A world court for the world government may-jun 2002


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A world court for the world government may-jun 2002

  1. 1. Vol. 12/No. 3 www.endtime.com May/June 2002 $3.00 WORLD EVENTS FROM A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE A World Court for the World Government
  2. 2. Many have stated that it is impossible to know whether or not we are living in the last days before the second coming of Jesus Christ. However, below you will find dramatic proof that these are the endtimes. The proofs below defy coincidence. Euphrates River to Be Dried Up In Revelation 16:12, the Bible predicts that the Euphrates River will be dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the east to invade Israel. This will happen at the time of the battle of Armageddon according to verse 16 of the same chapter. The battle of Armageddon will be the final battle at which time Jesus will return and fight on the side of the nation of Israel. Immediately thereafter He will establish His kingdom and usher in His one thousand-year reign of peace. On January 13, 1990, the Indianapolis Star carried the headline “Turkey Will Cut Off Flow of Euphrates for One Month.” The article stated that a huge reservoir had been built by Turkey. While filling up the reservoir, the flow of the Euphrates would be stopped for one month and a concrete plug for a diversion channel built. These things have now been done. With this newly built dam, Turkey has the ability to stop the Euphrates River at will. The conditions for fulfilling this 1,900 year-old prophecy are now in place. China Goes to War In Revelation 9:15-16, the Bible prophesies that an army of 200 million soldiers will launch a war which would kill “the third part of men.” Never in the history of the world until our present generation has there been a power on earth that could field 200 million soldiers. However, the late ruler of China, Mao Tse Tung boasted in his diary that he could field an army of 200 million. The CIA World Factbook reports that in the year 2001, it is estimated that China has 200,886,946 men of military age, and this number is growing by 10 million per year. Worldwide Numbering System Predicted In Revelation 13, the Bible prophesies that a world dictator will soon rule over a world government. He will cause all people in the earth to receive a number without which they will be unable to buy or sell. We are seeing this prophecy fulfilled before our eyes in a most astonishing way. Nearly every human being in the world now has been assigned a number. In America it is our Social Security number. In the past few years, we have seen this number extended to newborns. A child without a Social Security number cannot be declared as a dependent on an income tax return. We have seen the emergence of electronic money, shopping with credit cards, and many people urging the abolishment of cash. All of these things could not possibly have been fulfilled until this present time. Only after the invention of the computer could such a worldwide numbering system be administered. The Emergence of a New World Order Revelation 13:7 and Daniel 7:23 prophesy the establishment of a world government. The term “New World Order” has become a prevalent phrase in the world’s political culture. Mikhail Gorbachev made the term famous, and Pope John Paul II has referred to it repeatedly. In the September 12, 1990 issue of the Chicago Tribune, our former president George Bush said, “Iraq is the first test for the New World Order.” He emphatically stated that the Iraq War is Saddam Hussein against the world. The United Nations’ troops are continually referred to as the multi-national forces. The decision has been made to establish an interdependent community of nations that will rule the world under United Nations authority. The Bible says that this will lead us into a great world government. The formation of this government is at hand. or Divine Providence? Is it coincidental that all of these major prophecies pertaining to the last times are being fulfilled simultaneously? Hardly.
  3. 3. www.endtime.com endtime@endtime.com World Events from a Biblical Perspective CONTENTS Cover Story 8 A World Court for the World Government For many years, proponents of world government have dreamed of a world court that could someday enforce the edicts of world government. On April 11th, 2002, the 60th nation ratified the International Criminal Court Statute of Rome. This was the necessary number of ratifications need- ed to bring the new world court system into being. This adoption of a permanent world court is one of the greatest steps ever into one-world government. AP WideWorld Photo/Osamu Honda Departments Feature Articles 4 Editorial 11 The Red Heifer in Bible Prophecy Prophetic Fulfillment Quickens 14 The Rise of the European Strongman 6 Letters & Feedback If the U.S. continues to distance itself from the 17 Whetstone United Nations, there is a plan afoot to transfer the entire weight of the one-world government cradle to 23 Radio Log, the European Union. Regional Bible Studies Endtime Photo 25 News from the Front Office 19 Final Solution for the Middle East 28 World Review The Council on Foreign Relations, through its official “It’s Not About a National ID” publication, Foreign Affairs magazine, proposes a “UN Troops Can’t Stop Terror” U.S.-led international coalition to forcefully impose an FDA Gives Green Light to end-of-conflict deal on the Israelis and Palestinians. VeriChip Government Solution—Human 22 Prince Charles—Prince of Faiths Computer Chip Implants Prince Charles has announced that he wants to be Chernobyl Cancer Rates Soar the Prince of Faiths, launching a multi-faith cam- UN Backs Palestinian Violence paign to bring all of the religions of the world AP WideWorld Photo/Karel Prinsloo Celebrating a Female Suicide together. Bomber Palestinian Security Chief Pledges More Attacks 26 Six Choices for Israel The nation at the center of Bible prophecy and the The Wrath of Banning Satan apple of God’s eye finds herself at the crossroads once Robot Cameras “Will Predict again—only this time she is at a perilous six-way Crimes Before the Happen” intersection. Which direction will she choose to go? Don’t forget to check out our website. 30 Livid Bill from the Past www.endtime.com A short look at Historicism and Preterism. AP WideWorld Photo/Giulio Broglio Endtime is published bi-monthly by Endtime, Inc., 1301 South 8th Street, Richmond, IN 47374. Subscription price is $29 for 12 issues. Periodical postage paid #009267, ISSN# 1066- 6885, Richmond, IN, and additional mailing offices. © 2001 Endtime, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. POSTMAS- TER: Send address changes to Endtime, PO Box 2066, Richmond, IN 47375-2066. For subscriptions call 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week 1-800-ENDTIME. Other inquiries call 1-765-962-6344 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Central).
  4. 4. Perspective Editorial By Irvin Baxter Jr. Editor-in-Chief Prophetic Fulfillment Quickens Magazine Staff D uring a single two-week stretch were fulfilled. God Himself told the prophet in April, we received news that Daniel (12:9) that “the words are closed up and Editor-in-Chief a red heifer was born in Israel. sealed till the time of the end.” This thing Irvin Baxter Jr. Many religious Jews believe called the “time of the end” has been in the Assistant Editor this could very well pave the mind of God ever since the beginning. Now Eddie Sax way for the building of Israel’s Third Temple. you and I are on the brink of experiencing it. The story also broke that the VeriChip, the Our goal, through Endtime magazine, as well Editorial Assistants human implantable computer chip, was cleared as the teaching materials we have produced, is Ginger Boerkircher for marketing in the U.S. by the Food & Drug to put tools into your hands that will help all of Liz Freeman Administration. It is quite possible that this us reach the world for Jesus in the short time technology could be used for implementing the remaining. To this end, we are extremely excit- Research mark of the beast. ed to announce the release of our new Kathy McKinney Also during this time, Ariel Sharon himself Understanding the Endtime twelve-hour video suggested an international peace conference on series. Eddie Sax, my Politics & Religion co- Ministry the Middle East. This could possibly result in host, and I re-taught and updated the ten-les- Fulfillment Services the “confirmation of the covenant” by the inter- son series that I originally filmed in 1996 with Jana Robbins national community and the Antichrist. my very good friend, Jim Gifford. Finally, the International Criminal Court was We have also updated and almost doubled Stewardship Kara McPeak ratified by the necessary number of nations to the size of our Level One Study Manual. become a reality. This is the world court system Between Eddie, my research assistant, Kathy, Network that will enforce the will of the emerging world and Dan, our webmaster, massive amounts of Administrator government upon the people of the world. documents, photos, and supporting informa- Dave Northrop If any one of these developments had tion were compiled, bringing each of the ten occurred, it would be of major prophetic signif- lessons to a higher level for the reader. The pre- Webmaster, Layout icance. To witness four major events with such vious manual was 144 pages. The new one has Dan Barkley far-reaching implications during such a short grown to 264. time period is nothing short of mind-boggling! Endtime prophecy culminates God Radio Operations Events will continue to accelerate. Once the Almighty’s plan for mankind. Let’s represent it Jim Stigleman covenant is confirmed, activity will be ratch- well. eted up to an unprecedented level. We have Endtime Ministries now entered the end game. Statement of Faith Jesus talked about a special time—a special Irvin Baxter Jr. We believe that the Bible is the inspired generation that would not pass until all things Editor Word of God, that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and that He will What is Endtime Magazine? come again to establish a kingdom that shall never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44). In 1968, Irvin Baxter Jr. discovered the United States cies of the Bible which he had been teaching since 1968. Those who are born again (John 3:3-5) and other modern nations in the Bible. He also found the After the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfillment will have eternal life and rule as kings Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one day it was to be torn accelerated rapidly. The decision was made to launch and priests with Christ forever. down, reuniting Germany, and that event would be the Endtime. The purpose of the magazine is to explain the catalyst to spark an international movement called the prophecies of the Bible and to show that they are now "New World Order." These things have now come to being fulfilled in intricate detail. pass. Articles focus on the soon return of Jesus Christ, the Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal minister, began truth of the Bible, and the need for salvation. Endtime Endtime Ministries in 1986 when he wrote A Message does not deal with doctrinal controversies, as valid as For The President, a book explaining the major prophe- they may be. This will be left to other publications.
  5. 5. 13 Days October 7 - 19, 2002 $2395 plus tips and taxes
  6. 6. Letters to the Editor Letters & Feedback What’s On Your Mind? Endtime Wants to Know. Soul Sleep First, as someone who knows the history of the Palestine/Israel conflict well (I teach a college course on Modern Middle Eastern When a believer passes away, does his soul instantly go to History), I am stunned by your misrepresentations. I need not heaven? I keep hearing that “the soul sleeps” or that people are go into detail, since you no doubt know full well what facts you asleep in the grave. routinely distort. Most blatantly, your assertion that there was never any Palestinian nation is the worst sort of finessing of his- Reggie tory, implying that there were no Arab people there to be dis- placed by Zionists. There may have been no “Palestinian State,” Reply: Soul sleep is not a biblical term. The Bible says that, but neither was there an “Israel,” and there certainly were Arabs when a person dies, their physical body sleeps. Scripture also living there, with a long-standing claim on the land. The says that the spiritual side of the man immediately goes into the Palestinians are not without moral blemish, but one cannot hon- presence of the Lord. estly deny their presence prior to the establishment of Israel. We learn about the physical body sleeping in I Thessalonians Second, and more disturbing, is your political and rhetorical 4:14, which says, “For if we believe that Jesus died and rose “support” of Israel. Such support of Israel is truly the worst again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring aspect of Christian fundamentalism; this is treating Jews not as with him.” Daniel 12:2 reads, “And many of them that sleep in persons, but as the means to an end—as I often put it, “Jews: the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and stepping stones to Christian glory.” How you can sleep while some to shame and everlasting contempt.” propounding such nauseating duplicity is a bigger mystery than Regarding the spiritual side of the equation, Paul wrote in II any of the vagaries of the Book of Revelation. Such “persons as Corinthians 5:8, “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to means” morality flies in the face of the teachings of Jesus him- be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” In self. Revelation 6 we see that there are souls under the altar in heav- I will continue to listen to your show because I find it fasci- en crying out, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not nating to hear your views on the connection of current events judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?” with biblical prophecy. But I cannot do so with a clear con- These souls are in the presence of the Lord. They have not yet science unless I at least make the above points. I do not expect received their glorified bodies and are waiting for the resurrec- you to listen, but I must try to let you know that some people tion day. Because they are able to talk, it implies that there is a are listening who see through this double-barreled dishonesty. level of spiritual communication that we do not presently understand. Dr. Paul R. Powers From these scriptures, we can conclude that, when a person Assistant Professor of Religious Studies dies, their spirit goes into the presence of the Lord; but their Lewis & Clark College body sleeps until the day of resurrection. Portland, Oregon Reply: Thank you so much for caring enough about truth to Religion Professor’s Opinion write to us here at Endtime. If we are broadcasting incorrect information, we certainly want to know. Please allow me to Just a quick note, for what it is worth. I have been listening respond point-by-point to your letter. to your program for about a year now, and I must say, your disin- We have never intended to imply that Arabs did not live in genuousness regarding Israel takes my breath away. the area that is now Israel. We have stated repeatedly that God 6 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2002
