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Ban ki moon nov-dec 2006


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Ban ki moon nov-dec 2006

  1. 1. plus: America: Freedom to Fascism 22 Aaron Russo Interview – Part One
  2. 2. Special Thanks to All of Our Partners During this Holiday Season ou 06. Y g in 20 radio givin eligion ncial R nd , an d fina olitics & ivers ity, a er work gh our P im e Un ro claim ers, s, vo lunte le throu ces, Endt dtime to p Partn your prayer s of peop conferen nd cy ssible for En Dear all of ousa ophe be impo muc h for ister to th azine, pr ou ld rts in r effo ear yo u so us to min time Mag r help, it w ly ou y hank nabled nd ou multip be a pel us to 2007 will T net, E out y s ha ve e he Inter ram. With eh oves ers , h th e Go eir r am, t hip prog th at it b ful partn world wit ts, th prog tners ar. rate aith y even d ar is ne rming our f need nt world the Secon our p the end n ala upport of our very rre g ! hat suc ha es ach do f cu roa chin rld is now w orld t ed at lp and th eek to re u informe pidly app ur wo to the fulfill ’s he es yo ra ach o being od as w keep u. We are time to re as in oph ecy is hrough G ndtime, strive to t yo he well le Pr g year. T ach by E will also will affec is now! T ers as Bib omin outre , we they God pray the c aralleled s always , and how close to your e in : of u np y rist. A Prophec ime to wa lk ndtim l help us s Ch ber E il of Jesu ip to Bible rist. The t remem nation w age. orld. nsh Ch lease ctible do mess nd the w re latio esus n, p nd time ro u ing o fJ easo tax-dedu he E tes and a Com ay s r ear t dies. holid ing. You d to h nited Sta le stu this v ee tely n ss the U al Bib ee nter -ye ar gi ra c As w nd-of-the espe acro y in lo y, that d erences phec u ri chl you re mar kets con f ebs ite. e pro dtim s yo radio Prophecy h of our w teach en od b les e • Es h new e tablis re Endtim ies and re hey need ac t to —M ay G dtim Ennistries o it us ch m pabil tools with Mi • Tea nd the ca h the a e s wit ring • Exp ly church part ne • Sup p o u for nk y Tha ~To become an Endtime Partner~ Visit or Call 1-800-ENDTIME 02 endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime|
  3. 3. vol 16/No6 features 11 Cover Story: Ban Ki departments Moon—UN Caretaker or editorial 4 Antichrist? On October 13th, Ban Ki Moon of South Korea letterS and feedback 6 was chosen as the 8th Secretary General of the United Nations. Ban will replace present World reVieW 8 Secretary General Kofi Annan as head of the SHoP endtiMe 18 UN on January 1, 2007. But what will his role be in the coming months and years? bible StudieS 30 14 Don’t Number Us! A Lesson from Down Underr Contents Who would ever have imagined some 20 years ago—in the outback land of bouncing kangaroos, eucalyptus forests abounding with koala bears, and beautiful coastal beaches crashing with waves of irresistible turquoise waters—that Australian citizens were on the brink of becoming victims of a totalitarian numbering system? by Craig Treadwell 16 The 2 Megaton Gorilla in the Middle East While the world community wearies itself with the problems of war in Iraq, nuclear testing in North Korea, global terrorism, and world poverty, the gorilla of a nuclear Iran prepares itself to be weighed in megatons as it casts menacing stares and bellows threatening grunts in the direction of the nation of Israel. by dave NoviCk cover story 20 Here’s Your Sign Can a reasonable person take a look at the history of Israel and not conclude that something beyond the norm is going on there? 11 It was a long time ago that the disciples asked, “When shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” What about the 21st century? Where’s our sign? by irviN baxTer 22 Interview: America—Freedom to Fascism (Part One) Award-winning filmaker Aaron Russo talks about his latest documentary, 1 Cover “America: Freedom to Fascism” which Man Reading. Photo courtesy graphically illustrates that America is on Mario A. Magallanes Trejo, Mexico the brink of becoming a police state. endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 03
  4. 4. end ime m a g a z i n e ediTor-iN-Chief IrvinBaxter Irvin Baxter Editorial ediTorial assisTaNT [ editor-in-cHief ] Ginger Boerkircher researCh Craig Treadwell ParTNer relaTioNs Jana Robbins lairotidE CoNfereNCe direCTor Kara McPeak iNTerNeT Conspiracy of David Novick graPhiC desigN Silence Joseph E. Romero sTaTemeNT of faiTh We believe that the Bible is the inspired W Word of God, that Jesus Christ is the e all know that politicians love to talk. Do they ever love Savior of the world, and that He will come again to establish a kingdom to talk! That’s what makes the silence so deafening! Nobody’s talk- that shall never be destroyed (Daniel ing about it! 2:44). Those who are born again (John Here we are in the throes of Congressional elections, and you 3:3–5) will have eternal life and rule as can’t get anybody to talk about it! I’m talking about the most important issue facing kings and priests with Christ forever. the nation of America since its birth. whaT is eNdTime? By now perhaps you’ve guessed. But, then again, maybe not. This issue has been In 1968, Irvin Baxter Jr. discovered avoided like the Asian flu, the Bubonic Plague and Leprosy all rolled into one. the United States and other modern I’m talking about the fact that every American will be numbered within the next nations in the Bible. He also found the eighteen months. That’s right. I’m talking about the end of freedom! I’m serious! Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one We are facing the end of the American way of life! And nobody is talking about it! day it was to be torn down, re-uniting Germany, and that event would be The purpose behind this new law is to give the government the ability to track the catalyst to spark an international each of us, 24-7. These new national ID cards will be required to board an airplane, movement called the “New World drive a car, hold a job or open a bank account. If you refuse to be numbered, for Order.” These things have now come all practical purposes, you will cease to exist! All of this is going to happen to you to pass. Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal within the next eighteen months…and nobody is talking about it! minister, began Endtime Ministries in We contacted some of the politicians running for office. “Where do you stand on 1986 when he wrote A Message For The the national ID card?” we inquired. President, a book explaining the major prophecies of the Bible which he had “Oh, I don’t think that’s passed yet,” came the evasive reply. Or, “The Senator is been teaching since 1968. After the fall not available right now, but we’d be glad for you to leave a voice message.” of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfillment This one was really classic: “There is no national ID card. And besides, the pro- accelerated rapidly. The decision was gram is voluntary.” We suppose it is voluntary if you don’t want to drive, fly, work a made to launch Endtime magazine. job or have a bank account. But if you have to buy food, pay your house payment, The purpose of the magazine is to support your family…if you want to exist, then it’s not voluntary. explain the prophecies of the Bible and to show that they are now being May I ask a disturbing question? How many stump speeches did you hear con- fulfilled in intricate detail. Articles cerning the national ID card that is being forced upon the American people within focus on the soon return of Jesus the next few months? I was just wondering, because I didn’t hear one! No inter- Christ, the truth of the Bible, and the views on Fox, CNN, NPR…NONE! need for salvation. Endtime does not Why the conspiracy of silence? Now that’s a good question! deal with doctrinal controversies, as When is all this coming down? By May 11, 2008, but shhh…don’t tell anybody. valid as they may be. This will be left to other publications. Endtime is published bi-monthly by endtime, inc., 449 kingsbridge drive, Garland, tX 75040. Subscription price is $29 for 12 issues. irviN baxTer | ediTor-iN-Chief © 2006 endtime, inc. all rights reserved. reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. PoStMaSter: Send address changes to endtime, Po box 461167, Garland, tX 75046-1167. for subscriptions call 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week 1- 800-endtime. other inquiries call 1-972-530-0100 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (central). 04 endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime|
