Europa rides again jan-feb - 2010


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Europa rides again jan-feb - 2010

  1. 1. Contents 6 Prophetic Fulfillments of 2009 By Irvin Baxter The fulfillment of the prophecies of 4 . . . . . editorial the Bible charged ahead with ever- increasing speed in 2009. However, 5 . . . . . letters & feedback many people were totally unaware of what was coming to pass around them. This overview of the prophetic fulfill- 20 . . . world review ments of 2009 will amaze you. 24 . . . prophecy conference 8 Europa Rides Again By Irvin Baxter 32 . . . radio broadcast One of the five greatest prophetic fulfill- ments in the last 2,000 years? Absolutely! This article reveals where the Antichrist and the False Prophet will come from. 14 Prophetic Fulfillments of 2010 By Irvin Baxter What do the prophecies of the Bible foretell for the world’s future, and which of the prophecies are likely to come to pass in 2010? 18 16 American Role Model By Vince Stegall But everybody’s doing it! Did you ever 16 use that argument while growing up? Jesus stated emphatically that most people would not be saved. Where can young people go today to find the right role models? 18 Global Interdependence “Our 21st Century King George” By Dave Robbins You’ve heard the argument. “We must now all think globally and embrace new laws because all nations are now interdependent.” What is meant by 8 interdependence, and where will this path lead us? 28 World Leaders Push For Global Transaction Tax - A Massive Transfer of Wealth 14 By Rick Brinegar The internationalists have been push- 6 ing for a world tax for many years. They want this so the United Nations can become an independent entity of world government. Most world leaders favor implementing some kind of global tax some time this year. 28 JAN/FEB 2010 † ENDTIME 3
  2. 2. EDITORIAL m a g a z i n e EXECUTIVE EDITOR Irvin Baxter CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Ginger Boerkircher Magazine design and layout accomplished by the Endtime Ministries team and dedicated to our Lord and God, Jesus Christ. To advertise please contact: Irvin Baxter statement of faith We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and that He will t’s not often that people person- So many prophetic events transpired I come again to establish a kingdom that ally witness one of the five great- during 2009 that I was only able to shall never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44). est prophetic fulfillments in 2,000 scratch the surface in outlining and Those who are born again (John 3:3–5) years! When that event is the birth describing these developments. will have eternal life and rule as kings of the powerbase of the Antichrist, and priests with Christ forever. it becomes even more special. what is endtime? In 1968, Irvin Baxter Jr. discovered This edition’s feature article, “Europa “ I hope ‘Prophetic Fulfillments of the United States and other modern Rides Again!”, takes an in-depth look at 2009’ is as awakening to you, as nations in the Bible. He also found the the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire. As we look forward to 2010, almost it was to me.” Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one The re-creation of the Holy Roman every major world event that is unfold- day it was to be torn down, re-uniting Empire was completed on November 3, ing right now is affecting the fulfillment Germany, and that event would be 2009. This was such an important pro- of the prophecies for our time—in one the catalyst to spark an international phetic milestone that we took time in way or another. movement called the “New World this magazine to study the prophecy of Order.” These things have now come the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire Could you and I actually live in the to pass. Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal in detail. pages of the books of Daniel, Revelation minister, began Endtime Ministries in and the other prophets without being 1986 when he wrote A Message For The It would be a shame to personally aware? President, a book explaining the major witness one of the greatest prophetic prophecies of the Bible which he had fulfillments of all time and never realize Endtime magazine is dedicated to mak- been teaching since 1968. After the fall the importance of what you had seen. I ing sure that all of us do not repeat the of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfillment tragedy of those who lived in the super- accelerated rapidly. The decision was hope you will take the time to carefully natural days of the first coming of Jesus. made to launch Endtime magazine. The read, purpose of the magazine is to explain the prophecies of the Bible and to show that they are now being fulfilled Jesus said that great judgment Our first magazine of each year is in intricate detail. Articles focus on the “ Europa Rides Again!” traditionally devoted to reviewing the would come upon them, soon return of Jesus Christ, the truth of prophetic fulfillments of the passing the Bible, and the need for salvation. “ …because thou knewest not the year and discussing the possible Endtime does not deal with doctrinal time of thy visitation” controversies, as valid as they may be. prophetic fulfillments of the year we You and I live in fearful times and yet Luke 19:41-44 This will be left to other publications. are just entering. exciting times. To those who under- As I began to review and outline the stand the times and become participants “Prophetic Fulfillments of 2009,” in the unfolding plan of God, these are Endtime is published bi-monthly by Endtime, I was stunned by the tremendous the most exciting times in the history of Inc., 2701 E George Bush Turnpike Suite 100, Plano, TX, 75074. Subscription price is $29 for number of prophetic fulfillments the world. To those who do not know 12 issues. Copyright © 2009 Endtime, Inc. All that had transpired in the last twelve God, the times ahead will culminate in rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in months. I was also alarmed by how them hearing the words, part without written permission is prohibited. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to quickly some of them had faded from Endtime, PO Box 940729, Plano, TX 75094- my mind. 0729. For subscriptions call 24 hrs/day, 7 days/ week 1-800-Endtime. Other inquiries call 1-972- “ Depart from me, ye that 422-0857 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central). Scripture taken from the New King James work iniquity” Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Matthew 7:23 Subscribe Now 1.800.ENDTIME 4 ENDTIME † JAN/FEB 2010
