Islam-A Religion Of Peace? - Jvt - Jan Feb 2003


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Islam-A Religion Of Peace? - Jvt - Jan Feb 2003

  1. 1. JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2003 T EVET-SH VAT-ADAR I 5 7 63 N. "N./ DJ. VJ/ n:m V I ~ filUBLl C~TI Qi'I ElF- JEI(',;ISH VElie!;: 1'<1 I§,"VRIE §, ti'lT E~NAFIO ~L
  2. 2. TODAY .J AN UA f'~Y / ~ EBR UAAY 2003 C bboul O (ave' ...................................................................2 ur Ihaloml Jonothon 8<rnil... .......................................... .3 o ~yl~~;O~~I~~~,.~ ~~~~~? Exploring Israel P 2 I. .... ................................... .....4 N B Iorah....................................................................................6 y T Ihe lignilicance ol lhe lamer Orruary By Rcrodoll p"ce ........................................................................8 /l.a Hadash • Whal'r New? New. I,om 1"..1& Around /he E Why Oon'l You Calilbunelf You Have 'ilrillen • fmlbock .._.l .... _. ..... . . ._._._11 C~~"lians? .. .. _ 6Iad lbu AIMdIIr -......,......-1 - ....._--......;.. 1-._ Vol ume 37. Num ber 1 January/ February .2003 JEWISH VOIC E MINISTRIES INl"ERNATIONAL dM", to aoa JEWISH VOICE TODAY Of the left. not Iookmg at the Publisher: Jonathan Bernis . the horror and destruc- Ed itor & Graphic Des ign: S. Weiner them ... Je'rsh VOICe Today 16001 North 30ith Street. Phoenix. A:l 85032. yet, we are emember that we are not fighbng nesh SeM a1 address changes and other oorres;x>nderce 1 0; and blood, but ralhel powers and pnnclpalities in heavenly p.e Box 30990, Phoenix, Al. 8504G-0991), U.SA realms. These Muslims have believed a lie . a lie that will exact On the web : http://www.jewishvoice .org their own 6fe and rob them of eternity in the end. They are pawns In the hand of a hateful god. This is the god who seeks JEWISH VOICE TODAY BOARD OF DIRECTORS to oppose the one trUle God of the universe - the God of Rabbi Jonathan Bernis Abraham, Isaac (not Ishmael!), and Israel. We have read the Mrs. Chira K aplan book and we know his end is near and that the end for his fol· Eli,ot Klayman, Esq. lowers is terrible bey()nd words. So, we do need to pray for Mrs. Madelaine Und1all l Ihese, our ·enemie s~ for now, a people for whom Messiah came Dr. Jeff Seif and died and for whom He broke the chains of death. May God Mr. R West oger have mercy. amen. Mr. James Mueller --Editor
  3. 3. From Jonathan Bernls Dear Jewish Voice Family. I want to begin by wishing you and yours a very happy New Year. My prayer for each of you is that 2003 will be a year of blessing and frui~ulness , a year of growing closer to the Lord and fulfilling His plan and purposes for your life. We have devoted this issue to the growing Ihreal of Islam. II is my conviction Ihal no grealer threal exists in Ihe world loday bolh for Israel and Ihe Church. Ihan Ihe growth of fundamenlal· ist. mililani Islam. The fundamenlalisl Muslim agenda is nolhing shorl of absolule world domi· nation and they will not rest until this mission is completed. Two nations sland in their way however; The Uniled Siaies and Israel. For years. Ihe United Stales has been called 'the Great Satan" and Israel 1he lillie Satan .' In reality. fundamenlalisl Muslims do nol hale Ihe U.S. because we support Israel. They hale us because we are Ihe pn· mary beacon of treedom and democracy in Ihe world and Ihey see Israel as a US salellite in the Middle East. As believers. we must nol tall prey to any anli·lsrael propaganda. We must hold sleadfasllo our policy 10 sland firm wilh Israel. One would have Ihoughllhallhe hornfic evenls of Seplember 11, 2001 would have awakened Ihe American public 10 the diabolical spinl of fanalicallslam. bulthis unfortunalely was not the case. Our public awareness was short lived and our nation has apparently slumped back into our spirilual blindness. lethargy and indifference. Israel lives conslanlly with the horrors of Islamic·motivated lerrorism daily. In a recenl poll. 80% of Palestinians said they support suicide attacks upon Israeli civilians. This is a shocking reve- lation Ihal reflecls very negalively on Iheir failh (over 95% are Muslims), even if Iheir griev· ances are widely perceived as justifying "violent resistance" against Israel. These Islamic extremists are madmen who worship Jihad. holy war and have no regard for human life. Nol only do they seek to wipe out the Jewish Community in Israel, they also persecute their Arab brolhers who are Chrislians. Many alrocilies againsl Arab Chrislians are laking place through· oul lhe Muslim World. It woutd be a profound mistake 10 assume Ihal all Muslims are "bad people" or Ihal all Arabs are Muslims. Just because someone is a Muslim or of Arab decent does not make them a ter- rorist. Many Muslims are sincere. peace·loving people