  5. 5. PrOOF THIS IS THE ENDTIME Euphrates River to Be Dried Up ü In revelatIon 16:12, the Bible predicts that the Euphrates River will be dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the east to invade Israel. This will happen at the time of the battle of Armageddon according to verse 16 of the same chapter. The battle of Armageddon will be the final battle during which Jesus will return and fight on the side of the nation of Israel. Immediately thereafter He will establish His kingdom and usher in His one-thousand-year reign of peace. On January 13, 1990, the Indianapolis Star carried the headline “Turkey Will Cut Off Flow of Euphrates for One Month.” The article stated that a huge reservoir had been built by Turkey. While filling up the reservoir, the flow of the Euphrates would be stopped for one month and a concrete plug for a diversion channel built. These things have now been done. With this newly built dam, Turkey has the ability to stop the Euphrates River at will. The conditions for fulfilling this 1,900-year-old prophecy are now in place. China Goes to War ü In revelatIon 9:15-16, the Bible prophesies that an army of 200 million soldiers will launch a war which will kill “the third part of men.” Never in the history of the world until our present generation has there been a power on M earth that could field 200 million soldiers. However, the late ruler of China any have stated that Mao Tse Tung boasted in his diary that he could field an army of 200 million. The CIA World Factbook reported that in the year 2001 it was estimated that it is impossible to China had 200,866,946 men of military age and that this number is growing by 10 million per year. know whether or not Worldwide Numbering System Predicted ü we are living in the last days before In revelatIon 13, the Bible prophesies that a world dictator will soon rule over a world government. He will cause all people on the earth to receive a number the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. without which they will be unable to buy or sell. We are seeing this prophecy fulfilled before our eyes in a most astonishing way. Nearly every human being However, there is dramatic proof that in the world has now been assigned a number. In America, it is our Social Security number. In the past few years, we have seen this number extended we are living in the endtimes—proof to newborns. A child without a Social Security number cannot be declared as a dependent on an income tax return. We have seen the emergence of that defies coincidence. electronic money, shopping with credit cards, and many people actually urging the abolition of cash. All of these things could not possibly have been fulfilled until this present time. Only after the invention of the computer could such a worldwide numbering system be administered. The Emergence of a New World Order ü revelatIon 13:7 and danIel 7:23 prophesy the establishment of a world government. The term “New World Order” has become a prevalent phrase in the world’s political culture. Mikhail Gorbachev made the term famous, and Pope John Paul II referred to it repeatedly. In the September 12, 1990 issue of the Chicago Tribune, our former president George Bush said, “Iraq is the first test for the New World Order.” He emphatically stated that the Iraq War was Saddam Hussein against the world. The United Nations’ troops are continually referred to as the multi-national forces. The decision has been made to establish an interdependent community of nations that will rule the world under United Nations authority. The Bible says that this will lead us into a great world government. The formation of this government is at hand. Coincidence or Divine Providence? ü Is It coIncIdental that all of these major prophecies pertaining to the last times are being fulfilled simultaneously? Hardly! endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 05
  6. 6. d e p a r t m e n t s Letters and Feedback holy sPiriT wiThdrawN? doing them for years. Please let me know Seems you do not hold to a pre-tribulation what you think about this. rapture belief (nor do I). That said, how can the Holy Spirit be withdrawn if Chris- rePly | There are two major ways in tians are still on earth? which the national ID will be different than —Jo your current Texas driver’s license. First, it appears from the Real ID Act as well as rePly | I find no place in Scripture that other pending legislation, that you will not states that the Holy Spirit will be with- be able to board planes, trains, or buses drawn during the Great Tribulation. By without the National ID. You will not be reading Matthew 24:22-31 we know that able to enter any Federal building. You will the elect will be present until the time not be able to open a bank account and that Jesus sends his angels to gather you will not be able to hold a job. Today, them together unto Him (the Rapture). a driver’s license is required for none of The terms “elect” and “election” are used these things. Second, one of the stipula- numerous times in the New Testament in tions of the National ID is that a state’s reference to the Church. According to 1 database must be linked to a national da- Peter 1:2, the elect have the operation of tabase of personal information. This is not the Holy Spirit in their lives. Furthermore, a federal requirement of existing driver’s Jesus promised in John 14:16 that the licenses in Texas. Comforter (the Holy Ghost) would abide in believers forever. 2 Thessalonians 2:6-8 reigN of The aNTiChrisT speaks of an entity that holds back the Where does the Anitchirst reign in the last revealing of the Antichrist. Some people three and a half years of the tribulation? teach that the thing that “now letteth —Jason Fennell “ (restraineth)” is the presence of the Holy Spirit in the world. There is nothing in this ...the designer rePly | According to 2 Thessalonians 2:4, passage that supports such an interpre- tation. The clue to the correct identity of of the European the Antichrist sits in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God. Revelation this entity appears to be found in verse 6, Union’s flag revealed 11 makes clear that a 3rd Jewish temple “that he might be revealed in his time.” will be built in Jerusalem. It appears that The thing that restrains the revealing of to Lourdes Magazine this temple in Jerusalem will be the one the Antichrist is God’s very own timeline. Just as Jesus, the true Christ, was not that his inspiration from which the Antichrist makes his blas- phemous claim. Daniel 11:45 also states revealed until “the fulness of time was for the flag came that the Antichrist will “plant the taber- come” (Gal. 4:4), the false christ, the man nacles of his the glorious holy of sin, will not be revealed until God’s from the reference mountain.” Although it is possible that timeline dictates it. to the “woman the Antichrist will only use Jerusalem as a temporary place of rulership, it seems whaT’s The differeNCe? clothed with the likely that in his masquerade as the real For those of us in Texas who already have Christ, he will choose to reign in the very to give out our social security number and sun.” mentioned in same city that the Lord Jesus Christ will ” our thumb prints, how is the National ID different for us than obtaining our driver’s Revelation 12:1 reign from—Jerusalem. license? Personally, I don’t want this new 200 millioN maN army ID, but I have to do these things already One of the prophecies in scripture con- for my driver’s license and have been cerns a two-hundred-million-man army. In ue to Irvin Baxter’s limited schedule, Endtime sChedule a is offering members of its PrOPHECy TEAM for local prophecy conferences. All team ProPheCy members work closely with Irvin Baxter and have CoNfereNCe wiTh studied his material for years. Each minister is available for conferences throughout the year, The eNdTime Team presenting the very best and latest prophecy Call kara or viCkie aT 1-800-eNdTime news and commentary from Irvin Baxter. for deTails or email kara@eNdTime.Com, viCkie@eNdTime.Com. 06 endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime|