  3. 3. JANUARY • FEBRUARY LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Q. Q. You were saying that 2 billion would be Please show me in scripture where the killed in the coming war. Could it be the world’s Bible states that the Antichrist will come from 2 billion Christians that will be killed? the revised Holy Roman Empire. A. A. Lisa Denver I see no way that the bulk of those In Nebuchadnezzar’s dream which Daniel killed in WW III will be “Christians”. The Bible revealed and then interpreted in Daniel 2:31-45, teaches clearly that the Holy Roman Empire will the legs of iron of the statue symbolized the be the dominant force on earth during the reign Roman Empire and the feet of iron mingled with of the Antichrist. The Holy Roman Empire will clay represented the Holy Roman Empire. The ten be a coalition between the political powers of toes of the statue symbolized the ten kings that Europe and apostate Christianity. This would be will form an alliance with the Antichrist during impossible if most so-called Christians were the endtime. Of those ten kings, verse 44 says, killed by then. “And in the days of these kings shall the God Q. of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed.” I was curious if you had any information regarding consolidating the 27 member states of In Daniel 7:24, these same ten kings are the EU into a 10-state union? Pretty exciting symbolized as ten horns, and are shown reigning times these days! with the Antichrist for three and one-half years. In this Daniel 7 prophecy, the Antichrist A. Angela is shown arising out of There are very these ten kings,the same serious problems within ten kings symbolized by the European Union right the iron mingled with now. It is totally pos- clay, which is the Holy sible that the stronger Roman Empire. (For a more states could decide that complete explanation of they can no longer prop the Holy Roman Empire, up the weaker states. see “Europa Rides This could lead to a Again!”, on page 8 in restructuring of the EU. this edition). Q. However, this may not be necessary in order for You talk frequently Europe to get to the about how young people, prophesied ten-nation less than 20 years old union. There already are usually saved, per is a ten-nation union the Bible. (As they have in Europe. The Western not reached the age of European Union is the reason). Where in the military arm of the Bible does it say this? European Union and has ten members. Could this Anonymous fulfill the prophecy of the ten-nation union? Time will tell. A. In Numbers 32:10- 11, God declared that Q. all of the children of Israel that were twenty years of age and older What does the Bible say Germany’s role in when Israel left Egypt would not be allowed the European Union will be? to go into the Promised Land. God held them A. Brennan responsible for the decision they made to not possess the land of Israel. However, let me Revelation 13:1-2 depicts Germany (the give a word of caution. I don’t believe this is leopard) as the body of the world government a hard and fast rule concerning when a person of the Antichrist. Germany has always been at reaches the age of accountability. I think that the heart of Europe since the birth of the Holy is something that only God is able to determine. Roman Empire in 800 AD. The leader of the Holy When a person hears the gospel and is mature Roman Empire has come from Germany almost every enough to accept it or reject it, that is time over the last 1,000 years. It is certainly when that individual will be held accountable possible that could happen one more time. to God. Furthermore, Germany is by far the strongest state in Europe right now. JAN/FEB 2010 † ENDTIME 5
  4. 4. Prophetic Fulfillments T of he Bible has given us many prophecies that will come to pass just 2009overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the con- 8. A dramatic increase By Irvin Baxter in homosexuality before the second coming of Jesus. summation, and that determined shall “Likewise also as it was in the days of Most of these prophecies are in the be poured upon the desolate. Lot…Even thus shall it be in the day process of fulfillment right now. Daniel 9:27 when the Son of man is revealed.” So that we can understand the prophet- In the same day the LORD made a Luke 17:28-30 ic fulfillments that occurred in 2009, covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy let’s list some of the prophecies that But before they lay down, the men of seed have I given this land, from the the city, even the men of Sodom, com- have been given to us by God river of Egypt unto the great river, the for this endtime. passed the house round, both old and river Euphrates: young, all the people from every quar- PROPHETIC FULFILLMENTS Genesis 15:18 ter: And they called unto Lot, and said NOW IN PROGRESS unto him, Where are the men which 5. Every person on earth came in to thee this night? bring them 1. One-world government will be given a number out unto us, that we may know them. Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be And he causeth all, both small and Genesis 19:4-5 the fourth kingdom upon earth, which great, rich and poor, free and bond, to shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and receive a mark in their right hand, or shall devour the whole earth, and shall in their foreheads: And that no man tread it down, and break it in pieces. might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the Daniel 7:23 number of his name. 2. One-world religion Revelation 13:16-17 “…and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshipped the dragon 6. The rebirth of the which gave power unto the beast: Holy Roman Empire and they worshipped the beast, saying, And whereas thou sawest iron mixed Who is like unto the beast? who is able with miry clay, they shall mingle them- to make war with him?...and power selves with the seed of men: but they Homosexuality is an evil spirit and is now being taught as “acceptable” in our childrens public school systems. Photo was given him over all kindreds, and shall not cleave one to another, even by: istockimages tongues, and nations. And all that dwell as iron is not mixed with clay. And in upon the earth shall worship him, whose the days of these kings shall the God of 9. The battle of Armageddon names are not written in the book of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall For I will gather all nations against life of the Lamb slain from the founda- never be destroyed: and the kingdom Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall tion of the world.” shall not be left to other people, but it be taken, and the houses rifled, and Revelation 13:3-4, 7-8 shall break in pieces and consume all the women ravished; and half of the these kingdoms, and it shall stand city shall go forth into captivity, and 3. One-world economy forever. the residue of the people shall not be And he causeth all, both small and Daniel 2:43-44 cut off from the city. Then shall the great, rich and poor, free and bond, to LORD go forth, and fight against those receive a mark in their right hand, or in 7. A war that will kill nations, as when he fought in the day their foreheads: And that no man might one-third of mankind of battle. buy or sell, save he that had the mark, Saying to the sixth angel which had the Zechariah 14:2-3 or the name of the beast, or the number trumpet, Loose the four angels which of his name. are bound in the great river Euphrates. Revelation 13:16-17 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, 4. A peace agreement in and a month, and a year, for to slay the the Middle East third part of men. And he shall confirm the covenant with Revelation 9:14-15 many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the Euphrates River. Photo by: istockimages 6 ENDTIME † JAN/FEB 2010
