Does This Truth Paralyze Or Energize? - Prophecy In The News Magazine - March 2009


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Does This Truth Paralyze Or Energize? - Prophecy In The News Magazine - March 2009

  1. 1. Find us on the Internet - Light on Prophecy Does This Truth Paralyze or Energize? Thursday Evening - May 30, 1918 Rev. Herbert Mackenzie Pastor of the Gospel Church, Cleveland, Ohio, and Secretary of the Erie Side Bible Conference. About a century ago, Christendom was being bathed in blood by the sword of Napoleon. The world was then passing through its greatest horrors that have been known for ages, and at that time, while Na- poleon was creating havoc and hell among the civilized peoples of Europe, God was planning the invasion of heathendom by the undertaking of modern missions. Dur- ing those days of terrible trial, a number of the modern missionary movements were inaugurated. The London Missionary So- ciety, the Scottish Missionary Society, the Church Missionary Society, the Baptist The Academy of Music in Philadelphia (1918) — site of the “Bible Conference on the Return of Our Missionary Society, the American Board Lord” featuring, among others, Rev. Herbert Mackenzie, pastor of the Gospel Church, Cleveland, OH. of Foreign Missions were organized about Doctrine always decides duty. It mat- authenticates his message, which puts a that time. All these missionary organiza- ters much what a man believes, and as we divine seal upon his ministry as well as a tions were founded and their first mis- study the doctrine of God’s Word as we Christ-likeness into his life. “Take heed sionaries sent forth under the inspiration have studied it during the past three days, unto thyself and unto the doctrine, for in of the Spirit, during those dark days of the we are led to inquire from the Word of so doing thou shalt both save thyself and world’s history. During the Napoleonic era God just what he expects of us ‘after re- them that hear thee.” And when we speak the work of the British and Foreign Bible ceiving the added light and blessing. Doc- of doctrine, we do not speak of doctrines, Society also was started, and the work of trine in the plan of teaching always pre- for God’s doctrine is always referred to in the Sunday schools was inaugurated by cedes the plan of duty. Doctrine is like a the singular in the New Testament. God’s Robert Raikes. locomotive to which a number of coaches doctrine is intended to carry us on, while Carey was then sent by God to India, are attached. The doctrine is intended to the doctrines of men, doctrines devised by Morrison was called for China, and Mof- be the inspiration and gives to us impulse men in contrast to the doctrine declared by fatt was led by God to Africa, and one won- and impetus to obey all the behests of our God, only “carry us away” like wind car- ders, looking upon such a congregation as Lord. The doctrine of God is the founda- ries away chaff. this, interested in the truth of our Lord’s tion designed by God, well and truly laid; It is our business this evening for a few return, whether in these days — when the and duty is a building, which God expects minutes to look at a few of the scriptures Kaiser has heated the fires perhaps seven us to rear upon the foundation, which He which link up both the doctrine and the times hotter — God has a purpose through has provided. duty of the church. For the glory of the such a gathering as this of again sending In the 6th chapter of the Epistle to the doctrine of the glorious appearing of the forth His hosts into the darkest corners of Romans, Paul uses the simile of a mold to Lord Jesus Christ has a large place in the the earth, entrusting to them the light that express the purpose of doctrine. He wrote New Testament and our service is only ac- it may radiate far and wide until it reaches to those Romans, “God be thanked that curate and acceptable to God as it is given the remotest bounds of earth. For He has ye have obeyed from the heart that form shapeliness and soundness by our obedi- said even unto us, “Go ye into all the world of doctrine which was delivered you.” ence to the doctrinal die, which has been and preach the Gospel to every creature.” And the word he used was that which we delivered unto us. With your permission I We all recognize our duty as citizens to do could correctly translate as a die, a mold would like to read two or three brief verses our best for our country and for the world or a cast capable of reproducing a like- of Scripture which indicate what God has in a crisis so grave as this through which ness, a figure, or an image, just as the die in mind for us, and I want to take three we are passing. We recognize too that we produces an image and the superscrip- brief messages from the last chapters of have a Leader who is leading us on in a tion on a coin, or as the engraving or the Scripture written by the apostle Paul, the spiritual conflict; that we have a commis- type prints its likeness upon the sheet of apostle Peter and by the apostle John. In sion, which must be obeyed and complet- paper, so the doctrine of God is intended II Tim. 4:1 we read, “I charge thee there- ed in order that he may come again and to imprint a spiritual superscription upon fore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, receive us unto Himself. the service of the servant of Christ which who shall judge the living and the dead at Find us on the Internet - Prophecy in the News 13