  7. 7. light of today’s events, might that not be be priests of God and will reign with Christ Union is just one example of the revival of an army of Islam? for one thousand years. He goes on to say the Holy Roman Empire and the fulfillment that the rest of the dead will not live again of Bible prophecy that clearly states that rePly | Absolutely! The scripture you refer until the end of the millenium. in the last days a one-world government, to is found in Revelation 9:16. It speaks of consisting of a political leader and a spiri- an army of 200 million that is responsible daNiel’s 70Th week tual leader, will dominate our world. for killing one-third of mankind during the Do you have a video that explains Daniel’s 6th trumpet war. Mao Tse Tung, the late 70th Week? NaTioNal id = mark of The beasT? leader of China, once boasted that he —John How is getting a National ID, that is in could field an army of two hundred million essence a piece of paper, receiving the soldiers. As a result, many have believed rePly | Daniel’s 70th week is the final “mark” of the beast? I won’t be wearing that an army from China would likely seven year segment of time described by the paper on my right hand or forehead. fulfill this prophecy. However, in recent Daniel in Daniel 9:27. According to this —Jill years, the rise of fundamentalist Islam prophecy, this final seven year period has opened the door to the possibility will be initiated by the confirmation of a rePly | It isn’t - yet. The National ID is not you mention. Some estimates now state covenant by the Antichrist. In addition, the the Mark of the Beast. Revelation 13:16 that about 600 million fundamentalist abomination of desolation, which occurs states clearly that the false prophet will Muslims live in our world. An army of 3 1/2 years into this final seven year cause people to receive a mark in their 200 million soldiers could certainly be period, marks the beginning of the Great right hand or forehead - not just a card. mustered from such a large group of Tribulation. Endtime Ministries devotes However, the implementation of a National people. Furthermore, the scriptures make an entire lesson to this important period ID card in the US and other nations is a clear that the 6th trumpet war will be born of time in the lesson entitled, “The Final huge step forward in implementing this out of the area of the Euphrates River Seven Years.” This is available on DVD and final satanic plan of enslavement for - the location of modern Iraq and Iran. Audio CD. mankind. It has been said that the way to Both of these nations are known hotbeds boil a frog is not to throw him into a pot of of fundamentalist Islamic terrorism. In eu flag aNd mary boiling water, but to place him in a pan of addition, Iran is in feverish pursuit of At one of your conferences, you showed a cool water, and to turn up the heat slowly. nuclear weapons, which indeed pack the flag that had the image of the Virgin Mary The frog will be comfortable, and before power to destroy one-third of mankind, with twelve stars around her head. This he realizes it, he is cooked. Likewise, the in fulfillment of the scriptures. It remains was on a field of blue. I have tried to find devil and the political instruments he uses to be seen how the fulfillment of this this flag and haven’t been successful. Do realize that launching a program that prophecy will unfold, but your suggestion you have a photo of this flag? requires people to receive a mark in their is a distinct plausibility. —Novy Carr right hand or forehead would not be read- ily accepted by the masses. So, as a step The milleNNial reigN rePly | Actually, what you refer to is not in that direction, we have the National ID, Who will be with Jesus during the millen- a flag, but one of a number of pictures which will be a mandatory piece of identi- nial reign? Will all the righteous whose (see bottom right) that depict Mary on a fication containing biometric data that is bodies were buried be raised to meet him blue field of twelve stars. The one on page linked to a national database of sensitive in the sky and descend to reign as priests 6 was found in a chapel in Brussels, Bel- personal information. Twenty years ago, with Christ on this earth? gium — the home of the European Union. such a proposal would have been met —Raymond The one on the bottom right is taken from with great opposition, but in the aftermath Catholic iconography. This is significant, in of the horrific terrorists attacks of 9/11, rePly | The Scriptures speak of two dis- that both pictures bare a striking resem- the opposition wanes and the demand for tinct groups of people who will reign with blance to the flag of the European Union increased security increases. The water is Christ during the millennium. In I Thessalo- (bottom left). This comes as no surprise, getting warmer. n nians 4:16-17, Paul states that “the dead since Arsene Heitz, the designer of the Eu- in Christ shall rise first, then we which ropean Union’s flag, revealed to Lourdes are alive and remain shall be caught up magazine that his inspiration for the flag together with them in the clouds, to meet came from the reference to the “woman the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be clothed with the sun.” mentioned in Rev- with the Lord.” John speaks of this same elation 12:1. According to Catholic inter- event in Revelation 20:4-6 and calls it “the pretation, the woman mentioned there is first resurrection.” He states that those the Virgin Mary. This connection between who are part of the first resurrection will the Catholic Church and the European ( 1 ) Craig Treadwell is The Co-hosT of Politics & REligion radio. 1 2 ( 2 ) keviN riTzi is oN The miNisTry Team aT NorTh CiTies uPC iN garlaNd, Tx. he has worked for eNdTime siNCe 1999. dave NoviCk is a seNior maNager of oPeraTioNs aT eNdTime miNisTries. endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 07
  8. 8. d e p a r t m e n t s World review —world events through the eyes of bible prophecy— By GInGeR BOeRkIRCheR [ 6Th TrumPeT waTCh ] ing to diplomatic officials, measures might eu PlaNs To ease baNkiNg mergers expand to restrict travel by Iran’s leaders The European Commission has plans to TaiwaN’s CheN, warNed by ChiNa, and limit the country’s access to global fi- facilitate cross-border mergers between rePeaTs New CoNsTiTuTioN PlaN nancial markets. banks. Existing rules allow member states Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian has reit- to block certain proposals, but the new erated that the creation of a new constitu- miNisTer warNs of a plan would make blocking harder to do. tion for the island is among his goals. His ‘PerPeTual baTTle’ The stricter conditions will make it harder comments came just three days after Chi- Phil Woolas, the Minister for Community for member states to prevent takeovers na warned him against making any move Cohesion, said Britain faces a war with Is- of domestic banks by foreign banks. It is toward independence. China’s Taiwan Af- lamic terrorists for at least a generation as hoped that if more finance mergers were fairs Office spokesman Li Weiyi said China it fights to stop extremists from destroying allowed to go ahead, the EU would be able is paying close attention to Chen’s plans. the notion of a tolerant democracy. It was to better compete with the U.S. China considers Taiwan part of its territory some of the bluntest language used by a that must be reunited, by force if neces- member of the Government to give warning germaNy To make eu CoNsTiTuTioN sary. of the terrorist threat. a PrioriTy NexT year Germany’s foreign minister has said that uN Chief warNs of global war u.s. sPaCe CommaNder reviving the EU constitution will be a prior- over religioN, says oNly uN PrediCTs saTelliTe aTTaCks ity of his country’s EU presidency next year. CaN solve world’s Problems The Air Force’s new top commander for Frank-Walter Steinmeier said “We need a Secretary General Kofi Annan delivered his space has predicted future attacks on U.S. constitution as soon as possible.” He said final address to the United Nations General satellites. “I’m convinced they’ll strike at the constitution is needed for the benefit of Assembly this week. During his speech, these capabilities.” In remarks to the mis- better representation in foreign policy and Annan spoke of the insensitivity towards sile-defense conference, Air Force Gen. security issues. other people’s beliefs and those who seem Kevin Chilton said there has been insuffi- eager to foment a new war of religion on a cient investment in cyber security at all lev- eu seT To TighTeN seCuriTy global scale. He also said that there was no els of the U.S. government, and the United measures aCross The bloC other conflict which carries such a power- States has a duty to secure “the entire New security measures could be introduced ful symbolic and emotional charge among space domain not just for our own military across the EU following the exposure of the people far removed from the battlefield as but for our allies and for the benefit of the recent terror plot in the UK. A mini-summit the Middle East conflict. Annan says he is free world.” of EU justice ministers discussed several convinced that the only answer to this di- proposals including the tightening of hand vided world is a truly United Nations. luggage checks in airports, the blocking of [ eu waTCh ] some websites, more exchange of informa- bush: woN’T allow a tion on air passengers and teaching of Eu- NuClear-armed iraN uN offiCial welComes eu seaT ropean values to Muslim preachers. President Bush said that he won’t allow a oN uN seCuriTy CouNCil nuclear-armed Iran, which he said would A senior UN official said he favored the Eu- blackmail the free world and raise a mortal ropean Union having a seat on the Secu- [ mark of The beasT waTCh ] threat to the American people. Bush has rity Council. It came as part of an overall pledged to work closely with other govern- reshuffle to make the UN’s executive body real id aCT gives us false ments to find a diplomatic solution, but he better reflect the distribution of global pow- seNse of seCuriTy also stressed, “The world’s free nations will er. Deputy U.N. Secretary-General Mark The high cost of issuing fraud-proof nation- not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weap- Malloch Brown, said reform was needed to al drivers licenses and identification cards on.” have the UN reflect a new world order. to Americans is not the biggest problem with the Real ID Act, according to Lorraine u.s. drafTiNg saNCTioNs as eu To give greeN lighT for R. Inouye, a chairwoman of the Senate iraN igNores deadliNe romaNia, bulgaria To joiN iN 2007 Committee on Transportation & Govern- Iran defied its nuclear deadline to halt pro- The 26th and 27th members will be al- ment Operations in Hawaii. A much more duction of nuclear fuel, and the U.S. along lowed to join the EU on January 1, 2007. serious problem is that the law makes citi- with European allies is putting together a For the first time ever, the European Com- zens vulnerable to identity theft because list of sanctions they will seek in the United mission will create a permanent monitoring states will be required to link databases Nations Security Council. Restrictions on mechanism to ensure new members meet containing sensitive personal information. imports of nuclear-related equipment and their obligations. Even though it is issued by the states, the material are included in the draft. Accord- Real ID is a national identification card 08 endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime|
  9. 9. system, and in recent history, totalitarian sTaTes say New NaTioNal id four billioN hours of governments have misused such systems. Could CosT millioNs surveillaNCe fooTage Per week The act will decrease, not increase, our na- States are worried about the deadline to Roger Cressey, a former counterterrorism tional security. meet new federal security measures for official in the Bush Administration, says driver’s licenses. They say the proposal there are about 30 million video surveil- d. jaCobs, ComPuTer whiz kid, dies will cost far more than the congressional lance cameras in the United States shoot- iN moTorCyCle Crash iN wesT boCa estimate of $100 million. D.B. Smit, com- ing about four billion hours of footage every Derek Brandon Jacobs, known worldwide missioner of Virginia’s Department of Mo- week. Scientist Peter Tu and his team at after he had an identification microchip im- tor Vehicles, said, “We’ve got a situation General Electric are developing programs planted in his arm, died when he lost con- where the federal government is saying you that can recognize faces, pinpoint distress trol of his motorcycle in west Boca Raton. will do certain things a certain way and the in a crowd and synthesize the views of sev- He was 18. At age 14, Jacobs appeared on citizens of the commonwealth have to pick eral cameras into one bird’s eye view, as NBC’s Today show after his family agreed up the check.” part of a growing effort to thwart terrorism. to be implanted with a VeriChip identifica- Tu says if you want to reduce risk, video is tion tag. wal-marT To double rfid ChiPs the way to do it. Wal-mart has announced that 500 new big broTher is shouTiNg aT you stores and clubs will roll out RFID for case [ middle easT waTCh ] Britain’s first ‘talking’ CCTV cameras have and pallet level tracking before the end of arrived. The system allows control room the year, doubling the number of locations riCe To meeT wiTh operators who spot any anti-social acts using it. Wal-Mart is also doubling the num- PalesTiNiaN leader to send out a verbal warning shaming of- ber of suppliers that will use RFID. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called fenders and publicly berating bad behavior. on Islamic militants to cooperate with Pal- “Its one thing to know that there are CCTV lawmakers PuT uP estinian President Mahmoud Abbas. She cameras about, but it’s quite another when bloCks To rfid Tags said that the Hamas government cannot they loudly point out what you have just California legislators have put up some govern in the region. Abbas said that talks done wrong,” said Jack Bonner, who man- roadblocks to RFID technology. The Senate with Hamas on forming a more moderate ages the system. passed the Identity Information Protection coalition government have broken down. Act so that precautions, such as encrypt- house bill To require voTer id ing data, are taken before state, local and NeTaNyahu: iraN PresideNT A measure requiring voters to show pho- county government agencies consider us- more daNgerous ThaN hiTler to identification at the polls passed the ing RFID tags for such things as driver li- Knesset member Benjamin Netanyahu is House. The Federal Election Integrity Act censes and health insurance cards. saying that Iranian President Mahmoud Ah- was approved by a 228-196 vote. The bill madinejad could be more dangerous than faces an uncertain future in the Senate. aT&T says haCkers aCCessed Adolf Hitler. He said that Hitler went out on The “Voter ID” bill would require voters in CusTomers’ Cards a world campaign first, and then tried to federal elections to provide picture identi- Hackers broke into one of AT&T Inc.’s com- get nuclear weapons, but Iran is trying to fication by 2008 and provide proof of U.S. puter networks. Credit card and other per- get nuclear arms first, which is much more citizenship by 2010. sonal information were stolen from several dangerous. thousand customers who shopped at the telecommunication giant’s online store. israel PlaNs for war The company immediately shut down the wiTh iraN aNd syria online store and notified credit card com- According to Israeli political and military panies. sources, Israel is preparing for a possible war with both Iran and Syria. Defense in- “ ...they rejected the seCure id iNdusTry PromoTes siders are saying that too much attention PrivaCy aNd seCuriTy sTaNdards has been paid to Palestinian militants in first episode we sent To sTaTe legislaTors Five companies unveiled a Secure ID Coali- Gaza and the West Bank instead of the two biggest state sponsors of terrorism in the them because, at the tion to aid state legislatures and U.S. Con- region. “Iran’s growing confidence after the end, Bob the Tomato gress in understanding smart cards. The coalition includes Texas Instruments, Phil- war in Lebanon means we have to prepare for a full-scale war, in which Syria will be an said, ‘Remember ips, Infineon, Gemalto and Oberthur. important player,” said one insider. kids, God made you iNvesTigaTors susPeCT 2 dmv lebaNese Pm saNiora sNubs special and he loves emPloyees of makiNg fake ids The FBI and state Capitol police believe olmerT’s Call for Talks Lebanon will not have direct contact with ” you very much.’ two Madison Division of Motor Vehicle em- ployees used their positions to distribute Israel according to Lebanese Prime Min- ister Fuad Saniora. He said, “Lebanon will dozens of fraudulent Wisconsin driver’s be the last Arab country that would sign a licenses. Gary Guenther, the director for peace agreement with Israel.” Saniora says —Phil Vischer, co-creator of Field Services for the DMV said he was there will not be any peace agreement un- VeggieTales regarding videos being very disappointed. “You have people who til there is just and comprehensive peace edited for NBC’s Saturday morning are placed in a position of trust, and may based on the Arab initiative. educational program. have potentially violated that trust by com- mitting an illegal act.” CoNTiNued oN NexT Page endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 09
  10. 10. israel weighs bomb ran rulers seem bent on pursuing their nu- sensitive to the fasting Iraqis. shelTers, NaTioNwide clear program in spite of the current threat A senior Israeli minister, Rafi Eitan, has of low level economic sanctions. Economic veggieTales Too ChrisTiaN for NbC called on the government to prepare bomb sanctions on Iran still have to pass through VeggieTales kids videos are being edited for shelters throughout the country. He said the UN Security Council in which both Rus- their run on NBC’s Saturday morning edu- that Iran, the sponsor of Hizbullah, would sia and China hold blocking vetoes. Beijing cational program time. Phil Vischer, the co- target Israel in any confrontation with the has a $100 billion long-term deal with Te- creator of the characters, said they rejected West over Teheran’s nuclear weapons pro- heran to develop energy so it’s not likely the first episode we sent them because, at gram. China will opt for economic sanctions. the end, Bob the Tomato said, ‘Remember kids, God made you special and he loves [ world goverNmeNT ] iraN PresideNT waNTs you very much.” NBC also wanted lines ed- To debaTe bush ited from a second video that was sent to over To you, baN ki mooN President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has pro- them. Each line contained either the word According to Thorsten Benner of the Inter- posed having a televised debate with Presi- ‘God’ or ‘Bible’. national Herald Tribune, the South Korean dent George W. Bush. Ahmadinejad said Foreign Minister and newly elected Secre- the veto right [on the UN Security Council] CriTiCs waNT ‘jesus’ ouT of Prayer tary General of the U.N. Ban Ki Moon, will is the source of the world’s problems. “It is David Major, a Salvation Army officer in New be taking on three jobs. One of the jobs he an insult to the dignity, independence, free- Zealand is saying that if Christians don’t names was that of secular pope entrusted dom and sovereignty of nations,” he said. get busy and participate in the system, to preach and protect the values of the UN they’ll lose a battle to keep “Jesus Christ” Charter. uN aPProves Cease-fire resoluTioN in the prayer used to open Parliament. A re- for lebaNese CoNfliCT port of a developing move to excise “Jesus” ‘shadow’ ageNCy To issue N. The United Nations ended weeks of dip- from New Zealand’s governmental ceremo- ameriCaN border Passes lomatic dickering when it approved a nies came from John McNeil of Challenge The Department of Transportation, acting cease-fire resolution aimed at ending the Weekly, a national Christian newspaper in through a Security and Prosperity Partner- Lebanese war. The resolution was adopted New Zealand. ship “working group,” is prepared to issue unanimously, and Israeli Prime Minister North American biometric border passes to Ehud Olmert said his cabinet formally ac- gideoNs-aClu aT odds over Mexican, Canadian, and U.S. “trusted trav- cepts a United Nations resolution. The deal sCriPTure disTribuTioN To elers” by next year. According to documents called for an immediate “cessation of hos- PubliC sChool sTudeNTs released under a Freedom of Information tilities” and the deployment of 15,000 UN The ACLU is trying to restrict the Gideons Act request, the Bush administration is run- peacekeepers. from handing out Bibles to fifth-graders in ning a “shadow government” with Mexico Missouri. For years the superintendent in and Canada in which the U.S. is crafting a [ world religioN ] Annapolis, Missouri, has permitted various broad range of policy in conjunction with its groups to present information to students neighbors to the north and south. CourT uPholds Nazi-era at district schools. But now, the Gideons baN oN homesChooliNg have been singled out because two Gide- eu’s solaNa To hold PivoTal Talks A ruling from the European Human Rights ons representatives had been permitted to wiTh iraN oN NuClear Crisis Court has affirmed the German nation’s address fifth-graders during class time. EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana met Nazi-era ban on homeschooling. The court with Iran’s top nuclear negotiator. Solana concluded that society has a significant CourT heariNg held for has been negotiating for the six major pow- interest in preventing the development of PrayiNg ChaPlaiN ers over Iran’s uranium enrichment work. dissent through “separate philosophical Lawyers for an Evangelical Episcopal President Bush has criticized those arguing convictions.” Church priest who has served as a U.S. for further negotiations, and Americans are Navy chaplain have argued that court- finding themselves increasingly isolated ‘seNsiTiviTy TraiNiNg’ for martial counts against him are unfair and among the six-nation coalition facing off u.s. TrooPs iN iraq should be dismissed. Gordon James Klin- with Iran. U.S. soldiers, including officers, are cring- genschmitt was charged with refusing to ing at new requirements that include “sen- follow an order and wearing his uniform Covered by ChiNa, iraN agaiN sitivity classes” on how to “understand at an event in Washington, D.C., where he defies a uN deadliNe Ramadan and the Islamic culture.” One prayed on the steps of the White House, but Another ultimatum has passed, and anoth- officer told the story of one of his men who he has argued that he’s being punished for er showdown is looming as the UN Security was guarding civilian Iraqis. The soldier praying “in Jesus name.” n Council is yet again set to confront Iran over was told he could not eat lunch when lunch its unchecked nuclear proliferation. Tehe- time came because the Army wanted to be “Teheran rulers seem bent on pursuing their nuclear program in spite of the current ” threat of low level economic sanctions. 10 endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime|
