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One world religion may-june 2008

  2. 2. ON THE ROADENDTIME WITH CONFERENCE SCHEDULE LOCATION DATE/TIME SPEAKER HOST CONTACT Lexington Park, MD 6/5/08 @ 7 PM Jesse Woodrow Pastor 301-862-9805 Living Hope First UPC 6/6/08 @ 7 PM Jason Staten 46694 Midway Drive 6/8/08 @ 6 PM Lexington Park, MD 20653 Washington, DC 6/7/08 @ 5 PM Jesse Woodrow Pastor 301-481-7926 Living Hope First UPC DC 6/8/08 @ 9:30 AM Jerry Staten 1501 Columbia Road NW Washington, DC 20009 Lewisville, TX 6/14/08 @ 7 PM Irvin Baxter Pastor 972-436-3007 Landmark Ministries Michael Sales 331 East Church Street Lewisville, TX 75057 Portland, OR 6/20/08 @ 7:30 PM Irvin Baxter Pastor 503-642-2347 Palace of Praise Barry King 6750 South West 198th Avenue Aloha, OR 97007 Merrillville, IN 6/22/08 @ 10 AM & 6:30 PM Irvin Baxter Pastor 219-769-2585 The Pentecostals of South Lake Robert Stroup 219-226-0160 1640 West 93rd Avenue Merrillville, IN 46410 Terre Haute, IN 6/29/08 @ 10 AM Irvin Baxter Pastor 812-232-6523 Kingshighway Family Worship Center Simeon Young Jr 812-841-3538 2901 South 7th Street Terre Haute, IN 47802 Jackson, TN 7/18/08 @ 7 PM Irvin Baxter Pastor 731-512-0021 Calvary Church Ministries 7/19/08 @ 9 AM to 1 PM & Dr Larry Bates Clifford Walker (Registration/Hotel Info) 235 Moize Cutoff Jackson, TN 38305 Ft Worth, TX 7/25/08 @ 7:30 PM (Youth) Jesse Woodrow Pastor 817-560-3433 The Pentecostals of Ft Worth 7/27/08 @ 10 AM & 6 PM Michael Watts 6605 Silver Saddle Road Ft Worth, TX 76126 San Antonio, TX 7/26/08 @ 7 PM Irvin Baxter Pastor 210-764-3100 THE HOPE CENTER Michael Chance 4545 Loop 1604 West San Antonio, TX 78249 Corpus Christi, TX 8/1/08 @ 7:30 PM Irvin Baxter Pastor 361-242-1171 Holiday Inn Airport Russell Campbell 5549 Leopard Street Corpus Christi, TX 78408 Santa Maria, CA 8/15/08 @ 7:30 PM Craig Treadwell Pastor 805-922-8445 Four Square Church Roger Wheeler 709 N. Curryer Santa Maria, CA 93454
  3. 3. MAY - JUNE 2008 I VOL 18 I NO 3 FEATURES PAGE 10 One World Religion Irvin Baxter PAGE 16 Pope Benedict XVI Visits America Irvin Baxter & Craig Treadwell PAGE 22 Middle East Update PAGE 26 The Bilderburgers Interview with Daniel Estulin DE PA RTM E N TS 02 PROPHECY CONFERENCES 04 EDITORIAL 06 WORLD REVIEW 08 LETTERS AND FEEDBACK 14 POLITICS AND RELIGION RADIO 31 SHOP ENDTIME Cover photo: Pope Benedict XVI is about to address the UN General Assembly. UN Photo/Mark Garten SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I May - June 2008 3
  4. 4. Editorial Irvin Baxter Jr. - Editor-in-Chief M A G A Z I N E EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & CEO Irvin Baxter, Jr. MANAGING EDITOR The Crime of Craig Treadwell EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Religious Exclusiveness Ginger Boerkircher Gail Simmons Dana Grohman Candace Mendoza Deb Bowman Julie Kidwell PARTNER RELATIONS Jana Robbins The zealots of religious inclusiveness want CONFERENCE DIRECTOR Kara McPeak to give their movement the force of law. And INTERNET David Novick their tactic is working. Do what Gorbachev DESIGN & LAYOUT STATEMENT OF FAITH Simeon Young Jr. suggested. Equate religious exclusiveness We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and that He will come again to establish a with racial discrimination and violence kingdom that shall never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44). Those who are born again (John 3:3-5). will have eternal life and rule as kings and against gays. Make religious exclusiveness priests with Christ forever. WHAT IS ENDTIME? In 1968, Irvin Baxter jr. discovered the United a hate crime! States and other modern nations in the Bible. He also found the Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one day it was to be torn down, re-uniting n his book Perestroika, Mikhail Gor- with a common voice. I Germany, and that event would be the cata- lyst to spark an international movement called bachev stated that there are three root When the United States adopted the the “New World Order.” These things have now come to pass. Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal causes for war on earth: political con- General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade minister, began Endtime Ministries in 1986 flicts, economic conflicts and religious con- (GATT) back in 1994, the world moved when he wrote A Message For The President, a flicts. It was Gorbachev’s contention that if into a one-world economy. Shortly after the book explaining the major prophecies of the Bible which he had been teaching since 1968. we could have some form of global gover- adoption by the U.S., GATT was changed After the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfill- nance, a world economy and mutual re- to WTO (World Trade Organization), ment accelerated rapidly. The decision was spect among all the religions of the world, which more accurately and openly reflected made to launch Endtime magazine. The pur- pose of the magazine is to explain the prophe- we could realize a society of peace and se- what the trade treaty actually was. For all cies of the Bible and to show that they are now curity. intents and purposes, the WTO is a one- being fulfilled in intricate detail. Articles focus Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the world economy. Two down and one to go! on the soon return of Jesus Christ, the truth of the Bible, and the need for salvation. Endtime end of the Cold War, world leaders have at- That leaves religion—but it is the most does not deal with doctrinal controversies, as tempted to build a world order based on difficult challenge of all. How do we bring valid as they may be. This will be left to other consensus reached through dialogue peace between religions that sincerely be- publications. among the nations. This effort has been lieve their religion is the only correct way? ENDTIME is published bi-monthly by Endtime Inc., 2701 E George Bush Turnpike, Plano, TX 75074. Subscription price successful enough that terms like the Could we outlaw religious conflict? is $29 for 12 issues. Copyright 2008 Endtime, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written “world community” and the “international That’s what Mr. Gorbachev recommended. permission is prohibited. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Endtime, P Box 940729, Plano, TX 75094- .O. community” are regularly used to convey He said we must extirpate genocide, 0729. For subscriptions call 24 hrs/day, 7days/week 1-800- Endtime. Other inquiries call 1-972-530-0100 9:00 a.m. to the impression that the world now speaks apartheid and religious exclusiveness. He 5:00 p.m. (Central). 4 May - June 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  5. 5. put believing your religion is the only cor- Canadian law mandates stiff fines and fornia is illegal unless the parents have rect way in the same category as the crimes jail sentences against anyone daring to dis- valid state teaching credential for the grade of genocide and apartheid. agree with the contention that homosexual- being taught. This ruling, in all practicality, When we think of genocide, we think of ity must not be spoken against. Teachers, states that the home schooling practices of six million Jews being marched to the hor- politicians and religious leaders are all 166,000 students in California are illegal. rendous Nazi death camps. We think of cowed into submission in the name of out- The real motives of Judge Croskey and Rwanda and the millions that have been lawing genocide, which Mikhail Gorbachev the Appeals Court were illustrated by com- slaughtered there. When we think of well understood would inevitably lead to ments made by the court when rendering apartheid we think of Nelson Mandela sit- outlawing religious exclusiveness. its decision. Specifically, the appeals court ting in a jail cell for twenty-five years while affirmed, the trial court had found that a white minority ruled over a black major- But it could never happen in America, "keeping the children at home deprived ity. right? them of situations where (1) they could in- Should religious exclusiveness be placed The politically correct crowd has yearned teract with people outside the family, (2) in the same class with these terrible to teach Americans what to say and what there are people who could provide help if crimes? Gorbachev thinks so! And the to think. However, our strong tradition of something is amiss in the children's lives, world community is buying into this con- freedom of speech and freedom of religion and (3) they could develop emotionally in a cept. has held the people George Orwell warned broader world than the parents' 'cloistered' We’ve seen what the pressure of political us about somewhat at bay. But they haven’t setting." correctness can do. Disagreeing with