  5. 5. And he gathered them together into The depiction of the endtime kingdom where all religions are blended seam- a place called in the Hebrew tongue of the Antichrist as a “red” government lessly together into a global spirituality. Armageddon. in Revelation 17:3 provided absolute Revelation 16:16 proof that socialism was not dead. Not to mention that Mikhail Gorbachev, an THE PROPHETIC avowed socialist to this day, applauded FULFILLMENTS OF 2009 as the Berlin Wall was being dismantled and was given the Nobel Peace Prize ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT for his role in making it happen! So it “We are all socialists now” was really no surprise when Newsweek (Newsweek, 2/16/09) decided to inform us that “We are all We all remember seeing the headlines socialists now.” after the fall of the Berlin Wall and Americans who believe in free enter- Obama’s worst enemy may be his views on a one-world religion. Official White House Photo by: Pete Souza the dismantling of the iron curtain. prise were stunned throughout 2009 as “Socialism is Dead,” they screamed. they watched the government take over President Obama is not the first Consequently, it was quite a shock one bank after another, take over Gen- president to pursue this path. President to see Newsweek’s February 16, 2009 eral Motors and then fire its CEO, take George W. Bush said repeatedly that he cover gleefully proclaiming, “We Are over AIG…while setting up thirty-two believed Muslims, Jews and Christians All Socialists Now!” What a difference unelected czars over huge areas of our all worship the same God. Bush never nineteen short years make! government. bothered to explain how this could be true, seeing that Muslims do not believe With the Democratic Party holding that Jesus is God. a super-majority in the Congress, it seemed that no one had the power to This religious mentality stating, “The stop the Obama juggernaut. It appeared only thing we know for sure is that that the United States, the last bastion there is nothing we can know for sure,” of free enterprise, was allowing itself to is not new. The visit of the Apostle be escorted into the bondage of social- Paul to the Interfaith Center of Athens, ism with barely a whimper. Greece, 2,000 years ago is recorded in Acts 17:22-23. After viewing all the However, as we reached the end of statues and altars erected to pagan gods, 2009, it was still not clear whether the Paul noticed an altar to the “Unknown ill-advised plunge into socialism was God.” Paul proceeded to preach to the an Obama aberration brought on by Athenians about the God they didn’t people’s desire for change or whether know, Jesus Christ. it was really the end of the American dream. That question will be answered When we see people paying homage to Of course, we should have known nine- more clearly in 2010. many different religions that call their teen years ago that it wasn’t true, and gods by many different names, it is a some did. Endtime magazine’s very first ONE-WORLD RELIGION sure indicator that they don’t know who edition, March-April/1991, featured the Interfaithism–“To the God is. This presents the same oppor- article, “Has Gorbachev Really Killed Unknown God” tunity today as was presented to Paul Communism?” We didn’t believe it 2,000 years ago. We need to declare In his famous book, Perestroika, today, more than ever, that Jesus is the then, and we don’t believe it now. Mikhail Gorbachev said that we must unknown God and the only true God. extirpate all “religious exclusiveness.” Claiming that religious conflict has The Apostle Peter preached it this way: been one of the greatest causes of war “Neither is there salvation in any other: upon earth, Gorbachev argued that for there is none other name under every religion must be equally respect- heaven given among men, whereby we ed by all and that religious exclusive- must be saved” (Acts 4:12). ness must be outlawed. In 2009, we certainly saw the global spirituality prophesied in the Bible It’s easy to see that the demonstrated! groundwork is being laid for ONE-WORLD ECONOMY a world where all Global Economic Governance religions are blended launched–April 2, 2009 But how were we able to know it wasn’t seamlessly together into As belief in free enterprise was placed true back then when all the media was a global spirituality. on life support and the dream of finally shouting in concert that socialism was establishing a true “Global Village” dead? One simple reason…the prophe- President Barack Obama apparently seemed on the brink of realization, the cies of the Bible foretold that the world shares Gorbachev’s view. At his inau- prestigious Financial Times boldly pub- government, which would be in power gural services, Obama had a Muslim, a lished its cover article: “And now for a immediately before the second coming Jew, a homosexual and an “evangelical” world government” (December 8, 2008, of Christ, would be a socialist govern- Christian pray. It’s easy to see that the by Gideon Rachman). ment. groundwork is being laid for a world (cont. on pg. 12) JAN/FEB 2010 † ENDTIME 7
  6. 6. By Irvin Baxter “November 3, 2009” qualification for being included in the statue. Many empires have existed since the time of Nebuchadnezzar and his world One of the Five Greatest kingdom of Babylon in 600 BC, but only five have been con- sidered as controlling the world of its day. Prophetic Fulfillments in 2,000 Years! Nebuchadnezzar and his Babylonian world government was Think of it. You and I have just witnessed one of the five the head of gold. In 539 BC, the Medes and the Persians greatest prophetic fulfillments in the last 2,000 years! It hap- conquered Babylon and proceeded to rule the world for the pened on November 3, 2009. Yet most people totally missed next 208 years. The Medio-Persian Empire was the arms and it! What happened on November 3rd, and why was it such an breasts of silver in the statue. important fulfillment of Bible prophecy? In 331 BC, Alexander the Great conquered the Medes and the The Bible prophesies that the Holy Roman Empire will be Persians establishing his Grecian Empire. Greece dominated reborn just before the second coming of Christ, and that the the world until the ascendance of Rome to power in 197 BC. Antichrist and the False Prophet will come out of this reborn The Grecian Empire was the belly and thighs of brass. Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire was officially reborn on November 3, 2009! The Roman Empire was the legs of iron and was the strongest of all the empires. It continued for 500 years. The Roman The prophecy is given several times in scripture, each time Empire ruled the world during the time of Jesus Christ and in a different way. The first time the existence of the Holy His apostles. That’s the reason there were Roman soldiers in Roman Empire at the time of the second coming is foretold Jerusalem at the time of the crucifixion. These were occupy- occurs in Daniel 2:31-45. In this passage, Nebuchadnezzar, ing troops enforcing the will of the Roman government upon king of the Babylonian empire, had a dream. The Jewish the nation of Israel. That also explains why the Jews asked Prophet, Daniel, was summoned to the palace to reveal the Jesus whether they were obligated to pay taxes to Caesar. dream and to explain its meaning. After the demise of the Roman Empire (the legs of iron), only one empire depicted in the prophecy remained. In the dream, Nebuchadnezzar saw a great statue with a head of gold, arms and breasts of silver, belly and thighs of brass, When moving from one empire to the next in the statue, legs of iron, and feet of iron mingled with clay. At the end of there was always a total change of metal…until the last time. the dream, a stone was cut out of the mountain, but not by The statue went from gold, to silver, to brass, to iron. How- human hands. This stone smote the statue upon the feet that ever, when moving from the fourth prophesied empire to were of iron and clay. It broke the feet of iron and clay caus- the fifth, an element of the previous empire was retained, but ing the image to collapse. The entire statue then disintegrated another element was added in. The legs of iron transitioned and was carried away “like the chaff of the summer threshing into the feet of iron mingled with clay. floor.” Finally, the stone grew into a great mountain that filled the entire earth. In the dream, Daniel explained that each segment of the statue symbolized one of the five empires that would rule the world from the Nebuchadnezzar saw a time of Nebuchadnezzar until the establishment of the king- great statue with a head dom of God upon earth. of gold, arms and breasts of Daniel stated clearly to Nebuchadnezzar in verse 38, silver, belly and thighs “Thou art this head of gold.” of brass, legs of iron, and Then he said in verse 39, “And after thee shall arise another feet of iron mingled kingdom inferior to thee, and another third kingdom of brass, which shall bear rule over all the earth.” The phrase with clay. “which shall bear rule over all the earth” gives the 8 ENDTIME † JAN/FEB 2010
