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Its 1938, And Iran Is Germany - TJCI - Jan-Feb 2007


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Its 1938, And Iran Is Germany - TJCI - Jan-Feb 2007

  1. 1. January - February 2007 Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767 A Voice for Christian Zionism “For Zions sake, I will not keep silent.” Activating God’s Love for Israel “‘Comfort, Comfort My People!’ Says Your God.”
  2. 2. Reminding Olmert of Churchill’s Remark M anhigut Yehudit Chairman Moshe Feiglin said, “A Prime Minister who calls upon his nation to forego its national ethos should remember the words of Winston Churchill just before World War 2, ‘You accepted shame to avoid war — now you have both.’” JC This book should be required reading for every Congressman. Rabbi Elon makes it clear–our support of Israel must be based on God’s covenants, not some mutually exclusive end-time scenario. Peace will come only when the Messiah comes. Till then, Benny Elon’s “The Right Road to Peace,” (chapter 4), gives us the most realistic and comprehensive plan yet to be offered. Attention! This book is a call to service for Christians! Jim Hutchens Chaplain (Brigadier General) US Army (Ret.) President, The Jerusalem Connection, International To place an order, please contact The Jerusalem Connection, International P.O. Box 20295, Washington, DC 20041 • Phone: 703-707-0014 • Web: Page 2 The Jerusalem Connection January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767
  3. 3. Israel’s new Ambassador The Jerusalem Connection, Int’l. P.O. Box 20295, Washington, DC 20041 Tel. 703-707-0014 Fax: 703-707-9514 to the U.S. takes on a E-mail: On the web: heavy workload Rev. James M. Hutchens, Ph.D., Editor Publisher Chaplain (Brigadier General) U.S. Army (Ret.) Shelley Neese Managing Editor S allai Meridor, Israel’s new ambassa- Contributing Editors: dor to the U.S., is completing the Walid Shoebat, Dr. Richard Booker, Dr. Daniel McCabe formality of presenting his creden- Advisory Board tials to the White House. In the mean- Senator William L. Armstrong time, he has begun assuming his duties. Michael L. Brown Ph.D. - President ICN Ministries Senator Jim Bunning Meridor replaces Danny Ayalon, a proven Paul G. Cerjan - Lieutenant General, USA (Ret) friend of Christian Zionists, who completed Rev. Richard Cizik Vice President for Governmental Affairs for the his four-year term. National Association of Evangelicals Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Sallai Meridor The Hon. Lawrence S. Eagleburger Former Secretary of State Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni nominated MK Rabbi Benny Elon Meridor October 4, 2006 to the key tlement division of the WZO. He also Member The Knesset of Israel General Shimon Erem (Ret.) Washington post. Because of his long histo- served as advisor to the defense minister, Pres. The Israel-Christian Nexus ry in public service and decades-old friend- and political advisor to the foreign minister. Ambassador Yoram Ettinger President, US-Israel Opportunities, LTD ship with Prime Minister Olmert, Meridor Meridor lives with his wife No’a and three Dr. Arthur F. Glasser was considered a shoo-in for the position. daughters in Kfar Adumim, a West Bank set- Dean Emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary School of Intercultural Studies Meridor from 1999-2005 was the head of tlement near Jericho. Born and educated in Jane A. Hansen the Jewish Agency for Israel and the World Jerusalem, Mr. Meridor completed his studies President/CEO Aglow International Morton A. Klein Zionist Organization. Before that he served at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and National President, Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) as the Agency’s treasurer and head of the set- served as an Intelligence Officer in the IDF. Bill Koenig President, Koenig International News Israel’s ambassador to Washington plays Rabbi Daniel Lapin - President of Toward Tradition a more important role than any normal Esther Levens Table of Contents diplomat. Besides being the link between President CEO, The National Unity Coalition for Israel Michael D. Little 2 Cartoon Jerusalem and its principal ally, the ambassa- President-COO, The Christian Broadcasting Network Inc. Nina May - Chairman, The Renaissance Foundation dor is often involved in helping strategize Rabbi Dr. Gerald M. Meister 3 Israel’s new Ambassador Israeli foreign policy. Meridor’s appoint- Advisor at the Foreign Ministry of Israel for Israel- 4 For the Record Christian Affairs ment therefore comes at a critical time as the Major General Sir Laurence New 5 Reverse of U.S. policy Iranian threat becomes harder to ignore, President, Association of Military Christian Fellowship Thomas Neumann 6 Post-election changes three Israeli soldiers remain in the hands of Executive Director, Jewish Institute for Nat. Securities Affairs 8 Nothing but the Truth terrorists, and Kassam rockets from Gaza Janet Parshall - Syndicated radio talk show hostess Rosemary Schindler, President - Schindler’s Ark continue to torture Israel. JC 9 The rape of Europe Robert Sterns - President, Eagles Wings MK Dr Yuri Shtern 10 The God vacuum On The Cover: Member The Knesset of Israel, Chair: The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus 12 More than peace in our time “It’s 1938, and Iran is Germany.” John W. Swails III, Ph.D. 14 Hold the Rice (Benjamin Netanyahu photo copyright Chair, Dept. of History, Humanities Government Oral Roberts University 16 Natural Allies Isranet. Read more about Benjamin Herbert Zwelbon 18 A true New Year miracle Netanyahu’s speech at the United Chairman, Americans For A Safe Israel Jewish Community’s General Assembly 19 Baker’s sellout plan in Los Angeles on pgs. 4,12-13.) Articles: 20 Speaking of the End Times The articles and advertisements printed in The Jerusalem Connection express the views of their individual authors, and they do not neces- 21 Acocalypse imminent? sarily represent the views of the Editor or that of the Board of The Jerusalem Connection, Int’l. The printing of articles or advertising in 22 Replacement Theology The Jerusalem Connection does not necessarily imply either endorse- ment or agreement. Scripture quotations are from the NIV version of 24 Christian Zionism Speaks the Bible unless otherwise stated. 25 Faith Lessons from Israel The Jerusalem Connection, Int’l is a non-profit organization under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and is exempt from Federal 26 The return to the desert income tax. Gifts are tax-deductible charitable contributions. The Jerusalem Connection, Int’l was incorporated in the Commonwealth of 28 Hebrew for the Goyim Virginia on July 13, 1995, as a non-stock corporation. A financial state- ment is available from the State Division of Consumer Affairs in the 29 The myth of Palestine The Jerusalem Connection is a Virginia Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Richmond, VA. 30 Just an Anti-Semitic Laugh? member of Christians United for Israel. © 2007 The Jerusalem Connection, International ISSN 1088-2000 January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767 The Jerusalem Connection Page 3
  4. 4. For The Record January - February 2007 Bibi the Prophet L ike many today, former Israeli Prime of Natanyahu’s assessment. Minister Benjamin Natanyahu has Now comes former Secretary of State made the obvious connection James Baker, a proven Arabist with an anti- between Nazi Germany of the 30’s and Zionist record. His Iraq Study Group, along Jihadist Iran of today. Speaking to the delegates with the tainted counsel of former National of the annual United Jewish Communities Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft, (see the General Assembly, Natanyahu declared Lekarev Report on page 5) would have us repeatedly, “It’s 1938 and Iran is Germany.” believe that the key to the solution in Iraq is to James M. Hutchens Incredibly, the reported response of the crowd solve the Israel-Palestinian problem. Say what? was tepid. At best he was largely damned with Contriving this connection serves only the pur- faint praise. Is it possible that many in the mod- poses of the anti-Israel forces in Iraq, Iran, the mate control in spite of the dark clouds loom- ern secular/liberal Jewish community in Palestinians and much to our shame, too much ing. “The Lord has established His throne in heav- America are in the same state of denial as many of American leadership and policy makers. en and his kingdom rules over all.” (Psalm of the Jews were in Germany in the 30’s? Furthermore, they tell us we should 103:19). Not only is God in control, but he has “It’s 1938 and Iran is Germany. And Iran is embrace Iran because they have the capacity to placed in authority those whom He has cho- racing to arm itself with atomic bombs,” control the sectarian violence on Iraq. The sen for His purposes. “The Most High is sover- Natanyahu declared to his audience that we trade off, as Dick Morris notes well in