the given up! The same socialistic arguments used in accepted philosophy of the day can get you They have already succeeded in passing Germany were used in California. The state censored from college campuses. Saying a hate crime law. Do we need a hate crime has an interest in shaping the minds of chil- the wrong thing can result in loss of jobs law? No. A crime is a crime. Punish the dren that overrides the desire of parents to and loss of careers. crime but don’t try to determine what a per- teach their children their values. The bot- But this is only the beginning! The son was thinking when he or she commit- tom line: Your children don’t belong to you! zealots of religious inclusiveness want to ted the crime. Don’t punish what a person They belong to the state! And the state give their movement the force of law. And believes. But if an individual’s beliefs result knows what is best for them. Heil Hitler! their tactic is working. Do what Gorbachev in a crime, then punish the crime. Don’t pe- Fortunately, this California ruling has suggested. Equate religious exclusiveness nalize thoughts, beliefs or speech. That is a now been vacated and scheduled for retrial. with racial discrimination and violence violation of freedom of religion and free- But don’t relax. The ‘one-world belief sys- against gays. Make religious exclusiveness dom of speech, and it is unconstitutional. tem crowd’ is determined to have your chil- a hate crime! The two Democratic candidates still in dren and to shape all of us into the global So nation after nation has adopted hate the race as of this writing have both come mindset of religious inclusiveness. After all, crime laws that mandate fines and prison out publicly in favor of new hate crime leg- peace on earth, goodwill toward men de- terms for what a person says or believes, islation. They want to include a ban on pends on it. not for what he does. George Orwell’s discrimination and speech against homo- thought police that seemed so ridiculous sexuality, just as has been done in Interfaithism will lead to the great tribula- when he wrote the book 1984 back in 1948, Canada. Should we hate homosexuals and tion is now becoming reality. seek to hurt them or kill them? Absolutely So when we see world-class politicians Germany has outlawed home schooling. not! We should love them just like Jesus such as Tony Blair and Mikhail Gorbachev The government contends that it has an does. But should we preach against homo- touting the virtues of Interfaithism, there is overriding interest in insuring that children sexuality like both the Old and New Testa- more than meets the eye. The Bible prophe- are exposed to German society so they can ments do? Certainly. Hate the sin, but love sies that some day you will be forced to acquire the German mindset and fit into the sinner. pledge allegiance to the global religious sys- the noble nation that German leaders are tem that promises peace and safety but de- trying to build. Never mind that they are California judge rules against home livers absolute control over every person on using a law passed by Adolf Hitler to ac- schooling earth. complish their new world order dreams! We didn’t think it could happen in America, One-world government + one-world More than one child has been removed but it did. Justice H. Walt Croskey of the economy + one-world religion = The reign from their parents’ home by German police. 2nd Appellate Court in Los Angeles, Cali- of the Antichrist and his great tribulation. e The crime? Home schooling! fornia, ruled that home schooling in Cali- SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I May - June 2008 5
  6. 6. WORLD REVIEW BY GINGER BOERKIRCHER 6th Trumpet Watch EU Watch lation that rejects the implementation of the Pentagon Admits Mistaken Arms Bulgarian parliament ratifies EU treaty federal Real ID Act. The legislation opts Shipment Bulgaria, one of the EU's most recent mem- Alaska out of Real ID by forbidding the The Air Force has mistakenly shipped to ber states, has become the sixth country to funding of anything that would further Real Taiwan four electrical fuses designed for use ratify the EU's Lisbon treaty. The document ID compliance. The bill was sponsored by on intercontinental ballistic missiles. The was supported by all government coalition Sen. Bill Wielechowski who said that Real error is particularly disturbing because of its parties, as well as by most opposition par- ID turns a driver's license into a tracking indirect link to nuclear weaponry. It is the ties, except for the far right party whose card and tells the federal government nearly second nuclear-related mistake involving leader said the treaty would lead to the cre- everything you do from buying a gun, enter- the Air Force in recent months. ation of a super state, which would cost ing a federal facility or just taking your fam- Bulgaria its’ sovereignty. ily to a national park. Beijing turns over Iranian nuclear info China provided the International Atomic MEP report seeks to put brake on further American Apparel to track its clothing Energy Agency with intelligence linked to EU enlargement with RFID Teheran's attempts to make nuclear arms. The European Parliament is preparing a re- American Apparel launched a trial chipping Beijing, along with Moscow, has acted as a port that argues in favor of slowing down program at a single New York City location brake within the council, consistently wa- further enlargement of the EU. The report late last year, and plans on rollout RFID tering down a US-led push to impose severe will warn that hurried expansion will lead tracking to 16 more Gotham stores in com- penalties on Teheran. The Chinese decision to a fragmented Union. The report is being ing months, with a national rollout to fol- to provide information for use in the prepared by German centre-right MEP low. There’s nothing new about retailers agency's attempts to probe Iran's nuclear Elmar Brok. The draft is due to be voted on using RFID tags to track their inventory, weapons program appears to reflect grow- in committee in May and by the wider ple- but American Apparel will be one of the ing international unease about how honest nary the following month. first retailers to use item-level tagging to the Islamic republic has been about its nu- chip each and every shirt, sweater, and sock. clear program. Secret deal to persuade Ireland on EU Although clerks removed the chips from treaty clothes once they were sold during the pilot Local Nuke War Would Cause World Ireland’s referendum on the controversial program, after the rollout, the tags will re- Havoc Lisbon Treaty is scheduled for June 12. Two main in the garments. American Apparel A regional nuclear war would not only be leaked memos suggest that the Irish govern- has yet to detail exactly how—or if—it plans devastating to the countries involved, it ment and Brussels are going to great lengths on deactivating the chips. would cause havoc worldwide. Researchers to suppress bad news that might encourage have warned that massive fires resulting a No vote. Ireland is the only country hold- An Alternative Plan for Implementing the from even a limited conflict would blast ing a referendum on the treaty. Real ID Act enough soot into the atmosphere to create House bill H.R. 5405, short titled the "So- an ozone hole causing damage to plants and Mark of the Beast Watch cial Security Identity Theft Prevention Act," animals and adding to skin cancer, eye dam- Treasury Secretary Paulson urges more calls for redesigning the Social Security card age and other effects in millions of people. power for Federal Reserve to include a photo, fingerprint, barcode, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has un- magnetic strip, and computer data chip. It Petraeus points to war with Iran veiled a 218-page blueprint for regulatory would, for all practical purposes, transform When asked if it is fair to say that the Iran- reform that would represent the largest fed- the Social Security card into a National ID ian-backed special groups in Iraq are re- eral overhaul since the Great Depression. card. The plan to force state governments to sponsible for the murder of hundreds of The blueprint would give the Federal Re- make driver's licenses Real ID Act compli- American soldiers and thousands of Iraqi serve more authority to oversee the markets ant is in jeopardy, and H.R. 5405 appears to soldiers and civilians, Gen. David Petraeus and would create one superagency to over- be an attempt to circumvent resistance. told the Senate Armed Services Committee, see both investor protection and market sta- “It certainly is.