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Our town


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Our town

Published in: Education
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Our town

  2. 2. TOWN HALL  This is the town hall in Hrochův Týnec. The mayor is SCHEJBAL Petr Town hall he has brown facade. The police is there too. At Christmas is a Christmas tree in front of the town hall. In the building there is a shop with shoes.And behind the building is a firefighter station.  by Matěj
  3. 3. THE CASTLE  Reportedly, it was founded in 1705  There was a children's home – orphagane, monastery too.  The castle also includes nice park  It will be repaired, because it is a little destroyed now.  by Aneta and Natálie
  4. 4. THE CASTLE PARK  It is our castle park. It is a big. We are often there playing some games. There are a lot of trees. There are here organized various events. There are flowers and bushes. It is a clean.  by Michaela and Veronika
  5. 5.  This is our Music School. It is old building. It is very small. Children go there to play the musical instruments. There often go the small and older children. Next to is an ice cream stall and town library. Sometimes here are played some concerts.  by Klára and Malinská
  6. 6. THE CHURCH  This is our church. It is big and nice. It is on the hill. It is Christian church. It is over pizzeria. It is next to the rectory. There is taught religion in the rectory. There is clock on the church. There is a tomb behind it. Church is visible from the road.  by Josef and Lukáš
  7. 7. CEMETERY  This is the city cemetery of Hrochův Týnec. Every year on November 2, I go to worship the dead members of our family. Cemetery is located at the end of the city. It is quite large. There are ornate tombs families. It is bordered by a long wall. At the cemetery there is a chapel.  by Ondřej and Michal
  8. 8. RESTAURANT „ŽÁBA“  The restaurant is located in Hrochův Týnec. Green light facade whichever is called a frog= žába in Czech. There are held celebrations but also funerals and weddings. Food is moderate drink is very good. Sometimes I go to there with my parents for lunch.  by Jiří and Jakub
  9. 9. SUPERMARKET  Our city has got a shop. It is named ,,SUPERMARKET“. It is about 100 meters from school. We can buy foodstuffs or candy. On the second floor there is a shop with clothes. It‘s name is „RŮŽENKA.“This shop is very good.  by Peter and Vojtěch
  10. 10. TRAIN STATION Station is old, but repaired. The building are orange. Station has 13 windows. Next to it the trees grow. In the building there are four benches. At the station isn´t train driver. By train you can go to Moravany village, Chrudim and Holice town. The trains travel through our town once in an hour.  by Jan and Vojtěch