  7. 7. Babylonian Empire 604 - 539 BC HEAD OF GOLD Medio-Persian Empire 539 - 331 BC ARMS AND BREASTS OF SILVER Grecian Empire 331 - 197 BC BELLY AND THIGHS OF BRASS Roman Empire 197 BC - 284 AD LEGS OF IRON Holy Roman Empire 800 AD - Second Coming FEET OF IRON MINGLED WITH CLAY JAN/FEB 2010 † ENDTIME 9
  8. 8. The Birth of the Many historians pronounced the Holy tariffs had been eliminated among the Holy Roman Empire Roman Empire dead after the fall of member states. The Common Market Francis II in 1806. However, European was complete. After the decline of the Roman Empire, leaders and Vatican officials have never the dream of European grandeur lay given up on the dream of reviving the But the real dream of political unity dormant, but never actually died. In Holy Roman Empire. Well, now it has was yet to be realized. The Common 800 AD, the “Holy” Roman Empire happened! Market members signed a new treaty in was born when Pope Leo III placed a 1993—the Maastricht Treaty. This new crown on the head of Charlemagne, The Rebirth of the agreement changed the group’s name pronouncing him the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from Common Market to European Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Union. The Maastricht Treaty estab- Empire was destined to be a partner- At the end of World War II, Winston lished a common European currency ship between church and state–between Churchill proposed the creation of a while calling for Europe to have its politics and religion. The iron in the feet United States of Europe. He and other own president, foreign minister and of the statue symbolized the political European leaders believed the way to constitution. power. The clay symbolized the reli- gious element. The feet of iron and clay achieve this European empire was to In 1995, three more nations joined the represented the Holy Roman Empire. first join Europe together economi- European Union and by 1999 the Euro- Remember, the prophecy was given cally. They believed that political union pean currency, the euro, was born. Most before there was a Roman Empire or a would then inevitably follow. of the EU members discarded their Holy Roman Empire. Yet the depiction national currencies into the dustbin of The Common Market was formed in history and embraced the new currency. in the prophecy is so accurate! 1957 by the Treaty of Rome. France, In 2004, ten more nations joined the This Holy Roman Empire proceeded West Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the EU, and then two more joined in 2007. to dominate Europe for the next 1,000 Netherlands and Belgium were the six This brought the total number of mem- years. Ever since its birth in 800 AD, its founding members. The goal was to ber states to 27 with a total population leadership has always been comprised remove all trade barriers among the of over 500 million people. of a partnership between the strongest member states, creating an economic political leader of Europe and the head union. The experiment worked so Needed: a Constitution, a of the strongest religious force in successfully that soon other European President, a Foreign Minister Europe, the Roman Catholic Church. nations were clamoring to join. The Common Market went from six, to When Europe left its common market nine, to ten, to twelve member states phase and focused on the ultimate goal by 1992. By that time, all taxes and of political union, the requirements 10 ENDTIME † JAN/FEB 2010
  9. 9. were clear. If Europe were really to So, what to do? Well, if we call the Europe’s first foreign minister. become a United States of Europe, it document a treaty, treaties don’t have to would need a constitution, a permanent be ratified by the people. The politicians Is the European Union president, and a foreign minster just in the parliament can ratify treaties Really the Rebirth of the like the United States of America. without allowing the people to vote. Holy Roman Empire? Sneaky? Yes. Devious? Yes. Democratic? Former French Prime Minister, Valery The Bible prophesies that the Holy No!” Giscard d’Estaing, headed the panel to Roman Empire will be in power at the design a constitution for the European So that’s what they did. They rewrote second coming of Jesus to the earth. Union. On October 29, 2004, all 25 the constitution, making a few harm- Consequently, it is very important that member-states of the EU signed the less cosmetic changes. On December we know for sure if today’s European new constitution. It looked like the 13, 2007, in the Jeronimos Monastery Union really is the rebirth of the Holy United States of Europe was just around in Lisbon, Portugal, all states signed the Roman Empire. Let’s look at the the corner. However, the constitution Lisbon Treaty. Quickly, France ratified indicators. had to be ratified by all 25 states. Many it, then Holland and soon the other Europeans didn’t want an EU constitu- member-states. Northern Ireland voted When the fathers of the European tion because they knew it would signal it down, but after much browbeating, Union minted their first money, the the end of their national sovereignty. they re-voted and passed the treaty. European Currency Unit, they needed Quickly, France and Holland voted On November 3, 2009, the last country, a meaningful image for the front of the “no” on the constitution leaving it the Czech Republic, ratified the Lisbon money. Understanding that they were dead in the water. Was the European Treaty. Europe had its constitution at attempting to rebuild the Holy Roman dream dead? Many people thought so, last, and the Holy Roman Empire was Empire, they chose the image of Char- but others were determined to achieve reborn! What Hitler had failed to do lemagne, the first emperor of the Holy their ultimate goal of a United States of by war, the bureaucrats of Europe had Roman Empire. Europe. What to do? accomplished without firing a shot! When they decided to award an annual Twenty-seven nations with over 500 When is a Constitution million people were now under a single prize to the person that had done the most to promote European unifica- Not a Constitution? government with a single flag. tion during the past year, they needed The answer? When you call it a treaty. On November 19, 2009, Herman Von a name for the prize. What did they Rompuy of Belgium was chosen to be settle on as an appropriate name? The It became obvious to Europe’s politi- Europe’s first permanent president and Charlemagne Prize! cians that the people of Europe would never ratify their beloved constitution. Cathy Ashton of Great Britain became (cont. on pg. 24) JAN/FEB 2010 † ENDTIME 11
  10. 10. Prophetic Fulfillments of 2009 (cont. from pg. 7) They have changed their message from The second factor in the Obama peace On April 2, 2009, the G20 met in global warming to climate change efforts was the election of Benjamin London for the world’s first truly global (whatever that means). They are still Netanyahu as prime minister of Israel. economic summit. Britain’s socialist desperately determined to implement Netanyahu was no political “babe in the Prime Minister Gordon Brown gleefully cap and trade legislation worldwide, woods.” He could not be bullied by the and repeatedly announced the dawning which would give them the vehicle to Obama administration. Netanyahu had of the “New World Order.” control the economies of every nation already served as Israel’s prime minis- on earth. ter once. He had also served as Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations so he MIDDLE EAST PEACE understood how the world community President Obama had stated that he tries to use international pressure to would not wait till the end of his presi- force nations into doing its will. He also dency to deal with the Middle East like had strong allies in the US He knew Presidents Clinton and Bush had done. how to skillfully use Jewish influence in He promised that he would tackle the America to signal to the Obama admin- world’s most intractable conflict in the istration that it had gone too far. first year of his presidency. On April 2, 2009, the G20 met in London. Photo by: Downing Street, Creative Commons Obama made good on his promise. Before the summit that many billed Soon after his inauguration, he appoint- as the most important economic ed former senator George Mitchell to be summit in sixty years, China, Russia his personal envoy to the Middle East. and the United Nations all called for the Everyone hailed this move as a stroke of establishment of a global currency to genius since Mitchell had successfully begin replacing the dollar as the world’s negotiated the peace between Protes- reserve currency. American Treasury tants and Catholics in Northern Ireland Secretary Timothy Geithner shocked when everyone else had failed. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the world by saying the US would not President Obama launched his peace Creative Commons Photo by: Chip Somodevilla be opposed to the emergence of a global effort in April of 2009. His strategy currency. was to personally meet with each Thirdly, Mahmoud Abbas was in no principal player in the Middle East position to negotiate with Israel dur- In November, Europe’s first permanent ing this time since 1.5 million of the president Herman Von Rompuy stated equation. He met with King Abdullah of Jordan, President Mubarak of Egypt, Palestinian people are not even under that global governance began with his control. Hamas is in power in Gaza London’s Global Economic Summit King Sahd of Saudi Arabia and then with Mahmoud Abbas, president of the where a significant percentage of the on April 2, 2009. Palestinians live. He couldn’t make Palestinian Authority. He also met with Rompuy went on to assert that the Israeli President Shimon Peres, Israeli peace on behalf of the Palestinians if Climate Conference in Copenhagen Defense Minister Ehud Barak and with he wanted to. would be another step towards the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin A peace agreement is coming for the global management of our planet. Netanyahu. Middle East. However, 2009 was not Globalists planned for the world’s destined to be the year when that would nations to sign a binding global warm- After innumerable trips to Israel by special envoy George Mitchell, Secre- come to pass. ing treaty at Copenhagen that would obligate every nation to comply to tary of State Hillary Clinton and many MARK OF THE BEAST global standards of CO2 emissions. other US State Department officials, the The plan to issue national ID cards to This would have placed every entity on Middle East situation was as dead- every American was launched on May earth under the scrutiny and control locked as ever. Finally, Obama turned 11, 2005, when President Bush signed of a global environmental agency. his attention to other parts of the world. the Real ID Act into law. The opposition At the conclusion of his first year in to the passage of this law was fierce, but China, Russia and office, he admitted that he found the the Senate leadership attached the Real Middle East situation to be more dif- the United Nations all ficult than he had anticipated. ID Act to a 1,000-page, must-pass fund- called for the establishment ing bill for our troops. Three things doomed Obama’s efforts of a global currency to failure. His administration took a Knowing that a national ID card is the to begin replacing the first step towards a totalitarian state, stance that had never been taken by opponents to the national ID escalated dollar as the world’s an American government before. They their attacks against it. When states reserve currency. stated that all building in the territories finally awakened to the dangers of Real occupied by Israel in the 1967 Six-day ID, their legislatures began to pass When the Climategate scandal broke War, including in Jerusalem, must be laws against its implementation. As of two weeks before Copenhagen, nations halted. Thus they implied it was a fore- today, 24 states have either passed laws realized that global warming had been gone conclusion that all of these lands or resolutions against the Real ID. trumped up by the promoters of world would return to Arab control in the government, and, consequently, Copen- projected peace agreement. This was a hagen ended in failure. However, the position that no Israeli government was globalists are not giving up. prepared to accept. 12 ENDTIME † JAN/FEB 2010
  11. 11. Real ID was supposed to have been WORLD WAR III Israel has stated unequivocally that she implemented by May 11, 2008. Because Revelation 9:13-21 prophesies a war will not allow Iran to possess a nuclear of the widespread opposition, the dead- that will kill one-third of mankind. The weapon. She has warned that, if neces- line was moved to December 31, 2009. prophecy states that this war will begin sary, she will resort to military means When December 31, 2009 came, the from the area of the Euphrates River. to stop Iran’s pursuit of nuclear capabili- states were still not willing to cooper- Most of the Euphrates River is in Iraq ties. Both Israel and the United States ate. Consequently, Homeland Security where the US presently has 130,000 have conducted military exercises that announced another postponement until troops stationed. are seen as training for a possible attack May 10, 2011. on Iran. During 2009, the war on terror con- tinued to spread from the Euphrates We don’t presently know which world throughout the region. President crisis will ignite the prophesied war of Obama announced the sending of an Revelation 9. But we do know that the additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan war is coming. The prophecy is crystal bringing American troop levels there clear. to around 100,000. When added to the DRAMATIC INCREASE IN 130,000 still in Iraq, this brings Amer- ica’s military