  7. 7. drove the Jewish people out of their land because of their rejec- member super commission. tion of Jesus as their Messiah. It should be noted, however, that The ten-nation union might also come from the a population of Jews has continued to reside in the area since the Commonwealth of Independent States, formerly part of the days of King David even though the majority of them were scat- Soviet Union, or even the United Nations—a possibility of tered. which I am skeptical. Since we cannot know at this time how We also teach repeatedly that modern day Palestinians are the the ten-nation union prophecy will play out, it gives us all descendants of the biblical Philistines. Some historians dispute something to watch, as we steamroll forth into what Kofi Annan this claim, but Yasser Arafat contends that it is true. The calls “international governance.” Philistine population was centered in Gaza in biblical times, and Palestinian population is centered in Gaza today. Strong’s bibli- cal dictionary states that Palestine and Philistine are the same What a Church Teaches word. The Bible clearly teaches that there is now no difference I am a Catholic Christian, and I feel at home in the Catholic between Jew and Gentile. Palestinians are Gentiles, and God Church. I don’t doubt what you are saying about the false loves them the same as the Jews. The issue to which the Bible prophet being a future pope. Do you feel today’s Catholic speaks, however, is the God-given possession of the land. Ezekiel Church is misguided? 37 clearly prophesies that in the latter times God will re-gather Israel into her own land. Anyone who opposes this promise Mike opposes God Himself. Ezekiel 38 deals with the invasion of Israel at the time of the Reply: The critical thing is whether or not a given church, Battle of Armageddon. In verse 18, God said that His fury regardless of its name, teaches what the Bible teaches. Does it would come up in His face when the nations of Ezekiel 38 come teach about salvation, and what Jesus meant when He said, to challenge Israel’s right to the Holy Land. Zechariah 14 “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of describes God’s defense of Israel when all the nations (the world God”? If it doesn’t, then it is not correct. Does it practice things community) will come against Israel at Armageddon. the Bible prohibits? The Bible is the final source of authority. Since God has promised the land to Israel, we believe Israel Compare your Bible with what comes across the pulpit. should have the land. At the same time, we know that the Sometimes the answers are obvious. Second Coming of Jesus is the only thing that will resolve the I sense that you have already answered your own question in conflict in the Middle East. your mind by recognizing the role that your church’s leader will play in the very near future. Please feel free to contact our min- istry for more information about this most important subject. International Governance Daniel 9:27 states that the Antichrist will confirm the Snatching Christians covenant. This suggests to me that the United States will not succeed in establishing peace in the Middle East. Is that too nar- I have a little trouble reconciling something. Revelation 14:9- row a conclusion? I ask this because Kofi Annan was quoted as 12 talks about the fate of people who have the mark of the beast. encouraging the UN to lead with international governance in Over in John 10:27-30, Jesus speaks of His sheep. The Father the effort to establish peace. He was basically saying the U.S. gave them to Him, and He gives them eternal life. Nobody can was not in such a position. snatch them out of His hand. As Christians, are we protected Also, regarding the ten kings in Rev. 17:12, do they represent from the mark of the beast? Can we actually make the error of the European Union? taking the mark of the beast? James Randy Reply: We are presently witnessing a concerted effort by all Reply: The Bible teaches that all will worship the beast except the major powers of the World Community. A recent UN those whose names are in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Jesus taught Security Council resolution states that the United States, the in Matthew 24 that, if it were possible during the endtime, the European Union, the Federation of Russia, and the United very elect would be deceived. Lukewarm, nonchalant, half- Nations should all co-sponsor efforts towards a Middle East hearted Christians will not survive. Apostate Christians by the peace. This “quartet” represents all the major elements of the millions will line up to take the mark. The days for lukewarm World Community. We are dangerously close right now to the Christianity are over. It’s time to get close to God, practicing the World Community, with U.S. participation, being a party to Bible literally—word for word. whatever covenant might be confirmed. If we walk close to God and stay attuned to the prophetic ful- Regarding your question about the ten kings, the EU fulfills fillments of our time, we will never take the mark of the beast. the requirements in many ways, but there is one significant problem. They currently have 15 members and are negotiating to accept another ten, which would make a total of 25. If the Endtime thanks you for your letters. The letters we use in Endtime do European Union is to fulfill this prophecy, it will either have to not necessarily reflect the views of Endtime and/or its staff. Endtime somehow shake back down to ten, or establish some type of ten reserves the right to edit letters according to space and editorial style. ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2002 7
  8. 8. Cover Story AP WideWorld Photo/Osamu Honda Supporters applaud as Hans Corell, the UN under secretary-General for legal affairs announces the ratification of the Rome treaty, which estab- lishes the International Criminal Court, April 11, 2002, United Nations headquarters in New York. Despite vehement U.S. opposition, the world’s first permanent war crimes tribunal comes into force on July 1, after receiving more than the 60 needed ratifications. A World Court for the World Government BY IRVIN BAXTER JR. court takes permanent jurisdiction world- tem with a mandate to enforce world law, I t was among the greatest of the wide. And why not? A world government world government can never be a reality. one-worlders’ dreams. For the needs a world court. Although it is being His World Federalist Activist Guidebook nations of the world to adopt a downplayed, the adoption of a permanent states: “The goal of the World Federalist world court that could try any world court system is one of the largest Association is the abolition of war, the human being on earth, was more advances toward one-world government preservation of a livable and healthful than most globalists could have hoped to the world has ever witnessed. global environment and the promotion of see in their lifetimes. The World Federalist Association, an a just world community through the Yet it happened. On April 11th, 2002, organization that openly advocates one- development of enforceable world law. the 60th nation ratified the International world government, led the charge to Achievement of that goal requires the Criminal Court Statute of Rome. This establish the ICC. Its director, William establishment of a democratic federal was the necessary number of ratifications Pace, is also the head of the NGO which world government.” needed to bring the new world court sys- is an umbrella organization covering tem into being. The mission of the court 1,000 other organizations dedicated to Background will be to enforce the intricate web of the establishment of the International When the UN was formed in 1945, international law that has been painstak- Criminal Court. He has been the court’s world planners knew they were creating a ingly woven over the last 57 years since number one proponent. world government structure. From the the birth of the UN. On July 1, 2002, the Pace knows that, without a court sys- outset, they designed the United Nations 8 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2002
  9. 9. to be a world government. President AP WideWorld Photo/Fred Ernst Roosevelt, the chief force behind the for- mation of the United Nations, placed the words “New World Order” on the back of the U.S. dollar bill. Written in Latin, as if to disguise the intent, are the words “Novus Ordo Seclorum.” Novus means new; Ordo is order; Seclorum means sec- ular or world. The global planners also knew that, if they were going to have their world gov- ernment, they would need a world court. In fact, the plans for such a court were included in the original charter language. However, at that time the nations of the world were not ready to countenance such a move toward a bona fide one-world gov- ernment. Consequently, the world court system was put on the back burner until the political climate was right. The Nuremberg trials, which took place at the end of World War II, have been cited as a precedent for what is tak- Former Yugoslav army chief Dragoljub Ojdanic, right, followed by a United Nations guard, ing place now. In Nuremberg the rulers of pleaded not guilty to allegations of war crimes on April 26 during his first appearance at the Nazi Germany were placed on trial and Yugoslavia war crimes tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands. brought to some level of justice. More recently, special tribunals were estab- Aggression, this category of crime will every act by every head of state in the lished to handle the situations in Rwanda not be tried before the ICC at this time. world, because it will effectively end and Yugoslavia, the latter of which is still The category of Crimes of Aggression, national sovereignty. Shimon Peres, the ongoing. These temporary courts were however, is the most powerful. The ulti- foreign minister of Israel, recently warned established to deal with isolated atroci- mate intent is to make it a crime when his fellow rulers to be careful of what they ties. However, the United Nations still any nation takes military action without did during Operation Defensive Shield, envisioned a permanent world court that first obtaining the approval of the United lest they may end up on trial before an would be in business full-time, and could Nations. Only when a military action is international court. deal with violations of international law approved by a UN resolution would it be Recent examples of world court action on an ongoing basis. considered legal. If not approved, it include Yugoslavia’s former army com- would be a criminal act prosecutable mander, Gen. Dragoljub Ojdanic. Clinton proposes world court before the International Criminal Court. Ojdanic was indicted by the UN war In his 1997 address to the General Heads of state and military leaders could crimes tribunal for atrocities committed Assembly of the UN, President Clinton be placed on trial for Crimes of by his forces in Kosovo. He recently sur- said that the time had arrived for the Aggression. rendered to the court at The Hague. A establishment of a world court. On June total of 24 Serbs are on the UN court’s list 15, 1998, the International Criminal War Crimes of suspects wanted for alleged war crimes Court Conference was convened in Interestingly, during the Rome confer- committed during the Balkan wars in the Rome—an interesting place for the con- ence, Syria and Egypt proposed an 1990’s. There have been two suicides in ference. Work began on the final draft of amendment to the ICC statute. This Yugoslavia since that government passed the International Criminal Court Statute. modification made it a crime to transfer an extradition law allowing them to hand Thirty-two days later, the final draft had population out of a territory that is taken over officials to the world court system. been hammered out. A vote was taken, during war, or to transfer your population Slobodan Milosevic, the former Yugoslav and it was adopted—120 for, 7 against. into territory captured in war. When this president, is already on trial at The Four categories of crimes were estab- was proposed, the whole world under- Hague. lished that would fall under the jurisdic- stood fully that it was tailor-made for In Chile, the judge prosecuting tion of the ICC. They are: Genocide, Israel, because there are currently about Augusto Pinochet for crimes committed Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, 200,000 Jewish settlers in the “occupied during his 17-year dictatorship is seeking and Crimes of Aggression. territories.” This amendment became part to extradite Henry Kissinger, the former of the definition of “war crimes.” U.S. Secretary of State, to Chile over his Crimes of Aggression alleged involvement in Pinochet’s 1973 Because of unresolved disagreements The End of National Sovereignty coup. Kissinger was also cited for his part over the definition of Crimes of The ICC will cast a dark cloud over in the Vietnam War and for America’s ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2002 9
  10. 10. Cover Story secret bombing of Cambodia. Photo Credit Once Crimes of Aggression become prosecutable, George Bush’s actions in the United States’ war against terrorism would have put him behind bars since his actions have been taken without UN approval. The lawyer for a Croatian gen- eral indicted by the Hague tribunal sug- gests that former President Clinton could be charged with crimes against humanity for authorizing “Operation Storm,” a Croatian military offensive staged in 1995 that recaptured territory from rebel Serbs. The UN approved none of those actions, but they have been tolerated because the UN has lacked authority over them... until now. Perhaps most important of all, the ICC will have jurisdiction over any indi- vidual on earth, whether or not the court is ratified by that person’s country. In As if to disguise the intent, the phrase New World Order is printed in Latin on the back of the other words, the United States does not U.S. dollar bill. “Novus Ordo Seclorum” was placed there during the Roosevelt administration have to ratify the statute in order for in the early 1930s. Americans to come under The Court’s power. Even though the Bush adminis- to cause mental harm. The world govern- Jesus is the Messiah, and they do not tration has recently sent a letter to UN ment planners believe the number one believe that Jesus is God. The Secretary General Kofi Annan notifying cause of war on earth is religious conflict. Presbyterian Church USA, at their June him that the U.S. is officially withdraw- They conclude that the world has to be 2001 general assembly, approved homo- ing its signature from the ICC Statute, re-educated so that no one would ever sexuals serving as pastors of their church- American citizens could still be arrested speak disparagingly against anyone else’s es though the Bible condemns homosexu- by the court if they were travelling religion. al practices in the strongest terms. (It abroad. If a U.S. citizen is tried before In Mikhail Gorbachev’s book should be stated that this decision was this court, he will not enjoy the protec- Perestroika, he lists several things that subsequently rejected by their pres- tion of the U.S. Constitution, nor the endanger peace and security on earth. The bytries.) At the same conference the Bill of Rights list includes religious exclusiveness—the Presbyterian Church established a com- U.S. Rep. Ron Paul has introduced a belief that one’s religion is the only cor- mittee to study whether a person may be bill into Congress called the American rect one. Individual countries have begun able to get to God without Jesus Christ. Servicemen’s Protection Act. The bill enacting laws against such “narrow” The Bible speaks of a day when every- states that, if any American serviceman is thinking. France recently passed a law one will be forced to submit to the one- arrested and placed on trial before the against proselytizing. In Canada there is a world governmental system. The ICC because of participation in U.S. mil- hate crime law stating that, if you speak International Criminal Court, which itary incursions, the U.S. would go to war against homosexuality on the airwaves of became reality on April 11th, is the to rescue him. The American Canada, you could be sentenced to five mechanism that will force everyone to Servicemen’s Protection Act has not been years in prison. bow the knee to the prophesied system of passed yet, but could be broadened to A Bible believing Christian is, by defi- global government. include every American. nition, guilty of religious exclusiveness. The prophecy in Daniel 7 describes the Salvation, according to the Bible, cannot power-base from which the Antichrist Genocide: Religious be found outside of Jesus Christ. “For will rise as a ten-horned beast. It says that Exclusiveness there is none other name under heaven this beast will have great iron teeth. Wait One category of crimes under ICC given among men, whereby we must be no longer. With the birth of the jurisdiction should be particularly trou- saved” (Acts 4:12). International Criminal Court, the world bling for Christians. Genocide is defined Understanding the way the global government system now has teeth. The as causing physical or mental harm to any winds are blowing, many “Christian” reli- human race will discover too late that minority whether it is a racial minority, gions are adjusting their teachings to a they are teeth of iron! ❏ sexual minority, or religious minority. position of political correctness. The While we know that no Christian would Vatican stated in its 1994 Catechism of “For then shall be great tribulation, such as ever cause physical harm to anyone, the Catholic Church that the plan of sal- was not since the beginning of the world to this speaking out against another person’s vation includes the Muslims, in spite of time, no, nor ever shall be.” religious beliefs is believed by globalists the fact that Muslims do not believe that Matthew 24:21 10 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2002
