Taking nutritious food for your body


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Taking nutritious food for your body

  1. 1. Food is a basic need of everyone. We all need to eat. It is what gives us energy andprovides us with what we need to get ourselves going throughout the day. Miss ameal habitually and health and digestive complications may arise, easy recipesvideos can be viewed for more information. Thankfully, we have a lot of resources ofthis body fuel–in the supermarket, convenience store, restaurant, and the comfort ofour own homes. In food however, it’s not just putting anything edible in the mouth, ithas to be the right stuff that the body would benefit from, and that’s where nutritioncomes in.The best source of vitamins and minerals are still what we eat. Supplements maywork, but it’s best to get our nutrients naturally. First of all, we all need carbohydratessince they supply our body with energy. In the food pyramid, carbohydrates aresupposed to be the one with the largest amount. This of course, depends on theperson’s needs. Active people may want to increase their carbohydrate and
  2. 2. protein intake. The choices are endless–potatoes, rice, breads, cereals, certainsweets, etc.Proteins are important in bodily functions and muscle repair. Bodybuilders andathletes need these too. Although meat is one of the best sources of protein, thereare also foods that are high in protein such as mushrooms, eggs, nuts, beans, andtofu, which are usually the meat substitutes in vegetarian dishes. This may be thebigger component in a food serving, depending on the diet.Vitamins and minerals are found in alot of food sources, particularly fruitsand vegetables. Calcium, animportant component for the bonesmay be found in milk or other sourceslike high calcium orange juice, fish,and leafy green vegetables. Usually,fruits and vegetables are best eatenraw, but for those who want to jazz uptheir plate, fruits may be blended intodelicious and refreshing smoothies,served with vegetable for a salad, bethe main ingredient in a dessert likepie, or dipped in chocolate fondue.Vegetables are also awesome grilledor mixed in with meat. Fat is alsoallowed in the form of fried food anda little bit of sweet stuff. Fat is needed for insulation, healthy skin and hair. So once ina while, it’s okay to indulge in something fried or sweet.Nowadays, busy schedules make most of us run to the nearby fast food or cook upsomething instant just to satisfy hunger or to keep a meal in check. However, it’sbest to balance things out by adding in something nutritious like a fresh fruit after orhave something healthy at night, like a sandwich. When there’s time, sit down andplan balanced meals. Take a few carrot and celery sticks for snack instead of a bagof potato chips. Or visit a healthy restaurant in your neighborhood. Your body willthank you for it.