  11. 11. Ban ki CONSUMMATE MEDIATOR Moon Ban Ki Moon (front left) sees himself as a harmonizer, balancer, and mediator. He is shown here shaking Department of Defense Photo by R.D. Ward hands with Paul Wolfowitz, UN CArETAkEr Or current president of the World Bank and former ANTICHrIST? Deputy Secretary of Defense for President Bush. On October 13th, Ban Ki Moon of South Korea was chosen as the 8th Secretary General of the United Nations. Ban will replace present Secretary General Kofi Annan as head of the UN on January 1, 2007. T he choice of the new UN Harvard University in 1985. His supporters cal support for the International Criminal leader has generated more than say that Ban is a consummate mediator and a Court—the recently formed permanent a little interest among people world-class administrator. He sees himself as world court with the power to prosecute in- who understand the prophe- a harmonizer, balancer and mediator. dividuals from anywhere on earth (including cies of the Bible and the times in “My tenure will be marked by ceaseless ef- you). He also supports the “Responsibility to which we now live. The United forts to build bridges and close divides,” Ban Protect,” which states that the world commu- Nations is the only organization designed to told hundreds of diplomats and UN staff nity has the right and even the responsibility be a system of global governance—the UN members after the General Assembly ratified to interfere in the internal affairs of a nation term for world government. Since the Anti- his selection as leader of the world govern- if the international community decides that christ will rule over a world government and ment body. “Leadership of harmony not divi- genocide or crimes against humanity are be- since the prophetic fulfillments that are to sion, by example not instruction, has served ing committed by the government of that na- accompany the ascendancy of the Antichrist me well so far. I intend to stay the course as tion. The concept of humanitarian interven- are converging right now, the question begs secretary general,” Ban said. tion was accepted in principle at the 2005 UN to be asked: Will the newly chosen Secretary Ban has had a long affiliation with the UN, Heads-of-State Summit. It is the first time the General Ban Ki Moon preside over the UN dating back to his time as a staff member of UN has openly claimed the right to violate during the reign of the Antichrist or some the UN division of the South Korean Home the sovereignty of nations. would even dare to ask—could he be the An- Office in 1975. He also worked as chairman Ban also reiterated his support for the Mil- tichrist himself? of the preparatory commission for the Com- lennium Development Goals that were set by prehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organi- the UN Millennium Summit in the year 2000. who is baN ki mooN? zation in 1999 while he was South Korean The targets, which were designed to redistrib- Ban Ki Moon received his bachelor’s ambassador to Austria. For the last two and ute wealth from “have” nations to “have not” degree in international relations from Seoul one-half years, he has been serving as South nations, are supposed to be attained by 2015. National University in 1970 and earned a Korea’s foreign minister. The world community asked each developed Master of Public Administration from the During his campaign for Secretary Gen- nation to donate .7% of its Gross National In- John F. Kennedy School of Government at eral, Ban expressed strong and unequivo- come to developing nations each year in or- endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 11
  12. 12. der to achieve these goals. The new secretary phrates River. Most of the Euphrates is in the be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be general has promised to pursue these global nation of Iraq. The United States has 145,000 left to other people, but it shall break in pieces goals with energy and determination. troops stationed along the Euphrates at this and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall Outgoing UN leader Kofi Annan hailed time. Politicians and news commentators stand for ever.” Ban as “a future secretary-general who is are increasingly calling the War on Terror, in Daniel 7 describes the last secular power in exceptionally attuned to the sensitivities of which we are presently embroiled, World War another way. It describes the last kingdom as a countries and constituencies in every con- III. Even President Bush recently referred to ten-horned beast. Verse 24-25 says, “And the tinent” and said he would be “a man with a the War on Terror as World War III. ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings truly global mind at the helm of the world’s that shall arise: and another shall rise after only universal organization.” The Third TemPle them; and he shall be diverse from the first, There has not been a temple on the and he shall subdue three kings. And he shall is iT Time for The aNTiChrisT? Temple Mount in Jerusalem since the Second speak great words against the most High, and The Bible prophesies that a world govern- Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 shall wear out the saints of the most High, ment will be set up prior to the Battle of Ar- AD. Revelation 11:1-2 and 2 Thessalonians and think to change times and laws: and they mageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus. 2:3-4 both prophesy that a temple will be shall be given into his hand until a time and A world-class politician, referred to in scrip- standing on the Temple Mount when the An- times and the dividing of time.” ture as the Antichrist or the Beast, will reign tichrist begins his reign. Since the Antichrist comes up among the over that world government for a three and Over the last 20 years, the Temple Institute ten horns, which are the same as the ten toes one-half year period immediately before Ar- in Jerusalem has been preparing for the build- of Daniel 2, we are able to conclude that the mageddon (Revelation 13:5, Daniel 7:25). ing of Israel’s Third Temple. All the furniture Antichrist will come out of the Holy Roman According to Bible prophecy, several things and instruments of worship are complete. The Empire. The Holy Roman Empire is presently will happen to set the stage for the appearance decision has now been made to proceed with being revived in the European Union—that of the Antichrist. These include the confirm- the building of the temple. The blueprints are 25-nation federation with a population of 455 ing of the Abrahamic covenant by the world being drawn at this present time. million people, which some have referred to community, a war that will kill the third part as the United States of Europe. of men, the building of Israel’s Third Temple, forCiNg obedieNCe Through