  11. 11. Prophecy Insight Red Heifer Born in Israel BY IRVIN BAXTER JR. in water. By washing in this mixture, a longer dwells in temples made with person is cleansed from contact with the hands. Consequently, we do not need for T eaching about the role of the dead. a temple to be constructed on the red heifer in Bible prophecy Many religious Jews in Israel today Temple Mount. We also know that Jesus has been an object of believe that the time has come to build Christ was the final sacrifice for sin and ridicule from some quarters. their temple. They are busily reconstruct- uncleanness; therefore, we have no need Part of this criticism may ing the vessels and utensils necessary for of a red heifer. The appearance of a red have been warranted since some things restoring temple worship. They are also heifer and the possibility of building the taught on the subject have not been bib- actively training young rabbis in the dif- temple in Jerusalem have nothing to do lically accurate. ferent ceremonies of the temple services. with our salvation. But it has much to However, this does not negate the fact On April 9, 2002, I received the fol- do with the fulfillment of one of the that there are teachings in major prophecies for the the Bible concerning the times just ahead—the red heifer, and that the red prophecy that states a heifer appears destined to temple will be standing play an important role in in the endtimes and that the fulfillment of a major the Antichrist will stand prophecy of the endtime. in that temple claiming The Bible clearly states to be God. that a temple will stand on With the recent the Temple Mount in announcement by U.S. Jerusalem just before Secretary of State Colin the Second Coming. Powell that an interna- Revelation 11:1-2 speaks tional peace conference on of a temple on the Temple the Middle East will soon Mount 42 months before be held, the appearance of the Battle of Armageddon. a red heifer, if it proves to II Thessalonians 2:3-4 says be legitimate, takes on that the Antichrist, at this tremendous prophetic same time, will sit in the In 1997, “Melody” was the last heifer-hopeful, but was ultimately disqualified. implications. The status temple of God claiming to of the Temple Mount will be God. ultimately be the core Since there is no temple on the Temple lowing e-mail from the Temple Institute issue in any final or interim solution to Mount at this present time, we know that in Jerusalem: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It appears one will have to be built. However, the “It can now be revealed that less than certain to be included when the interna- Old Testament teaches that a person, who one month ago, a red heifer was born in tional community and the Antichrist has become unclean through contact with Israel. After the heifer’s owner contacted “confirm the covenant” with Israel a dead body, may not go up to the sanc- the Temple Institute, on Friday, April (Daniel 9:27). tuary of the Lord. Religious Jews believe 5th, 2002, Rabbi Menachem Makover Understanding these prophetic impli- that all Jewish people are presently in a and Rabbi Chaim Richman traveled to cations, should Christians then be state of uncleanness. Thus they do not the farm where the heifer is located, to attempting to obtain a red heifer for believe they can build their temple at this inspect and validate her status. The rabbis Israel, and should we be assisting in the time even though many of them long to. found her to be kosher and were satisfied rebuilding of the temple? No, we should The Jewish religious authorities have said that this heifer could indeed be a candi- not. Contributing to the offering of an that Jews should not even go onto the date to be used in the process of purifica- animal sacrifice, after the ultimate sacri- Temple Mount until the necessary means tion described in the book of Numbers, fice of Jesus Christ at Calvary, is to count for cleansing from “contact with a dead chapter 19. This is a prerequisite for the the blood of the covenant an unholy thing. body” becomes available. rebuilding of the Holy Temple. Tradition But are the appearance of a red heifer The biblically prescribed method of records that a red heifer in our generation and the possibility of rebuilding the being purified from contact with a dead is a herald of the messianic era. It is cer- Jewish temple on the Temple Mount of body is described in Numbers 19. A red tainly an important development towards prophetic significance? Absolutely! It heifer of the third year must be killed, its the rebuilding of the Holy Temple.” says to the Christian, “Look up. For your body burned, and then the ashes mingled As Christians, we know that God no redemption draws nigh!” ❏ ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2002 11
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  14. 14. Feature Article AP WideWorld Photo/Patrick Gardin Un Gouvernement Pour L’Europe—One government for Europe! Rise of the European Strongman BY JAMIE BRENDAN gentlemen believed that Canada should government hasn’t been needed. This cur- embrace these changes; others admitted rent administration has sent out many A Canadian radio talk show that it already has. The United States, of mixed signals concerning its stand on recently asked the ques- course, was a sore spot; was it, too, will- globalization. In some ways, it has been tion, “Will our children ing to dispose of its rights as a sovereign isolationist. In others, radically one- soon be waving ‘North nation? world. American’ flags rather than The notion that America would put its Back in the first few months of his the flag of their country?” In other words, national destiny into the hands of the administration, President Bush attended does national sovereignty matter, or are United Nations or some North American the Quebec Summit of the Americas, we following the lead of the United regional authority – similar to the where he spoke favorably of an expanded Nations and Europe? The guests on this European Union – seems ludicrous at free-trade zone across North and South particular talk show – all seasoned diplo- best, especially under the Bush adminis- America. This opens the way for more mats and policy makers – felt strongly tration. Under more liberal administra- than just economic opportunities. It that globalization was rapidly replacing tions, national sovereignty suffers. opens the door to larger forms of amalga- national independence. Some of these In some ways, however, a more liberal mation. Like it or not, such an economic 14 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2002
