What to do with a language assistant


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What to do with a language assistant

  1. 1.  The school  Photocopìes  Meetings  Calendars  etc The methodology  Tasks  Meetings  Groups
  2. 2. Your job as a language assistant In the I could read out a General modified text. English The students class could correct the Your functions are: mistakes on a written copy. to input to interact to act as a model to work with students to be creative to make suggestions to help That’s an excellent idea! to motivate In the We’ll do that. Bilingual class TOO
  3. 3.  speak slowly and clearly use gesture, expression an d intonation adapt language to level model and elaborate scaffold give instructions ask questions negotiate meaning tell a story
  4. 4. In ESO classes you areexpected to help with theproject they are carryingout at the moment. You arealso expected to developstudents’ speaking andinteractional skills bycollaborating in thedevelopment of the oralactivities in class.
  5. 5.  First week Introduce him / her to the group S/He is a teacher Give him/her responsibility
  6. 6.  Give a reason for talking / listening / interacting Make it a memorable experience There is more to oral practice than grammar.
  7. 7.  Motivating (topic, activity)  Communicative  Meaningful (Own meaning , no structural approach)  Authentic (real world)  Towards an objective / aimPla Experimental Llengües Estrangeres 2010-2011
  8. 8. Decide with your assistant:  which activities you will do, s/he will do, you‘ll both do  grouping  who will prepare which resources  how long the activity will take  what help is needed
  9. 9.  Games: who’s who, pictionary, who wants to be a millionaire, etc. Board games: ludo, bingo, etc. Presentations: celebrations, country, school, etc. Story-telling Pair work: Pupils do something Project work: helping around
  10. 10.  Clear, written instructions Easy rubrics Train http://rubistar.4teachers.org/index.php
  11. 11. PARTICIPACIÓ EN UNA ENTREVISTA Què he de fer? Estarà ben fet si...1. Introduir l’entrevista 1.1 es presenta 1.2 explica què el vol entrevistar i el tema 1.3 diu el temps que trigarà2. Preparació 2.1 preguntes preparades abans de l’entrevista 2.2 preguntes assajades3. Cortesia 3.1 Dóna les gràcies 3.2 No el fa anar de presa 3.3 No interromp .................4. Preguntes follow up 4.1 Fa preguntes a partir del que ha dit l’entrevistat 4.2 Són preguntes rellevants5. Escoltar l’entrevistat 5.1 …
  12. 12. • Wiki to design theinterview• Record & transcribethe interview• Podcast in the blog &publish in the magazine
  13. 13.  Record somepresentations Ask him / her to bring realia Take pictures Throw a party Be creative etc etc