presence there to around HOMOSEXUALITY 230,000 soldiers. President Obama promised to be a strong advocate for homosexuals while REAL ID ACT Replication image by: Endtime Ministries While the two wars continued to rage in occupying the Oval Office. He certainly Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran pursued its lived up to that promise during 2009. The danger of a national ID card is the ever-increasing enrichment of uranium, database it would create and the potent- in spite of UN resolutions demanding Homosexual selected to pray at ial uses of that database. Homeland that it stop. Iran continued to contend presidential inauguration Security has already proposed using that, under the Nuclear Non-prolifer- The brazen promotion of homosexual- the national database and the ID card ation Treaty, she has a right to enrich ity began with the pre-inauguration to allow or deny employment in the uranium for peaceful usage. Israel, the concert at the Lincoln Memorial on United States. Once a card or a number United States and much of the world January 18, 2009. Much to the horror is used to deny employment, the gov- community do not trust Iran’s posses- of many Christians, openly gay ernment is denying the right to buy and sion of nuclear material. Iran had a pro- Episcopalian bishop Gene Robinson sell since, with no job, a person would gram prior to 2003 whose goal was to was chosen to pray the opening prayer. have no money to buy or sell with. build a nuclear bomb. Iran supposedly stopped this program in 2003 and has Obama proclaims June as Realizing that the Real ID Act is claimed that all of its nuclear activity is “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and probably dead in the water, Homeland now devoted only to peaceful purposes. Transgender Pride Month Security has proposed another law that In a presidential proclamation on the would issue a national ID. They claim Israel and the US do not believe Iran’s White House website, Barack Obama that “PASS ID” would be less demand- only goal is the generation of electricity has lauded what he calls “the determi- ing and less intrusive. But it would for domestic consumption. They argue nation and dedication” of the LGBT still create an ID card and a database that Iran is one of the world’s largest oil movement by proclaiming June as that could be used to track and control producing countries. Therefore, why “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgen- Americans. They just don’t get it! would they need to develop nuclear der Pride Month.” power for electricity? Americans don’t want Real ID. We “Obama extends government don’t want PASS ID. We don’t want a benefits to same-sex partners” national ID card…period! We haven’t had one for 230 years, and we don’t Also in June, President Obama extend- need one now! ed some benefits for government work- ers to same-sex and unmarried partners HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE in a bid to give them greater equality. REBORN Obama signed a presidential memo- On November 3, 2009, one of the randum that provided limited health greatest prophetic fulfillments in the Is Iran harnessing nuclear power for energy efficiency, care and financial benefits that were or is it a front for nuclear atomic destruction? Picture of last 2,000 years took place. The Europ- Cooling Towers of a nuclear powerplant. Photo by: ANP previously denied to gay couples and ean Union completed the adoption of domestic partners. The State Depart- the first-ever European Constitution. Iran claims it has allowed UN inspec- ment also announced a similar gesture This event marked the creation of a tions of its nuclear sites and has fully for its employees. virtual United States of Europe with disclosed its nuclear program to the UN 27 member states and a population of inspectors. However, in December of Obama: “Same-sex relationships 500 million citizens. 2009, a nuclear facility in Qom, Iran, just as admirable as heterosexual was discovered that had been in exis- relationships” For the complete story of the Rebirth tence for eight years, but had been kept The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) of the Holy Roman Empire, see our secret from the UN inspectors and from is the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and feature article on page 8. the world. The US was made aware of transgender (LGBT) lobbying group the facility by a scientist who defected and political action committee in the from Iran. United States. (cont. on pg. 27) JAN/FEB 2010 † ENDTIME 13
  12. 12. By Irvin Baxter WHAT 6. Israel will build its Third Temple on the Temple Mount without disturbing This will all be done under the guise of ensuring peace and security. TO EXPECT the Muslim holy sites. 7. When the temple is completed, 16. The time will come that the glob- al ID will be required in order to hold a IN 2010 animal sacrifices, as were conducted in the Old Testament, will be resumed. job and participate in the economy. 17. All that oppose this system of From the prophecies of the Bible, we know most of the major events that will 8. A very powerful politician will arise global government will be considered enemies of the state and will come out of Europe and will become the rec- occur in our world between now and under great persecution. This is the ognized leader of the world community. the Battle of Armageddon. The only time that Jesus referred to as the Great question being considered here is what 9. Animal rights activists, as well as Tribulation. we can possibly expect to occur in the year of 2010. others, will vehemently oppose Israel’s sacrifice of animals in its temple. 18. The Antichrist and his system of world government will rule the world Between now and Armageddon, we will 10. The world’s ascending global for three and one-half years. Most na- tions will submit to the world govern- witness: leader will assert the authority of the ment, but a few nations will not. 1. World War III–a war that will kill world community over the Temple Mount and will order the sacrifices to 19. Jordan, Israel and possibly the one-third of mankind. be suspended. United States will oppose the reign of 2. The power of global governance the Antichrist. and the international community will escalate rapidly in the aftermath of this 20. The Antichrist fights at least two war. wars during his three and one-half year reign. 3. The killing of 2 billion people in 21. At the end of the three and one- WW III will be blamed on political and religious conflict. The increasingly half years, the Antichrist and the world influential world governmental system community will decide to invade Israel will begin to label all who will not ac- in order to bring the Jewish people cept the concept of globalization and under its global authority. 22. This invasion will precipitate the A traveler arriving at Washington Dulles Interna- Interfaithism as political and religious tional Airport uses the new US-VISIT mechanism terrorists and a threat to the emerging that records all 10 fingerprint images. Source: Battle of Armageddon. New World Order, and thus to world US Customs and Border Protection photographic peace. archives 23. At the time of Armageddon, 4. A Middle East peace agreement 11. The person who does this will be Jesus Christ will return to earth, destroy the Antichrist and the False Prophet, settling the borders of Israel and placing the prophesied Antichrist. remove all human governments, and the Temple Mount under a sharing ar- rangement between Jew and Muslim. 