his arti- eign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to must “believe him and stop him — this we cle, Baker’s Sellout Plan on page 19, will be to anyone He wishes and sets over them the lowliest of must do. Everything else pales before this.” allow Iran to fulfill its nuclear ambitions. In a men.” (Daniel 4:17). With Israel’s preemptive strike against Iraq’s word we are going to supercharge Iran’s race Further, there is the sobering reality of nuclear reactor in June of 1981 as a precedent, for the atomic bomb. Unbelievably, we are fac- God’s words. “I will bless those who bless you and Natanyahu predicted that stopping Iran ing the same “peace in our time” crowd that him who curses you, I will curse.” (Genesis 12:3). required “preemptive leadership. Preemption was wooed and won by Prime Minister Only God knows, but there are those alive requires will and vision.” “No one,” he pro- Chamberlain in 1939. (see Suzanne Fields’ today in our beloved America as well as else- claimed, “will defend the Jews if the Jews don’t article on page 12). And unless we awaken where who put themselves under this curse defend themselves — Iran’s nuclear ambitions from this insanity — from this flight from because of their treatment of the Jews. There must be stopped.” Only the delusional leader- common sense, we can expect the same, are also those who break God’s command- ship in the U.S. and Israel will deny the reality beginning with an attempt to annihilate the ments and covenants, of whom it is written, Jews, unprecedent- they shall be called “least in the Kingdom of ed war and devasta- God.” (Matthew 5:19). tion, only this with On a more positive note, we are pleased Islamic Jihadism. to announce that Walid Shoebat will be serv- First the Saturday ing as a Contributing Editor for our maga- people, the Jews. zine with an article in each forthcoming issue. Then the Sunday (see his article on page 8). Walid’s story (Why people, the I Left Jihad) is one of God’s triumphants of Christians. grace. Born in Bethlehem and raised as a It is imperative, committed Muslim, he joined Yasser Arafat’s especially for PLO terrorists. When later confronted with Christian Zionists, the gospel of Jesus Christ, he believed and to consider all this in was transformed. He is convinced that it is light of the Scriptures. the transforming power of Jesus alone as We do believe that revealed in the Gospel that can change radi- God is sovereign cal, jihadist Muslims. Welcome Walid, we are Jim Hutchens and Walid Shoebat and remains in ulti- honored to partner with you. JC Page 4 The Jerusalem Connection January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767
  5. 5. Reverse of U.S. Policy The JerUSAlem Connection Toward Israel International Our Mission A mericans — be aware! The cards in Since [then], every Palestinian and Israeli Washington are stacked against verbal pronouncement has been tuned to Israel these days. An unfortunate the wavelengths of Bush and his secretary of combination has emerged of a president state Condoleezza Rice. She will join him in 1. To inform, educate, and who regards the Jewish state as strategically Amman and lead the effort to bring Israeli activate support for Israel and weak and a group of key U.S. advisers on the and Palestinian leaders together. Her mis- the Jewish people. administration’s new Iraqi policy who are sion will be to extract results from these 2. To serve as advocates of drawn from the most anti-Israeli US admin- encounters to be used in turn to persuade Christian Zionism istrations of the past. The Olmert govern- Arab rulers to lend the United States a help- Christian Zionism is the support ment must of necessity brace itself for a peri- ing hand on the Iraq crisis. of the modern State of Israel as a od of intensive American pressure to cede In plain terms, Israel is to be the “sacri- partial fulfillment of God’s covenant ever more assets to curry favor with the fice” for solving the Iraq dilemma. promise to provide a national home- Arabs. This is the present situation. The brain behind this new strategy land for the Jewish people, in antici- The situation which the Bush belongs to Brent Scowcroft, national securi- pation of their ultimate redemption. Administration is facing in Iraq has created a ty adviser to three Republican presidents, dilemma which necessitates reversing the Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and George “For Zion’s sake I will not U.S. policy of support for Israel in order to Bush Sr. He is emerging as the live wire keep silent” – Isaiah 62:1 gain help from the Arab nations with regard behind the latest US foreign policy depar- to Iraq. The feared diplomatic nightmare tures and the pivotal figure behind the In this time of growing interna- for Israel is now a reality. Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group. tional anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, and Hamas was quick to pick up the new tune Scowcroft was the first American strate- anti-Semitic action in churches, emanating from Washington. Its leaders and gic thinker to say out loud what intelligence governments, and academia, we Mahmoud Abbas declared a hurried cease- has been reporting since early August — stand in solidarity with Israel and fire to take advantage of the US president’s namely, that George Bush and his key advis- the Jewish people by: willingness to broaden his Amman talks ers have diagnosed Israel as coming out of from his planned meetings with Iraqi prime the Lebanon War weakened and with its • Championing Aliyah – the minister Nouri Maliki to an effort to con- strategic situation impaired. return of the Jews to Israel. vene an international conference on the “I think we need to embed Iraq in a larg- (Isa. 49:22). Palestinian issue. Israel’s prime minister er regional solution, and that to me goes back • Confirming the present Ehud Olmert accepted the ceasefire against to the Palestinian issue. I think this would put validity of God’s covenants military advice. Jordan’s King Abdullah us back on the offensive psychologically and to Israel. (Gen.17:7-8) chipped in by saying that Palestine “is the even make Iraq easier to manage,” Scowcroft core” of all Middle East violence. said. Scowcroft then proposed an interna- • Confronting Anti-Semitism. Olmert, loath to relinquish the high tional conference, saying: “But I don’t think (Psalm 83:1-4, 18). diplomatic ground to the Palestinians, this will start with some kind of a conference promised that after the kidnapped Israeli because everyone will come with their preset • Countering Replacement soldier is released, Israel will free many jailed speeches and everything will freeze again. Theology/Supersessionism. Palestinians, including long term prisoners, But I think that there will be some quiet con- (Rom. 9:4; 11:1-2). as a confidence-building gesture to prove sultations in the region. I believe the Arab Israel seeks peace. As soon as a Palestinian states in the region are eager for such a con- • Contenting for God’s heart unity government is formed, Olmert said, versation. Israel may not be eager, but Israel for Israel and the Jewish peo- immediate negotiations could start with is in bad shape right now.” ple. (Jer. 32:40-41). Mahmoud Abbas on the creation of a sover- The mismanagement of the Lebanon eign Palestinian state. He allowed the evac- War this [past] summer and its distasteful • Comforting the Jewish people and Israel thru ministries of uation of some West Bank settlements was results on all fronts are now yielding danger- mercy. (Isa. 40:1-2). possible in return for real peace and ous consequences for Israel, far beyond the Palestinian renunciation of the return of public unhappiness and political implications • Connecting with the Hebraic 1948 Palestinian refugees. If such talks are within Israel itself. JC roots of Christianity. successful, Olmert promised to release (John 4:22). frozen Palestinian funds. The Lekarev Report, Nov. 27 2006 January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767 The Jerusalem Connection Page 5