…That is correct.” The fol- bility. Arkansas uses program to check faces for lowing day, Petraeus told the House Armed ID cards Services Committee, "Unchecked, the 'spe- Alaska Legislature Stops Real ID Act Im- Arkansas is using a facial-recognition pro- cial groups' pose the greatest long-term plementation gram on every image recently captured for threat to the viability of a democratic Iraq." The Alaska Legislature has approved legis- driver’s licenses and identification cards. 6 May - June 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  7. 7. They say it will ferret out fraud while raising priests are being produced in preparation convention for two years and discussed it privacy fears among others. The program is for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. with the Pope when he visited the Vatican. being funded by a federal grant. So far, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger ex- program has flagged more than 3,700 im- Jordan's King to ask Bush to defer or can- pressed his satisfaction over the announce- ages as suspicious. cel trip to Israel ment, saying, "I have said on numerous Diplomatic sources in Amman, Jordan are occasions that the true path to the peace Middle East Watch saying that King Abdullah will advise Pres- that we long for is through interfaith dia- Blair: Rethink of Gaza Strategy Needed ident Bush not to come to Israel unless a logue." Middle East envoy Tony Blair said that the real agreement is struck between Israel and international community must rethink its the Palestinians. Dobson editing radio show to avoid 'hate strategy if there is to be an Israeli-Palestin- crimes' laws ian peace deal by year's end. He said the "Hate crimes" laws in Canada are affecting Middle East was "approaching crunch time," World Government U.S. Christian ministries that broadcast into and that there must be visible results soon. China pleased at failed Taiwan UN vote that nation. Dr. James Dobson’s ministry, China welcomed the failure of a referendum Focus on the Family, has acknowledged that Rice says deal possible for UN membership for Taiwan. China says it has been reviewing, and if necessary edit- U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice this shows that Taiwan's people do not sup- ing, its broadcasts to avoid complications believes that a framework for an agreement port those who promote independence. with Canadian "hate crimes" laws. The between Israel and the Palestinians can be move is on to control what we, as individu- reached. Rice's high expectations will put Condemning ‘offensively anti-Islamic’ als, can say or not say. pressure on the two sides. Opposition video, Ban Ki-moon appeals for calm leader Binyamin Netanyahu told Rice that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has Blair declares his faith: I want to awaken the Likud and the people of Israel would condemned an Internet broadcast video de- world's conscience not accept a declaration of principles signed scribing it as “offensively anti-Islamic”. Mr. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair with the Palestinians on the basis of divid- Ban said, “There is no justification for hate has called for a drive among people of all ing Jerusalem and returning to pre-1967 speech or incitement to violence. The right faiths to "awaken the world's conscience" borders. of free expression is not at stake here.” He over failures with things such as poverty stressed that the United Nations stands at and poor health in the developing world. Jewish group slaughters lamb in Passover the locus of global efforts to advance mutual During his first major speech on religion, sacrifice rehearsal respect, understanding and dialogue be- Blair argued that religions of all kinds The Temple Movement won approval from tween different cultures, religions and should be rescued from extremism. He set Israel’s High Court to carry out a practice groups. out plans for the Tony Blair Faith Founda- sacrifice. The Temple Movement explained tion, which is designed to forge closer ties that the slaughter would be carried out ac- Ban Ki-moon seeks backing of Member between young people of all major religions. cording to biblical standards. The sacrifice States for UN management reform Its first aim is to champion the Millennium and accompanying religious ceremonies Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling Development Goals. were performed at a prominent yeshiva on Member States to support proposals to overlooking Jerusalem's Temple Mount. An- further strengthen the United Nations. “The Pope Benedict XVI Visits the U.S. imal rights group "Let the Animals Live" only way we can embrace that future and do The leader of the Roman Catholic Church had argued that the planned slaughter con- our good works in the world is to make our- visited the U.S. for the first time. The pres- stituted illegal cruelty to an animal. Israel is selves more modern, more flexible and more ident and first lady Laura Bush, along with moving ever-closer to the resumption of an- efficient,” Mr. Ban told the 192-member Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, imal sacrifices prophesied in the Bible for body of the General Assembly. were on hand to greet the 81-year-old pon- the endtime. tiff as his motorcade arrived at the White World Religion House. He was also greeted by Secretary of Linen garments being produced for 120 Abdullah wants interfaith conference State Condoleezza Rice and House Speaker The Temple Institute announced that pro- Saudi King Abdullah says that he will con- Nancy Pelosi, who kissed Pope Benedict's duction of 120 sets of linen garments for lay vene an interfaith conference with Chris- ring. e priests is underway. For the first time in tians, Jews and Muslims. King Abdullah 1,938 years the linen garments of the lay revealed that he had been preparing the SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I May - June 2008 7
  8. 8. LETTERS & FEEDBACK Q: What are your possible thoughts on who tary General of the Western European omy at the highest level. the Antichrist might be? —Malaine Union—the ten-nation military arm of the Does this mean that he is the Antichrist? European Union. Of course not, but neither does it mean he’s Reply: We do not claim to know, at this With all of President Bush’s aggressive not. time, who the Antichrist is. However, as actions in the Middle East and his deep in- close as we are to the time he is to be re- volvement in the Middle East peace process, Q: I want to have a better understanding vealed, it is natural to wonder. some have wondered if he might not be a concerning the temples of Israel. In Daniel For a while, Mikhail Gorbachev seemed candidate. The scriptures state that the An- it speaks of a time when the sacrifices will to be the perfect candidate. Daniel 7:7 de- tichrist will come out of a revived Holy be on-going in the temple, and then it will picts the ten-horned beast that symbolizes Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire be desecrated. I've read that this is a the Antichrist as having great iron teeth. has always been located in Europe. This prophecy concerning the Antichrist in the When Gorbachev was nominated to be- seems to eliminate Mr. Bush as a possibility. last days. Is this the same temple spoken come the head of the Soviet Union in 1985, However, the formation of the Transatlantic about in Ezekiel? Or is the temple in Andrei Gromyko said, “Comrades, this man Economic Council was announced earlier Ezekiel and the return of the Levites to per- has a nice smile, but he has iron teeth.” The this year. It is designed to join the European form their duties just symbolic? Thank you. description stuck, and Gorbachev became Union and the United States together. —John known as the man with iron teeth. Could this mean the U.S. will become part Gorbachev’s six years in power certainly of the revived Holy Roman Empire? It’s not Reply: The First Temple was built by changed the world. He allowed the fall of impossible, but we don’t believe it’s likely. Solomon and completed in 968 BC. It stood the Berlin Wall and brought an end to the Then, of course, it could be someone for the next 400 years until it was destroyed Cold War. The speed with which he moved with whom we are not yet familiar. in 586 BC by Nebuchadnezzar and the was breathtaking. However, Mr. Gorbachev armies of Babylon. Israel then went into 70 is now 77 years of age. If he is to yet play a Q: I heard today that JP Morgan is the years of exile in Babylon because of her sin. major role on the world scene, it will have to biggest shareholder in the U.S. Federal Re- After the prophesied 70 years of exile be right away. serve, owning 40% of the stocks. Are there were over, God brought Israel back to the Tony Blair has suddenly been placed at any prophetic implications with Tony Blair Promise Land. The Second Temple was the center of the Middle East peace process. becoming Financial Advisor to JP Morgan, completed