  2. 2. Find us on the Internet - his appearing and his kingdom.” Here we but the Lord Jesus Christ pledges payment man. Only Jesus Himself is the joy height have a statement of the doctrine. There we of all arrears of wages when He returns. of the believer He then speaks to us about are charged before God in the light of the Finally, in the 20th verse the third state- another servant. I want you to notice what doctrine and the duty is stated in the next ment from His lips is found concerning He says: “But and if that evil servant shall verse and perhaps is summed up almost His return: “Surely I come quickly.” The say in his heart, My lord delayeth His completely in three words: “Preach the responsive waiting heart answers with coming; and shall begin to smite his fel- Word.” No man can know the doctrine of a prayer that we should be praying with low servants, and to eat and drink with the appearing of the great God and our Sav- ever-increasing earnestness if we believe the drunken; the lord of that servant shall ior Jesus Christ, without having a burning He is coming back and if we love His ap- come in a day when he looked not for him, desire and a deep yearning to “preach the pearing, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” In and in an hour that he is not aware of, and Word” which not only will save but build this last chapter of Scripture, in the light of shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his up His saints upon the most holy faith. the coming we are instructed concerning portion with the hypocrites: there shall be The Second Epistle of Peter, the third something that we should keep, something weeping and gnashing of teeth.” chapter the 13th and 14th verses, have a that we should do and something that we What I want you to notice concerning similar sequence. “Nevertheless we, ac- should pray. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” this servant is that he does not deny his cording to His promise, look for new We are assigned the task this evening of lord’s return. He does not brush out of his heavens and a new earth, wherein dwell- answering the question, “Does the prophe- mind altogether the thought that his lord is eth righteousness.” A statement of the cy of the Lord’s return paralyze or energize coming back. The thought, which he seeks doctrine to which we have been listening in the work of worldwide evangelism?” to dismiss from his mind, is that of an early during this conference and then once more Experience, as you know, is sometimes prospect of his lord’s return. He says, “My our outlined duty. “Wherefore, beloved, misguiding, and if we would learn ex- lord delayeth his coming,” and with that seeing that ye look for such things, be dili- actly what this blessed hope is intended thought taking root in his mind he begins gent that ye may be found of Him in peace, to accomplish, we need to turn to God’s to deal unkindly with his fellow servants without spot and blameless.” The busiest own Word, and I want first to refer you and enters into fellowship with the world. people today in the Kingdom of God, or to the 24th chapter of the Gospel by Mat- There is nothing that will keep us more rather among the nations who are preach- thew. In this passage, which we intend to clearly separated from the world than the ing the gospel of His grace, are those who read, you will see that God brings before momentary expectation of the return of the believe in the imminent return of the Lord us two servants. In the 24th of Matthew, Lord Jesus Christ. This man said, “My lord Jesus and the wonderful program, which God deals with individuals in twos. You delayeth.” He only “delayeth” his com- follows His coming. remember He speaks of two men being in ing. God forbid that we should suggest The 22nd chapter of the Book of Rev- the field, and the one shall be taken, and that all the servants of Christ who teach elation contains a three-fold record of the other left; two women will be grind- His delayed coming are like this servant words falling from the lips of our Lord, ing at the mill, and the one shall be taken whose example is set before us, but we do which confirm the promise of His com- and the other left, but here He gives us the know that it is a dangerous thing for us ing. In verse 7 He says, “Behold, I come record of two servants. Reading from the to suggest to ourselves that our Lord will quickly!” The statement of the doctrine 44th verse, “Therefore be ye also ready: tarry ere He return, for with the unwatch- once more, and then, “Blessed is He that for in such an hour as ye think not the Son fulness of this servant came unreadiness, keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of of Man cometh. Who then is a faithful and and with unreadiness came unfaithfulness, this book,” a statement concerning our wise servant, whom his lord hath made and with unfaithfulness came unkindness, duty. I remember a number of years ago ruler over his household, to give them and with unkindness came ungodliness, a very saintly and a very gifted servant of meat in due season? Blessed is that ser- and all this because he had lost the present Christ telling me that with a dimming of vant, whom his lord when he cometh shall hope. Those who love His appearing, long the hope, with the fading of the desire