  6. 6. Post-Election Changes in Bush’s Middle East Strategy By sacking Rumsfeld the day after the elections, Bush sent a signal to the Democrats that he is willing to forego victory in exchange for political breathing space. The President’s announcement of Secretary of Defense By Caroline Glick Donald Rumsfeld’s “resignation” [on Nov. 8] signaled the trans- fer of control over the war against radical Islam from Bush’s team M any downplay the signifi- to Bush pere’s team. Robert Gates, Bush’s nominee to replace cance of the U.S. Rumsfeld, served as his father’s deputy national security adviser Congressional elections. It is and CIA director. Gates, who will arrive at the Pentagon from the six-year slump, they say. But the his present position as President of Texas AM University where truth is nonetheless glaring. By all Bush I’s presidential library is located, is closely associated with accounts, Tuesday [Election Day, former national security advisor Brent Scowcroft and former sec- November 7, 2006], the George W. retary of state James Baker. He is a member in good standing of Bush era came to a close. …The conse- the Arabist wing of the Republican Party which dominated the quences of this turn of events on Israel President’s father’s administration. Caroline Glick will be dramatic… In recent years, Gates made one notable foray into the world Across the political spectrum in of international affairs. In 2004 he collaborated with Zbigniew Washington today there is a sense that after years of wavering, in Brzezinski, former national security advisor in the Carter admin- the wake of the Democratic victory in Congressional elections, istration. Like former president Jimmy Carter, Brzezinski is one President Bush transferred control over American foreign policy of Israel’s greatest adversaries in U.S. policymaking circles. It is to his father’s anti-war advisors. hard to recall a problem, conflict, crisis or war in the Middle East Impact of Elections on Israel What the experts are saying: Jonathan Tobin: In the short term, nent Republican. On the positive side of have a lot to say about both Iraq and the the answer is not much. The Democrats the ledger, one of the least friendly mem- rest of the Middle East is also troubling. were at pains to demonstrate solidarity bers of the Senate Republican caucus, If that’s the way things play out, Israel's with Israel during the campaign thanks Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, also best hope will rest with the idea that to pressure from a determined ad cam- went down. President Bush will prevent Rice or Baker paign by Jewish Republicans that made a However, the real danger for Israel in from repeating the mistakes of the past. point of GOP support for Israel. the coming months appears to not be from But if he doesn’t, then friends of the Though there will be several new com- the House or the Senate but from Jewish state may well come to regret the mittee chairs that are not friends of the Condoleezza Rice and the State change in Congress. Whereas GOP lead- Jewish state, the caucus as a whole will Department. She appears determined to ers like former House Majority Leader remain on Israel’s side and have no inter- return to the failed policy of pushing for T Delay of Texas or Santorum would om est in a distracting quarrel on this issue. Israeli concessions to prop up so-called have challenged the White House and the Israel did lose several good friends in Palestinian “moderates.” The possibility State Department in defense of Israel, it the election carnage, Sen. Rick Santorum that former Secretary of State James Baker isn't likely that their Democratic succes- of Pennsylvania, being the most promi- (no friend of Israel to put it mildly) may sors will do the same. Page 6 The Jerusalem Connection January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767
  7. 7. over the past thirty years that Brzezinski has not managed to porary ceasefire will be a U.S. defeat in Iraq and the surrender of blame on Israel. Iraq to the tender mercies of Iran and Syria is apparently okay by Gates and Brzezinski co-chaired a Council on Foreign Baker… Relations-sponsored Task Force charged with recommending a Yet Bush’s policies to date have been far from consistent. U.S. policy for dealing with Iran. In July 2004 they published Indeed, for the past several years Bush has been simultaneously their recommendations. The Task Force called for the Bush advancing two contradictory policies. On the one hand, as his administration to directly engage the mullahs and to use “fewer critics on the Right have repeatedly stated, through his engage- sticks and more carrots” to convince the regime in T eheran to ment of T eheran and support for Palestinian statehood, he has stop enriching uranium, and to stop supporting al Qaida and the been carrying out a policy of appeasement towards the Iranians insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan. In an effort to convince the and the Arabs. At the same time however, Bush supported Israel Iranians to cooperate, the two recommended that the U.S. dis- in the war this summer. He isolated the Palestinian Authority card regime overthrow as a policy option and move more force- after Hamas took power, and throughout his first term in office, fully to establish a Palestinian state as quickly as possible. They he refused to meet with Yassir Arafat in spite of the significant also recommended that the U.S. pressure Israel not to take any domestic and international pressure exerted on him to do so… military action against the Iranian nuclear facilities arguing that So when the full breadth of Bush’s policies is taken into con- such Israeli actions would undermine U.S. national interests. sideration, his decision to appoint Gates does signal a strategic In recent months, Gates has been serving as a member of the shift in direction. Rumsfeld was completely identified with Bush’s Iraq Study Group chaired by Baker and former Congressman pro-Israel policies and with his hawkish stances towards Islamic Lee Hamilton. The Congressionally mandated committee was radicalism. Rumsfeld’s ouster and replacement by a follower of scheduled to recommend new strategies for managing the war in Baker, Bush pere and Scowcroft signals a clean break with the Iraq to Bush. policies Rumsfeld embodied. Furthermore, by sacking Rumsfeld In a series of recent press interviews, Baker and Hamilton the day after the elections, Bush sent a signal to the Democrats have indicated that they will recommend that Bush enter into that he is willing to forego victory in exchange for political negotiations with Iran and Syria. The proposed talks they say, will breathing space… serve to motivate Iran and Syria to stabilize the situation in Iraq T oday Israel stands alone against the Palestinians. More dis- in a manner that will pave the way for a retreat of U.S. forces turbingly, the responsibility for preventing Iran from achieving from the country. nuclear capabilities has moved conclusively from Washington to Since it is Iranian and Syrian sponsorship of the insurgency Jerusalem. JC that is causing the war to continue, it is fairly clear that Baker is egging for a temporary ceasefire that will last long enough to Excerpted from an article that first appeared in the Jerusalem enable a pullout of U.S. forces. The fact that the price of the tem- Post on 11/6/2006. Daniel Pipes: In every full democra- and the Arab-Israeli conflict. This is cy, the legislative branch mostly enjoys especially the case given: power in domestic affairs, while the q The stagnant quality of Arab- executive branch predominates in for- Israeli relations; eign policy. q The war on terror having only a The United States is no exception; minor Congressional dimension; especially with the virtual disappearance q The debate over Iraq having over the right to declare wars, Congress more sting and anger concerning has a distinctly secondary role in formu- events of 2003 than events of 2007; lating America’s role in the world. Its q The almost complete presidential main domain is that of taxation, pen- prerogative when it comes to respond- sions, welfare, and the judiciary. One ing to the Iranian drive to build vivid example of this: Congress has long nuclear weapons. tried to move the U.S. embassy from By extension, I expect that the Daniel Pipes (above) is director of the Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but has never internal conservative debate over Middle East Forum and a prize-winning come close to succeeding. George W. Bush’s profligate spending columnist. The Forum publishes the Therefore, I expect the changes will have more of a long-term impact Middle East Quarterly and sponsors from [the Nov. 7] mid-term elections than the parallel debate over his deci- Campus Watch (, a to have only minor impact on U.S. pol- sion to go and uproot the Saddam project to review, critique, and improve JC Middle East studies. icy in the Middle East, including Israel Hussein regime. January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767 The Jerusalem Connection Page 7
