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Merchandising ppt


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School Assignment

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Merchandising ppt

  1. 1. Merchandising Misaki Takata AOC3
  2. 2. Part 1 Introduction
  3. 3. MBPI Results ESFJ : Providers •Friendly, Outgoing •Skilled in Mainting Teamwork •Able to Speak Publicly with Ease •Sensitive to the Feelings of Others Career Choice : Merchandising
  4. 4. Merchandising What Do They Do? •Research •Plan •Produce •Promote
  5. 5. At Stores Manage Stocks Create Eye-catching Displays Maximise Sales
  6. 6. Working Conditions •Working Hours 9:00~18:00 •Schedules Flexible Travel Around Stores
  7. 7. Part 3 Qualifications
  8. 8. Skills and Education •Communication & Negotiation •Be Creative & Active •Sensitive to Customers' Needs •Experience on The Shop Floor •Numerical Ability •Marketing, Distribution, Management, Commerce No Requirements or Licensing
  9. 9. Part 4 Outlook
  10. 10. Increasing Demand •Many Choices of Stores •Recession Need for Customer Attraction •Aging Society •Influences Sales Dramatically
  11. 11. Part 5 Salary & Promotion
  12. 12. Entry Level •3,500,000~4,000,000 yen Experienced •6,000,000~8,000,000 yen Promotion 1.Allocator 2.Assistand Merchandiser 3.Junior Merchandiser 4.Merchandiser
  13. 13. Part 6 Advantages & Disadvantages
  14. 14. Advantages Variety: Exciting Has An Impact on Sales Freedom Satisfying
  15. 15. Disadvantages •Traveling •Working Environment •Heavy Loads •Limited Time •Co-workers •Pressure to Succeed
  16. 16. Part 7 Final Impressions
  17. 17. Impressions Interesting and Appealing Job •Understand the Trend •Influence the Market •Responsibility •Flexible Schedule Easier to Manage with Personal Life