and many Arabs are actually Chnstians. As believers we should not hate anyone. We are, in fact, commanded to love all people, even our enemies. But we are also exhorted to be aware of the tactics of the enemy and there is no grealer salanic danger to Chnslians and Jews alike Ihan Ihe Islamic agenda. Please read the articles carefully ... as believers we musl be knowledgeable about this growing Ihreal and be failhfully inlerceding againsllhe principalilies and powers conlrolling the hearts and minds of Ihese violenl fanalics. On Ihe home fronl. we are gearing up for a frui~ul year of oulreach 10 Ihe Jewish People and Ihe Nations. Our viSion remains "to proclaim Messiah to the world ~ and we will not waiver in this call. Jonalhan Bemis. Presidenl Jewish Voice Ministries International
  4. 4. Most peop(e rea(~e dlot IsCam 15 Olle Of tru~ Voda's major refi- 9ioHS, out very felV Utl0l ' lIIudt a60ut it. Since: September 11 it rutS receh'Cti a rot of IfIcfliCl attention, nlu! there has GUll a major c.ampni9n to paint il as a rdi9ion of peace. ru incfivid'uafs, lItalty Musfims lItay 6< peace (m'iIl9 peop(e, 6ut is it tme of tfIe idw(ogy alld dOctrilles of [s(am itseCf! (J !O J"" 't , is a religIOn , but the core of Islamic teaching, is thai religion is not a part of life, but life is a part of religion. Thus everything in life is domina ted by reli- gion. As such , Islam is a socia-political , socio-religious. socie-economical , educa- tional, legislative, judicial. and militaristic system clothed in religious terminology. Islam grants radical Muslims a mandate to change the existing society into an Islamic dominated society. How is this achieved? History proves it is by violent aggression and severe oppressIon, fueled by religiOUS zeal. :J(7"'~ - 1[1 < W"l '''' (J1 " '-,, ~(s< The familiar term Jihad - often translated holy war, literally means struggle. Many Muslims will say that jihad is about struggling aga inst evil and, only if neces- sary, defending one's homeland and religious heritage, Militant Muslims will point to numerous Quramc texts where Muhammad (as AUah's spokesman) commands his followers to fight and subdue af! who resisllslam. What leads young men to volun- teer to die for the privilege of killing others "for the cause of AI/ah ?~ II may have much to do with the fact that Islam offers no certain hope of heaven, with one exception - dying m the cause of jihad. Martyrdom is the only assured path to Paradise and acceptance into the "Gardens of Sensual Delights, ~ A person may do many kind deeds dunng his life, he may even scar himself in brutal seff·mutilation ceremonies for Allah, but he may only hope that he will attain heaven. These works don't guarantee success like martyrdom in the 'cause of Allah.' 1[7' ~,..-'"" b- '7 1-4" 7 ' Nt The Ouran is the Muslim 'holy book' dating from the 6th century AD, believed by Muslims to have been given by revelation to Muhammad. "the last propher in the line from Abraham through Ishmael - who is believed to be the true child of promise. The Hadith is the narrative , and record of individual sayings, actions and approvals of Muhammad. taken as Ihe model of behavior by Muslims. Bolh books contain an abundance of accounts and directives of brutality and domination, and a clear call 0 war, Consider a few verses from the Qur'an and Ihe Hadith: ~As for those who are slain in the cause of God.,. He will admit them to the Paradise He has made known to them, ~ (47:8) -Let those who would exchange the life of this world for the hereafter, fight for the cause of God; whether he dIes or triumphs, we shall n 'chly reward him.,. ~ (4:74) ·Slay the idolalers wherever you find lhem ., ,Iie in ambush everywhere for VOICE TODAY ..JANUARy/ FEBRUARY 2003
  5. 5. them.' (9:5) IslamiC militia IS waging a war to annihilate the Christian popula- ~ Those that make war against God and His apostle and tion. Over lhe past several years, thousands of Indonesian spread disorder in the land shall be put /0 death or crucified or Christians have been butchered for the crime of not convert· have their hands and feet cut off on oppos"e sides .. .'(5:34 ) ing to Islam. If Islam is for ·peace and harmony." then where is ·Fight against such of those to whom the Scrptu,"s the widespread outrage from Mulsims over these ongoing atroci- were given ... and do not embrace the true Faith, until they pay ties committed in the name of Allah? tribute out of hand and aro utlerty subdued.• (9:29) As of October, of 30 wars raging In the world , 28 From the Haditt1: Ibn Haban in his Sahih, vol. 14, p. 529. involved Muslim aggression, narrates: Muhammad said, M swear by Him who has my 5001 in / The Our'an teaches that Muslims are nol to initiate war. But his hands, I Vias sent 10 you with nothing but slaughter. · Islam has a way around this. For example, Muslims are supposed to offer non·Muslims an 'opportunity' to embrace Islam. If they 8 s/.~ •.., (/ ,.",..,:. 4 .;'<H)",·/:. refuse. Muslim thought is thai they have committed aggression against Allah and Islam. Therefore, the Muslim is allowed to fight The concept of jihad is rooted in another concept - Shari's these 'aggressors against Allah and Istam · until they become (Islamic law.) More Ihan forty of the world's countries with a Muslims or are killed . The Our'an also leaches that Muslims do majonty of Muslim population, have embraced Shari'a. and those not owe honesty to 'infidels,' therefore even world leaders can lie that have not are under relentless pressure to do so. For exam· in high level negotiations without conscience. And their words are ple. over lhe past mne years in Algeria , some 100,000 moderate often doublespeak. When Arafat says, ~We deplore the killing of Muslims have been slain by militant Muslims. The reason? innocent peopler He is speaking honest/yoHowever, according to The militant MUSlims want political control of the nation. ThiS is a Quran, only very strict adherents to Islam are ~jnnocenl: growing trend in the Islamic world, Americans, Christians and Jews are not "innocent people- by Islam claims to be a religion that has the answers for society, Muslim standards. a religion that offers peace and wholeness. So where should we Again we ask: ~is Islam a religion of peace?" Consider this look for an example of true Islam in practice? Iran? Afghanistan? passage from Qur'an 4:89: ~If anyone wants /0 leave Islam he is Pakistan? Libya? Turkey? Egypt? Indonesia? How about Saudi to be put to death.~ No, Islam is a religion of fear and oppression, Arabia? While many Muslims may decry the Kingdom of Saudi not peace. The Islamic concept of peace is making the whole Arabia as corrupt. it is the "keeper of Islam" and the religious cen· world Muslim, which is actually a mandate for war. ter toward which more than one billion Muslims face five times a Islam represents the greatesl spiritual threat the world faces day as Ihey repeat their prayers. In Saudi Arabia, freedom of reli- today. Arm yourself with truth and pray according to knowledge. gion is nonexistent. It IS iUegal to read a Bible or vocalize a non· From information submtt1ed anonymously by former Musfims Muslim prayer in the privacy of one's own horne. In-Depih RaSI)<J!f;h 0nNrie: I'/'H'WJllessyjew.orgllsiarnlWar,1tml Under Islamic law, conversion to Christianity by a Saudi citi- zen is punishable by beheading. We have heard it said by Christian leaders in this country that the Muslims are our broth· ers. How can this be when one considers the persecution Christians suffer around the world under Islam? According to Amnesty International, Ihe persecution of Christians in Saudi Arabia has increased dramatically S Ince the Gulf War. More than a thousand cases have been documented in which Christian foreign workers have been arrested, imprisoned and/or beaten for participating in private worship mee6ngs. Islam teaches that Jesus can not be the Messiah because he is of the blood line of Isaac, whereas (Islam teaches) the promses of Abraham flow through Ishmael and onto Muhammad. Written on Ihfl outside of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem are the words: "The God Who Has No Son." The harsh reality is that in every country where Shari'a IS embraced, non·Muslims face, at best, dISCrimination, sOClal ostracism and harassment, and at worst. prison. torture, and death for their religious beliefs. A horrifying example of Shad'a and Jihad in combination can be seen in Sudan. where since 1983. the MUSlim Arab North has killed an estimated two mil· lion non·Muslim blacks in the South. Another five miUion have been displaced. Slavery, rape, torture, forced Our'anic indoctrina· tion of children, and bombings of churches are regular events. In Indonesia, the laksar Jihad, a weU-organized and wel·armed PAOE 5 .JEWISH VOICE T OD AY JA N UARY/ FEBR UARY 2003
  6. 6. Israel 2003 Inspirational & Prophetic Teaching Tour of Israel
  7. 7. SPECIAL INTEREST - ARC HAEOLOGY The Significance of the By Randall Price James Ossuar~ T he discovery of the "James Ossuary,· with the earliest the manufacture of chip--carved Jewish ossuaries (such as this known arcnaeological mention of Jesus, has now been one) which ceased around AD 70. reported by every major news service around the world. However, an epitaph bearing such important New Testament t was privileged to vie~w this new discovery in late November al names has also made some scholars skeptical of the genuine- the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. ness of the inscription. Historian Robert Eisenman, who has The James ossuary, so-called because this limestone burial made a career seeking to identify James as Ihe leader of the box once held the bones of a Jew named James, was used in Qumran Community. has slaled that the inscription is "100 per- the custom of secondary burial that existed only in the late fect.· implying that it may be a forgery or at best altered to Second Temple period, the time when Jesus carried out His min- include the name of Jesus. istry. Understanding tlhis practice helps us understand the seem- Most of Ihese doubts were laid to rest by tests conducted by ingly harsh reply of J!~SUS to the objection Of a man who wanted the Geological Survey of Israel that have revealed the inscription to postpone following Jesus so he could "go and bury his father" was made at the same time as the ossuary which can be traced (Matt. 8:21-22: lk. 9:!;9·60). Jesus' statement does not address to a first-century quarry and workshop in Jerusalem. Moreover, an immediate need for burial, but the traditional secondary burial an unfortunate crack directly through the name ·Yeshua" on the in the ossuary which 'Would occur a year later. Such a request to ossuary thai occurred while transporting it for exhibition in perform a non-biblical ritual a year away was nol worth neglect- Canada has made it possible to examine this proposed addition ing the immediate call to follow the Savior! Mosl ossuaries have inscriptions recording the identity of the remains in the form of the name of the deceased plus his paternal relation. The James ossuary bears a typical Aramaic inscription, however, it is unique in that it also includes the addi- tional relation of a brother. It read: "James, the son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.• The combination of these three famous names suggests that this per- son was the James of the New Testament who was called '"the Lord's brolhe( (Mallhew 13:55). II was this James who witnessed Jesus' resurrec- tion (1 Cor. 15:7), and who as the leader of the Jerusale~m church was martyred in AD 62 (Acts 15: 12: Josephus Flavius, Antiquities of the Jews 20.197·203). This date would fit within the upper limit established for Y a'akov bar PAGE 8 JEWISH VOICE TODAY JANUARy/ FEBRUARY 2003
  8. 8. in croSS-seclIon, further confirming it as an original part of the inscription. Furthennore, the Aramaic spelling of "brother,· although rare, has been confirmed from one of the oldest of the Dead Sea Scrolls known as the Genesis Apocryphon and from one other first-century Jerusalem ossuary (see below). 1 ','." . • ~ . • Dr. Randall Prica holds a Ph.D. in Middle Eastern Studies 'rom , IfI. the has done of TeKas and University graduate ~ work at the Hebrew These facts argue strongly for the authenticity of the inscription University in Jerusalem. on the James ossualY, it does not prove it actually He is President of refers to New T estament figures. French scholar Andre Lemaire, World of the Bible who first published the inscription in the Biblical Archaeological Ministries, Inc., has Review (NovlDec 2002: 24,33). has been reucenllo make such several books on 8rchaeology and is currently Director of a claim. He has calculated that lhese popular names could have at /he Qumran Plateau. Israel. been found in this relationship in Jerusalem two generations before AD 70 in as many as 20 different people. Is there any evidence that could narrow the identification and make more Books by this Author probable identification with the James of the New Testament? IN SEARCH OF I believe there is. TEM PL E T R EASURES Th e Race w Fim/ ,lte Ark ... Even though it is plausible that 20 people could have pos- 1l'e sean:h ilr II'e Ark c:lhe Covenant has Ired II'e rnagnalilns c:I arthaeotJgisls arC _ c:I sessed this exact combination of names, it is improbable that all propheCy Ii'ro..!tJ te age:; Does I sIi exist? WI'tI- would have been buried In ossuaries, and even more improbable I SO i'rjxm1l?'Vvhere nij11 be b:ated? Take a that any lNOuld have had their ossuaries inscribed with the addi· """'rkabIe~ no ll'eArk's ~ pas! tion of the brother's name. In fact, aCCOfding to the Catalogue of arC its ir~ ~ II'e Iiri'g c:l1as! days' events ""'1I'isias<i1ali-.;,arC~ Jewish Ossuaries in the Co1lections of the State of Israel, the book by RardaI~. ORDER #8739....$20.00 most extensive listin!~ of known ossuaries, there is only one other Jewish ossuary that mentions relation to a brother. The only rea- son for such an addition would be that the brother was responsi- ble for the burial or was especially well known and the deceased had a special relalionship wilh him. By the lime 01 James' dealh Jesus' Messianic claim and career were well known (see Josephus, Antiquities 18. 