  8. 8. Why I Left Jihad call. Psalm 83, had reminded me of The evil, and another set by the G-d of Israel. By Walid Shoebat Six Day War I had lived through while I knew if I chose the second cup I would in Jericho. “They have said, Come, and let be declared a traitor and would have to I love movies. The movie I love most us cut them off from [being] a nation; that run from the hunt of an angry family and is “Indiana Jones and the Last the name of Israel may be no more in a host of haters. But I also knew that I Crusade.” In one of the scenes, Indy remembrance.” would be appointed as a watchman on the drinks from the right cup, the rugged “They” are a confederacy of nations of walls of Jerusalem to speak out all over looking one, and ignores all the other Ishmaelite (Arabs), inhabitants from Tyre world. From that moment on, I turned cups that sparkle with gold. The keeper (Lebanon), Philistines (Gaza/Palestinians), from being a terrorist to an ambassador then tells Indy “You have chosen wisely.” and Assyrians (Syrians, Iraqis, Turks). for the coming Messiah. The world has two cups. One that The outcome of this battle will be: “So I made the choice to pursue the path says, “Jerusalem is for Jews” and the oth- persecute them with thy tempest, and make of attempting to loose my life in order to er says, “Jerusalem is for Muslims.” Every preserve it. one of us must choose one of the two. After spending hundreds of hours Several years ago, I opened the pages studying the Holocaust, I began to realize of the Bible and for the first time in my that this Holocaust, which I had denied as life I read the words “And I will plant a Muslim, was not only true, but had nev- them upon their land, and they shall no more er really ended. Simply put, its victims had be pulled up out of their land which I have decided to go home and defend them- given them, saith the LORD thy God.” selves, while attempting to live a life were (Amos 9:15) the mobs all around would call on them to As I continued to search the Bible, I open their windows and doors, so that the read the book of the prophet Zechariah, marching haters could kill and rape who said: “For I will gather all nations them—again, and again, and again. against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall I became a believer in the God of the be taken, and the houses rifled, and the Bible, which clearly states that Jerusalem women ravished; and half of the city shall go belongs to Israel alone and was given by forth into captivity, and the residue of the peo- God. ple shall not be cut off from the city.” There is a fork on the road ahead, as (Zechariah 14:2) what we choose determines our destiny I wondered why we, as Muslims, into eternity. We cannot say that we were being prepared to kill Jews and Walid Shoebat believe in Jesus, yet deny what He pro- take their wives as captives to do what- claimed for Israel. T be a believer is to o ever we desired. Yet, while Israel would them afraid with thy storm. Fill their faces accept God’s Word. go through this awful ordeal, this was with shame; that they may seek thy name, O Yes, I fear for my life, but every one of not the end of the story: “In that day will LORD.” (Psalm 83:15-16) us has a choice—to either die for some- I make the governors of Judah like an This fear is what causes victory. I wit- thing, or die of something. As far as hearth of fire among the wood, and like a nessed this personally as a child. The Jerusalem is concerned, and the cup I torch of fire in a sheaf; and they shall devour world watched as the Arab armies fled chose, is “Jerusalem for Israel.” all the people round about, on the right hand from every direction. The Jewish Bible Which cup will you drink? Choose and on the left: and Jerusalem shall be had outlined every nation that seeks wisely. JC inhabited again in her own place, [even] in Israel’s destruction, and their end is their Jerusalem.” own destruction. For the first time, I Walid Shoebat is the author of Why I Left I continued reading the Good Book, began to recognize that in this world we Jihad. His is a con- which had fallen from heaven upon my have two opposing road maps, two cups to tributing editor to The Jerusalem arrogant head and gave me a wake up drink: one that is set up by the house of Connection. Page 8 The Jerusalem Connection January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767
  9. 9. The rape of Europe major European cities. “If faith collapses, civilization goes By Paul Belien Broder is convinced that the with it,” says Bethell. That is the real Europeans are not willing to oppose cause of the closing of civilization in T he German author Henryk Islamization. “The dominant ethos,” Europe. Islamization is simply the M. Broder recently told the he told De Volkskrant, “is perfectly consequence. The very word Islam Dutch newspaper De voiced by the stupid blonde woman means “submission” and the secular- Volkskrant (12 October) that young author with whom I recently debated. ists have submitted already. Many Europeans who love freedom better She said that it is sometimes better to Europeans have already become emigrate. Europe as we know it will let yourself be raped than to risk seri- Muslims, though they do not realize it no longer exist 20 years from now. ous injuries while resisting. She said it or do not want to admit it. Whilst sitting on a terrace in Berlin, is sometimes better to avoid fighting Some of the people I meet in the Broder pointed to the other customers than run the risk of death.” U.S. are particularly worried about and the passers-by and said melan- In a recent op-ed piece in the the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe. cholically: . . “We are watching the Brussels newspaper De Standaard (23 They are correct when they fear that world of yesterday.” October) the Dutch (gay and self- anti-Semitism is also on the rise Europe is turning Muslim. As declared “humanist”) author Oscar among non-immigrant Europeans. Broder is sixty years old he is not Van den Boogaard refers to Broder’s The latter hate people with a fighting going to emigrate himself. “I am too interview. Van den Boogaard says that spirit. Contemporary anti-Semitism old,” he said. However, he urged to him coping with the Islamization in Europe (at least when coming from young people to get out and “move to of Europe is like “a process of mourn- native Europeans) is related to anti- Australia or New Zealand. That is the ing.” He is overwhelmed by a “feeling Americanism. People who are not only option they have if they want to of sadness.” “I am not a warrior,” he prepared to resist and are eager to avoid the plagues that will turn the old says, “but who is? I have never learned submit, hate others who do not want continent uninhabitable.” to fight for my freedom. I was only to submit and are prepared to fight. Many Germans and Dutch, appar- good at enjoying it.” They hate them because they are ently, did not wait for Broder’s advice. As Tom Bethell wrote in the afraid that the latter will endanger The number of emigrants leaving the American Spectator: “Just at the most their lives as well. In their view every- Netherlands and Germany has basic level of demography the secular- one must submit. already surpassed the number of humanist option is not working.” But This is why they have come to hate immigrants moving in. One does not there is more to it than the fact that Israel and America so much, and the have to be prophetic to predict, like non-religious people tend not to have small band of European Henryk Broder, that Europe is as many children as religious people, “Islamophobes” who dare to talk becoming Islamic. because many of them prefer to about what they see happening around Just consider the demographics. “enjoy” freedom rather than renounce them. West Europeans have to choose The number of Muslims in contem- it for the sake of children. between submission (Islam) or death. porary Europe is estimated to be 50 Secularists, it seems to me, are also I fear, like Broder, that they have cho- million. It is expected to double in less keen on fighting. Since they do sen submission—just like in former twenty years. By 2025, one third of all not believe in an afterlife, this life is days when they preferred to be red European children will be born to the only thing they have to lose. rather than dead. JC Muslim families. Today Mohammed is Hence they will rather accept submis- already the most popular name for sion than fight. Like the German Paul Belien is a Flemish journalist and new-born boys in Brussels, feminist Broder referred to, they pre- editor of the conservative-libertarian Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and other fer to be raped than to resist. blog The Brussels Journal. January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767 The Jerusalem Connection Page 9
