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  1. 1. Internship at Wire line • I-9 Base, Islamabad From 27th August to 27th september Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger
  2. 2. ABOUT ME UMMAR SHABBIR B.Sc Electrical Engineering. MUST(mirpur universty of science and tech.) Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger
  3. 3. General view • Industry:- Oil Field services & equipment • Founded:- 1926 • Headquarters:- Houston • complex :- Sugar Land ,Texas • Key people CEO : Paal Kibsgaard CFO : Simon Ayat • Products:- Oilfield services • Revenue US$ 39.54 Billion ( 2011) • Employees :- 115,000+ Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger
  4. 4. History • Schlumberger was founded in 1926 by French brothers • Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger • Société de prospection électrique (French: Electric Prospecting Company). • seismic acquisition and processing, • formation evaluation, • well testing and directional drilling, • well cementing and stimulation, • artificial lift, • well completions and consulting, and software and information management. • The company is also involved in the groundwater extraction and carbon capture and storage Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger
  5. 5. SIPP • Schlumberger Injury Prevention Program.  Reduce injuries • Inform about techniques to reduce the risk involved in daily yard and field activities Warm up Exercises •Shoulder Stretch •Folding your Shoulders •Neck Stretch •Shoulder Rotations •Hand Stretch •Foot Exercise •Chest Stretching •Wrist Rotation •Toe Point •Full Lower Body Stretch • Line of Strength • Sidestepping BODY • Safe Working Zone • Smart Grip CONTROL • Watch your Head • Spinal Bracing/Alignment TECHNIQUES Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger
  6. 6. Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) • Personal envirment.  Wear insulation ruber gloves(checking & callibration)  Never work alone when tool power up..  Stand a dry floor.  Use eye protector. • Equipment enviroment.  Maintain o-ring ,backup ring….proper maintinance • Transport safety. • Emergency procedure. Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger
  7. 7. WIRE LINE JOBS  CBL(casing bonding locator)  Perforation.  MPBT plug. (in case of leakage in any part of well)  Flow.(oil & gas)  Density & resistivity.  Logging.  Sampling.  Green (oil)  Brown(gas)  Blue(water)  Sesmic. Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger
  8. 8. Equivalent maintinance process Check satus Faliure ocure Fit1+fit2 Send to concern shop Enter in net RITE Enter in net RITE Yellow tag Tool not repair Red tag Perform op check Green tag Put the tool on Rite Reproduce failure Enter failure report perform maintinance Yellow tag Perform op check Green tag Fit1+fit2 Enter in net RITE Tool Back to base Wash the tool as sugestion Enter movement RITe Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger
  9. 9. Tool Parts • The operations performed in yard are repair and maintenance of tools, to prepare them for job at well site. • A tool consists of two parts: – Sonde: Mechanical – Cartridge: Electrical Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger
  10. 10. FIT Checks • FIT(Fast Inspection of Tools) • Three types: 1. FIT 1 2. FIT 2 3. FIT 3  TRIM(Tool Review and Inspection Monthly)  Done on monthly basis.  Physical inspection and review of tool. Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger
  11. 11. FIT-1 • Washing, cleaning, lubricating, changing O-rings for maintenance purpose • PROCEDURE: 1. Washing and cleaning. 2. Remove the protective cap and clean threads with cloth. 3. Take out O-rings. Take out spacers. 4. Clean the spacers. 5. Replace all the O-rings. Place first O-ring. Put back spacers. Put on the remaining two O-rings. 6. Apply Lubriplate on the threads of the tool. 7. Put on cap after cleaning it. Put on Yellow sticker. Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger
  12. 12. FIT-2 • To check the insulation and continuity of the Electrical part of tools. a. Insulation: Done to check current leakage. b. Continuity: Done to check if the current is flowing without any resistance. • PROCEDURE: 1. Performed with Multi-meter of FIT trolley. 2. Connect meter heads to upper and lower end of the tool. 3. Follow the tool fit sheet and note down the readings of resistance in sheets for continuity and insulation 4. Place yellow tag after performing the checks. FIT-3 If tool is properly fixed, it green tagged and ready for job Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger
  13. 13. TOOLS Cased hole Tools • PBMS • PFCS • CCl • SLS • GAMA ray • FPIT Open hole tools • FMI • HRLA • PEX • VSI • HGNS Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger PSP CBL Telemetry tool DTCH EDTC DTA
  14. 14. Schlumberger Wireline • Rig-Up equipment is used at the well site for setting-up the logging cable in order to perform logging operations in a wellbore. • It includes: – Sheave Wheels, C-plate – Sheave Hangers – Tie-Down Chains – Lifting Caps and Thread Protectors – CMTD – Shackles – Goosenecks – IDW – Cable drum RIG-UP Equipment Schlumberger Schlumberger
  15. 15. CMTD(cable mounted tension device) Schlumberger Wireline  Measure the tension of wire……. Schlumberger Sheave hanger Lifting cap: lift the tool string. Stronger normal cap. SWL: 12000 lbs
  16. 16. Integrated Depth Dual Wheel Spooler (IDW) Schlumberger Wireline The device that measures the length of wireline cable that passes through it.  Speed  Direction  depth Schlumberger
  17. 17. Sheave wheel Upper head sheave Lower head sheave Schlumberger Wireline Schlumberger
  18. 18. Tie down chain Goose neck Schlumberger Wireline Shackle Schlumberger C-Plate Schlumberger
  19. 19. MPD(magnetic postion device) Schlumberger Wireline  Mostly use during porforation  To allign the guns Schlumberger
  20. 20. HRLS Wireline Schlumberger FBSS
  22. 22. Wireline Schlumberger CCL • Simplest and essential tools for depth correlation. • Application of Faraday’s Law of Induction: • Change of flux (when CCL passes through casing joints) induces e.m.f, a current spike. • Current spike is then monitored in the unit. Schlumberger
  23. 23. Some Other Tools • HNGS (Hostile Natural Gamma-ray Sonde): • CBL (Cable Bond Logging Tool): • FMI (Formation Micro Imager): • The FMI fullbore formation micromager gives you microresistivity formation images in water-base mud. • Vsi(verstile sesmic image) • SLS(sonic logging sonde) • FPIT(free point indicator tool) • HRLA(high resolution laterolgy tool) • USIT(ultrasonic imaging tool)cement evalution and corrosion • TLC(tough logging condition) • BOP(blow out preventor) Schlumberger Schlumberger