  15. 15. zone leads us down the road to regional- alternative. peace in the region. These men, together ism—a road well traveled by Europe. In an effort to counter this Red with their common goal of a new onslaught, three comparatively obscure European empire, were directly responsi- Dreams of European Unification men positioned themselves in the arena of ble for laying the foundation of today’s Our major institutions of world unity post-war politics. In Germany, Konrad European Union. and political cooperation were birthed Adenauer created a political party after Robert W. Keyserlingk, a foreign cor- from the ashes of the Second World War. being banned from office by the British respondent who closely followed the The United Nations is probably the most Military Government. In Italy, Alcide De political careers and aspiration of all three recognized example of this. Other exam- Gasperi entered the national political individuals – and who personally knew ples include the International Monetary scene while under the suspicion of its mil- each one of them – revealed their true Fund, the World Bank, and the itary government. And in France, Robert intention in his triple biography, Fathers International Atomic Energy Agency. Schuman gave political direction even of Europe. “Integration into a federated One example – long over-looked by many while under heavy criticism and opposi- system, along political, economic and on this side of the Atlantic – is the tion by his own countrymen. military lines, involving the sacrifice of European Union. While the EU is a rela- Besides the fact that each of these three absolute national sovereignty, was their tively new institution, its foundation was men were viewed with distrust and suspi- objective.” laid by the same global conflict that pro- cion by both Allied governments and pelled the United Nations. Communists alike, Adenauer, De Growing Political Teeth When the final fires of WWII were Gasperi, and Schuman had a number of During the past number of years, polit- extinguished, Western Europe was not things in common. All three were ical commentators have pointed out that only left in ruins, but it was also left in a staunch Roman Catholics and had been the European Union is a politically impo- political vacuum. During the immediate part of various Catholic youth social tent organization – a shark without teeth. post-war years, strongly backed domestic movements of their day. All three were It is true that political harmonization has Communist parties came to the forefront anti-nationalists, considering themselves been fraught with complications and con- in Germany, Italy, and even France. members of a larger European communi- troversies. The organization itself admits Supported by the power of Soviet Russia ty rather than citizens of any single that its achievements have been incre- – who held control of Eastern Europe – nation. Moreover, the fact that each had mental, haphazard, and more difficult these political parties gained in size and lived in disputed border regions further than predicted. One EU document has influence. Millions of Europeans came to amplified their beliefs that a federated openly stated, “Unless it can strengthen view Communism as the only political European state was the only way to ensure its structures and rationalize decision- Recommended Cassettes Implications of Terror Attack U911 Terror Attack on US Soil: Prophetic Significance, I U912 Terror Attack on US Soil: Prophetic Significance, II Prophecy Teaching Tapes by Irvin Baxter Jr. U1017 Was Revelation 18 Fulfilled on September 11? U1126 The Islam Connection – Russia, U.S. & Caspian Oil $5 each, buy 4 get 5th free! 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  16. 16. Feature Article making, the Union will be faced with the AP WideWorld Photo/Bernd Kammerer prospect of dilution or paralysis.” Europe is an extremely diverse conti- nent. It’s a mixture of nationalities – many of which have openly warred with one another – a mixture of languages, unique cultures and customs. Its history is rife with generational turbulence and national rivalry. With such a historically volatile environment, political amalga- mation would require a distinctive approach to “government.” Hence, the EU has set up a complex web of inter- linking governing organizations—all designed to compliment each other while staying on top of national differences. Are these institutions functioning smoothly? Are they operating efficiently? No – which is why the critics claim it’s an incapable body. However, we need to keep in mind that the EU program – as a “grand” experiment in multi-national cooperation – has never been attempted before. Growing pains are to be expected. While the European Union is strug- gling to define itself, its policies are becoming more influential, both at home and abroad. For example, the EU has been The 50-foot Euro sign in front of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. ECB offi- flexing its muscle by threatening to cials are un-elected and accountable to none of its member countries, but only to other central impose economic sanctions against Israel bankers. It has total control over Euro-wide monetary policy. if it doesn’t comply with the “peace process,” as requested by the internation- strive towards a world beyond frontiers. is a young shark, but it’s fast growing and al community. The implications are seri- Progressing from a customs union only beginning to discover its teeth. ous, because the Israeli economy is heavi- through a single market towards mone- ly tied into European markets. In the tary and political union, the European The Golden Rule past, when Israel had business dealings Union has continuously extended its area Economically speaking, “he who owns with Italy, Germany, or France, it went of integration, developing even stronger the gold makes the rules.” Who then con- through their national channels. Now supranational institutions…The EU con- trols the European Union’s “gold?” Who another layer of government has to be fac- tinues to be a strong pole of attraction to makes the monetary – not the budgetary tored in, and appeased. countries outside it and has become a – decisions? Five years ago, critics would have decisive factor in the unification of the On January 1 of this year, twelve coun- scoffed at the idea of the EU having a for- European continent…” tries replaced their national currencies eign policy that could politically Yes, the European Union is a “pole of with the Euro, effectively turning over encroach on a non-European nation. Now attraction.” Already thirteen other their financial sovereignty to the awe- it’s a reality. Furthermore, in 2004 the nations are seeking to join the EU, and, some power of an institution that has only European Parliament will undergo a upon acceptance, these countries will be existed since 1998 – the European renewal process that promises to revamp relinquishing major portions of their sov- Central Bank. Interestingly, while the the organization, empowering it far ereignty. Turkey, Romania, and Slovakia Frankfurt based ECB works alongside the beyond what it is today. are just three of those currently desiring a Union’s institutions – such as the No one can deny that the unity concept merger with the EU. What’s more, there European Parliament and EU Council – it has dramatically advanced since the time are rumblings of Russia joining the also stands distinctly apart from them. of Adenauer, De Gasperi, and Schuman, Union. If this ever happens, the European Edward Luttwak, a well-known military and it has caught the attention of the Community will have authority over the strategist and author of Turbo world. Consider what the United Nations majority of two continents – Europe and Capitalism, had this to say concerning its sponsored Commission of Global Asia. Its “dominion” would stretch from independence and power: Governance had to say in its report, Our the Atlantic to the Pacific, and China “No independence, however, can be as Global Neighborhood: would be its neighbor. magnificently absolute as that of the “The spectacular success of regionalism Is the EU a “shark without teeth?” If European Central Bank itself: it is to in Europe…is inspiration to all who we hold to the shark analogy, the Union receive no instructions from either mem- 16 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2002