12. At this same time, he will some- establish His kingdom upon earth. how claim to be the Messiah or possibly 5. This sharing arrangement will be even God Himself. This event is known Possible Prophetic under the supervision of the world in the Bible as the Abomination of Fulfillments in 2010 community—probably the United Desolation. WORLD WAR III Nations. 13. The world’s foremost religious The most alarming prophecy that could leader will endorse the Antichrist’s be fulfilled in 2010 is the prophecy claim to divinely appointed leadership. foretelling a war that will kill one-third This religious leader is referred to as the of the human race—2 billion people. It False Prophet in scripture. appears that this war is the next major 14. Most of the world will be de- event on God’s timeline of prophetic events. The prophecy is located in ceived by the Antichrist and the False Prophet, and will give their allegiance Revelation 9:13-16. to the Antichrist and his New World There are three things we should notice Order. about this prophecy. Image rendering of the Temple Mount side by 15. The Antichrist will set up a global 1. It specifically is foretelling a war side with the rebuilt Solomon’s Temple. Image by: ID system so that every person can because an army of 200 million soldiers Endtime Ministries be monitored, tracked and controlled. will be involved. 14 ENDTIME † JAN/FEB 2010
  13. 13. 2. This war will begin from the area to a 1,000-page, must-pass troop appro- e-Passport. Some people think this is a of the Euphrates River. The Euphrates priations bill, both the Bush adminis- preliminary step to someday having an River is located mostly in Iraq where tration and now the Obama administra- RFID chip injected under the skin as a the US presently has 130,000 troops. tion have been trying to foist a national form of permanent identification. 3. This war will be the most horrible ID scheme onto the American people. Americans, to their credit, have refused The important thing to understand is war that has ever occurred upon the that the world will take a huge leap on earth. One person out of three on the to buckle to the pressure to be carded, numbered and put into a database so April 1, 2010. All new passports issued planet will die. after this date will be in conformity to they can be monitored and controlled. The potential sources of conflict that the UN’s global standards. These ac- could ignite WW III are many. Will it The Obama administration said, “OK, tions are moving the world toward an be the continued pursuit of the War on we’ll compromise. How about Real identification system that someday will Terror that provides the spark? Could it ID Lite?” (Better known as PASS ID.) become the mechanism for implement- be an attack on Iran by Israel? Will the Again, the American people said, “Read ing the prophesied mark of the beast. dire economic conditions in our world our lips. No national ID…period!” WORLD GOVERNMENT possibly push countries toward war? No National ID? Will there be another terrorist attack In 2010, the process of globalization How About a Global ID? will continue to lead the nations of against the United States? Or perhaps a presently unforeseen conflict could While the American people have been the world into the prophesied world ignite the prophesied conflagration. struggling against the imposing of a government. We simply can’t predict which incident national ID system, the United States has been moving steadily, along with In 2009, EU President Herman Von will provide the flashpoint for the Rompuy said that global governance coming war. the rest of the world, toward a global ID. Meet the ICAO. began with the G20 meeting on April However, one thing is certain…World 2, 2009. Believers in world government The ICAO (International Civil Aviation were counting on the global warming War III is unavoidable. It is going to Organization) is a UN agency charged happen because it is specifically proph- summit in Copenhagen to move the with regulating and overseeing inter- world into a new era of global gov- esied in the Bible. The Bible’s prophecies national travel. In the wake of 9/11, the always come to pass. The only question ernance triggered by the signing of a ICAO launched an effort to tighten the binding global emissions treaty. They about this prophecy is when it will surveillance and control over anyone happen. Could it happen in 2010? planned for this treaty to set emission moving from country to country. Its ef- levels for every nation. Any nation ex- Absolutely. Will it happen in 2010, or forts have centered largely on upgrading will it occur a little later? We don’t know ceeding the allocated levels of emissions and standardizing travel documents. would have been required to purchase that for sure. But we can be sure that, after it happens, the world will never be Travel document security is being carbon credits from nations that did not the same. addressed by the Machine Readable use all of their carbon allocations. Travel Document (MRTD) Program. MIDDLE EAST PEACE Under this initiative, ICAO developed AGREEMENT the worldwide standard for machine Since it appears that World War III will readable passports (MRPs). As of occur before the Middle East peace August 1, 2009, over 170 nations had agreement that marks the beginning of issued MRPs that comply with the the final seven years to Armageddon, ICAO standard, and by April 1, 2010 all the likelihood of the agreement hap- Contracting States must do so. By April pening in 2010 seems remote. 1, 2010, 190 out of the 193 nations on earth will have begun issuing standard- However, since the Bible doesn’t specifi- ized passports. In order to meet MRTD cally say that the war will happen before standards, passports must be machine the peace agreement, there is always the readable. possibility a peace breakthrough could come in 2010. In the unlikely event that The next step in the evolution of the this would occur this year, and if the globally accepted passport will be the agreement would meet all the require- e-Passport. This passport will contain ments of the prophesied agreement, an RFID chip, which will comprise all The building of the International Criminal Court then the final seven years would begin of a person’s information and can be in The Hague, Netherlands. Photo by: Hanhil in 2010. read by radio waves. This will make the from Neder Landstalige passport contactless. This passport is (cont. on pg. 30) MARK OF THE BEAST not required by April 1, 2010. However, Since the Real ID Act was unethically many nations, including the United passed on May 10, 2005 by attaching it States, have now begun issuing the JAN/FEB 2010 † ENDTIME 15
