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ppt for mother dairy


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for engineering students i.e.electrical and mechanical

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ppt for mother dairy

  1. 1. Submitted by:- Mirza Mohammed Rashid 1102921059 EN 4th Year
  2. 2. TABLE CONTENT  Introduction  Vision and Mission  Process  Mother Dairy Product  Facts  Revenue share  Delhi-NCR Sharing structure  Capacity  Strategies  Product Gallery  Certificates and Award  CSR  Famous Punch line
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION  Set up in 1974 in Delhi under the Operation Flood Programme.  Subsidiary of NATIONAL DAIRY DEVLOPMENT BOARD  Revenue:- 4000 cr  Employee:- 3000  Operational Regions:  Delhi-NCR  Uttar Pradesh  Haryana  Mumbai  Saurastra  Andhra Pradesh
  4. 4. VISION AND MISSION  Vision – “Provide quality food and beverages to consumers at affordable prices while ensuring fair returns to the producers.”  Mission – “Mother Dairy’s heritage is intrinsically linked to the cooperative movement in India. With determination & pride we will continue to serve our farmers, rural India & our consumers. Our values reflect who we are & what we firmly believe in.”
  6. 6. MOTHER DAIRY PRODUCT  Milk  Dairy Products  Ice-Creams  Edible Oils  Fresh fruits and vegetables  Frozen  Fruits and Vegetables  Processed Food  Grocery  Juice and fruit beverages  Mineral Water
  8. 8. Delhi-NCR SHARE STRUCTURE  Mother dairy:-68%  Amul:-8%  Gopal jee:-4%  DMS:-2%  Others:-18%
  9. 9. CAPACITY Indian Market Consumption: 127.9 million ltrs Mother Dairy production capacity: 4.6 million ltrs Market share in total: 3.59% Unorganized Market Capacity: 48.36% Total Population: 1.24 Billion Growth Rate of Population is 17%/ Year Growth Rate of Dairy Industry at 4%/Year Conclusion : Mother dairy have huge scope for expansion
  10. 10. STRATIGIES  Focused Approach : Focused on milk for 22 yrs, but now concentrating on diverse product range from ice cream, vegetable, oil, water etc.  Wider Spread : Mother Dairy started operations in Delhi- NCR region and remained for longer period at same region, but now exploring new horizons such as Maharashtra, Kolkata, Saurastra, Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore etc.  Global Spread : Also Mother Dairy is going global, by selling its product indirectly to more than 40 countries abroad such as USA, Europe, Middle East, Russia and Far East Asia.
  11. 11. Product differentiation: Mother Dairy is focusing on different products from oil, frozen veggies, dairy products, fruits and mineral water. Smart Marketing: Mother Dairy is now focusing on communication with consumers, to improve its market share. Product enhancement : It is continuously trying to upgrade its product according to taste and preferences of consumers. . Quality: Have stringent quality control system, to avoid any adulteration in its product.
  13. 13. CERTIFICATES AND AWARDS  FSSC Certificate  ISO – 9001:2008, JUNAGADH  FDA, Mumbai  ISO 22000, Mangolpuri  3rd Best Employer of India -World Congress (Apr-2010)  Dhara - Winner of National Quality Excellence Award  Safety Innovation Award : 2005  Best Maintained Plant Award : 2007
  14. 14.  Solar panels.  Rain Water Harvesting.  Effluent treatment Plant. C S R  COW Programme: For Poor people.  Issuing Franchise to Retired Army Personals.  Sells 11 lakh ltrs loose milk, reducing plastic usage.
  15. 15. FAMOUS QUOTES  "The country needs you, grow faster”  "Cheese khao superhero ban jao”  "Cheese ke saath bees ke cheez”