for find so doing.” moment by moment for His return, for it is His appearing, there was always failure in You and I have been receiving meat, and the normal outcome of “Love” to long for his ministry and that he always needed the when the Lord comes He expects to find us the appearing of the loved one. reviving of the hope in order that he might dispensing meat. We are never made to be We turn now to the Second Epistle of tighten the bands between himself and his a temple or a pool for the blessings of God. Peter, the third chapter, the 3rd and 4th Christ in order that he might be more firm- We are intended always to be channels. verses. You remember well what the apos- ly bound with the cords of loving sacrifice God ever expects us to break the bread, tle says. He tells us there that we should to the horns of the altar of the divine pur- which has been broken to us. He gave to know something first; that is, it is one of pose. “Behold, I come quickly.” “Blessed the disciples that they might break it unto the earlier things a believer ought to know is he that keepeth.” “Hold fast that thou the multitude, but here is a man engaged concerning Satanic opposition to this hast, that no man take thy crown.” in serving meat to his master’s household truth. “Knowing this First, that there shall The twelfth verse repeats the prophecy and he is watching for his master’s return. come in the last days scoffers, walking af- of His return coupled with a promise of When his master does actually appear ter their own lusts, and saying, Where is recompense, for His servants. “Behold, I he is an exceedingly happy man, for that the promise of His coming? for since the come quickly; and My reward is with Me, word “blessed” means joyous, and you fathers fell asleep, all things continue as to give every man according as his work and I presently are going to be lifted to the they were from the beginning.” shall be.” The work of the servant of height of joy when our Lord returns if He Frequently there is one word, which is Christ is to be undertaken in the light of finds us faithful in service and patient in the keyword to a book, the keyword to a the coming of Christ. Perhaps we have at watchfulness. We will be saying, “I will go chapter, the keyword to a verse of Scrip- times been inclined to be a little bit discon- unto God, unto God, my exceeding joy,” ture, and it seems to me the keyword here tented with the wages we have received, for only God Himself is the joy height of is the word promise. Where is the promise 14 Prophecy in the News Find us on the Internet -
  3. 3. Find us on the Internet - of his coming? A revival of the old Satanic the Gentiles to take out of them a people hall, I was asking God to send us that day slur and slander aimed at the Promiser. Sa- for His name is, the sooner the desired $250.00. But at the end of that day He had tan knows that he can never overthrow the people are gathered out the sooner He will not only exceeded in one day my salary for fulfilment of the Word of God, the prom- return, and if that work of gathering them one year, but He had given us not less than ises of God or the purpose of God, but out has been left in your hands and mine, $296.00. As our Brother Whittlesey was Satan does believe that he can overthrow how busy we should be at this business in praying a few minutes ago, the thought your confidence and mine in the veracity order to hasten the return of our Lord and came back to me of that first missionary of the inspired Scriptures. Consequently, Savior Jesus Christ. day. That first missionary money within a “Where is the promise of His coming?” is We were referring a few moments ago very few months was used with other sums the query of the mocker. Lower down in to the work of modern missions. I believe to send across the seas our first missionary the 13th verse the apostle says, “Neverthe- during the past century that 75 percent of under the board of the China Inland Mis- less,” — in spite of all they say — “nev- those whose lives have been spent in pro- sion to preach the Gospel to the heathens ertheless we” — not they — “according ducing the century’s results upon the mis- in China, and I want to say, dear friends, to His promise, look for new heavens and sion field have been those men and women from that day to this, there has never been a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteous- who have drawn their inspiration from this one year in my life but what God has suc- ness.” The attack upon the promise is a fact of a divine purpose among the nations ceeded in sending us more money in the renewal of the old Satanic deception em- to bring out a selected people who shall one day than He has sent for the pastor’s ployed in Eden: “Hath God said? ... Ye comprise the body of the Lord Jesus Christ salary year by year. shall not surely die!” and upon the completion of which He Today in our church in Cleveland I thank Now the Word of prophecy as relates to will immediately return. Those who have God that we are able to say that our mis- our Lord’s return energizes in the work of bored into the bush of Africa, those who sionary income exceeds the entire income worldwide evangelism because it informs have gone into the jungles of India, those of the church for all other purposes. Thus us concerning three things. First, concern- who have encompassed the walled cities the energizing