in 516 BC and stood till the time The scriptures say that the Antichrist will as well as the Quartet's special envoy to the of Herod the Great. Herod then enlarged confirm the covenant (Israel’s right to exist Middle East and running for EU president? the temple, making it much more beautiful. in the Holy Land). Blair recently converted —Tamie This is the temple that stood at the time of to Catholicism. The Bible prophesies the the ministry of Jesus. The Second Temple Antichrist will enter into a partnership with Reply: Revelation chapter 13 describes the was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. the Vatican. Mr. Blair is now being touted world system of the endtime. Verses 1-8 The Jewish people went into exile once as the number one candidate to become Eu- speak of a world government. Verses 11-14 again because of their disobedience. This rope’s first president after the achievement describe the leader of a world religion. Then exile lasted 1878 years until 1948 when the of total union through the recently ap- verses 15-18 speak of the economic system nation of Israel was reborn. What did Israel proved Lisbon Treaty. It appears the An- of the endtime world government. do that was so horrible as to cause her ban- tichrist will come out of Europe. Mr. Tony Blair is involved in all three of ishment from her homeland for almost Then there is Javier Solana, the High these areas. As you point out, he serves as 2,000 years? She rejected her Messiah, Representative of Foreign Affairs for the Eu- the representative of the world community Jesus Christ. ropean Union. He was one of the principal to the Middle East. He is deeply involved in The Bible prophesies that the Third Tem- architects of the world community’s peace working toward global religious under- ple will be built soon. According to Revela- plan for the Middle East—the Roadmap for standing. And his new position with JP tion 11:1-2, it will be completed before the Peace. He also holds the position of Secre- Morgan/Chase ties him into the world econ- final three and one-half years preceding the 8 May - June 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  9. 9. battle of Armageddon. 2 Thessalonians 2:3- give out this information unless I've seen it matic view is one of a broad historic review 4 says the same thing. Paul describes the with my own eyes. —Thank you, Maxine from a certain perspective inserted as a man of sin, the Antichrist, sitting in the break along with 13 and 14 between the temple of God claiming to be God. We know Reply: On April 6, 2007, Israel Today car- trumpet and vial or bowl judgments. It be- this is the Abomination of Desolation, ried the story of the sacrifices being carried gins with Christ coming from Israel (vs.1), which occurs three and one-half years be- out. is another site that His Birth, death and resurrection (vs. 5), fore Armageddon. carries news about things not available in His people’s flight to the mountains east of Is this Third Temple the one spoken of in the mainstream media. They covered the of- the Jordon river three and one half years be- Ezekiel 40-48? I’m not positive about this, fering of the sacrifice extensively. fore the fall of Jerusalem (vs. 6,14). The but I don’t think so. Remember that marriage supper of the lamb has to happen Ezekiel’s prophecy was given before the Q: In Daniel 7, the Lion with plucked wings before Armageddon, does it not? How does Second Temple was built. God’s comments is England, and the Bear is Russia. Then that work with a post-wrath position? here are complimentary about the re-estab- what is the 4-headed Leopard? —Thanks, Kevin lishment of the priesthood and the resump- China was a former colony of Britain tion of sacrifices. Yet Jesus came to take that became independent in 1949. China is Reply: Apparently, you misunderstood our away animal sacrifices and to change the comprised of four states: Eastern Yi, South- position. We don’t believe that Revelation is priesthood. ern Man, Western Rong, and Northern Di. totally chronological. Armageddon and the Ezekiel also speaks in chapter 44 about China is the 4-headed leopard foretold by Second Coming are described in Revelation the Eastern Gate that would be sealed that Daniel and John. —Thank you, Jonathan 6:12-16; in Revelation 11:15-18; Revelation will not be open until the return of the Lord. 14:14-20; and Revelation 19. That gate has now been sealed for several Reply: The leopard is Germany. Notice that The 6th and 7th Seal are the same as the hundred years and today stands waiting the dominion was given to the leopard. Ger- 7th Trumpet and the 7th Vial. The Seals are Second Coming. It appears to me that many has been the dominant force in Eu- the longer story ending at Armageddon, Ezekiel is speaking of the Second Temple. rope’s Holy Roman Empire for over 1,000 The Trumpets are the shorter story ending years. The four heads on the leopard sym- at Armageddon, and the Vials are the real Comment: Love the work you all are doing bolize the 1st Reich, the 2nd Reich, the 3rd short story ending at Armageddon. As you to open our eyes and ears to everything that Reich, and the 4th Reich, which is now ris- mentioned, there are many parenthetical IS happening in these last days!!! I look for- ing. chapters that fill in the details. ward to your show every day and often lis- Concerning the marriage supper, we ten to them more than once. I like the new Comments: Shalom: China is Esau. I was have the marriage supper in the sky and feature of putting sources that are discussed drawn to listen to an Internet radio show then accompany Jesus to the battle of Ar- on the radio program. I use them often today, and you were the guest. I was mageddon. By that time, the battle may when trying to spread the word. I wanted smashed by the knowledge you have. I have been raging for a while. I say this be- to share with you a “wake up moment” I ex- could fill in the blanks for you on some cause Matthew 24:29-31 talks about some perienced last night while watching the 5 level, and maybe it would make more sense. of the vials being poured out before the rap- o’clock news. I was dumbfounded at what Mars and Earth were separated, but the evil ture of the elect. We should remember that I was hearing! On the 5 o’clock news on brought us back together. Jesus is 666. If the plagues used against Egypt were not channel 11, the lead story was about how anyone has wisdom, they will know this is worldwide, and were poured out upon wonderful it was, thanks to a grant, that all so. Catholic means addicted to drinking Egypt before the children of Israel left there. our driver’s license pictures were being blood. The world is now under the control Likewise, the plagues used against the in- downloaded to a central AR database and of this New World Order cabal. They are vading world government armies will not be our faces were being assigned a NUMBER about to bring forth the true Messiah of Is- worldwide either. (that is the exact words she used) based on rael, putting him in the pentacle of power. measurement calculations. And, O yes! The The people, having been so brainwashed, Q: Is it possible that the first resurrection director of the program said this was for our will perceive him as the Antichrist. The G- and those that follow are bodily like security to prevent ID theft and that the D over Israel will not tolerate any rebellion Lazarus? Is there only one rapture with database isn’t linked to any other state. of his rule. This process is under way now. mortal putting on immortality? How interesting that she threw that in! Lull You will see this come to pass. —God Bless, Bonnie us to sleep so we can go back to our TV and —Shalom, Clint ballgames while the wonderful government Reply: 1 Corinthians 15:20-23 teaches that takes care of our ID theft risk by assigning Reply: Really! Any proof? Christ is the firstfruits of the our faces a NUMBER!!! —Thank you, Toni resurrection…then afterward they that are Q: If the Old Testament prophecies were His at His coming. The scriptures do not Q: It was good to hear you on Coast to written thematically, why do you insist on teach two comings. There will be one Coast. Could you please tell me about ani- believing that the book of Revelation is to- changing from mortal to immortal. It hap- mal sacrifices starting again in Israel and tally chronological? pens at the first resurrection as described in provide a link to this information? I can't Take Chapter 12, for instance. Its the- Revelation 20:4-6. e SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I May - June 2008 9