548), and James' reputation was well established as His half-brother and leader of His church in Jerusalem. YeL another piece of evidence coming from the early Messianic community itself helps to strengthen this conclusion. In the first-century, the believing Jewish community buried their IlnholVWar dead in the Mount of OliveslMount Scopus range. Hundreds of America, Israel & Radical Islam For years the Middle East conflict seemed a ossuaries of Jewish believers have been discovered in this area distant problem, bul recent cataSlrophic and a number are on display al Dominus Flevit, the traditional elenls have changed that. What was once a site where Jesus wept, located on the northeastern slope of the faraway conflict has now spread 1 America 0 and the resl of the Westem world. Mount of Olives. Soil sample tests on the ossuary revealed that it How has this come about? Why has lerrOOsm indeed had been buried in this area and the ossuary's owner has spilled over to America's shores? staled it was found among the ancient tombs. In light of the fame Dr. Price prolides clear, concise answers 10 these complex questions in this timely book. attacl1ed to the name Yeshua (Jesus), ilthis was the ossuary of ORDER #9200.... $15.00 a Jewish believer who regarded Jesus as his "lord,' it is unthink- able that he, or a farnily member responsible for his burial, would Jerusalem have risked irreverence by using this now holy name in so com. IN PROl'l:IECY man a manner. No one except the ooe who could legitimately What do current events n Jerusalem tell us about the end times? Do God's promises to claim such a relationship would do so, and this would limit us to Israel now belong to the Church? What will only one candidate, the New Testament James. Therefore, the life be like in the New Jerusalem? The Bible evidence is sufficient to conclude that with the discovery of this says much more about the Millennial Kingdom and eternity than many Christians ossuary we have the first archaeological evidence of James, the realize. Whal wonders await us in the New leader of the Jerusalem church and the earliest inscription yet Jerusalem? Discover all this and more. discovered 10 record the name of Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah. Includes charts, never-before published photos and exclusive interviews! ¢¢¢¢¢ ORDER #8770.... 515.00 JANUARY/ FEel~UARY 2003 ..JEW IS H VOICE TODAY PAGE Q
  10. 10. CORRESPOND ENCE ear Mr. BemiS and Jewish Voice, kil1ers!~ (As believers we know Ina! D I am cun'ous about something I hope you can help me understand, The Bib'e says thaI in Antioch /he believers were first called Christians. I'm not sayin.g that Messianic Jews HAVE to ""lllhemselves Chrislians, bul why do a true Christian means a follower of Jesus, who was Jewish. and preached love of the Jewish peo- ple. but the Jewish people have no way to make that dIStinction.) So they (and you) choose not to? , suppose it has some- for those of us who have commit- thmg 10 do wilh changin9 lhe name to Yeshua also so ted our lives to reaching our that it S()unds more JeWish? Jewish brethren with the good Thank you in advance for your answer. news that the promised Messiah of Dear KT, KT, Houston, TX (J (11) (11) (J * Israel has come, we try 10 rommu· nieate in terminology thai presents Yeshua within the Jewish context Thank you for writing. Yours is a question often in which He came to His own, asked. Ads 11 :26 does say that the followers of rather than identifying with cen- Yeshua (Jesus) 'were 'rsl called Christians in the dly turies of anti-Semitic persecution. of Antioch.' And hislory has shown Ihal as the church The Bible lells us thai salvation became more and more non-Jewish over the cen· went to the Gentiles so thai they turles. Jesus CMst became the accepted name of could in turn bring it back to the Yeshua, our Messiah. Jewish people· make them jealous However, there is no command in the Bible that He must for their own God. How can that be accomplished jf He is pre- be called Jesus Christ - il is merely pari of our culture and tra- sented completely unrecognizable as the God of Israel? dition. The only true commandment fe9a~ding His Name is Throughout the centuries and thro~~hout the Old Te~lament found in Malthew 1:21: 'And she shall bnng forlh a son, and the Jewish people were always waiting for the MeSSiah - the you shall ""II his name YESHUA: lor he shall save his people deliverer. They weren't waiting for ~the Christ" - that is a very from their sins.