of the “Hope” continues in ing God’s purpose; second, of His plan for of China during the past one hundred years the life of an individual and of a church. our life; and third, because of the prospect, and have brought to us a century’s results Men who are working with God are sure which is set before us. I want to turn now and the missionary prospects that we have of what they are doing. A man asked me to the 15th chapter of the Book of Acts and tonight upon the mission field — 75 per- not so long ago what was the greatest thing read a brief Scripture frequently referred to cent of them at least have believed in the he could do for God. I said, “The greatest during this Conference, verse 14. “Simeon near approach of the Lord Jesus Christ. thing that you can do for Him is to do what hath declared how God at the first did visit I am wondering if God wants me to say He is doing.” That is what God wants you the Gentiles, to take out of them a people something here, which I have never before and me to do; to long for that for which for His name.” publicly stated, just by way of suggest- Christ is longing; and Christ is longing to Will you notice please that God is sim- ing to you the effect this doctrine has had see a completed body, and that completed ply visiting the Gentiles and that we have upon my life. Away back in 1897, I was body must be drawn out from all the peo- two suggestions here: first, a limited pe- engaged with Mr. Philpott in seeking to ples and tongues and tribes of the earth. riod; and second, a limited purpose, a lim- establish this testimony to which we have Those who know the Lord’s purpose ited time to work and a limited task to per- been listening during the past few days, in do not need any personal appeals. I have form. He is not dwelling here among the various centers in Canada, and I remem- never asked an individual for a dollar for Gentiles as a fixed plan or purpose. He is ber going into a city to a given work and missions in 20 years. I have never per- simply visiting the Gentiles to take out of having around me four or five people. I mitted any of my officials to canvass any them a people unto or for His name. remember how through that year my heart members of the church for a penny for The next word is, “And to this agree the was groaning to be able to do something missions. Men whose hearts are touched words of the prophets; as it is written.” for the mission field, and at the end of the by the inspiration of the Lord’s return need This was a new revelation. A new “Word” first year I calculated the stipend that I had only to be informed of the need and they in prophecy. The Old Testament prophets received from all quarters and I found it to are satisfied to give their best to the Lord, had nothing to say about this revelation be the sum of about $224.00. for they live in the light of the gleams of declared by Peter. But, says James, this Just at that time the Lord laid upon me the coming glory. prophecy of Peter is not out of harmony the burden of doing something for the I have a mechanic in my church who, with what prophets have said. It is just like world, the great world, and I immediate- ten years ago, when I first went there, was a newly written stanza placed in the middle ly began to pray that He might show me very complacently giving from $2.00 to of an old hymn and which is in perfect har- just what He wanted me to do. It seemed $5.00 a year for missions. He was perfectly mony with the verses which go before and perfectly clear that we were to take a mis- satisfied with what he was doing. But after those which follow after it. This testimony sionary offering and although the numbers a year or so the light began to break in. A regarding the church, this gathering out of were few and even although the finances man who was only receiving mechanic’s the church from the nations of the earth, were low and the testimony did not seem wages and a married man with a family, while it is not revealed to us in Old Testa- to make very much headway, we set apart purchasing in these days Liberty Bonds ment prophecy, is in perfect harmony with a day for a missionary offering. Gradu- and giving to all the other humanitarian all that the prophets have said concerning ally we found ourselves praying for God enterprises connected with the war. After the past and future program of the Lord Je- to send us money, not asking people for a little while we found that he was giving sus Christ — there is no contradiction. money, but for God to send us money into $50.00 a year and a little later we discov- Then in the next verse we read, “I will the hundreds, and I remember on that mis- ered that he was giving $100.00 a year, return,” and the logical result of our belief sionary Sunday morning before I preached and this year he has given over $300.00 to of this doctrine that God is working among that first missionary sermon in that little hasten the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Find us on the Internet - Prophecy in the News 15
