Workshop: Students co-designing personalised library services


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Presentation for a workshop at the 2013 SCONUL conference in Dublin. The activities are accompanied by handouts.

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  • OU has more than 240 000 students (about 27% are under 25)Over 71% remain in work while studying, so time poor45% of students had one A level or lower qualification at entryMore than 17,000 people with disabilities studied with us in 2011/12.Very few visit the library in person~1200 full time research students based on campus
  • The personalisation work aims:To make students, academics and researchers happy!To create a personal view of the library resources that are relevant to the individual student, academic or researcher. To provide a consolidated route into library services and resources - we are drawing on activity data from the library and also the University’s Data Warehouse to build an environment that pulls together data, services and tools from a range of library and University systems.
  • So to find out students’ views towards personalised library services and identify the types of services they would like to see we… Made use of our Student Panel – 260 students have opted in to providing feedback to Library Services (participating in surveys, focus groups etc)Etc
  • Good range of age groups28 of the 201 students in the survey had declared a disability.
  • 11 students participated in 2 focus groups on 14 and 19 March 2013. The focus groups discussed five of the popular tools to clarify what their functionality and presentation should be.
  • Finding information:Too much information and often not relevantUse of Google instead of one stop to find relevant articles etc. Then use of One Stop to get access to them via the Library.Personalisation tools that might provide solutions – suggestions from participants What other students are looking at or for.Rating system would be good – other students commentsInfo relevant to course/moduleNeeds to be clear if items are available in full text or not. One Stop is confusing in this way at the moment.Suggested items relevant to module.Suggested items similar to things you have looked at.
  • Workshop: Students co-designing personalised library services

    1. 1. SCONUL ConferenceWorkshopStudents co-designingpersonalised library services20th June 2013Keren Mills and Anne GamblesOpen University Library Services
    2. 2. Workshop outline14:00 Introduction - Why personalisation? Overview of projectgenesis, methodology and results so far14:10 Activity – What do you value about personalisation? Ingroups assess personalised services from retail sites and how theymight translate into library services.14:30 Discussion – what did we conclude from the activity?14:40 Activity – Students as co-designers: develop a plan forinvolving your students in designing personalised services for yourlibrary.14:50 Discussion - Share co-design methods15:00 End
    3. 3. BackgroundMiltonKeynes
    4. 4. Aims
    5. 5. Methods1. Survey to 201 students (68% completed)2. Focus groups (11 students)3. Prototype 3 tools in 20134. Test tools with students5. Prototype further tools in 2013-2014
    6. 6. Survey05101520251 2 3 1 2 7 8 2 3 8 1 2 8 1 2 3 8 1 2 3 8 1 2 3ArtsBusiness and LawFELS HSCMaths, Computing & TechnologyScienceSocial Sciences201 students were invited byemail to take the survey. 68%completed it.
    7. 7. Do you find these personaltouches useful?5177740020406080100
    8. 8. 0% 10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Course/Module Im studying nowCourses/Modules Ive studied previouslyNumber of courses/modules studiedpreviouslyStudy skills tutorials Ive completedSearch terms Ive used to search thelibrary previouslyBooks, articles or other information Iveaccessed through the library previouslyWould you object to Library Services usinginformation the Open University already holdsabout you?Not applicable Strongly objectSomewhat object Dont object
    9. 9. 11912449325813108689352342970 20 40 60 80 100 120 140My nameWhich course/module Im studyingWhether Im a new student or an old handWhat my registered disability isMy preferences for contacting the university (telephone, email or webchat)I dont expect it to know anything about meOtherWhen you visit an Open University website, whatdo you expect it to know about you?Number of respondents Percentage of respondants
    10. 10. ONLINE FOCUS GROUPS2 in March, total of 11 participantsFaculty L1 L2 L3 PG TotalArts 1 1 2Business &Law1 1FELS 1 1 2HSC 1 1MCT 1 1Science 2 2Social Sciences 1 1 2Total 1 5 4 1 11
    11. 11. Poll: What do you find most challenging[about using the Library]?Challenge 14 Mar 19 Mar TotalFindinginformation4 votes 3 votes 7Keeping track 1 vote 1 vote 2Referencing 0 votes 2 votes 2
    12. 12. Activity 1• What do you value about personalisation?• In groups assess personalised services from retail sitesand how they might translate into library services.
    13. 13. Tools to be developed Surveyparticipantsin favourFG DevelopmentperiodRecommendations* - new ebooks or articles that are related toitems you’ve viewed previously.95% 1 2013-2014Your favourites* - journals, authors and ebooks you’vebookmarked, which allow you to return quickly to the most recentissue of the journal, return to the ebook or see all works by theauthor.95% 1 Q4 2012-2013Your recent items* - a list of full text articles, ebooks and otheritems you’ve viewed.93% 1 Q4 2012-2013Skills for you - recommendations for skill building activities andonline training sessions, based on what you’re studying, what stageof study you’re at and which skills resources you’ve already used.93% 2 2013-2014Recommended for your course/module - selected resourceschosen by Librarians.93% 2 Q4 2012-2013My References - save references for books/articles you’ve read andwill want to reference in your assignments.92% Already existsMy course resources - list of resources from your module/course. 92% Exists on modulewebsite – needsintegrationYour recent search items - a list of search terms you’ve used forsearching library resources.89% 2013-2014Read later - bookmark search results you want to come back tolater.85% Incorporate withFavouritesLibrary users who viewed this item also viewed… 83% 2013-2014* Library shelf - where the student can place items of any source or type that they can quickly refer
    14. 14. Is engaging students in innovation the keyto using technology to improve thestudent experience?JISC and its co-design partners RLUK,RUGIT, SCONUL and UCISA havedesigned a project to explore this questionStudents submit ideasSuccessful teams deliverideasA showcase event is heldfor universities who maybe interested in using theideas. Limited funding isavailable to supportuniversities in embeddingthe ideasLessons learned reportMilestonesJunSepOct/NovDec
    15. 15. Activity 2• Students as co-designers• Develop a plan for involving your students in designingpersonalised services for your library.
    16. 16. Anne Gambles (Project Manager) | @annegamblesKeren Mills: (Project officer) | @miryaBlog: