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3. who am I


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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3. who am I

  1. 1. He studied in Prachatice and at CharlesUniversity of Prague .He was master and rector at Charles Universitytoo.
  2. 2. He didn´t have to do a Church ceremony inPrague.He went from Prague and he preached inKozí hrádek (a Goat costle) and Krakovec.
  3. 3. He protested against to tickets for forginessof sins.He was a father of reformsin religion ofCatholicchurch, because he wanted, so that the priestbehave well,don´t lie, live by ordinary life andbe poor as common people .
  4. 4. His books : Poslila Dcerka ( Daughter ) About Church
  5. 5. SEEK the truth, HEAR the truth, LEARN the truth, LOVE the truth, SPEAK the truth, KEEP the truth,DEFEND the truth untill death!