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Canaanite Palestinians?
       Don't Believe It!
                By Gary Stearman                 Bible and other sources....
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Canaanite Palestinians? Dont Believe It! - Prophecy in the News Magazine - Feb 1998


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Canaanite Palestinians? Dont Believe It! - Prophecy in the News Magazine - Feb 1998

  1. 1. Canaanite Palestinians? Don't Believe It! By Gary Stearman Bible and other sources." According to Mr. Arnold, " He argues Another section is entitled, "Manipulat- that plaee names and geograph y in the Over the last few years, in an effort to ing Jerusalem's History." It "'depicts Israeli Bible are more typical of th e Arab ian wrest the territory of Israel away from the archeological excavations as desperate, peninsula than Israel. Only later, forced Israelis, the Palestinian Liberation Orga- though unsuccessful, attempts to find evi- to flee Arabia, did the Jews transfer the nization has resorted to desperate mea- dence of an ancient Jewish presence, with place names to Palestine, and convince sures . They have terrorized, bombed, as- sinister secondary motives: to undermine the rest of the world that biblical events sassinated, pleaded before the United Na- and collapse the mosques on the Temple had taken place there." tions, written themselves into Oslo II, lied, Mount. The Western Wall - rechristened Salibi seriously suggests that archaeolo- temporized and stolen. But their latest ploy the Al-Boraq Wall and listed as one of the gists search Arabia for ancient traces of is not only amazing, it's a real lhigh- city's most significant Moslem religious Israelite habitation! slapper. They are now claiming that they sites - is described as import to 'some The article also mentions another recent were in the Holy Land first that they Orthodox religious Jews ' whose real pur- event that bet rays the true Palestinian are the descendants of the Canaanites, who pose in pray ing there is to topple the cause: "Last summer, the Palestinian Au- lived there before Abraham came! In their mosques." thority staged an elaborate pageant in eyes, this means that they arc the true own- The method of the Palestinian revision- Sebastia re -enacting the legend of the ers of the land! ist effort is " ". to claim descent from the Canaanite god Baal, including you th s Thi s prevarication deserves an award for Canaanites, the pagan people di splaced dressed in period costumes, chariots de- sheer, brazen, bravado. It should be uni- some 3,000 years ago when the Jews first signed to specifications found at the versally greeted with guffaws. And that's conquered the land under Joshua." Megiddo excavations and torch-bearers pretty much the treatment the idea received One Arab anthropology professor, Sharif dancing around an elated Minister of Cul- in the October II , 1998 Jerusalem Post. Kanaana, said, "The idea of Canaan ite de- ture Vasser Abd-Rabbo. Author Michael Arnold began with a brief scent prevails mostly among the semi- "That followed the serialization in the statement of the PLO posi tion: educated and the semi-intellectu aL The east Je rusalem newspaper AI-Quds of a "Extensive historical and archeological true intellectual s and the educated people column outlining the allegedly unbroken research has shown that the temples Jews know better." chain from Canaan to Palestine. Also in- have prayed and pined for over thousands However, he waffled on the issue when terviewed a year ago, local news editor of years never stood. In fact, the Jews ap- pressed, adding, "Are they [the Canaanites] Issam Kurd said the col umn was wildly pear to have had little real impact on Jerusa- the Palestinians of today? Of course not. popular with readers, who objected only lem. Like any number of ancient groups But do the Palesti nians of today have roots that the author, Rizzi k Safour, neglected thai passed through the city, they tarried a among the Canaanites? Of course." some salient Palestinan claims." few years and then quietly moved on, leav- The Canaanite myth has received the Regardless of whether or not these ri- ing Jerusalem open for the Moslem hordes blessing of no less a publication than Na- diculous assertions are taken serio usly, they who invaded in the seventh century ... " tional Geographic magazine. [n J une, provide a powerful emotional motivation The research of which Mr. Arnold writes 1992. it featured an article by Tad Szulc, for Palestinian throngs who believe that the is the product of fertile "scholars," quoted which pictured the Palestinians as the an- land actually belongs to them. Watch for a by the Palestinian Authori ty [PAl and cient inheritors of the Land. It was fervently furtherance of these assertions among Pal- widely publicized on its Internet web site. contradicted in a rebuttal by David Bar- estinian "intellectuals." Their efforts are yet another imaginative IlIan in the Jerusalem Post. Most of all, remember the words of way to sever the Jews' historic ties to the Objective scholars universally believe Joshua 3: 10: Land of lsrae!. Hebrew history, of course, that Palestinians are, in fact, the descen- "And Joshua said, Hereby ye shall know is the prime motivation of the modern Zi- dants of ancient Arab warriors, who rode that the living God is among you, and that onist movement. into the area with Caliph Ornar. They he will without fail drive out from before One of their Internet screens is entitled, were the bearers of the new religion of you the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and "Jerusalem, a City Crying Out for Justice." Islam, who gained converts at the point the Hiviles, and the Perizziles, and Ihe According to the author, "It ski ps blithely of a sword. Their cry was, convert or die! Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the fr om J erusalem's founding under the Nevertheless, the Canaanite/Palestinian Jebusiles. " Jebusites to the conquest by Caliph Omar theory is being seriously forwarded , Across the ages, God's words ring with in 639 CE [A.D.], ignoring the I,OOO-plus chiefly based upon a book by Lebanese authority, and His ongoing mandate is that years of Jewish hegemony chronicled in Ule writer Kemal Salibi. Israel possess the Land for His name .• 18 Proph~cy in the News