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SQLSaturday Timisoara - Visual Studio Productivity


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Visual Studio is an excellent tool, praised by many as the best IDE there is. One of the important things that Visual Studio provides is productivity. Besides a plethora of built-in features, even more functionality can be added through extensions. This presentation is a short overview of some integrated features as well as a look into some extensions that improve productivity

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SQLSaturday Timisoara - Visual Studio Productivity

  1. 1. Miroslav Popovic Technical Lead, Seavus Group Visual Studio productivity @miroslavpopovic
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  3. 3. Demo
  4. 4. Visual Studio • • Code Editor • Multi-line, multi-caret, clipboard ring, expand/contract selection, duplicate selection, regex in find and replace • Code Analysis • Quick actions, code fixes, refactoring, un-imported namespace IntelliSense, next / previous error in file, open error list, code cleanup, format document, .editorconfig support • Code Navigation • Go to definition, find all references, go to implementation, go to all, go to last edited location • Other • Quick launch, keyboard options, solution filters, .csproj edit, regex language support, extensions roaming, run to cursor • Demo apps • • •
  5. 5. Visual Studio Extensions • Visual Studio Live Share • Mads Kristensen • Web Essentials 2019 • Add new file, open command line, bundler and minifier, web compiler, image sprite, image optimizer, markdown editor, package installer, file nesting, ZenCoding • IntelliCode • Sharpen • Git Diff Margin • WakaTime • Whack Whack Terminal • Clean Solution
  6. 6. ReSharper
  7. 7. OzCode
  8. 8. Thanks Questions? @miroslavpopovic
  9. 9. Ne vedem la anul! See you next year! • Reserved date: 6-th of June 2020 & Please evaluate THIS event! • Overall event • The sessions