  10. 10. One-World Religion THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE IRVIN BAXTER JR. Pope Benedict XVI addresses the United Nations Assembly. UN PHOTO / MARK GARTEN 10 May - June 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  11. 11. “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” RE VELATION 13:8 n 1994 I was interviewing Mr. Robert The problem, as Muller saw it, was that a world tour to consult with religious lead- I Muller, chancellor of the United Na- tion’s University for Peace in Costa Rica. Muller had previously served as As- spiritual leaders speak to their followers on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis. Con- sequently, they wield tremendous influence ers around the globe. He met with the pope, the Dalai Lama, Bishop Desmond Tutu, the Archbishop of Canterbury and sistant Secretary General to three Secre- over what people think and believe. Until many others. Upon his return to the U.S., tary Generals of the UN. He also was given you change the way people think and what he reported very favorable response to the the title, "Prophet of the UN” because of they believe, you can’t really solve the root idea of establishing a United Religions Or- his vision concerning what the future of causes of conflict and animosity. ganization. the world should look like and the United Muller had an idea for solving this prob- Charter-writing conferences were held Nation’s role in it. lem. Perhaps we need a United Nations of in 1997, 1998 and 1999. Then on June 26, During a break in the interview, Mr. religions. This would enable the religious 2000, the 55th birthday of the signing of Muller and I were talking privately. He leaders of the world to communicate with the UN constitution, the constitution for stated that the world had made huge one another on a continuing basis and the United Religions Initiative was signed. strides in moving towards unity, but that hopefully this would bring about a conver- At the signing, a congratulating phone call politics had brought mankind together gence of beliefs and values. was received from the United Nations and about as far as it could. Muller said the aired to all those attending the historic only thing that could help humanity com- United Religions Initiative signing ceremony. Attendees included plete the journey into total unification was Because of my conversation with this UN Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, Buddhists, spiritual unity. insider, I was not at all surprised to read in Jews, Wiccans, Indigenous Peoples and He said that the political leaders of the the newspaper the following year that an many others. world meet together daily at the United ecumenical service for political and spiri- Nations for dialogue and negotiations. tual leaders of the world would be held in The state of Interfaithism today Consequently, a level of remarkable con- San Francisco to celebrate the 50th birth- World leaders today generally embrace the sensus has been achieved so that, in many day of the United Nations. The meeting belief that the number one source of con- spheres, the world community now speaks was to take place on June 26th, the day the flict in our world is religious conflict. Ex- with one voice. At the same time, he con- constitution of the UN was signed fifty amples cited are the strife involving tinued, the religious leaders of the world years earlier. Bishop Swing of the Episco- Catholics vs. Protestants in Northern Ire- won’t even talk to each other. And religion palian Grace Cathedral in San Francisco land, Muslims vs. Jews in Israel, Muslims is at the heart of many, if not most armed was asked to host the meeting. vs. Hindus in India, and Shia vs. Sunni in conflicts in the world. The next year Bishop Swing conducted Iraq. SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I May - June 2008 11
  12. 12. Blair has been arguing forcefully around the world that the war on terrorism is not just about security or military tactics. It is a battle of values, and one that can only be won by the triumph of tolerance and liberty. Consequently, he intends to spend the remainder of his public life in defeating intolerance and Tony Blair, Quartet envoy to the Middle East - photo courtesy of: Council of the EU transforming global values. Because of this belief, there is a ground and scholars addressed a letter to Roman Tony Blair: Interfaithism and peace in the swell of opinion that mankind must be re- Catholic Pope Benedict XVI and other Middle East educated to regard all religions as equally Christian leaders. "The future of the world It’s been quite a ride since British Prime valid. In his famous book Perestroika, depends on peace between Muslims and Minister Tony Blair stepped down from his Mikhail Gorbachev said that we must ex- Christians," it stated, and called for dia- ten-year reign at Number 10 Downing tirpate all genocide, apartheid and religious logue among the leaders of the two faiths Street. Within days of his announced resig- exclusiveness. Religious exclusiveness is that together account for more than half of nation, another announcement was made. the belief that your religion is the only one the world's population. The world community was appointing that is right. In today’s politically correct The letter quotes from religious texts of Blair to be special envoy to the Middle atmosphere, Jesus would have been con- Muslims, Christians, and Jews to show two East. He was to assume the leadership in sidered guilty of religious exclusiveness. shared, fundamental beliefs: love of one the efforts of the Quartet to implement the He said such things as: “Except you be- God and love of neighbor. The pope re- Roadmap for Peace. lieve I am he, you will die in your sins.” sponded by praising the "positive spirit" be- Next, it was made official that Mr. Blair The sentiment is so strong in some na- hind the letter and inviting a delegation of would take the long-rumored step of con- tions against religious exclusiveness that its signers to the Vatican for talks. In the verting to Catholicism. they have outlawed attempting to convert United States, the Muslim letter has Then we were informed that he was ac- a person to your religion. In France there is prompted Yale Divinity School to lead an cepting a professorship at Yale, and that he a five-year prison term for proselytizing. effort toward Interfaith conferences and would be lecturing on Faith and Globaliza- The Anti-cult Bill, as it is called, has re- workshops in the US, Britain, and the Mid- tion. sulted in France’s secret police visiting dle East. The next announcement naturally fol- evangelical services in order to build a case But Interfaith leaders emphasize that lowed the previous one. Blair was launch- against the evangelistic tactics of these the stirrings of dialogue among the world's ing a new Interfaith effort called the Blair churches. It is feared that this approach Muslim and Christian leaders must be on- Foundation. He explained that the goal of could spread from France throughout Eu- going and reach down to their followers. It the foundation would be to save religion rope. will take a flood of mutual understanding from extremism and irrelevance, and find to make the religious soil hospitable for tol- a way for the world’s religions to co-exist Does the future of the world depend on erance and inhospitable for terrorism, they peacefully. Interfaithism? say. Blair has been arguing forcefully around The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the world that the war on terrorism is not opened a wide rift between Christians and President Bush and Interfaithism just about security or military tactics. It is Muslims. Many Muslims now believe the President Bush has said repeatedly that he a battle of values, and one that can only be "war on terrorism" is really the West's war believes Muslims and Christians worship won by the triumph of tolerance and lib- against Islam. In Europe, tensions between the same God. It has become an annual erty. Consequently, he intends to spend the Muslims and Christians have increased – event to host Muslims in the White House remainder of his public life in defeating in- over cartoons depicting the prophet for Ramadan dinner. tolerance and transforming global values. Muhammad, over discrimination against We’ve yet to hear the president explain In the January/February 2007 issue of Muslims, and over fear of more terrorist at- how he, as a Christian, can embrace a reli- Foreign Affairs, Blair wrote about the im- tacks such as the London and Madrid gion that teaches Jesus was not God and portance of peace in the Middle East in af- bombings. that Jesus never died on the cross for our fecting the global value shift. He explained, In an effort to stem the tide of these de- sins. “We need to re-energize the peace process teriorating relations, 138 Muslim clerics between Israel and the Palestinians—and 12 May - June 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  13. 13. we need to do so in a dramatic and pro- as essential for the survival of the human Mr. Blair summarized his entire philos- found manner. Its significance for the race, this new belief system seems destined broader issue of the Middle East and for to develop into a global religion. ophy: “Globalization begets interde- the battle within Islam goes beyond cor- Maybe the Bible wasn’t too far off when pendence, and interdependence begets recting the plight of the Palestinians. A set- it prophesied: “And all that dwell upon the tlement would be the living, visible proof earth shall worship him, whose names are the necessity of a common value sys- that the region and the world can accom- not written in the book of life of the Lamb tem to make it work.” In other words, modate different faiths and cultures. It slain from the foundation of the world.” would not only silence reactionary Islam's And maybe we’re closer to it than we global government demands a global most effective rallying call but fatally under- think! e belief system. mine its basic ideology.” Finally, Mr. Blair summarized his entire philosophy: “Globalization begets interde- pendence, and interdependence begets the necessity of a common value system to make it work.” In other words, global gov- ernment demands a global belief system. UN of Religions headquartered in Jerusalem In May of 2007, the European Parlia- ment President Hans-gert Pottering met with Israel’s chief rabbis. In the meeting he said he would support the establishment of an “Interfaith United Nations” that would bring together religious leaders from all over the world to promote peace. Israel’s Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger had first proposed this idea several months prior. However, Pottering’s favor- able response was the first time a political figure had shown interest in concrete steps towards implementing such an idea. After meeting with Rabbi Metzger, Pot- tering sent an envoy to discuss in more de- tail the creation of the international body of religious leaders. Metzger said, “I envi- sion the body being based in the holy city of Jerusalem, which is sacred to the three monotheistic religions.” A UN of Religions headquartered in Jerusalem? Now that’s an idea! Outlawing hate–Mandating love Has the time come for the world commu- nity to change the world’s belief system? Can it be done? Tony Blair thinks it’s ab- solutely necessary to defeat terrorism and to facilitate the emerging interdependent world. (Some call this the New World Order.) Since our religion is the number one source of what we believe, it appears the global drive to eliminate improper belief and to teach proper belief will inevitably re- sult in a global belief system. Since many apostles of the New Age see this transition Pope Benedict XVI walks down isle in the united Nations Assembly Hall. UN PHOTO / MARK GARTEN SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I May - June 2008 13
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  16. 16. Pope Benedict XVI Visits America Pope visits world’s lone superpower & the seat of world government IRVIN BAXTER AND CRAIG TREADWELL President George W. Bush and Pope Benedict XVI look out onto the Rose Garden from the Colonnade of the White House before their meeting Wednesday, April 16, 2008. The visit of Pope Benedict XVI is the first White House papal visit in three decades. White House photo by David Bohrer 16 May - June 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  17. 17. Since the birth of the Holy Roman Empire in 800 AD, it has been the custom of popes to cultivate alliances with the leading political powers of the day. hat is there about this pope? Europe. in referring to the pope as ‘Father’. In W When he was elected, there was a certain amount of foreboding that rippled through the Catholic Church All of this becomes even more interest- ing when we realize that the Bible prophe- sies the revival of the Holy Roman Empire Matthew 23:9, Jesus admonished His dis- ciples: “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is and through the world. Wasn’t this the man for the times just ahead. in heaven.” For those who do not take they called “God’s Rotwiller” because of scripture literally and who do not regard his often-vicious defense of church dogma? Visiting the world’s lone superpower the Bible as God’s word, this would be no Would his unbending stance alienate a Since the birth of the Holy Roman Empire problem. But for the millions of Americans young generation that was lobbying for in 800 AD, it has been the custom of popes that do revere scripture as the word of changes on birth control, women priests, to cultivate alliances with the leading po- God, the President’s greeting was like fin- and the doctrine of celibacy? Many “bat- litical powers of the day. There were times gernails scraping across a chalkboard. tened down the hatches” to just get the papal influence was so great that the The next phrase used by the president through a papacy that fortunately couldn’t pope appointed the kings of Europe. If not amounted to a repudiation of the Reforma- last too long, since the new pope was 78 actually appointed by the pope, many of tion and acquiescence to the central doc- when elected. the kings and rulers still felt it necessary to trine of the Roman Church. “This is your Yet, three years into his papacy, things make the journey to Rome in order to have first trip to the United States since you as- have gone surprisingly well from the the crown placed on their heads. The en- cended to the Chair of Saint Peter,” Presi- Roman Catholic point of view. No major dorsement of the Supreme Pontiff of the dent Bush said. crises have occurred. Yes, there was the church insured the loyalty of the people, Ascribing to the Catholic teaching that speech at Regensburg, Germany in which most of whom were Catholic. the pope occupies the ‘Chair of Saint Pope Benedict implied that Muslim history As the leader of the world’s lone super- Peter’ is to acknowledge the doctrine of and teaching had sown the seeds of vio- power, President Bush has been careful to Apostolic Succession. The doctrine of lence and terrorism. But many people cultivate relations with the Vatican. During Apostolic Succession is the core doctrine thought the time was long overdue for his seven-year presidency, he has met with of the Roman Catholic Church around someone to stand up and say that. The the pope five times—far more than any which every other teaching is built. It pope softened the furor by saying, “I was other president. states that Jesus gave the keys of the king- quoting the words of another. These were For Benedict XVI’s recent visit, the dom of God to Peter. Peter, in turn, passed not my words.” At the same time, he never royal carpet was rolled out as never before. them down to his successor. The keys were quite repudiated those words. President Bush had never personally met then passed from pope to pope, even until Besides the feeling of stability and well any visiting head-of-state at the airport. this present time. being that has been brought to the church, However, President and Mrs. Bush made The first thing that must be believed to there has also been the dramatic conver- their way to Andrews Air Force Base to ascribe to Apostolic Succession is that sion of Britain’s long-time Prime Minister give Pope Benedict XVI an unprecedented Peter was the first pope. There is ab- Tony Blair to Catholicism. The conversion welcome. After this, a crowd of around solutely no scriptural or historical proof of such a high-profile world leader has con- 10,000, the largest of the Bush presidency, that Peter was the first pope. The Roman tributed to the perception that not all is gathered at the White House for the dra- Church has simply repeated this over and bad in the Roman Catholic Church. matic arrival ceremony. Festivities included over until most people have come to be- U.S. and Holy See anthems, a 21-gun lieve it. Apparently President Bush be- So what is this pope all about? salute, and the U.S. Army Old Guard Fife lieves it. To fully understand Pope Benedict XVI, we and Drum Corps. Once a person believes the pope sits in need to realize that he is the first German the Chair of Saint Peter and possesses the pope in 1,000 years. Over the past 1,200 Will President Bush convert to keys to the kingdom, it follows that he years, Germany has been at the heart of Catholicism? should be listened to and obeyed. the Holy Roman Empire. In light of the In his welcoming speech, President Bush This dogma goes on to ascribe to the dramatic decline of religious influence in used accolades that most Protestants be- ‘Successor of Peter’ extraordinary pow- Europe, the pope has let it be known that lieve are directly against the teachings of ers—“Whatsoever you bind on earth, will a revival of spirituality there is high on his the Bible. be bound in heaven. Whatsoever you loose list of priorities. Because of this, Germany The President began his remarks; “Holy on earth, will be loosed in heaven.” Rele- was the first place he visited after his elec- Father, Laura and I are privileged to have gating this power to the papacy has re- tion. Furthermore, the first Benedict, you here at the White House.” One of the sulted in the pope being called Vicar of the whose name the pope chose when he as- things that fueled the Protestant reforma- Son of God. This means representative of, sumed the papacy, was the patron saint of tion was the blatant violation of scripture or in the place of the Son of God. That’s SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I May - June 2008 17