  10. 10. The God vacuum: America and the barbarian hordes the God of the T Commandments and en tual vacuum in these once-Christian lands. By David Kupelian the Sermon on the Mount. They believed Especially in Britain and Europe, where the He created us in His image and that human Islamic invasion is already well advanced, ana- I n the Old life was therefore sacred, which meant we lysts concede it’s simply a matter of time before T estament of don’t slaughter our offspring in the womb some of these nations have Muslim majorities. the Bible, nor kill off our parents when they get old Then comes Shariah law and the total trans- God is shown and sick. They believed in biblical morality formation of these formerly Christian coun- time after time when it comes to sex, which meant homo- tries into repressive Islamic states. chastising the sexuality, adultery and “shacking up” were Think I’m exaggerating? The House of Israel, sinful and wrong. Netherlands’ justice minister, Piet Hein His chosen but And they also believed God had uniquely Donner, recently announced he would let often disobedi- blessed the United States of America, some- Shariah law take over his European nation — David Kupelian ent people, by thing Alexis de T ocqueville called “American already rapidly filling up with Muslims — if allowing barbar- Exceptionalism” — the conviction that the majority votes for it. Just as in other Arab- ians to invade and plunder their cities and America’s enlightened Constitution, industri- Muslim countries currently under this strict put many of them to the sword. al and military might, unprecedented stan- Islamic legal system, European nations under That is what the Western World, includ- dard of living, and most of all its legendary lib- Shariah might well see amputations — as pre- ing America, is starting to experience today, erty were the direct result of the Almighty’s scribed in the Quran — as punishment for having likewise turned away from God. blessing on this special nation. Implicit in that certain crimes; women publicly flogged and This raging conflict between Islam and belief was the understanding that, just as with sometimes hanged or stoned to death for the West, this “clash of civilizations” that ancient Israel, this divine spigot flowing with adultery or other so-called “crimes against many are calling World War III, is at root a undeserved blessings could and would be chastity”; and death sentences for leaving the spiritual war. turned off if we turned away from God. Muslim religion, or even for preaching It’s been said that it takes a religion to fight Thus it was the “Greatest Generation’s” Christianity, as occurs in Pakistan under its a religion. More precisely, it takes true faith to national unity, based on its widespread cultur- notorious “blasphemy laws.” defeat a false one. And by true faith I don’t al and religious fidelity to those core truths — All the vain, prideful fantasies of the post- mean a set of rules, rituals and doctrine in a what we call “Judeo-Christian values” — that Christian, secular, multiculturalism-worship- book, any book. I mean a genuine personal gave them the confidence to fight and perse- ping Europeans are crashing down around relationship with the one true God, and a vere and win the world war that confronted them. The French are so terrified of the nation of such people who follow the laws of them, whatever sacrifices that effort required. Muslims that comprise 10 percent of their conscience that same God planted in each of T oday, America and Europe are being population that Parisian police won’t even their hearts. transformed by Islam because there is a spiri- venture into Muslim communities on the out- What is the answer to the burgeoning threat of Islamic jihad? The simple and terri- fying bottom-line answer is that there is no answer unless America finally awakens and gives up its insane rebellion against its own founding faith and values. We’re fond of praising our World War II- era forbearers who won that terrible conflict with another form of demon-possessed, expansionist fascism. But the “Greatest Generation” was different from this genera- tion. It believed in God. Come again? You say we also believe in God today? No, we don’t — not as a nation. The World War II generation believed in God. They believed that this God was Protesters in Los Angeles. Page 10 The Jerusalem Connection January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767
  11. 11. Above left, protesters in New York City. Above right, a t-shirt seen in Los Angeles. skirts of the capital city. Having traded the Will this nightmare ever end? It will without God. He knows when and where Christian faith of their fathers for the smug, only end, like all nightmares end, when we the next big terror attack is being planned self-righteous ecstasy of the socialist welfare wake up. against America. He knows where bin Laden state, they have no spiritual strength left with We need to wake up and remember who is hiding. Only He can give us the unearthly which to fight back the invading hordes. we really are. We need to realize the bottom- wisdom and strength required to be longsuf- What about America? Though the per- line reality that man is a spiritual creature, and fering and merciful when restraint is called centage of Muslims in this huge nation is that he will have faith, one way or the other. for — and to be merciless when outright, much lower than in Europe, radical Islam If he doesn’t embrace true faith, he will heart-stopping, shock-and-awe devastation already has a powerful foothold in many parts embrace false faith. It’s not only automatic — is called for to defeat the enemy. Most of all, of American society. Beyond the obvious it’s God-ordained. only genuine fidelity to God will give us the signs — like the rapid proliferation within the The most poignant scene in the film gift of true righteousness — an otherworldly U.S. of Saudi-funded mosques, Islamic cen- “United 93” — chronicling the events leading quality that terrifies the wicked, inspires the ters and schools teaching discontent and even up to the Sept. 11, 2001, crash of the ill-fated decent and mysteriously delivers victory into hatred for America — consider just one of the jetliner into a Pennsylvania field — came the hands of His people. many less-than-obvious “growth areas”: our toward the end when both passengers and ter- When God withheld His protection prison system. rorists were depicted as praying. It was just from ancient Israel because of the disobe- “Muslim chaplains have established an before the courageous group of passengers dience and faithlessness of His people, Islamic radical regime over Muslim convicts launched their revolt against the hijackers, and there was only one possible solution: They in the American prisons,” writes Stephen several were seen quietly, fervently reciting the had to repent of their pride and folly and Schwartz in “Islam in the Big House.” Lord’s Prayer, as though they were asking come back to Him. “Radical Muslim chaplains, trained in a for- God for the superhuman strength and focus Do we somehow expect the Almighty eign ideology, certified in foreign-financed they would need to overpower the terrorists to grant a different remedy to us? JC schools, and acting in coordination to impose while facing almost-certain death. At the same an extremist agenda have gained a monopoly time, the terrorist pilot, having been warned David Kupelian is vice president and man- over Islamic religious activities in American that a passenger rebellion was imminent, was aging editor of and state, federal and city prisons and jails.” He also praying to his god, begging Allah for help Whistleblower magazine, and author of adds, chillingly, “Imagine each prison Islamic and strength to prevail against great odds. the best-selling book, “The Marketing of community as a little Saudi kingdom behind The image of these two mortal enemies, each Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo- prison walls, without the amenities. They praying to his god for victory, was electrifying Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as have effectively induced American authorities — a perfect distillation of the conflict into Freedom.” He is a dynamic speaker and to establish a form of ‘state Islam’ or ‘govern- which we have been plunged. has been featured on Fox News, MSNBC, ment-certified Islam’ in correctional systems.” We can’t — and won’t — win this war CBN and many other media outlets. January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767 The Jerusalem Connection Page 11
  12. 12. More than peace in our time men are preparing a Holocaust that notices what Iran is doing, but wants to By Suzanne Fields Hitler would envy, not limited to a tiny go about business as usual: “What, me fledgling democracy in the Middle worry?” The first missiles will have J ust when you think no can come up one East. The Iranian nuclear program poses a threat to the entire West. “Israel would certainly be the first stop on Iran’s tour of destruction, but at Europe in range, then America. Israel will be the canary in the coal mine, the first to disappear as a warning to every- one else. with a genuine the planned production rate of 25 Ahmadinejad isn’t trying to sell a modern analo- nuclear bombs a year . . . [the arsenal] Holocaust analogy; he insists the origi- gy to Nazi will be directed against ‘the big Satan,’ nal never happened. But the 5 million Germany, the U.S., and the ‘moderate Satan,’ Jews in Israel understand that rhetoric someone does. Europe,’” Mr. Netanyahu told the precedes the reality. Erasing Israel from Suzanne Fields Benjamin assembled Jewish communities. But the the map is real to them. “Because Netanyahu, the ordering of events has changed. Hitler Auschwitz really happened, it has per- leader of the conservative Likud Party started a war first and began work on meated our imagination, become a per- in Israel, offers a scary and wholly plau- the atomic bomb; Ahmadinejad is manent part of us,” says Nobel Prize- sible