My Daddy is in Heaven With Jesus


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My Daddy is in Heaven With Jesus

  1. 1. Rebecca Crownover My Daddy Is In Heaven Acie and her mother experience a great loss. Through their faith and love for each other, they find strength. This journey to With Jesus acceptance is not an easy one, but because My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus of this tragedy Acie and her mother are able to show the true meaning of family. I S B N -13 978-1-62086-072-4 I S B N -10 1-620860-72-4 $14.95 MASCOT BOOKS ™ 51495 Rebecca Crownover© 2012 Rebecca Crownover. All Rights Reserved. 9 781620 860724 Illustrated by Elisa Moriconi
  2. 2. Foreword from the authorWe don’t know why tragic situations occur in ourlives. It just doesn’t seem fair when it happens to you.It’s very hard to have the strength to step away fromthe situation and look at it from God’s perspective. Ittakes faith to accept, move forward, and be positive.At the end of Adam’s funeral, I addressed the over 500people attending, “I don’t know why this happened toour family, but I cannot spend too much time trying tounderstand why and miss out on God’s blessings thathe has for this situation. And I don’t want any of you toeither.” Since that day, I have put my faith to work tofind the good out of such a tragic situation and allowit to shape me into a better person. This book is one ofthose good things … a true blessing to share some ofour story from a child’s perspective. My hope is that itinspires many of you to persevere through whateverchallenging situation you have experienced in your life. - Rebecca Crownover
  3. 3. In memory of Adam Crownover...We will forever miss you untilwe see you again. — Love, B and Acie
  4. 4. It was July 4th! My mommy, daddy,and I went to a ranch for a party. I played and went swimming with my best friend, BB. We all ate a good dinner and then it was dark.
  5. 5. The grown-ups started shooting off fireworksand they were beautiful! I loved the fireworks,that rainbow of colors, sparkling in the sky. Then it happened - and my life was never going to be the same.
  6. 6. My daddy got on an ATV – that’s like a four-wheeler but bigger,with two seats – and was riding around the ranch in the dark.Suddenly, he had an accident and fell out of the ATV, hurtinghis head. The ambulance came to take him to the hospital. The doctors tried and tried to help my daddy in the hospital, but six days later he died and went to Heaven to be with Jesus.
  7. 7. My two-and-a-half-year-old mind wasconfused. I asked my mommy overand over, “Mommy, where’s Daddy?”But Mommy always said, “Acie, yourdaddy is in Heaven with Jesus.”
  8. 8. One day, as we were eating dinner I asked, “Mommy,is Daddy ever coming home?” She looked at me withtears in her eyes and said, “No, honey, we will not seehim again here. But someday, when we go to Heaven,we will see him again.” It made me very sad that Iwould not see my daddy again until I get to Heaven.
  9. 9. But after a few months, Mommy said that we were big girls and needed to start sleeping in our own beds. I did not like that at first, but I got used to it after a while. Now, I love sleeping in my own bed!After my daddy went to Heaven, I slept every night withmy mommy. We both missed my daddy and we wantedto be near each other at night.
  10. 10. I miss my daddy. I remember how he called me“Shorty,” and how I would run to him when hegot home from work. I would shout, “Daddy!”because I was always excited to see him.
  11. 11. I remember how Daddy used totake me by the hand and dancewith me. He was such a fun daddy!
  12. 12. I’ve been telling my mommy that I want a new daddy.She keeps telling me that I have to pray and ask Godto bring the right person for both of us. I pray every night for a new daddy who will love me and my mommy very much. I pray that he will come soon. I also pray that he will have two dogs.
  13. 13. Mommy reads a verse from the Bible tome every night. It is Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
  14. 14. I know that God wasn’t being mean to my family bytaking my daddy to Heaven. My daddy is in Heavenwith Jesus because God has another plan for me andmy mommy. I have faith in God’s plan for our futureand can’t wait to see the path he takes us on!
  15. 15. Special ThanksTo my mom, dad, Sister Deborah,the Crownover family, the Ehlertfamily and friends, LeeAnn, andGrace for all of the support you’vehad for Acie and I. We have alltaken a great journey together andI appreciate each and every one ofyou for being an important part ofour lives. Additional thanks andappreciation goes my counselor,Tom Harris, for listening andultimately getting me through thehardest time of my life.