  14. 14. Scanning through young people’s We pray for our partners and various others…those that are students of iPods throughout America, you will prayer requests every morning during God’s Word and devoted to worshiping find artists like Miley Cyrus, Britney staff devotion here at the Endtime in spirit and in truth. I feel like all of Spears, and Hillary Duff, to mention a campus. these qualities are important to me, few. These young women, aspiring for Roughly two years ago we received a When selecting my fame and fortune, have become role request for a partner’s daughter who models and idols, whether they accept had just recorded her first song for her favorite artists I dig deeper the position or not. Countless young soon-to-be album. than the beat or the lyrics. people around the world are watching these super stars and supporting and The request was for the daughter to so I want to be an example to others believing everything they do and say, keep focus and put God first regardless by possessing these types of quali- because they’ve been hyped up to be of how far she might go with her music ties. Role models will change your life; the coolest thing happening. So what career. I was out of the office that day, therefore, it is important to choose the are everyday students learning by but was informed of the request and ones that represent the right things idolizing these was encouraged to email and Godly characteristics.” stars? We find Countless young people the family to thank them When comparing the life of Allison Hillary Duff are watching these super for their continual sup- port of Endtime Ministries. Huntley to famous artists that are singing about “kiddish” stars and supporting and They received me with currently role models for students throughout our nation and world, I things repre- believing everything they open arms. In a matter of proclaim boldly that it is time for a months a close friendship senting Dis- do and say. between me, Allison Hunt- change in our selection process. Be- ney, but in her ing able to drink the most, inhale the spare time doing things like supporting ley, and the Huntley family largest portion, get the most girls or homosexuality by walking in the Gay developed. guys, or confusing stances on moral- Men’s Health Crisis’ AIDS Walk. We see Colossians 3:2 says, “Set your affection ity, is not something that American Britney Spears holding nothing back, on things above, not on things on the students need. Allison is an 18-year- from her support of homosexuality earth.” I have been able to get to know old, family oriented individual who with lyrics about sex and lesbianism, Allison through and through, and I can puts God first in her life. She is kind, to actually making X-rated films. And testify that she lives this scripture in caring, and lends a hand to the popular finally, Miley Cyrus, a.k.a. Hannah her daily walk with God. She sets time and castaway. When selecting my Montana, goes from innocent and cred- aside every single day to study the favorite artists or music to listen to, I ible role model to skimpy dressed and Bible and have personal devotion with dig deeper than the beat or the lyrics. pole dancing, almost overnight. Trying Christ. She is genuine and is a true I find out what the artist stands for, to find a trustworthy role model that is servant of God. In Colossians 3:16 Paul who their influences are, what they also cool and hip to refer young adults says, “Let the word of Christ dwell in represent and more. I am going to be to can be difficult, to say the least. you richly in all wisdom; teaching and taking in the message that the artist When I stumble upon one, I am sure to admonishing one another in psalms presents when I’m as happy as I can tell everyone I can. and hymns and spiritual songs, sing- be, and when I’m at my lowest. I am ing with grace in your I proclaim boldly that hearts.” Not only does vulnerable to what they are conveying, therefore, it is important to me where it is time for a change in this verse describe Al- they stand morally, spiritually, and in our selection process. lison’s personal prayer, many areas in between. Allison’s music but it also describes her is in my top-rated and top-played folder music. When asking Allison what her in my iTunes, and she should definitely goal for her music is, she simply says, be in yours. As long as she continues to “I want to write music for the Endtime put God first in her life, her lyrics and Vince Stegall is the Director generation; music that will be inspired music will change the world for genera- of Endtime Youth Corps, where he by the Word of God, and is encourag- tions to come. produces and hosts EYC Radio. He ing and uplifting for all ages and all is Associate Student Pastor for Image nations.” And when asked about what To add Allison’s CD to your personal Student Ministries in Garland, collection, see ad on page 17. TX. Vince has a burden for a role model should be, Allison said, “I My previous article, God Created Teens on Day…, young adults and spends time look up to people that are dedicated was inspired by Do Hard Things – Alex & Brett Harris. counseling with students on to their family, church, and serving Please visit them at: a daily basis.
  15. 15. JAN/FEB 2010 † ENDTIME 17
  16. 16. by Dave Robbins “Do not destroy that immortal emblem of humanity, the Declaration of Independence.” Abraham Lincoln “Even as people take pride in their national independence, we know we are becoming more and more interdependent.” Bill Clinton DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE! The Declaration of Independence was signed as a result of our revolutionary forefathers’ revolt against King George III and his tyrannical dictatorship over the thirteen colonies. In order for these men to realize their God-given right to freedom as an independent union, 4,435 men had to die in the Revolutionary War between 1775 and 1783. Since then, approximately 1.2 million men and women have died in American wars, defending this cherished document that has set our nation apart from all others. For over two hundred years, our independence as a nation has been the very foundation of our republican form of government. I fear that the citizens of the United States, after a short 233 years, have been so lulled to sleep that we cannot see the erosion of this document right before our eyes. The very freedoms the Declaration of Independence stands for are being stripped away under the guise of Global Interdependence. Make no mistake…global governance is America’s 21st century King George! WHAT IS GLOBAL INTERDEPENDENCE? We hear terms like “Globalization” and “Global Interdependence” in the news all the time. The United Nations has been very successful in keeping their global governing system under the radar using phrases like these. Internationalists, politicians and the news media know that, even if a concept is totally untrue, all you have to do is repeat it enough and someone will start to believe it. The true definition for “Globalization” is the process of converting the world from consisting of many sovereign nations into a single global government. Think of it like this. If globalization were to succeed, this would put the United States under the rule of a single, global authority, and our rights as a sovereign nation would cease to exist. We are sold a bill of goods by smooth-talking politicians that we all need to work together to form a perfect “Global Village”. They say we are now all interdependent, living on the same earth and breathing the same air. But, do we fully understand where these proposals will ultimately lead? Under global interdependence, United States citizens would suddenly be subject to international laws concerning, education, taxes, banking, religion, climate change, wealth redistribution…and the list goes on and on! And of course, all of this would be enforced by a world military. Simply put, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence wouldn’t be worth the parchment they were written on. “In the next century, nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority.” Strobe Talbott President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State Time magazine, July 20, 1992 18 ENDTIME † JAN/FEB 2010