comparison. “It’s 1938 and Iran is building nuclear weapons first. winning novelist Imre Kertesz. “What Germany,” he told the annual General To do nothing is to appease, which we are able to imagine—because it real- Assembly of the United Jewish is yet another allusion to the careless ly happened—can happen again.” Communities the other day in Los international diplomacy before World While Netanyahu was speaking on Angeles. “When someone tells you he War II: “No one cared then and no one the Left Coast, the man who now rep- is going to exterminate you, believe cares now.” Hitler went on building a resents “the little Satan,” Prime him—and stop him.” formidable military machine while the Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel, met No sooner than he completed his world pretended not to notice. President Bush in Washington. They speech the Iranian newspapers reported Winston Churchill was the lonely talked for several hours and mostly that Iranian President Mahmoud prophet whose warning went unheed- about what to do about Iran. Both men Ahmadinejad was boasting that “we will ed. Appeasement, he said, is “a bit like have been weakened since the last time soon witness [Israel’s] disappearance feeding a crocodile hoping that it they met. Mr. Olmert suffered because and destruction.” Ahmadinejad and his would eat you last.” This time everyone he was slow to react with enough Page 12 The Jerusalem Connection January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767
  13. 13. ground troops for the war in Lebanon. was going to do, and Ahmadinejad is George W. Bush had a really bad hair saying exactly what he is going to do,” day on Nov. 7. says Dr. James Dobson, founder of Thus, their rhetoric rings a little Focus on the Family, the faith-and- hollow now, suggesting that their coun- family advocacy organization. “He is tries have deeper divisions than they're talking genocide.” ready to admit. Israel worries that the The Rev. John Hagee, pastor of a American weakness in Iraq might com- megachurch in San Antonio, says the pel the president to press Israel to make Iranian leader’s remarks about a second unwise concessions to the Palestinians Holocaust prompted him to establish in order to organize a coalition of Arab Christians United for Israel. He com- states to support sanctions against Iran. pared the Ahmadinejad Iranians to an The United States worries that Israel’s Old Testament villain: “Pharaoh military image was tarnished in the war threatened Israel and he ended up fish in Lebanon, making it appear less fear- food.” some. This war in Lebanon was not After President Bush and Prime exactly the Six-Day War. Minister Olmert concluded their pri- Israel has strong friends in America, vate meeting in the Oval Office, they particularly among evangelical spoke in a unified voice that they can- Christians. Nearly everyone has known not accept a nuclear-armed Iran. The this for a long time, but some people question of how they would stop it always find out late. The New York remains unaddressed—in public. But Times discovered it only recently, and both men obviously know that taking a put the news of its late discovery on nap is not the route to peace in our Page One. These Christians frequently time. JC invoke Biblical references, but they’re quick to draw analogies to the Third This article was originally published in the Reich. “Hitler told everybody what he Washington Times on Nov. 20, 2006. Hamas Grandmother Blows Herself Up S he had nine children and 30 grand- children. She was also a member of Hamas. On Nov. 23, 57 year old Fatma Omar Al-Najar blew herself up on behalf of the Hamas terror organization in a suicide bombing attack aimed at IDF soldiers in Gaza. Three Givati Brigade soldiers were wounded. Soldiers received an intelligence warning earlier in the day about an impending suicide attack. A Hamas video was later shown of the grandmother, bragging of her plans to carry out the Fatma Omar Al-Najar attack, and dedicating her death to the terrorist prisoners, Hamas and Hamas her for becoming a 'shahid' (martyr). I leader Muhammed Haniye. “I offer am very proud of what she did. Allahu myself as a sacrifice to God and to the Akbar (God is greatest), one of her sons, homeland,” terrorist says on video prior Fuad, 31, told Reuters. JC to the attack. Her family said they were 'proud' of The Lekarev Report, November 24, 2006 January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767 The Jerusalem Connection Page 13
  14. 14. Hold the Rice their annihilation. And when Rice feeds their a smart woman. If indeed she is smart and By Joseph Farah passions with this kind of talk, she is in reali- understands the complexities of the Middle ty paving the way for a future holocaust. East, she has deliberately chosen to side I ’ve waited to But she wasn’t finished with those with evil — the kind of people with whom deal with the insensitive, misguided words. we are supposed to be at war. It means that following “I believe there could be no greater her boss, President Bush, is committed to news develop- legacy for America than to help bring into this evil path as well. ment because it is being a Palestinian state for people who Just so you understand what is at stake: so disturbing to have suffered too long, have been humili- Your tax dollars are going to subsidize this new me personally, I ated too long,” she said. terrorist state of Palestine. This will be a state needed to let my What on earth is she talking about? No that, just as it does today as an autonomous ter- rage subside. greater legacy for America than to create a ritory, indoctrinates children from the earliest Joseph Farah I can now new terrorist state during a so-called war ages to hate Jews, to embrace jihad, to consid- speak and write on terrorism? Is she really suggesting that er “martyrdom” — the homicidal desire to kill coherently about the latest ghastly statements the Arabs in the region have suffered at the as many innocent civilian Israelis as possible — by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice con- hands of Israel? Or have they suffered at is the highest calling one can have in life. cerning the Middle East. But it’s not easy. the hands of their own leaders? What is she thinking about? What is [Recently], Rice said America could have “I know that, sometimes, a Palestinian Bush thinking about? Why do they contin- no greater legacy than to divide the land of state living side by side in peace with Israel ue to pursue policies of appeasement with Israel and establish a Palestinian Arab terror- must seem like a very distant dream but I regard to the Islamic terrorists of the Israeli- ist state to end what she called the “humilia- know, too, … that there are so many things Arab conflict while pursuing their own war tion of occupation.” She made the statement that once seemed impossible that after they against the Islamic terrorists in Iraq? at a dinner celebrating the third anniversary happened they simply seemed inevitable,” Can someone explain the difference? J C of the American T Force on Palestine. ask she continued. “The Palestinian people deserve a better The only thing that seems inevitable Joseph Farah is founder, editor and CEO life, a life that is rooted in liberty, democra- to me is that the Bush administration will of WND and a nationally syndicated cy, uncompromised by violence and terror- continue to make the same mistakes over columnist with Creators Syndicate. His lat- ism, unburdened by corruption and misrule and over again — never learning from est book is “Taking America Back.” He and forever free of the daily humiliation of them. No matter how many promises also edits the weekly online intelligence occupation,” she said. “I promise you my Israel’s enemies betray we will continue to newsletter Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, in personal commitment to that goal.” give them every benefit of every doubt. which he utilizes his sources developed Of course, no one can argue that Arabs I keep hearing that Condoleezza Rice is over 30 years in the news business. deserve a better life. As a matter of fact, as an Arab-American who covered the region as a journalist for many years, I can tell you they had one — when they were living under Israeli control. Since they have been living under autonomy and under the control of terrorists, life has indeed been miserable. What chance is there for democracy or liberty or a life uncompromised by vio- lence and terrorism or unburdened by corruption and misrule under leaders sworn to destroy their neighbors and committed to unending war? It’s worth mentioning that these leaders, the ones who are going to usher into exis- tence Rice’s fantasy of democracy, liberty and an end to terrorism and corruption, consider all the Jews of the Middle East as occupiers. The only way that occupation will end is by Page 14 The Jerusalem Connection January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767