So what does all this teach us about the and the establishment of a world economic eCoNomiC CoNTrol origin of the Antichrist? We know for certain system for controlling people and forcing The Bible states that, during the great trib- that he must arise out of a ten-nation union their obedience to the world government and ulation, human beings will be forced to have or ten-king union comprising a reconstruct- to the Antichrist himself. Are these things a number or a mark in order to be able to buy ed Holy Roman Empire. We also know that happening now? or sell (Revelation 13:15-18). he will uproot three of these ten nations or The law was passed and signed by Presi- kings as he ascends into power. Finally, we world goverNmeNT dent Bush on May 11, 2005. It calls for every know that the Antichrist will dominate the The formation of the world govern- American to be issued an ID card by May entire world. Revelation 13:3 says that all the mental system of the Antichrist is emerging 11, 2008. Without this national ID, an in- world will wonder after the beast (the Anti- all around us. We now have the World Trade dividual will not permitted to hold a job or christ). Verse 8 says, “And all that dwell upon Organization, the World Health Organiza- open a bank account. Without a job or a bank the earth shall worship him, whose names tion, the World Bank, the World Court, Inter- account, how much buying and selling will are not written in the book of life of the Lamb national Law, the World Police, and Interna- a person be able to do? Oh, by the way, you slain from the foundation of the world.” tional military forces. We are being told that have to give your number—your social secu- What then are the conclusions that we all nations are now interdependent, that we rity number—in order to get your national can draw from all of this? It appears that the must think globally and that globalization is ID card. Antichrist will not originally rise to power inevitable. These prophetic fulfillments are just a small through the UN, but rather will rise out of Strobe Talbott, key advisor during the Clin- sampling of prophecies that demonstrate how a revived Holy Roman Empire structure— ton administration, said it most succinctly. He near we are to the time of the Antichrist. (For however that is ultimately configured. At the said, “The nation-state as we have known it a more complete explanation, see “Are We same time, we know that he will eventually will cease to exist in the 21st century. We will Approaching Armageddon?” Endtime Maga- dominate the entire world, which means that all answer to a single global authority.” Talbott zine, September-October 2006). he will end up controlling the world govern- was President Clinton’s roommate when they ment structure known as the UN. both attended Oxford University in London will The aNTiChrisT be The Understanding all of this, what role will as Rhodes Scholars. leader of The uN? Ban Ki Moon likely play in this entire end- It is a reasonable question. Since the time scenario? Since he has not risen to power CoNfirmiNg of The United Nations is the only structure in ex- through a revived Holy Roman Empire, since abrahamiC CoveNaNT istence today that is designed to be a world he has not come to power through a union The Abrahamic covenant is the covenant government, and since the Antichrist will of ten nations or kings, and since he doesn’t that God made with Abraham in Genesis become the leader of the world, can we as- appear to have the dominating, charismatic 15:18. The covenant promised a homeland sume that the Antichrist will be the secretary personality that the Antichrist will apparently to the descendents of Abraham in the land of general of the UN? possess, it seems unlikely that Ban could be Israel forever. The confirming of the covenant The Bible prophesies that the Antichrist the Antichrist. will be done by the Antichrist and his one- will come out of a revived Holy Roman Em- Ban is a world-class diplomat, and he is a world government system. pire, which should not be confused with the dedicated believer in one-world government. In December of 2002, the world commu- Roman Empire. In Nebuchadnezzar’s image He was just selected to lead the world nity crafted a peace plan for the Middle East described in Daniel chapter 2, the Roman government system for the next five years. called the Roadmap for Peace. The Roadmap Empire is depicted as the legs of iron. The Traditionally, secretary generals have served contains all the provisions of the prophesied Holy Roman Empire is symbolized by the two terms. If this proves true in Ban’s case, confirmation of the covenant. The world feet of iron mingled with clay—the clay be- he would lead the UN for the next ten years, community is still struggling to implement ing the religious element that was added to through the year 2016. With the time of the this plan. the Roman Empire in 800 AD. The ten toes Antichrist obviously so near, the possibility of iron and clay represent the ten kings that is very strong that Ban will be the bureaucrat world war iii will be in power at the very end of the time of that presides over the day-to-day operations Revelation 9:13-16 prophesies a war that human government. Daniel 2:44 says, “And of the world government structures under will kill one-third of mankind. The prophecy in the days of these kings shall the God of the reign of the Antichrist. That itself is a states that this war will emanate from the Eu- heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never pretty awesome thought! n 12 endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime|
  13. 13. Questions Answered Understanding the Bible NEW! • How do we know tHat WITH IrVIN BAxTEr tHe BiBle is true? • wHy did God create tHe Human race? The Bible is the world’s bestselling book of • wHat Happens wHen a person dies? all time. It is God’s instruction book for the • wHat does it mean to Be a son of God? human race, yet very few people understand • wHen tHe BiBle refers the message written within its pages. Now you to tHe kinGdom of God, wHat does it mean? can be one them! Understanding the Bible will • How does a person know if He Has Been Born aGain? walk you through the Holy Scriptures from • wHy are tHere so many different cHristian Genesis to Revelation, unleashing the power cHurcHes? • wHat is tHe difference and beauty of God’s message to mankind! Between tHe old testament and tHe 18 lessons - 18 hours new testament? • wHat is tHe law of sin and deatH? $ 20000 • wHat will Happen wHen Jesus returns to eartH? UnDeRSTAnDInG The BIBLe Get it for Christmas! etu Endtime University UNDErSTANDING THE BIBLE IS ONE OF THE COUrSES OF ENDTIME UNIvErSITy. TO LEArN MOrE ABOUT ETU, CALL 1-800-ENDTIME. OrDEr TODAy! 1.800.endtime|