  18. 18. the Rev. Mark Arey, director of Inter-Or- and his meeting with non-catholic Chris- thodox and Ecumenical Relations for the tians, Benedict also made room in his busy Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. schedule for an interfaith meeting with "His mission is to bring people together. representatives of Islam, Jainism, Bud- But this event allowed us not to just hear dhism and Hinduism. In this interfaith set- His Holiness, but, in the hour and a half ting, he sought to cultivate harmonious before he arrived, to meet and greet one relations with other religions while urging another. them to continue to search for the truth. "A group of leaders of such diverse reli- He stated that the United States has a gious groups would not normally get to- long history of cooperation between differ- gether," he said. "The pope has the force of ent religions in many spheres of public life. personality and office to bring people to- He cited interreligious prayer services dur- gether." ing the national feast of Thanksgiving, Addressing the group, Pope Benedict joint initiatives in charitable activities, and said, “Too often those who are not Chris- a shared voice on important public issues. tians, as they observe the splintering of The pope said, “These are some ways in Pope Benedict XVI waves from the Pope-mobile as Christian communities, are understand- which members of different religions come he passes the White House on Pennsylvania Av- enue Wednesday, April 16, 2008, following a wel- ably confused about the Gospel message it- together to enhance mutual understanding coming ceremony in his honor on the South Lawn. self…Faced with these difficulties, we must and promote the common good. I encour- White House photo by Chris Greenberg first recall that the unity of the Church age all religious groups in America to per- flows from the perfect oneness of the Trini- severe in their collaboration and thus the reason many Roman Catholics said tarian God.” enrich public life with the spiritual values they felt like they were looking into the The pope went on to say, “I am confi- that motivate your action in the world.” face of Jesus Christ when they saw Pope dent that we will achieve the ‘oneness of Shifting focus, the pope continued, Benedict XVI. It’s also the reason that hope, oneness of faith, and oneness of love’ “There is a further point I wish to touch kings during the days of the Holy Roman that alone will convince the world that upon here. I have noticed a growing inter- Empire felt obliged to bow before the pope Jesus Christ is the one sent by the Father est among governments to sponsor pro- as he authorized them to rule over the sec- for the salvation of all.” grams intended to promote interreligious ular affairs of the kingdom of God upon The gravitating of most Protestant de- and intercultural dialogue. These are earth. nominations back toward the Roman praiseworthy initiatives. At the same time, With the conversion of Tony Blair, the Catholic Church is prophesied in the Bible religious freedom, interreligious dialogue accolades of President Bush, and the glob- and is one of the major signs of the end- and faith-based education aim at some- ally renewed respect for the unique leader- time. thing more than a consensus regarding ship of the pope, are we witnessing the ways to implement practical strategies for prophesied rebirth of the Holy Roman Em- First pope to visit an American synagogue advancing peace. The broader purpose of pire? For the leader of the free world to ac- Before going to St. Joseph's Church for the dialogue is to discover the truth. What is knowledge that the pope occupies the ecumenical prayer service, Pope Benedict the origin and destiny of mankind? What Chair of Saint Peter was certainly a global stopped at Park East Synagogue, becoming are good and evil? What awaits us at the coup of the first magnitude. the first pope to visit a Jewish place of wor- end of our earthly existence? Only by ad- A Protestant agreeing that the pope oc- ship in the United States. dressing these deeper questions can we cupies the ‘Chair of Saint Peter’ is tanta- Pope Benedict XVI's visit to a U.S. syn- build a solid basis for the peace and secu- mount to converting to Catholicism. We agogue "is symbolic of how far we've rity of the human family, for “wherever and have to wonder if President Bush is con- come," according to a Jewish New Yorker whenever men and women are enlightened templating following his close friend Tony and German-American Ted Bodhiederman. by the splendor of truth, they naturally set Blair in returning to the Mother Church. "I'm glad the pope met with Rabbi out on the path of peace.” (Arthur) Schneier at the Park East Syna- As he concluded his remarks, Pope Ecumenism gogue," Bodhiederman told the Catholic Benedict seemed to be inviting the reli- While in the United States, Pope Benedict News Service. "It's bringing our two reli- gions to openly debate the differences placed high importance on reaching out to gions together. I know it. among them. He stated it this way, “Dear non-Catholic Christians. "Interreligious dialogue is important es- friends, in our attempt to discover points Christian leaders who gathered on April pecially at a time when people are giving of commonality, perhaps we have shied 18 for an ecumenical prayer service with religion a bad name," he continued. "We away from the responsibility to discuss our the pope at St. Joseph's Church in New have to develop connections between us. differences with calmness and clarity. York, gave credit to him for joining 300 of We have to respect each other." While always uniting our hearts and minds them under one roof. in the call for peace, we must also listen at- "No one but the pope is going to bring Interfaithism tentively to the voice of truth. In this way, together a group as diverse as this," said Besides his visit to the Jewish synagogue our dialogue will not stop at identifying a 18 May - June 2008 I ENDTIMEMAGAZINE SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime
  19. 19. common set of values, but go on to probe their ultimate foundation.” This interfaith initiative becomes all the more significant when we realize that the Bible prophesies a global system of religion in the endtime. Scripture also says that the pope will be the leader of that one-world system of spirituality. The pope’s agenda becomes clear As Pope Benedict’s whirlwind tour of the U.S. continued, the pope’s agenda became very clear: 1. Continue to cultivate and so- lidify relations with the world’s lone super- power. 2. Advocate and lead the merging of religions, both Christian and non-Christ- ian, into harmony and into the serving of the common good. 3. Endorse the United President George W. Bush and Laura Bush applaud as Pope Benedict XVI acknowledges being sung happy birthday by the thousands of guests Wednesday, April 16, 2008, at his welcoming ceremony on Nations as a system of global governance the South Lawn of the White House. White House photo by Eric Draper that all nations should ultimately submit to. quickly to his subject. Speaking directly to cally to the U.S. invasion of Iraq over the Pope Benedict at the UN the United Nations, he said: objection of the majority in the United Na- In his introduction of Pope Benedict, Sec- “The Catholic Church and the Holy See tions. Benedict went on to say that the retary-General Ban Ki-moon noted com- follow attentively…your example of how world’s problems call for interventions in mon ground between the Catholic Church issues and conflicts concerning the world the form of “collective action by the inter- and the UN. “In so many ways, our mis- community can be subject to common reg- national community.” Apparently, Pope sion unites us with yours,” he said. ulation. The United Nations embodies the Benedict agrees with Kofi Annan when he This introduction is particularly telling aspiration for a ‘greater degree of interna- stated that the Iraq war was an illegal war in light of the Bible’s