• The Angel of the Lord would not have spoken foreign word. In fact, many Jewish people think that Jesus to Joseph, a Hebrew man, in Greek. The Name that was com- Christ IS "the god of the Gentiles" - a foreign god. like the gods manded from the messenger of God was "Yeshua" which of the pagans. For 2000 years GOO punished ~e Jewish peo- means "salvalion.M Yeshua was the name His family called ple fOf going after foreign gods by the loss thelf Land. In all the him. The name Jesus has no inherent meaning, whereas Hebrew prayer books, the Jewish people are always crying out Biblical Hebrew names have meanings. revealing the nature of the person upon whom it is bestowed. It was very imPO':'3nt to a Hebrew spea~ng people thai Ihe Messiah be named In such for the Messiah and looking for God's "salvallon' · 'YESHUA.' II would have been a very powerful thing il His Name had nol • • an identifiable way. Now this is not to say that it is wrong to use the name. been changed and every Jewish person would have 10 face thai as they go through their prayers and pray for Yeshua, that • lhe Gentiles are already worshiping Him! Jesus Christ. The whole wortd knows who you are speaking of Se!ti~ the issue of Jewish ministry aside, the title of and God knows as well. Howeler, the name evokes a very Christian lust doesn't say much anymore. It has been so deval- negative connotation to Jewish people. It evokes centuries of ued by people who claim to be Christians, but bear little Of no hatred violence bloodshed and attempts of annihilation under resemblance to Yeshua or His first followers, that it has the sig'n of the c~oss, by ~ple and ~ations claiming~ to b,e become almost meaningless. Therefore, above all, let our Christians. It evokes memones of being accused as Christ· lives, more than our words speak for us, - Sarah me ..In'••r Jewish Voice: grandson, I I just wanted to let you know that your show aillhe time, blesses me TREMENDOUSLY!!I The show express the depth 01sorrow losses- airs here In Dallas on Dayslar. After last senseless murders." day after day, We are week's show. I found myself praying. "Lord, e... er thankful for ihose who stand wlIh Israel. teach me more about your heri~e ; about Never cease pra~~ng for the peace· the well· the people you were born into.- Continue to being - of Jerusalem. SG, Jerusalem, Israel share your visdom with us. I pray that God will continue to empower you to prosper and succeed. Thank you! LSH, Dallas, TX "****** Answered Prayerl I .Faye . Her husband called in becaus~ she 00*1)0(11) I had a lung infection, possibly pneumorua, He Dear Friends in Amer;ca: back the tears as we drove by and thanked calJed back the next day 10 say that she was This morning my husband and I left Ihe G-d thai He had spared our IIles today, Of completely healed of the infectionl house together to wait In our usual spot for cours9this bombing wasn't the first time that 2. Tim . HIS lather called in for his son as (TIm) our bus, out it was not a usual morning: The I was spared and probably won', be Ihe last. had just been let go al his employment. His e)(il 10 the neighborhood was blocked With TV but when it happens so close. son got an even better job the very next day! cameras, ambulances and police cars. plus It's very traumatic. 3. A mother called for her son who was ill and hundreds of people looking at Ihe bombed So. tonight we walked over 10 the site of the out of wori<:. Several people owed him money out bus and ·prolesting against the Arabs. bombing to pay our respects and light some but weren't paying. He was in danger 0.1 los· This could have been our bus. but we chose candles Lois of young kids saymg prayers. ing his home. That same week he received not 1 leave early today, When our bus came 0 Lots of candles and fimvers. Lots of tears. Ihe money owed to him and was able to pay along, I was glad to see that our driver's life The dealh notices were posted. The one thai his bills! (J: (:1'1:) (U): (I: (I: "]11C tcnihlc thil1~ ahuut tcm:nisl1l b that ultimately it dcstrm'S those ho practise il. Slowly hut slln:I~. :l'" I tilt.":, tr) h) c.xtingui ... h life ill others. the li~lu "ithin them dk':"O. t, erry aite Bn/ish RelIJlOUs Advisor. hostage rn Lebanon T W .JANUARy/FEBRUARY 2003 .JEWISH VOICE TODAY PAGE I I
  11. 11. PROPHETIC VIEWS BEHIND THE NEWS By Jan Markell ((1 do understand that not every Muslim is radical or a ten-orist. " A Message to American Muslims I do understand that not every Muslim Is radical or a ter· almost secretive society. and your silence is deafening. I have (orist. The number of radicals among the 1.3 billion Muslims in not heard more than a couple of your leaders in this country the world is estimated at somewhere between 4% and 15%. We speak remorse for some of the Islamic terror anY'>'Vhere in the may never know the accuracy of those figures. since many live world , but particulany in America or Israel. I implore you to make under repressive governments that don't let you speak anything sincere public statements, such as, ·Please forgive those of our but the government-sanctioned rhelonc faith for what they have done 10 innocent people everywhere. But I truly want to understand you , and the God within me They are an utter embarrassment to Islam: wants me to love you . I keep