  17. 17. ber countries or any institution of the European Union…This is truly a sover- eign power, given irrevocably to an insti- tution headed by a central banker, select- Whetstone ed and advised by other central bankers, by John L. Bryant who are themselves recruited and trained by their predecessors in their respective central banks. This non-elected European 1. Who said “I have need to be baptized of thee, and comest thou to me”? Central Bank will assume total and exclu- A. Paul B. Jesus C. Jude D. John the Baptist sive control over the monetary policy of 2. Which nation was carried into captivity first, Judah or Israel? all member countries… Itself free of any A. Judah B. Israel democratic interference, the Bank will be 3. As what did Paul desire to present Christians to Christ? free to interfere at will in all that concerns money in all the member countries.” A. As Virgins B. As Brides C. Sacrifices D. Undesirables Luttwak continued, “No institution 4. What king said to divide a living child in two…? has claimed such prerogatives or has had A. Og B. Saul C. Solomon D. David such unlimited actual power since the 5. When he was twelve years old, Joseph and Mary took Jesus to this city. best days of the medieval Catholic A. Ephesus B. Smyrna C. Jerusalem D. Bethlehem Church…” 6. “The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another” Even America’s central banking sys- is known as the _____. tem, the Federal Reserve, can’t be ade- A. Mizpah B. The Battle Hymn of the Republic C. Hallelujah Chorus quately compared to the European D. The Pilgrim’s Hymn Central Bank. While the Federal Reserve 7. In communion, what is symbolized by the cup? is a force unto itself, it is situated inside a A. Revelry B. An additional piece of chinaware C. the body of Jesus single democratic nation that has specific D. The blood of Jesus political boundaries – and it must work 8. God anointed Jesus with the Holy Ghost and _____. within this context. In contrast, the ECB A. Weakness B. Slandering C. Beauty D. Power was created to operate outside the bounds 9. “Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people …” was spoken by Gabriel to of political limitations, both nationally which Old Testament prophet? and institutionally. No single nation can A. Daniel B. Nahum C. Habakkuk D. Joseph legally reel it in, and it’s beyond the effec- 10. When Jesus made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, there were shouts of tive control of the various EU governing bodies. _____. This is precisely why the exchange of A. Dissatisfaction B. Hosanna C. The Benediction D. Happiness twelve national currencies to the Euro is 11. “Knowing to do good and doing it not is _____.” so staggering – they have essentially A. Forgetful B. Neglectful C. Sin D. Bliss given away their monetary autonomy to 12. Who lost his strength after his hair was cut off? an unaccountable and untouchable “cen- A. Samson B. Absalom C. Isaac D. Cain tral banker’s bank.” 13. In I Thessalonians how is the day of the Lord likened? If the axiom, “he who owns the gold A. Morning B. Night C. Noon D. Afternoon makes the rules” is correct, then the 14. In the resurrection, our bodies shall be fashioned like … European Central Bank is the “ruling” A. The first Adam B. A strong tree C. His glorious body D. The wind power. As the EU advances politically, 15. The woman Jesus met at Jacob’s Well was from the city of _____. keep in mind who pulls the monetary A. Samaria B. Joppa C. Tyre D. Tel Aviv strings. 16. In the tabernacle, above the mercy seat, were spread wings of what? A. Seraphims B. Cherubims C. Archangels D. Guardian Angels Peace and Security 17. Moses refused to be called the son of whom? The Twentieth Century will be remem- A. Zipporah B. Jezebel C. Pharaoh’s Daughter D. Nebuchadnezzar bered as one of the bloodiest times in 18. What is the fifth book of the Pentateuch? human history, with the European conti- A. Numbers B. Deuteronomy C. Exodus D. Leviticus nent being center stage to much of it. With two world wars hanging over its 19. Upon what part of the woman’s body was written “Mystery, Babylon the great, head, military security holds an especially the mother of harlots …? important place within the Union con- A. Foot B. Shoulder C. Hand D. Forehead cept. It comes as no surprise, then, that 20. In Romans 8:22 what groans and travails in pain? the EU is seriously looking at creating its A. Jesus B. The lepers C. A pregnant woman D. The whole creation own Euro-centric armed forces. In December 1999, European leaders Answers on page 31 met with the EU during its Helsinki ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2002 17
  18. 18. Feature Article Summit. In a watershed decision, key EU Green, a key figure in the push towards a World Union.” and national government officials con- United Nations People’s Parliament (a If someone were to have mentioned, cluded that a 50,000 to 60,000-strong global congress) and a strong supporter of sixty years ago, that war-torn Europe Euro-based strike force should be estab- world government, recognized the EU’s would be poised to lead the world in the lished by 2003. This force, once opera- potential as a blueprint for global gover- space of a single generation, few would tional, would be directly under the inde- nance as far back as 1991. In her book, have believed it. However, Europe is pendent command of a European military Journey To A Governed World, she poised to do exactly that. What will hierarchy. According to the World wrote, “With a directly elected Europe look like in the next sixty years? Socialist Website, a project of the Parliament and progress toward a federal Maybe that’s the wrong question. In light International Committee of the Fourth union, the European Community may of the changes coming upon the world, International (a worldwide socialist/com- even become a model of what the world maybe the question should be; what will munist movement), “No other European could be.” Europe look like in the next six years? project has since been pushed forward so Maurice Strong, Undersecretary- intensively.” General of the United Nations and The Times Are Changing Over the next two years, as the media Director of the World Economic Forum, Obviously, if you live in Euro-land, the reported on this military initiative, many stated in his recent autobiography that European Union directly affects you – commentators publicly stated that the “way we govern our own societies and and will continue to affect both you and NATO was opposed to this coming Euro- the world community as a whole will, I upcoming generations. For the rest of the force. After all, with the end of the Cold am sure, be the central issue of the twen- world, European empowerment will be War, many defense critics saw NATO as a ty-first century.” He added, “The felt as the Union gains strength and influ- “left-over” with no further reason to exist. European Union is an innovative gover- ence. Even now, the euro is altering the Wouldn’t a Euro-army render NATO nance structure that seems likely to pro- way continental import and export busi- obsolete? vide a model that will influence others in ness is done. Gauging by EU documents, and by the the period ahead.” As the world changes, so too will the reaction of NATO leadership, nothing More vocal yet is Robert Muller, former European Union transform itself. could be further from the truth. The United Nations Assistant Secretary- Equipped with a dedicated military Union has already expressed a desire for General. In a published dialogue between force, and fortified by diplomatic inter- close cooperation with NATO, the himself and former chairman of the UN ests, the EU is taking its place as a prin- United Nations, and other multi-nation- Disarmament Committee, Douglas ciple player in the international commu- al organizations. Likewise, NATO Roche, Muller said, nity. And if more countries join, its role Secretary-General Lord Robertson has “Perhaps the new world order of will further evolve. Moreover, as Europe expressed his support and cooperation tomorrow will not come from the U.S. succeeds in its unification agenda, the with the EU’s military program. While and the United Nations. It might come rest of the world will be forced to create addressing a U.S.-based foreign relations from Europe, which had the courage to like-minded regional blocks or be rele- meeting on the “illusions and realities” of define a new system where national sover- gated to the back burner of world affairs. NATO, Robertson told his audience that eignties have at least been reduced to a Africa and Asia will have to respond in he was completely in favor of a strong, certain extent…. order to stay competitive, and as previ- independent Euro-force, and looked for- “If the United Nations is kept hanging ously mentioned, an American hemi- ward to the day when it would be capable in the air, criticized systematically by the spheric program is already being consid- of functioning in the global security extreme right of the United States; if the ered. agenda. United States withholds its contributions If it appears that we are in the twilight In the United States, the U.S. General to the UN; if the United States does not zone of national sovereignty, you’re right. Accounting Office has documented the return to UNESCO – I would put my As Europe finds its strongman muscles – fact that this European security force will entire weight behind the European Union its political, economic, and military enhance other aspects of the Union. as the cradle of the world community of “teeth” – and as the United Nations and According to document number GAO- tomorrow… other world bodies play off of each other, 02-174, the EU’s security policy will “There must be a new world political the nation state as we historically know it “complement its economic power and organization…” will change. In some ways it already has. raise its visibility in international and Muller made similar suggestions in his Global governance – either through regional affairs…thereby enhancing the document, 2000 Ideas For A Better regional blocks such as the EU, or credibility of EU diplomacy.” World, a collection of personal aspirations through international organizations such Politically, economically, and now mil- which he feels would guide the world as the United Nations, or via some blend- itarily, Europe is fast becoming an exam- towards unification and harmony; “Being ed version of both – will alter the way we ple to the world. a remarkable model of a new world order, conduct business, work, raise our fami- much better than the UN, the European lies, and possibly even how we worship. A New World Prototype Union should help the world create a Like it or not, a new world civilization is Europe, with its grand design for har- Commission or group of eminent upon us. monization, has been closely watched by thinkers to offer a plan for the transfor- Adenauer, De Gasperi, and Schuman global governance advocates. Lucile mation of the United Nations into a true would be proud. ❏ 18 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2002
