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  • Present for 15 mins max
  • OU has more than 260 000 students70% remain in work while studying, so time poor44% of our UK students start study without the entry qualifications they would need at a conventional university Very few visit the library in person~1200 full time research students based on campus
  • We started by providing access to the full site with very stripped down CSS, removing all images and single column layoutResource search added in 2009
  • 2011 - Moved to MIT 3 device model
  • Gradual growth in use of mobile websiteNot advertised or promoted much yet – no helpdesk supportAverage of 4440 mobile views in the last six months vs 109,613 desktop views
  • • We choose mobile web because student workflow would be interrupted by apps• Macon was about challenging barriers to resource discovery• Barriers include materials supplied in formats which don’t reflow e.g. many PDFs• Seamless transfer and access from institutional platform to publisher’s platform without multiple logins• Good Practice Toolkit to share mobile development with publishers
  • • Users can choose between basic or advanced search• Users asked for highlighting search terms in results• Users asked to see total number of results• Choose number of items per page
  • • LibEZproxy links always take you to our institutional login page then pass you on to the publisher’s platform• Can be bookmarked
  • • Using a combination of tools and technologies• Ask Hassan for more details
  • • The good practice toolkit is aimed at publishers – probably best suited to small publishers and other content providers, but may be a good starting point.• Coverso Benefits of optimising content for mobile deviceso Content formats for mobile deviceso Content delivery by app or website?o Developing mobile websiteso Developing Web Appso Developing native appso Understanding user requirementso Usability testing• Available on the project blog
  • We are open to collaboration.
  • Mobile ou library emalink pres

    1. 1. OU mobile Library Services Keren Mills (@mirya) #mlibs
    2. 2. Background Milton Keynes #OUMACON
    3. 3. 2007 2009
    4. 4. Mobile homepage 2012 Smartphone Feature phone Simple phone
    5. 5. 2009 0.2% 2010 0.5% 2011 1.7% 2012 4.3%
    6. 6. #mlibs MACON project Student Portal VLE Library website Library eresources #OUMACON
    7. 7. Mobile discovery
    8. 8. Mobile resources
    9. 9. Tools and technologies CSS template MIT mobile software PHP Mobile discovery tool Jquery EBSCO API MySQL WURFL API #OUMACON
    10. 10. Good practice toolkit #OUMACON
    11. 11. #mlibs Thank you for listening Hassan Sheikh Project Director @ hassan_sheikh Keren Mills Project Manager @mirya Project blog: