing that the Parliament has already suggested by nance institution that can enforce European Union is building a com- writing into Canadian law provisions world law, that can call on global mil- prehensive rapid deployment force, for a future UN global tax – changing itary assets, that can alter internation- and that the African Union is work- the United Nations Security Council al financial systems, then the United ing toward their own rapid reaction and the General Assembly to reflect Nations is on the fast track to becom- capability, Annan is now requesting an empowered UN, all of this smacks ing our global Caesar. And according that these regional military programs of a major move on the grand chess- to Annan, the push is on this interlock with the United Nations to board of global governance. September. ensure world security. A number of years ago – I won’t That, my friend, should make Already the EU, the African say when or in which cities – I was front-page headlines everywhere – Union, and even NATO have legal involved in meetings with an organi- but something tells me you’ll be linkages into the United Nations sys- zation dedicated to bringing about a lucky to find it as more than just a tem. However, if this new regional reformed UN. The organization, the filler piece in the back-pages of the partnership sees fruition, the UN Campaign for UN Reform, has since sports section. e ENDTIME MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST 2005 15
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  18. 18. World Government— World Relgion Endtime analyzes interview with Maurice Strong BY IRVIN BAXTER JR. The real power of the United Nations lies with the UN Security Part 3 Council. The Security Council can pass resolutions concerning any nation or situation on earth. It can place a nation under economic sanc- tions to produce pressure on that nation to bow its knee to the edicts of the UN. It can decide that the world community should attack a nation, replace its government and even place its leadership on trial before the World Court. A recent example of this course of action was the invasion of Yugoslavia and the ongoing trial of Slobodan Milosevic. The Security Council consists of five permanent members and ten Courtesy of Corbin Runnels rotating members. The five perma- nent members (Great Britain, U.S., France, Russia and China) all have veto power over all Security Council resolutions. Strong pointed out that I It’s not often you’re able to sit down n the last two issues of Endtime, the structure of the Security Council and have a one hour conversation we have carried our exclusive is more reflective of the world as it with a man who has been in charge of interview with Maurice Strong, was in 1945 than of the world as it is reforming the United Nations. Undersecretary-General for UN today. Here’s specifically what he said According to some, the UN is the sin- Reform, serving under Kofi Annan. about the Security Council: gular structure designed to rule the Since the UN will undoubtedly be “Reform is long overdue. The dan- world. Although many of us object to the world government of the endtime ger here is that, if reform is not affect- the United Nations running the and since Strong has been assigned ed to ensure that the Security Council world, the truth is that it is specifical- the task of reshaping the UN in order more fully reflects the structure of ly designed to be a world governmen- to prepare it for global governance in power in today’s world, then it will tal system. A further truth is that the 21st century, we felt that it would gradually be bypassed and lose its rel- those who want a UN-led world gov- be worthwhile to analyze carefully evance. This would be a loss to the ernment will vehemently deny that what Strong envisions for the United entire world because the Security such is their intention. That is Nation’s future. Council performs some functions because they know what kind of vio- that are absolutely indispensable to lent knee-jerk reaction it would gen- UN reform world peace and security. The prob- erate. When asked about the progress of lem is that, those who feel their own Maurice Strong sits at the elbow of UN reform, Strong indicated that powers and prerogatives may be Secretary-General Kofi Annan as his considerable success has been diluted by reform, are resisting Under-Secretary-General for UN achieved in reforming the bureaucra- change.” Strong is specifically refer- Reform. He has served for a long time cy of the UN to make it more effi- ring to the ‘Big Five’ that enjoy veto at the highest levels of power. Here is cient, but that reform of the basic power. It is unthinkable that they the final installment of a three-part structure of the UN has been much would be willing to give up their veto series — the analysis. more difficult. power, especially the United States. 18 ENDTIME MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST 2005
  19. 19. EXCLUSIVEINTERVIEW << The surrender of veto power would mean the end of sovereignty. Of course, the 186 nations who have no veto lost their sovereignty long ago. Just ask Saddam Hussein! Many ideas have been offered for Order Form reforming the UN. The one that Page 1 seems most popular right now is the expansion of the Security Council from 15 to 24 members with perma- Order by phone with your credit card or check-by-phone by nent members being expanded from 5 calling 1-800-Endtime (1-800-363-8463 Mon.-Fri. 9:00- to 9. The four new permanent mem- bers that have been proposed are 5:00pm Eastern) Germany, India, Japan and Brazil. However, these new permanent Order online with your credit card at www.endtime.com members would not enjoy the veto power of the ‘Big Five’. Order by mail by following the simple instructions below That hated veto The one thing that stands between mankind and world government is the veto. The non-veto possessing Step #1. What do you want to order? Please fill out this nations continually protest that the UN is unfair. Why should any one of chart. For steps 2 through 4, see next page. five nations be able to veto the will of the majority? Yet it is understood Item Description of Item Price How Total that the United States will not even # (be sure to circle media format where applicable) each many discuss the surrender of its veto DVD VHS CD Cassttte power. DVD VHS Innovative ideas to undermine the CD Cassttte veto are continually being put for- DVD VHS ward by the nations of the world. CD Cassttte DVD VHS One such idea is under consideration CD Cassttte at this time. This proposal is to allow DVD VHS a Security Council veto to be over- CD Cassttte ridden by a two-thirds vote of the Total amount of products UN General Assembly. When we asked Dr. Strong about this new pro- Shipping & Handling posal, he answered as follows: “It Add for Shipping & Handing U.S. addresses goes to a situation that other govern- For orders under $20, add $5 See chart to the left ments carry out at the national level. $21-50, add $7 In the U.S. government, for example, $51-100, add $9 a presidential veto can be overridden $100+, add $11 Canada & Mexico by a two-thirds vote of Congress. Magazine Subscription Add $3 to U.S. prices The principle is certainly accepted as Western Hemisphere 2 years U.S. $29 4 years U.S. $49 valid by many nations. In that sense Add $6 to U.S. prices Online $15 it obviously needs consideration. Europe Bulk-10 copies $15 bi-monthly Add $8 to U.S. prices Certainly at the global level it would Asia, Africa, Pacific Rim 2 yrs non-U.S. 35 USD 4 yrs non-U.S. 61 USD make sense to provide for an over- Add $12 to U.S. prices ride in some situations. There are Is this subscription… 1 New? 1 Renewal? 1 Gift? two kinds of situations in which a (If gift, enclose name and address veto is used: those that may directly of person to receive subscription) and imminently threaten the security of a nation and those that may directly or indirectly affect their Tax-deductible gift to Endtime interests. It is conceivable that there could be conditions under which an Tax-deductible monthly pledge (1st month enclosed) override could be used that would restrict its use to certain conditions that do not affect the immediate Total amount enclosed threats to security.” ENDTIME MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST 2005 19
  20. 20. >> EXCLUSIVEINTERVIEW What is wrong with this thinking? UN advocates like to argue that the Order Form United Nations is not a world gov- ernment. Yet, now they are saying that forcing nations to act against Page 2 their wills should be within the power of the global government. If Step #2. What is your contact information and ship-to the desire is to establish another level of government above national gov- address? ernment, then this makes perfect sense. If we want to retain our national sovereignty, then everything Name is wrong with it! If national sover- Address eignty can be overridden in any instance, then it does not exist any- more. World government has arrived! Need for enforceable Phone international law E-mail We asked Mr. Strong why President Bush sought a waiver for U.S. citizens from prosecution by the newly created International Criminal Court. His reply is telling. It gives us Step #3. How will you be paying for your order? an insight into the thinking of UN advocates at the highest level. A check or money order is enclosed (please make payable Strong answered, “It is one of the weaknesses and difficulties of the fact to Endtime, Inc.) that we still do not have a fully enforceable regime of international Please charge my credit card or debit card law that can enforce measures against countries that have not signed on to a particular UN treaty or convention. MC Visa AmEx Discover Exp. Date __/__ That is a problem. We do not have, on a global basis, that kind of enforce- able legal regime. That is still very Card No. much in its infancy. It is inconceiv- able that we will have such a regime Signature (for cardholders) X without the participation of the United States.” It is obvious from this answer that Step #4. Mail or fax UN officials believe the world needs a fully enforceable regime of interna- tional law. Strong also believes such a Cut this page along the dotted line, slip it into an world governmental system is envelope, and mail to: presently inconceivable in today’s world without the participation of the U.S. Endtime P.O. Box 2066 Religious unity essential for Richmond, IN 47375 survival Maurice Strong and Ted Turner joined together to bring 1,000 spiritu- Prefer fax? Fax both sides of this Order Form to: al leaders to the UN in the year 2000. (765) 965-4674 We asked Strong the purpose behind this first-ever religious meeting at the United Nations. Strong’s reply indi- Questions? Call 1-800-Endtime or email: cates that he understands the indis- endtime@endtime.com pensable role that religion must play in any future world government. Notice what he said: 20 ENDTIME MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST 2005