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Fragile x bio


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Fragile x bio

  1. 1. Fragile X Syndrome Misael Morales
  2. 2. Disease Description Genetic syndrome Commonly known as the single- gene cause of autism and/or intellectual disability Gene for brain development doesn’t work. Ranges from mild to severe Affects physical characteristics and stereotypical movements
  3. 3. Challenges of Life with the Disease  Elongated faces  Larger ears and testes  Flat feet  Low muscle tone  Sinusitis and/or middle ear infection  Speech impediment  Atypical social development  Shyness  Memory problems People with Fragile X Syndrome also meet the diagnostic criteria for autism
  4. 4. Life Expectancy and PopulationOccurrence Approximately 1 out of 4,000 males Approximately 1 out of 8,000 females Occurs in all racial and ethnic groups Doesn’t necessarily shorten the life span
  5. 5. Treatment No concrete cure No definite, single treatment Several ways to help minimize the symptoms  Appropriate education, behavioral and physical therapy  Special medication
  6. 6. Allele Located on the X chromosome Since it is changed, the needed protein for brain and mental development isnt produced Purely genetic
  7. 7. Symptoms Facial/physical traits  Hyperactivity Stereotypical movements  Self talk Nervous speech  Lazy eye Social anxiety  Seizures Learning disabilities  Obsessive compulsive disorder Attention deficit disorder  Demetia
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