  14. 14. FrOM A LESSON DOWN UNDEr DON’T NUMBEr US! Don’t Number Us! A lesson from down under by Craig Treadwell Who would ever have imagined some 20 years ago—in the outback land of bouncing kangaroos, eucalyptus forests abounding with koala bears, and beautiful coastal beaches crashing with waves of irresistible turquoise waters—that Australian citizens were on the brink of becoming victims of a totalitarian numbering system? I n the mid-1980’s, the Australian Hawke-Keating Labor wants to be perceived as being anti-Aussie? government proposed the ‘Australia Card,’ which was nothing At first it looked like the Australia Card would be implemented more than a national ID card. The pretense for imposing the without any problems because the opinion polls reflected public sup- Australia Card was prevention of tax fraud and illegal immi- port being at an amazing 70 percent in favor. However, it wasn’t long gration. But to Australian citizens no reason was sufficient—a before Aussies began to grow suspicious and weigh the promised ben- national ID is a national ID. At first, it seemed as though the efits against probable abuses by their own government. They began Australia Card would pass with flying colors. However, in the end, looking at the heart of a national ID system. The wake up call came as Aussies would not be fooled. the awful reality began to ring home, that in order to have a national In an Australian-grown macadamian nut-shell, here is how it all ID system, all Aussies would have to be numbered. The kicker came came down. When the proposal of an Australian national ID card with the understanding that the national ID would be required for came up in the 1980’s, it was not new to the older generation of Auss- employment. With that, a public outcry began to emerge. This led to ies. Their minds were able to go back to WWII when they were given an organized campaign, which ultimately saved the day. ID cards, a program which only lasted a short time. However, three decades later, talk of introducing a national ID began to resurface. how did They do iT? Public debate in Australia raged for quite a long time. Arguments Aussies took almost two years to protest the ‘Australia for and against were volleyed back and forth. Those in favor said that Card.’ According to Simon Davies of Privacy International, the Pri- a national ID was not an issue related to personal rights and free- vacy Committee of New South Wales, an Australian government doms. They focused on the perceived benefits, such as the ability to agency, made a difference. In their privacy bulletin, they said the pro- open bank accounts and travel with greater ease. They presented it in posed national ID card was a tool for the centralization of power and the neat package of patriotism by calling it the ‘Australia Card.’ Who authority within the government. Davies said, “Legal centers, civil 14 endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 SubscribeNow| Call 1.800.Endtime|
  15. 15. liberty councils, academics and advocates joined the opposition to makers are becoming unhappy about how the Real ID Act is being the ID card plan. Over the next two years, a strong intellectual foun- implemented. Why should they be happy about it? It does nothing dation was developed. to benefit the states and everything to turn the U.S. into a police state. Victory did not come easily. The arguments against the card were Furthermore, the Department of Homeland Security has not issued not reported by the media since they were in cahoots with the gov- formal requirements of the Real ID Act, and as of right now, it is up to ernment. As a result, progress seemed very slow at times. If there was state governments to find their own sources of funding. Pennsylvania any hope for victory, they would have to work extra hard to make is looking at over $80 million in cost, and California is looking at a their voices heard. To the relief of many, the Australia Card was ulti- whopping $500 million plus! Nationwide, states will have to foot a mately defeated because thousands of Aussie citizens bound together bill of $2.5 billion. That $2.5 billion will not come from the feds, yet with one voice, which simply said, “Don’t number us!” The Famous the feds are forcing the issue. Here at Endtime, we understand that it’s Australian singer with Midnight Oil, Peter Garrett, called it “the not about the money; however, we will take and be grateful for any greatest threat Australia has ever faced.” opposition to the Real ID Act that we can get! To those in Australia who saw the looming danger and took mea- Daniel 11:40-45 reveals that there will be nations opposing the sures to stop it, we say, “Good on ya,” (Aussie talk for well done). So Antichrist during the Great Tribulation. We want the United States, it’s a nice bit of victory to be chalked up in history for the good citi- Australia, and as many other nations as possible to be on the side that zens of the land down under, but what about us Yanks? will fight Satan’s plan to number the human race. Remember, it was the citizens who stopped the Australia Card 20 years ago. Sometimes eNTer The real id aCT. we forget that the government is made up of citizens, and is supposed Folks, the Real ID Act is here! When it was passed into law in to work on behalf of them. Enough officials in the Aussie government May of 2005, most people were oblivious to it. The majority had no understood this, and enough Aussies took action to make a differ- idea of its potential danger. We were all just going to ‘take a shower.’ ence. You can help keep America on the Lord’s side by praying against That’s what the precious Jewish people were told in Nazi Germany. If Satan’s plan, and by contacting your lawmakers. Visit our website the Real ID Act is left unchecked, it will mean the death of freedom for further information about this important as we know it in America. Consider the very basic functions of life issue and take the No National ID pledge while you’re there. which you will not be able to perform without a national ID: You will Now go do the right thing. Tell your elected officials, “Don’t Num- not be employed; you will not drive, fly, enter any federal building, or ber Us!” Call the White House comment line @ 202.456.1111 and ask open a bank account. Without a national ID card you will be a non- President Bush to repeal the Real ID Act. Cheerio mate! n person, and the government won’t be there to bail you out because it will be the perpetrator. “If there was any hope for is There hoPe for ameriCa? You bet! However, we can’t just sit silent and expect the planned national ID to go away by itself. It is up to the citizens of this great land we call America to see the Real ID Act repealed. I can tell victory, they would have to work you as Endtime’s director for the No National ID campaign, there is a extra hard to make their voices growing awareness of the Real ID Act and all of its looming dangers in the U.S. Each week new articles emerge which testify to this grow- heard. To the relief of many, the ing awareness. One such article, which recently hit the news wires, described a scene at the National Conference of State Legislatures Australia Card was ultimately (NCSL) in which Senator Mitch Seabaugh, the Republican Majority Whip from Georgia, introduced a resolution which NCSL members defeated because thousands of voted to approve. The resolution demands Congress either find a way Aussie citizens bound together ” to pay for the Real ID Act, or repeal it by the end of 2007. In an inter- view with Senator Seabaugh on “Politics and Religion” (August 28, with one voice. 2006), we learned about the growing awareness among lawmakers concerning the negative impact the Real ID Act will have on our na- tion. His ability to pass such a resolution proves that many state law- No NaTioNal id CamPaigN The ReAL ID —It’s coming to America— so whaT’s The big deal? Without that little card, you won’t be able to open a bank account, get a job, drive your car, board an airplane, or enter any federal building. And that’s just the beginning... Act now. Ready to kiss freedom Nonational goodbye? endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 15
  16. 16. by dave NoviCk
  17. 17. NEW Questions Answered Understanding the Bible NEW! WITH IrVIN BAxTEr • How do we know tHat ON tHe BiBle is true? • wHy did God create tHe Human race? 18 were baptized after the first • wHat Happens wHen DVD a person dies? teaching of this series! • How does a person know if He Has Been Born aGain? • wHy are tHere so many different UnDeRSTAnDInG cHristian cHurcHes? • wHat is tHe difference The BIBLe Between tHe old testament and tHe new testament? • wHat is tHe law of sin and deatH? • wHat will Happen wHen Jesus returns to eartH? 18 lessons - 18 hours Now Available on DvD! $ 200 00 Call 1.800.ENDTIME or visit! endtimemagazine | November & December 2006 17