  4. 4. Find us on the Internet - Second, this Word of God, this Blessed ence? and that two and a half million a the fullness of His blessing, sitting at His Hope, is instructing us concerning the plan month have been passing away out from feet and looking into His blessed face. of God for our service. Somebody has said the fields of heathenism during our genera- This Conference testimony cannot fail to that Judaism and the heathen religions have tion out from this life into the next without scatter us to the ends of the earth in obedi- respect for boundaries and are content to hearing a word of the Gospel? Two and a ence to the heavenly vision. let everybody else alone, but the man who half million people a month since the be- My time has gone. I want, however, to knows the plan of God is not willing to let ginning of the war alone gives to us an ap- say this, that there is a Prospect. Somebody anybody alone. It does not matter how near palling total exceeding the entire popula- has spoken here about rewards. Somebody He may be or how far away the man may tion of the United States. All the munitions has said in this conference something about be who needs the Gospel. I have come to employed and all the conflicts in Europe taking a crown and laying it at His feet. I the conclusion examining my own heart are not able to overtake the awful death know of no surer way of securing a crown that we can never be like Christ or Christ- and devastation and eternal destruction be- to lay at His feet than by gaining it in the like until we love the world. For Christ ing wrought because a church is paralyzed work of soul winning; of making known to loved the world and no man can begin to through lack of measuring up its duties to the world the glories of His cross. Will you be like Him until in some measure he too the doctrine, which it has been taught. remember this tonight? There was a mo- can say, “I love the world.” Years ago, I was traveling through Cen- ment in the life of the Lord Jesus when He Will you turn with me to the first chapter tral Sudan. I found there from the west stood before that earthly judge, when He of the book of Acts. I want to read the last coast up to Lake Chad about 40 tribes wait- took the curse from beneath our feet and words of the Lord Jesus Christ before His ing for the Gospel. Only one tribe of the 40 He permitted His enemies to take those ascension, and I want to read the first words had the complete record of the Scriptures. thorns and entwine them into a crown and of revelation uttered after He had ascended. Forty tribes in ignorance, in idolatry, in na- place it upon His brow, and when you and Probably a moment or so before He went kedness, in superstition, steeped in pagan- I look upon His blessed face, we shall see away He uttered these words: “But ye shall ism, with a thousand Moslem teachers and the marks made by the crown of thorns. He receive power after that the Holy Ghost is traders sent out to convert them from pa- loved us enough to take earth’s curse from come upon you and ye shall be witnesses ganism to Mohammedanism to one Chris- beneath our feet and lift it to His blessed unto me.” And those disciples knew what tian missionary being sent out by the entire brow. Oh, what a delight, that some day He meant by witnesses, for that word meant church of God. I walked an average of 17 we may be able to take the crown which martyr testifiers. Those men knew when miles a day for 7 days without finding a He has placed upon our head and consider He uttered that word that this testimony to trace of any person who believed on the that the highest that He can give to us for which they were called, this witness, which Lord Jesus Christ. Thousands of villages our service is only worthy for the feet of was to be their work, was to be of more and scores of towns are waiting, Waiting, Him whose shoe latchet John tells us we value to them than their own lives. WAITING, while you and I are enjoying are unworthy to unloose. u There are boys, perhaps your boys, your Sky Angel Has Developed IPTV brother, your friend, who will lay down their life, or are willing to lay down their lives for their country, and there is some- thing wrong with you and with me if our lives are of more worth in our sight than the witness, which He has left to our trust. The disciples were told in those last words Internet TV is Here! that they should be witnesses unto Him “both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. And when He had spoken these Don’t miss a minute of Sky Angel! things, while they beheld, He was taken up; and a cloud received Him out of their ORDER IPTV TODAY! sight. While they looked heavenward two men stood by them in white apparel; which Three IPTV Packages Now Available also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye Faith Package - Only $14.99 gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus . Family Package - Only $19.99 . . shall so come in like manner as ye have Family Values Pak - Only $24.99 seen Him go into heaven.” You notice the accurate sequence in dispensational proce- Get a FREE set-top box with an 18-month commitment, or purchase a dure. Just before Jesus left, He gave His set-top box at the special price of $149 (a $198 value) disciples a commission. Just after He had gone, messengers from heaven gave a Call us at 1-877-728-4788 promise of His return. Between the com- Prophecy in the News airs on Sky Angel mission at the one end and the coming at the other, there must be the completion of the work, which has been entrusted to us. Do we know that a thousand million Thursday 11:30 PM (CT) souls are waiting tonight for the light you and I have been receiving in this confer- 16 Prophecy in the News Find us on the Internet -