hearing thai you are a "religion of And when W you denounce the fanatics among Islam world- ill M peace yet around the world my Christian brothers and sisters , wide, such as Hussein, bin l aden, Farrakhan, Aratat, Islamic are being slaugh tered in heinous ways based on some writings Jihad, Hamas, and the mu!iahs who end their Friday prayers with in the Koran . It troubles me that we are ·jnfide l s~ in the eyes of "death to America" and V Itriolic hale spewed against Israel? some of your When will you denounce in black and white terms-not shades clergy. when of gray- all among you who espouse violence and fanaticism? as Christians You cannot be ambivalent in my eyes anymore. Until you con- we are vince me that you are with us and not with the terrorists, I will taught to remain cautious about you and I will worry about you . I probably love every- won't totally trust many of you . I wish it could be different. one , even However, the God 01 Israel I serve will never let me hate you. non-believ- Perhaps that is the greatest difference in our two faiths. ers. II you (t (u) (t (t (t (t are a religion of peace, do so many of your brothers dance in the streets for joy when America and Israel are targeted for terror? I musl know which among you repre- sents ·peace I Q • dearly can'l make that distinction or decision. so it is up to you to determine it for me. We have wel- comed many of you to our great nation. Our constitution pro- lects you and allows you many righls. So. do you love AmericB and pledge allegiance to our flag? Do you pray Ihat Allah will bless and protect Ollf nation? Do you appreciate the liberty and freedom you have here, as opposed 10 the tyranny in some at the nations you have lefl? Or do you speak behind the walls of your mosques that America really is the "Greal Satan~? If you are doing this, I will still try to love you because my Bible tells me to love my enemies. But that doesn't mean I will trust you. You know some of the terrorists among us. Could n't you turn some of them over to our authorities? I see you as a closed. PAGE 12 JEWISH VOICE TODAY .JANUARy/ FEBRUARY 2003
  12. 12. i us some of his televised Hebrew Word of the Day teachings from 2002. IS FANATI C ISLAM Let's see how weU you paid attention! A GLOB..tL rHRKA" Yeshua; Salvation .c,~t7 Boker tov; Good morning •..• ..• .. ~~ Shalom; peace,HeIlO,GOOd-bye.... ~,.;1IIIj1 --q 1_; Beit; House i00i111 I I ,.,. Lo; No ~,~ i'': Melon; Hotel ~,~ ~.,V Ken; Yes ~,~ :'l~~' B'seder: In order, Alright . "" :'l t7 i'~': .. "" Baruch Ha'Shem; Bles~):!is'Na,!,e n,~", y Lila tov; Good night .···· ~ "'': Ruach Hakodesh; Holy Spirit . i"C B'vakashah; Please C"'i':"1 n,-, Erev tov; Good evening .,'0': Stumped? Check. our website for the answers! ,JANUARy / FEBRUARY 2003 ,JEWISH VOICE. TODAY PAGE 13
  13. 13. UARTE"S "EPO~T ... HQ The outreach festivals that began in 1993 have seen over five- hundred-thousand attend, including JeWish people. Millions more have viewed them on television in their respective countries . Two-hundred-fifty-lhousand people have responded to the invita- tion to receive Yeshua-Jesus. Half of that number have been Jewish people. Jewilh Voice Today Beginllool With New and Return 6uelll The January-February program schedule lor our hall-hour weekly Jewish Voice Today telecast features a new guest beginning January 5th with Sandra Teplinsky. the Director of Light of Zion, an internalionalleaching and prayer ministry. Sandra is also the author of 1:'0 books, "The Blessing of Israef and ·Out of Darkness. · Jonathan Bernis. Executive Director of Jewish Voice will be exploring the tOPIC of Sandra's latest book, ~The BleSSing ewish Voice Ministries' half·hour television special, "Blow of Israel, · which explains the relationship and shared destiny of J the Trumpet in Zion " is being well received aU across Ihe country. Since October it has aired on selected stahons and networks including World Harvest and the Inspiration Network. We have seen response from over one-hundred-fifly Christians and tlle Jewish oeople. Our return guest, the weeks of January 26th and February 2nd, is a popular one, Dr. Larry Bates, the publisher and editor of ~Monetary and Economic Review· and the autllor of the book, cities nationwide. !I is also being aired on the Jewish Voice "The New Economic Disorder. WI1I You Survive?" He Today network of stations on a monthly basts. will be talking about what he believes is the Almost one·thousand new viewers have responded to the pro- coming collapse of the American gram. All of them have received special gifts from Jewish Voice economy. of authentic Shofars and videos of our overseas fes:ival out- Another reaches. This special "Blow the Trumpet in Zion" program focuses on Jewish Voice's over· seas evangelism outreach to the Jewish people andthe~"'L very popular past guest be Marvin Byers. author book, "Yasser Arafat. An a;;::J.::;;:I~~~ Character? - He believes Vasser Ararat lfil the I In Daniel of the prophetic Character. Ihe "Iiltle horn: Marvin Byers IS a Jewish believer in Yeshua, a for- mer resident of Israel, international evangelist and pastor. The staff of Jewish Voice would like 10 W each and every ish one of you abundant blessings in the coming year· health. peace and prospenty In Ihe Messiahl - V~ PhilUp". PACE. 14 ,JEWISH VOICE T ODAY ,JANUARy/ FEBRUARY 2003
