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Czech inventors


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Published in: Education
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Czech inventors

  1. 1. Guesswho I am?<br />There are 6 differentfamousinventors in ourquiz.<br />1.<br />2.<br />3.<br />4. and 5. - sameinventor<br />6. Twonames<br />7.<br />
  2. 2. 1.<br />Questions:<br />ThefirstCzechoslovak president?<br />After graduation in 1872 he began to study Philosophyfaculty?<br />In 1879, he became the father of Alice and Herbert 1880?<br />He began his work in the politicsfield?<br />Army was acceptedhim as the supreme commander?<br />Until the war he came in April 1917 and the U.S.?<br />As an assistant professor in Vienna he waswaiting<br /> for the academic process?<br />By Daniel B. and Tomáš <br />
  3. 3. 2.<br />He was born 27.October 1913. He died 18. August 1998 in Prostejov .<br />He was world famous Czech scientist and inventor.<br />Most known invent are evidently gel contact lenses.<br />In 1990 he was elested by president Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.<br />By Anna and Radka<br />
  4. 4. 3.<br />He was born 8.7.1847 in Plánice. He died 22. 1. 1941 in Stádlec near Tábor. He was born as theonlychildren. He was significant Czech engineer, industrialist and inventor. He invented arc lamp. He invented scorefountain. Who is it?<br />arc lamp<br />By Kateřina and Lenka S.<br />
  5. 5. 4.<br />Family house.<br /><ul><li>He wasborn 26th March 1698 in HelvikovicenearZamberk. He died 25th December 1765 in Primeticenear Znojmo.
  6. 6. He wasfamousCzechpriest, Theologian, Naturalist, healer, musicanandinventor.
  7. 7. TheflashkilledprofessorGeorgeWilhelmRichmann , so he decided to do somethingaboutit. And he decided to buildlightningconductor 1750-1754. He wrote a short Latin treatise on thenaturalallurementflashes.</li></ul>By Petr and Bedřich<br />
  8. 8. 5.<br />26. 3. 1698 - 21. 12. 1765<br />He invented lightning conductor. He study in Jesuitical school in Znojmo. He studied philosophy and theology. He studied influence electricity on flower. The electricity help him to got better to ill people. He was ordination on priest 1726. He was assumed. <br />By Natálie and Lenka J.<br />
  9. 9. 6.<br />Oneofthemwas a farmerandthesecondone, his cousin Václav was a smith. Together, in theyears 1824 till 1827 in theeditedseriesofexperimentswhenusedfordeepplowingplowcomprisinghookblade to bladeslicedOranelandonly, butwith a modifiedformofcrumblingandturning. Thus a modifiedplow, called „ruchadlo“ very much theworkofsavinghumanand draft animals, as theonlyactentirelyreplacedgeneratesactivityuntil a fewfollow-upoperations. Theinvention, therefore, after 1827, quicklyspreadthroughouttheCzechlands, andappliedeven in othercountries, especially in theHabsburg monarchy.<br />By Zuzana and Pavla<br />
  10. 10. 7.<br />He (29 June 1793 - 9 October 1857) was a forestwardenandtheinventoroftheship's propeller.<br /> He wasborn in Chrudim, theCzechrepublic. <br />His fatherwasGermanand his motherwasCzech.<br />Afterstudying in Linz and Vienna he workedfortheAustriangovernment as a forestengineer in the more southernpartsofthe monarchy, including in Motovun, Istria. <br />He worked in Landstrass, where he tested his shippropellersforthefirsttime. <br />In 1821 he wastransferred to Trieste, thebiggest port oftheAustrian Empire, where his testsweresuccessful. He wasawardedthe propeller patent in 1827. He modified a steam-poweredboat Civetta by 1829 and test-droveit in theTriesteharboratsixknotsbeforethesteamconduitsexploded. Becauseofthismisfortune, the police bannedfurthertesting.<br />Whoisit?<br />By Daniel T. a Michal<br />