  19. 19. Mideast Watch Final Solution for the Middle East CFR Comes Out of Closet, Mandates Peace BY IRVIN BAXTER JR. T he Council on Foreign Relations, a private club based in New York, has sup- plied 50% of all U.S. gov- ernment cabinet members in the last 50 years, whether the adminis- tration was Democrat or Republican. All U.S. Secretaries of State have been CFR members, Colin Powell included. Plainly speaking, the CFR controls world affairs. Foreign Affairs magazine is their official publication. It’s their mouthpiece. If you want to know where the global elite is taking us, read Foreign Affairs. Presidents do. Because we know that the endtime world government players will have lead roles in the soon-coming confirmation of the covenant, the abomination of desola- tion and the battle of Armageddon, it is wise to keep one eye on the clouds and the other on the Council on Foreign Relations. How the international community regards Israel and Middle Eastern affairs is of paramount importance to prophecy students. In the past, signs from the halls of global power had been vague. This has now changed. The CFR has opened its closet and published its first official peace proposal for Israel and the Middle East. They contend that the time has come for a settlement to be imposed by the inter- national community. Why has it taken this long? It’s because today’s global beast is dramatically more powerful than it was even five short years ago. It is coming of age, is speaking great things, and appears ready to confirm a covenant. The Council on Foreign Relations, in its official publication, proposes a solution for the Middle East that sounds as if it were lifted from the pages of the Bible. The Last Negotiation On his most recent Middle East peace When it appeared that things couldn’t President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. He mission, Colin Powell left Israel in defeat. get any worse, he flew to Cairo to meet was stood up at the airport. Mubarak dis- ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2002 19
  20. 20. Mideast Watch patched his foreign affairs minister to tell AP WideWorld Photo/Karel Prinsloo Powell that he was indisposed and unable to meet with him. It was a cold shoulder that left the world feeling the next step…the only hope for peace…would be war. Where do we go from here? Is there an answer at all to this situation? Enter the CFR’s Foreign Affairs. The article was entitled “The Last Negotiation—How to End the Middle East Peace Process,” written by Hussein Agha and Robert Malley. Agha is a senior associate member of St. Antony College at Oxford University in England. He has been involved in Israeli-Palestinian affairs for more than 30 years. Malley is Middle East Program Director at the International Crisis Group. Between 1998 and 2001, at the time when Bill Clinton was fixated on making a lasting mark on history by brokering a Mideast peace deal before leaving the presidency, Another day, another body being carried from the scene of a suicide bombing attack. This one, Malley was Clinton’s special assistant for on May 19, took place in a market in the coastal city of Netanya. One Israeli died, over 50 Arab-Israeli affairs. He’s hardly a light- injured, some in serious condition. weight. Both Agha and Malley are con- sidered foremost experts in Middle then in another 3 1/2 years, why would found in Daniel 9:27. Eastern affairs, and they are revealing Israel be invaded by the world communi- what may very well be the Antichrist’s ty? The case for a U.S.-led coalition plan for The Last Negotiation. Once I saw that there was going to be Conventional wisdom always had it This cannot be written off as just continuing conflict, I concluded that that the surest path to Middle East peace another article by two maverick intellec- there would probably not be an agree- was the interim agreement method. This, tuals. We are reading from the think tank ment between Israelis and Palestinians. in fact, was the foundation of the 1993 that directly feeds the U.S. government Even if there were an Israeli-Palestinian Oslo Accords. Negotiations over small and other world leaders their foreign pol- agreement, it was apparent that it would and easy issues would build trust, leading icy direction. And…they have a proposal. soon come apart at the seams. to larger issues and more trust. Daniel 9:27 says that it is the Eventually the two 3,000-year-old ene- A Palestinian-less covenant Antichrist who will confirm the mies would just bang out a final compre- I have pondered for many years how covenant. We know from the Bible that hensive settlement. events leading to the confirmation of the the Antichrist will be the recognized This was the mainstream thinking that covenant, which marks the beginning of leader of the world. In the present global dominated diplomatic circles, and its suc- the final seven years preceding reality, he will be the recognized leader of cess can be measured in gallons of blood. Armageddon, would unfold. Many, the world community. Knowing this, it Agha and Malley begin their case with including myself for a time, felt like the becomes obvious that the covenant will this point. While the incremental confirmation would be by an agreement be confirmed by the Antichrist on behalf approach seemed sensible at the start, it between Palestinians and Israelis and con- of the world community. came up short in the end. firmed by the man who would ultimately The covenant that will be confirmed by How then do we proceed from here become the Antichrist. the Antichrist appears certain to be the amidst such bloodshed? The current state Scrutinizing events over the last two covenant made between God and of affairs, write Agha and Malley, “is not years, however, I have been re-appraising Abraham in Genesis 15:18, which prom- an argument in favor of acting small, but this scenario very carefully. I noticed the ised the land of Israel to the seed of rather a call to start thinking big.” The Bible specifically states that 3 1/2 years Abraham through his son Isaac. It follows time has come “for a U.S.-led internation- after the confirmation of the covenant, that the confirmation of the covenant al coalition to put forward an end-of-con- there will be a horrible slaughter in the would be the confirming by the flict deal.” area Jesus called Judea, today known as Antichrist and the world community of Why a U.S.-led coalition? It’s simple. the West Bank. If a bona fide peace Israel’s right to the Promise Land. Without America, the coalition will lack agreement between Arabs and Israelis If this is the scenario destined to play the necessary authority. The UN knows were achieved, then why would the con- out, then the stage is set. Agha and this. But humility is a two-way street. flict explode again 3 1/2 years later, and Malley are proposing the very formula The UN also knows that all U.S. attempts 20 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2002
  21. 21. to establish peace have failed. The solu- duced to the region, led by the United like the one outlined would oblige the tion is to have a global coalition with the States and, at least in the beginning, an leaderships of both sides to either sign on U.S. leading the flock. Acting alone and Israeli presence would be included. or defy the world.