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4. who am i


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4. who am i

  1. 1. Who was this ??. She was born- 4.thFebruary in Vienna . She was a Czech writer. 1821 she moved with her family in village Ratibořice. 1837 married Josef Němec. He r first son Hynek was born then. Family moved in Litomysl ,town, where was born the second son- Karel. 1840 family moved in Polna town. Her first poem was Ženám Českým /for Czech Women/. 1851 was with children in spa– Česká Třebová . She was died on 21stJ anuary in Prague. She had 4 children .
  2. 2. Pictures
  3. 3. Little Poetry storiesBaruška /Little Barbora/ Slavné RánoDivá Bára /Strange Barbora/ Ženám ČeskýmDobrý Člověk /A Good Man/ Moje vlastDlouhá Noc /Long Night/Rozárka /Rosalia/Babička /Granny/Cesta z Pouti /The Journey from Church/