  15. 15. A Palestinian Chanukah present for Israeli children T here appears to be no limits to Palestinian ingenuity IDF forces, rockets were still being fired over the border into and callousness when it comes to the manufacture of Sderot from Gaza after the cease fire was meant to be in effect. explosives. During a joint Shin Bet (Israel Security The cease fire was intended to begin at 6 a.m. local time on Agency) and IDF operation in late November a bomb making Nov. 26 and all IDF forces were meant to be out of Gaza. In factory was uncovered in the West Bank city of Nablus. Apart fact the IDF had left all of Gaza many hours before the offi- from the usual list of terrorists’ items, such as cloth belts filled cial cease fire time. Certain terrorist factions have stated that with explosives, there were very disturbing and poignant they would not in any case observe the cease fire until Israel reminders that Palestinian terrorism knows no bounds when it has left completely the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Abbas comes to attempting to kill Israelis. There were a variety of had sent in to northern Gaza Palestinian security forces to try explosive laden children’s soft toys which would have caused and stop terror groups launching Kassam missiles into Israel. untold death and injury if they had exploded in the confines of So far the IDF has not responded to the post cease fire missile a shop or market. The factory together with many explosive attacks, preferring to give Mahmoud Abbas time to try and items, including the stuffed animals was destroyed by IDF take control of Palestinian militants, who are defying his sappers in a controlled explosion. Despite the fact that PA instructions. JC president Mahmoud Abbas had requested on Nov. 25 a com- plete cease fire between Palestinian terror groups in Gaza and Copyright Isranet 2006 The pictures show children's stuffed soft toys found in a Nablus bomb factory and filled with explosives Photos copyright Isranet January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767 The Jerusalem Connection Page 15
  16. 16. Natural Allies Christian Zionism, claims “Christian Zionism is the most By Shelley Neese blood thirsty apostasy in the entire history of Christianity or any other religion.” I nterfaith Zionism is emerging a Christian Zionists rejoice in the fulfillment of prophecy power-force in American politics as (i.e. the creation of Israel and return of the exiles). They do Zionist Christians and Jews are so with no hidden agenda to push Jews towards their doom. crossing the proverbial aisle to collab- Christian Zionists’ support of Israel is motivated primarily by orate in support of Israel. To outsiders, repentance, thankfulness to the Jewish people, and obedience Jews and Christians seem strange bed- to God’s word, three sincere motives that expose the “Jewish fellows—Jews, traditional loyalists of heart” of Christian Zionists. the left and evangelical Christians, the Rabbi Irving Greenberg, a pioneer in Jewish-Christian conservative base of the right. Jews, dialogue, once remarked that he did not care what religion or Shelley Neese persecuted by the church for centuries denomination you belonged to, as long as you were embar- and Christians, tainted by a persecutor’s rassed about it. Christians have plenty to be embarrassed history. Jews who believe the Messiah has not yet come and about. For nearly 2,000 years Christians made a habit out of Christians who believe the Messiah is Jesus who came once and affirming Christianity by negating Judaism. will come again. Skeptics of this new Jewish-Christian alliance Anti-Semitism started early in the church out of a desire question its seemingly tenuous nature. to separate Christianity from Judaism. As the Roman Church The common criticism is that Christian support of Israel gained power this desire for distinction evolved into oppres- is based on apocalyptic visions. According to this argument, sion. At best Jews were forcefully converted; at worst they Christian Zionists care little about the welfare of Jews; they were burned at the stake. support Israel only to realize the scenario of Armageddon Persecution of Jews was justified on the erroneous when all Jews die or convert. C. E. Carlson, a known critic of Christian teachings that blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus. According to the anti-semitic theology of the day, God revoked His covenants with Israel because of Jews’ rejection of the Messiah and therefore the church replaced Israel as benefactor of God’s promises. These Christian teachings of contempt fed the fires of anti-Semitism for centuries, making possible the crusades, inquisitions, and pogroms. It took the horrors of the Holocaust to finally bring Christians to their knees, trans- forming minds and hearts. In spiritual humility, Christian Zionists repent of past sins committed against the Jewish people. They have started a revolution to erase anti-Semitism in the church by correcting erroneous teachings. The truth is that all humanity is respon- sible for the death of Jesus because it was the sins of the world that nailed him to the cross. The Gospel is an instrument of love, not hate. By standing in support of Israel today, Christian Zionists aim to turn afflictions of the past into blessings of the present. Old accusations of Jews being Christ-killers have given way to thanksgiving to Jews for the Bible, Mosaic Law, and Jesus The first National Night to Honor Israel in San Antonio, Texas (Oct. 22, 2006) drew attendees from all parts of Christ. Pro-Israel Christians also want to repay the Jewish America and Israel to show unified support for God’s cho- people for passing down the fundamentals of the Christian sen people and the nation of Israel. CUFI donated a record faith. Jesus, born a Jew, lived an observant Jewish life. $7,000,000.00 to various worthwhile Israeli causes ranging According to the New Testament, Jesus kept the Sabbath and from bringing the exiles home through Exodus II to caring celebrated Jewish feasts and festivals. The prophets, patriarchs, for the orphans at Migdal Ohr with Rabbi Grossman. What and apostles were all Jewish; John Hagee, national chairman of an honor to be able to bless Israel in such a manner! Christians United for Israel, always quips “there wasn’t a Page 16 The Jerusalem Connection January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767
  17. 17. Baptist in the bunch.” Paul, another observant Jew, notes the importance of Christians recognizing their roots: “you, though a George Soros wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others (Abraham’s seed) and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root Takes Aim at Israel B (Abraham’s faith), do not boast over the branches…You do not sup- illionaire investor George Soros is port the root, but the root supports you” (Romans 11:17-18). leading a move to stitch together an Fundamental Christian sacraments such as communion and American Jewish political lobby that baptism are Jewish in orgin. For Christians, understanding is “anti-Israel,” according to a column in the Judaism and its connection to Christianity makes the words Jerusalem Post. and purpose of Jesus all the richer. Loving the Jewish people Soros, who spent millions attempting to out of thankfulness is not a theological stance but a moral one, defeat President Bush in 2004, is one of a because without Judaism there would be no Christianity. “tiny minority of American Jews” who have More important than all of these, Christian Zionists are obe- played a role in undermining support for dient to their biblical responsibility toward the Jewish people. Israel in the Democratic Party, and they Genesis 12:3 is the cornerstone of Christian Zionism: “I will bless now seek “to undermine Israel’s position in those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you.” Isaiah 40:1- the U.S. in general,” Caroline Glick writes in Soros 2 is its call to action: “Comfort, comfort my people…speak tenderly the Post. to Jerusalem” (Isaiah 40:1-2). The commands to bless and com- Soros has invited another American Jewish billionaire, Peter Lewis, fort Israel are given to all peoples but, according to Paul, along with “North American Jewish plutocrats” like Charles and Edgar Christians have additional obligations: “For if the Gentiles have Bronfman, to join forces with him and leftist Jewish American organi- shared in the Jews spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share zations — including American Friends of Peace Now, the Israel Policy with them their material blessings” (Romans 15:27). Forum and Brit Tzedek v’Shalom — to construct a political lobby that Christian Zionists obey the scriptures using their pocket- will weaken the influence of the pro-Israel lobby. books, prayer, and political power. In October 2006 at the “Many of the individuals and organizations associated with the ini- Night to Honor Israel in San Antonio, Texas, Christians tiative have actively worked to undermine Israel,” Glick writes. United for Israel (CUFI) donated 