prophecies concern- tional ordering,’ inspired and governed by since it was launched without UN ap- ing the time just before the Second Com- the principle of subsidiarity, and therefore proval. ing. In Revelation 17, the Roman Church capable of responding to the demands of When the world community must ap- is clearly depicted riding on the back of the the human family through ‘binding inter- prove every military action by sovereign world government during the last days of national rules’ and through structures ca- states, there are no more sovereign states. the end of the age. (For complete explana- pable of harmonizing the day-to-day We have at that point moved into world tion, see the DVD “True Christianity vs. unfolding of the lives of peoples.” government. Benedict obviously favors just False Christianity” from Endtime Min- Pope John XXIII called for the UN to that! istries. Call 1.800.ENDTIME or www.end- become a supranational authority with The pope concluded this line of thinking worldwide power. Every pope since that by saying, “Indeed, questions of security, The pope’s speech at the UN was com- time has advocated global government development goals, reduction of local and plex and sweeping in its advocacy of world under UN authority. It’s obvious from the global inequalities, protection of the envi- government. There are three key elements above quotes that Benedict XVI is no dif- ronment, of resources and of the climate, to the speech that must not be overlooked, ferent. His call for a greater degree of in- require all international leaders to act if we are to understand the worldview of ternational ordering was nothing short of jointly.” Pope Benedict XVI. The pope emphasized: advocating a stronger organization of world governance. Notice that the pope The common good 1. A greater degree of international order- was not suggesting stronger voluntary co- To those who remember the issues debated ing operation. He called for “binding interna- between capitalism and socialism, certain 2. The need to sometimes subjugate indi- tional rules” and “structures capable of buzz-phrases were repeated continually by vidual liberty to the common good harmonizing the day-to-day lives of peo- the socialists. Among the most popular 3. The right and responsibility of the ple.” were “the common good, consensus, and world government to intervene in the in- The pope went on to clarify exactly collective action. The pope used these ternal affairs of nations what he meant. He said the need for phrases throughout his UN speech. stronger world government is emphasized Notice what he said about the “com- A greater degree of international ordering when ‘multilateral consensus’ continues to mon good:” After the appropriate greetings and ac- be thrown in crisis by the independent de- “In the context of international rela- knowledgements, Pope Benedict moved cisions of a few. He was referring specifi- tions, it is necessary to recognize the SubscribeNow I I Call 1.800.Endtime ENDTIMEMAGAZINE I May - June 2008 19
  20. 20. higher role played by rules and structures spend the largest portion of his speech em- that are intrinsically ordered to promote phasizing the ‘responsibility to protect.’ Vatican claims role in defining interna- the common good, and therefore to safe- Here’s what he said: tional law guard human freedom. These regulations “Recognition of the unity of the human In concluding his remarks, Pope Benedict do not limit freedom. On the contrary, they family, and attention to the innate dignity skillfully staked claim to the role of the Vat- promote it when they prohibit behavior of every man and woman, today find re- ican at the United Nations. He stated it and actions which work against the com- newed emphasis in the principle of the re- like this: mon good.” sponsibility to protect. This has only “My presence at this Assembly is a sign Strange language! Promoting freedom recently been defined, but it was already of esteem for the United Nations, and it is by prohibiting behavior? What does this present implicitly at the origins of the intended to express the hope that the or- mean? Gun control? Freedom of speech United Nations, and is now increasingly ganization will increasingly serve as a sign with limits? Would Germany’s recent ar- characteristic of its activity. of unity between States and an instrument rest of parents for home schooling their “Every State has the primary duty to of service to the entire human family. children be an example? Germany con- protect its own population from grave and “Indeed, the Holy See has always had a tends that the state has an overriding in- sustained violations of human rights, as place at the assemblies of the Nations, terest in Germany’s children being well as from the consequences of humani- thereby manifesting its specific character schooled among their peers so they can tarian crises, whether natural or man- as a subject in the international domain. better fit into German society. I suppose made. If states are unable to guarantee As the United Nations recently confirmed, that some would say this was sacrificing in- such protection, the international commu- the Holy See thereby makes its contribu- dividual liberty for the “common good.” nity must intervene with the juridical tion according to the dispositions of inter- Is Benedict himself a socialist? The first means provided in the United Nations national law, helps to define that law, and Benedict, under whose name the present Charter and in other international instru- makes appeal to it.” pope chose to rule, adopted pure commu- ments. The action of the international The pope here states that the Vatican nism when building his now famous Bene- community and its institutions, provided has played a key role in the development of dictine order. Would you assume the name that it respects the principles undergirding international law and the defining thereof. of an advocate of pure communism if you the international order, should never be in- International law is embodied by the huge yourself were opposed to communism? It’s terpreted as an unwarranted imposition or collection of international treaties that just a question and a fair one. a limitation of sovereignty. On the con- have been adopted by the states since the trary, it is indifference or failure to inter- birth of the UN in 1945. Once treaties are Benedict advocates the end of national vene that do the real damage.” adopted by nations, they become the laws sovereignty Notice that the pope makes an arbitrary of those nations. Adopting nations are then Since the birth of the United Nations, the assertion that interfering in the affairs of a obligated to make their national laws con- advocates of world government have nation should not be interpreted as a limi- form to the treaties they have signed. In chaffed in frustration because the UN was tation of sovereignty. However, that is ex- this way, nations have been in the process limited to intervening between nations and plicitly what it is! Once the world of conforming to the evolving system of in- forbidden from interfering in the internal community can interfere in the internal af- ternational law for years. affairs of sovereign countries. No longer! fairs of a nation, there is no more national It is obvious that this pope is a heavy- At the UN World Summit of 2005, the sovereignty. With the assertion of the Re- weight in world affairs. It is understand- Outcome Statement of the Summit stated sponsibility to Protect, that time has now able why he has been in charge of Catholic for the first time that the United Nations arrived! doctrine and teaching for 24 years. He un- has a responsibility to protect citizens from The UN’s adoption of the principle of derstands international law. He under- their governments when they are abusive, Responsibility to Protect was definitely the stands the goals of ecumenism and involved in genocide, violating human proverbial ‘sticking of the camel’s nose interfaithism. And he has a very clear pic- rights, or in any other way transcending under the tent’ by the advocates of world ture of what he thinks the world should the will of the international community. Of government! And this huge leap forward look like. It is obvious that he intends to course, the UN is the sole decider of when by the zealots of world government re- make his presence felt on the world scene. a nation is committing these violations. ceived the full endorsement of Pope Bene- And with this trip to America, he has! e Pope Benedict thought it necessary to dict in his UN speech. Get inside info about the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church in Bible Prophecy! Get Understanding the Endtime—Level 1 Visit or call 1.800.ENDTIME
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