  14. 14. ill (whoever that was) I stared in puzzled horror at the parade of lilJing skeletons -all (which happened). But when I repented of my sin, trusted in with such terribly hollow cheeks and enormous eyes - the Yeshua's atonement, and embraced Him as Lord and Messiah, I subjects of grotesque, macabre-like Nazi "medica'" experi- got something far greater than anything I'd 1051 - peace with ments. Moments later, corpses - countless numbers of them - God. Now 1could have a relationship with the Creator like those were bulldozed and discarded into a mass pil like trash heaped in the Bible! t knew He loved me, and I loved Him. At last I knew on a garbage dump. how that great command could ever be fulfilled - to love the Then the film stopped. The rabbi fumbted for a moment with Lord with all your heart. mind and strength. the projector, an old reel·lo-reel, and switched on the lights. He The day soon came when Yeshua challenged me to forgive, turned to address our Shaooaf (Sabbath) youth gathering. even as I'd been forgiven. It was time to give up my vow. my -This is what Christians Will do to you, if you tellhem. You hurt, and my bitterness against the church . There was another must never let them; never again!" way: to bless those who'd cursed; to cover a multitude of sins "No, never again!" I vowed silenUy. I was five. The youth with the same love I'd freely received; and to weep intercessory gathering consisted of us kindergartners, plus the older kids in tears on behalf of my brothers and sisters, Ihe people of God. primary grades. I've since witnessed thousands of Jewish people profess faith It was a good vow I felt, because where I grew up. I had to in Messiah, and perhaps as many Christians profess love and learn 10 fight. No matter thai I was a girl; I was a Jew, and thai blessing toward Israel. I love the ministry of mediating God's was reason enough in my neIghborhood for a beating - even in kingdom on earth. But my greatesl treasure is intimate relation- America , even for a baby-boomer. After all, I had killed Christ ship with the Holy One of Israel, the lover of our souls, the God (whoever he was), and for this he apparently hated me and of Glory who miraculously graces us to love Him with all of our wanted me dead. His people kept telling me so. heart, mind and strength. I believed in God and wanted to be a good Jew. I went to For this, I praise and thank Him forever. synagogue faithfully with my family, and obseNed the commands ¢¢¢¢ and traditions. Each day for years I recited the lengthy Hebrew liturgy, including our cornerstone proclamation, the Shema: ~Hear o (srael, the Lord your God, the Lord is One,... You shall fave the Lord your God with al/ your heart, a/l your soul, and afl your might.- (Deut. 6) Judaism to me was very personat and important. Yet a nagging realization that cl)'stallized over the years began to haunt me: I did nollove God. Worse yet, I couldn't think of anyone in the synagogue who did. In fact. nobody I knew had a relationship with Him anything like Abraham, Isaac Jacob or Moses had. Why? Years later, my question unanswered, I left for co'lege. There I encountered a whole new form of anti-Semitism: it was called ·evangelism . ~ Evangelism, I felt sure, was a nonviolent but ill-dis- guised plot to destroy the Jews. I remembered my vow: Never again! So I devised a plan. I purchased a New Testament to read . From it I would compile arguments to refute the missionar- ies and disprove the gospel - virgin birth, resurrection, and all! By the second page of Matthew, however, I was dumbfound· ed. The very words of the book were charged with power and, of all things, love! Plus, they made sense. I knew enough of the Hebrew Scriptures to cross-reference prophecies and connect them to Jesus. To my shock, this Jesus (Yeshua) of the New Testament was obviously thoroughly Jewish: in fact, the entire New Testament was so very - Jewish! II was a diuying revela· tlon. t kept reading - and believing. Convinced after months of study that Yeshua was the Messiah, I knew there was only one thing to do: give my heart and life to Him. Certainly t stood to lose falllily and friends (which I did), as well as ties to the mainstream Jewish community ,JANUARV / F'EBRUARV 2003 ..JeWISH VOICE TODAY PAGE 15