7 million to Jewish human- “Soros caused a storm in 2003 when, during a fund-raising confer- itarian causes. Each year Christian Zionists give millions of ence for Israel, he alleged that Israel was partially responsible for the rise dollars to help Diaspora Jews make Aliya. Thousands of in anti-Semitic violence in Europe because of its harsh response to Christian intercessory prayer groups meet regularly to pray Palestinian terrorism.” for Israel, heeding the command: “You who call on the Lord, give Glick also points out that in November 2005, the leaders of the yourselves no rest, and give Him no rest till He establishes Israel Policy Forum met with Condoleezza Rice and urged her to dis- Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth” (Isaiah 62:6-7). miss Israel’s security concerns regarding two of the Gaza Strip's border Christian Zionists also possess power in their numbers. crossing points. As a result, Rice pressured Israel to make dangerous While Israel is facing enemies that openly aspire to its concessions to the Palestinians. And after Hamas’ electoral victory in destruction, Christian Zionists use their political voice to January, American Friends of Peace Now, Israel Policy Forum and Brit ensure Washington stays true to Israel. This past July, 3,000 Tzedek v’Shalom worked to shield the Hamas-led Palestinian Christians converged in Washington to lobby their senators Authority from Congressional sanctions. and congressmen on pro-Israel legislation. Christian Zionists Together they worked to torpedo the Palestinian Anti-T error Act, believe the command to bless Israel is God’s foreign policy which enjoyed overwhelming support in the Congress and was statement. Their message: If America is to continue receiving designed to update American policy toward the Palestinian Authority blessings, it must continue to bless Israel. in the wake of Hamas’ ascendance to power. Christian Zionists wear no mask. They harbor no ulterior Among its provisions, the bill called for an immediate end to U.S. motives; they are not war-mongers or cultists. The worst they assistance to nongovernmental and U.N. organizations operating in can be accused of is being philo-semitic, too fervent in their the PA that had connections to terrorist organizations. religiosity, or taking the Bible too literally. Ambiguity in Due to the lobbying efforts of the “Jewish leftists,” the Palestinian Interfaith Zionism is unnecessary. Jews and Christians do not Anti-T error Act was eventually scuttled, Glick notes, adding: have to get bogged down on every domestic political issue or “Soros would like to institutionalize the ad-hoc coalition’s success in religious belief in order to be partners in a powerful coalition. undermining the Palestinian Anti-T error Act in a new lobby. They have only to agree on the point of collaboration: Israel. “While its Jewish founders insist that they are pro-Israel, the fact of In that respect, Christians and Jews are natural allies as they the matter is that they are about to establish an American Jewish anti- confront anti-Semitism, challenge radical Islam, and support Israel lobby.” JC Israel’s fight against terror. JC First printed at, Oct. 17., 2006 Shelley Neese is managing editor of The Jerusalem Connection. January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767 The Jerusalem Connection Page 17
  18. 18. A true New Year Miracle in the Land of Miracles A brother and sister who long thought each other dead in steps of his older brother. Though they were both in Israel at the the Holocaust have been finally reunited for the first time same time, Simon never knew if his younger sister Hilda was in 61 years. The meeting was made possible due to the alive, and in fact, later filled out a Yad Vashem Page of Testimony efforts of two grandchildren of the sister, Hilda Shlick. for her as if she were dead. Hilda’s grandson David always wanted to know about the After Simon was traced to Canada he came to Israel to family’s past. Last July, after finding out his grandmother’s maid- reunite with his sister Hilda. He will stay in Israel to celebrate en name was Glasberg, he went to the Yad Vashem website to fill Rosh Hashana with his new-found family. Already they are in the details he knew about her. He found a page of testimony talking about making a trip to Canada to see their older broth- saying that she had probably been killed in the Holocaust. er who is too infirm to make the journey to Israel. Hilda will Following through David realized that the person writing the also visit the grave of her parents, who died and were buried in testimony did not know that Hilda was still alive. The testimony Canada, thinking that their daughter perished in the had been written by Hilda’s brother Simon who now lives in Holocaust. Canada. The family lived in Romania during the Holocaust On Sept. 18, Hilda and Simon, accompanied by family mem- years, and from there went to Poland and Ukraine. Members of bers, arrived at the Lecture Hall of the International Research the family spent time in a work camp. After the War, some of the Institute of Yad Vashem, to commemorate their reunion. JC siblings moved to Israel. Simon served in the IDF during the War of Independence, but moved afterwards to Canada, in the foot- Copyright Isranet 2006 Photos copyright Isranet Simon Glasberg and his sister Hilda Shlick at Yad Vashem Page 18 The Jerusalem Connection January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767
  19. 19. Baker’s sellout plan By Dick Morris and Eileen Mc Gann C an Iran help us bail out of Iraq? Maybe — but we’d bet- ter take a hard look at the price. The idea has reportedly been floated via a draft report to the Iraq Study Group (headed by former Secretary of State James Baker), which calls for a “dialogue” with Iran as well as Syria. Along the same lines, British Prime Minister T ony Blair recently said Iran could be a “partner” with the West if it did not develop a bomb. Presumably, we’d ask Iran to help stabilize the situation in Iraq, curb the Shiite militias and encourage the Iraqi government to make sufficient concessions to the Sunnis to end or at least reduce the violence. Would it work? It could. Iran certainly has sought to arm and enflame the Shiites in Iraq. Maybe the mullahs can rein in their proxies, and let us withdraw in dignity — not holding onto the skids of the helicopter as it lifts off our embassy this time. But why would they play ball with Washington at the same time that Bush is threatening sanctions explicitly and a military James Baker strike implicitly if Iran proceeds to develop nuclear weapons? No chance. So this proposal amounts to the de facto abandonment of any The Middle East will become an Iranian sphere of influence. military or economic actions that could deter Iran from going Such an under-the-table deal would amount to a total sellout nuclear. of Israel and Saudi Arabia and America’s other Arab allies. Of course, Baker may seek and Iran may offer public assurances The Jewish state would be left with no alternative but to take that it won't develop nuclear weapons — the same worthless assur- whatever military action it could to stop Iran from completing its ances it now passes out to the entire world. What will have nuclear program. American capitulation will have left it with no changed is that America and Britain will be so engaged with Iran alternative. that they can’t and won’t bomb or even impose tough sanctions. Would Jim Baker cut such a deal? In a heartbeat. Never a In short, we can only get Iran’s help on Iraq if we let Tehran friend of Israel, he wouldn’t flinch at a realpolitik solution giving get the bomb. Iran power throughout the region. Yet, with nukes, Iran gains the leverage to force Iraq, Kuwait, But why would Bush go along? It would be “peace in our time” Saudi Arabia and all the region’s oil producers to move in its orbit. — Munich, 1938 — all over again. JC New Commission will call for Israeli Concessions T he New York Sun newspaper the panel’s expert advisers, who is an advo- parliament on Nov. 28 that when he met reported that it obtained a confi- cate for renewed American diplomacy with President Bush in late November, he dential memorandum that indi- with Iran and Syria. According to Close, would push the American leader to focus cates the Baker-Hamilton Commission the proposed regional talks would focus on more on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, will call for concessions by Israel to be the finding “a comprehensive resolution to which he called the “core” issue in the key to enticing Syria and Iran to partici- the Israel-Arab crisis through a process of Middle East. JC pate in an international conference on reasonable compromise and accommoda- Iraq. According to the Sun, the revelation tion between Israel and its Arab neigh- The Media Line, Nov. 29 2006, comes from Raymond Close, a member of bors.” Jordan’s King Abdallah II told his January - February 2007 • Kislev-Tevet-Shevat 5767 The Jerusalem Connection Page 19