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How to write an abstract

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Writing an abstract in English Montse Irun Institut Joan Oró
  2. 2. Abstract - definition An abstract is a short summary of your completed work. • If done well, it makes the reader want to learn more about your work.
  3. 3. It includes ... • The problem under investigation (in one sentence if possible) • The subjects (including number, type, age and sex) • The experimental method • The results • The conclusions and the implications or applications
  4. 4. • Complete — it covers the major parts of the paper • Concise — it doesn’t contain unnecessary information. • Clear — it is readable, well organized, and not too jargon-laden. • Cohesive — it flows smoothly between the parts.
  5. 5. Characteristics • 1 paragraph • 100 – 150 words • Simple past • 3rd person singular • No opinion – stick to facts
  6. 6. This investigation focuses on two different bilingual populations: adolescents and adults. The variable of this research was age when carrying out an oral activity. The measures used to evaluate this variable were (i) complexity and (ii) accuracy. An oral description of a picture and a questionnaire were used to evaluate the participants' performance. They took the tests twice: one in July and the other in September. The results of these tests indicated that from the two groups, adolescents increased their level in most measures and adults only improved in one of the measures.
  7. 7. This study examines 50 undergraduate international engineering students as writers of academic texts in English, in a multicultural setting at the University of Adelaide. An individual questionnaire and five focus-group interviews inquiring students about their assumptions, attitudes and motivations for writing were used to collect data about their level of metalinguistic awareness. This demonstrates that the students’ level of motivation for academic writing positively correlates with their opinion of themselves as effective English writers.